I sanded those wrinkled spots down by hand (to the wood in places) and refinished, I think it looks ok. The finish went on nice and smooth after thinning it with just a touch of mineral spirits and using a smaller brush. The worst spot was in the bottom right picture next to the plug. You can tell that I took some of the stain off but at least it is smooth!



This is our finished van conversion project. It’s been 10 months in the making and now we’re finally ready to set off on the roadtrip of a lifetime around Europe.

When we got our van it was rusty, leaking and had a huge hole in the roof. It was nothing but bare metal and plastic. We removed the 17 minibus seats, started laying down a plywood floor and then the wooden frames that would build our home.

10 months later and we have running hot and cold water, heating, working electric, lights, and one hell of a sound system. It has by no means been easy- when we started we barely knew how to even use a drill. This project has taught us so much, and it’s been such an experience. You think it’s as easy as buying a van, putting a bed in and hanging a few bits of fabric to make it look nice but it’s so much more than that.

Now we have our home on wheels and we’re ready to begin our adventure and our new life on the road. It’s the ultimate feeling of freedom: anywhere we go is our home now.

In two weeks time we’ll be boarding the ferry to France- keep updated with our travels on this blog or our Instagram page.

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