Uploaded a NEW COVER!


More Taylor Swift covers coming soon…..any requests?


if everyone could watch and share this it would be rlly awesome

(make sure 2 turn captions on!!)

a disney movie with not 1 princess and 1 prince but 2 lesbian princesses who fall in love

their parents do not allow them to due to strict childraising; perhaps one or both princess(es) is already set for an arranged marriage with a prince

in the end they convince their parents to be accept them and their choices and they live happily ever after

moral of the story is that parents should accept their kid’s sexualities

score for tiny lesbian ladies

hope for lil’ lbgtq children

I kinda wanna do a 3 way rp 
like, we take turns, in a row, one, then the other, then the other, all in one massive rp!

I need a jeremy or a trager and an andrew

fuck waylon up