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While I was at work this morning, I was thinking about going to the gym to run after p90x…. LOL. I just finished the plyometric workout, and I’m dying. It really is the mother of all X workouts! Time to drink my chocolate milk, do homework, and relax the rest of the day. 💪🏻🏋🏻‍♀️

A full time pre-HRT Transgirl's survival guide - BODY/FACIAL HAIR!!

Konbanwa you beautiful people!!🐯

I’ve developed a trans girl’s survival guide designed to maximize personal comfort, minimize time consuming dysphoria-fighting activity and do it all in a logistically feasible manner! My schedule goes a little something like this; also feel free to offer input and advice as well as constructive comments to help others!


Start by washing your face with soap & water and pat dry with a clean, soft towel.

1.) Exfoliate! I use - Neutrogena Razor Defense facial scrub (for men), because yes, even after HRT, everyone says that facial hair is still an issue.

LASER/ELECTROLYSIS SIDEBAR - I will be doing one full round (about six sessions) of laser, then one to two (hopefully not more) sessions of electrolysis on my face before officially starting HRT. Then, once I start hormones, I’ve been told that facial hair grows back much less intensely as it would otherwise; thank you to @bloodcountessabendroth for the awesome advice regarding this process!❤️

2.) Pat dry; leave damp

3.) Shave, I use a Gillette Mach 3 Turbo with NIVIA Men’s foaming shave gel with aloe and a full sink of warm water, clearing my razor every 4-5 passes to avoid clogging the razor and irritating my face. I start be shaving downwards on the whole face, then across, side to side, and finally …

4.) Using a CONSISTENTLY WET BLADE, I proceed to shave against the grain 😬 Ladies, seriously the most important part of the whole process - while your face is still moderately DAMP (pls. use common sense at this point) 🤦🏻‍♀️, fire up an ELECTRIC! You heard me! I use - Braun: Series 7 with a self cleaning device to really get rid of that nagging shadow and extra troublesome hair(s).

5.) After shave … 🙄 – as dishearteningly dysphoric and psychologically counter productive as this may seem, you really can’t skip this step … trust me! I use - NIVIA men’s SENSITIVE ALCOHOL FREE post-shave balm.


For me, that’s laugh lines, under eyes and the corners of the eyes in addition to the top of my t-zones. I use - Affinic snail cream from Korea (🐌) for special event days/nights and on normal days I use NIVIA Maximum Hydration Nourishing Lotion with Sea Minerals.

TUESDAY! - I start on Tuesday because this is the start of my week … long story tldr; better to just roll with it. This is the day that I shave my WHOLE BODY head to toe. I honestly find that using men’s shaving cream with or without aloe, or any women’s shaving cream or gel works PERFECTLY for the body. Don’t worry about using soap or conditioner or other alternative products, shaving cream or gel works great for me and I have minimal razor irritation. I also use a Gillette Mach 3 TURBO; pay the extra $4 for the refills, it’s worth it. You can use the gels or cream on your whole body.

Wednesday - Guess what? No shaving necessary - I shave my face only because I’m at work for a 24. Now

PAUSE BREAK - If you’re going to be out and up from say, around 6AM to 11PM or later, here’s what I do between 7 and 10PM, sometimes later depending on what time I can get to a clean bathroom and working surface/space.

1.) Using a high quality makeup remover; again, you really should spend the extra money - remove from BELOW YOUR CONTOUR LINE down. I use - Clinique “take the day off.”

2.) Remember that Braun Series 7 or higher self-cleaning electric razor? Ding! Fire it up!!🦄

3.) Moisturize or apply after shave IF necessary.

4.) Re-apply primer, dark spot corrector, foundation, powder and contour/bronzer. (This whole process takes about 20-25 minutes … not bad for a fresh face, right?)

5.) Remove oil from other parts of your face. I use - Boscia green tea blotting papers.

Finally, touch up any other areas while you’re here, as it’s needed … why not, right?

Thursday - Guess what? Still only need to shave your face (if you want; if I’m not leaving the house, I won’t even bother.)

Friday - OKAY! Pro-tip for Friday - by now you’ll have stubble, so here’s what I do, to keep myself sane, even if it’s warm out! … Blue jeans! OR! Shorts with black tights! For a top I wear a t shirt or other shirt that only reveals my arms and the nape of my neck. If you’re wearing a jacket or long sleeves, you’re good to go Girl! However, if you need to, I shave the top of my feet, my arms and touch up the back of my neck.

IF YOU PLAN ON BEING INTIMATE THIS WEEKEND - You should probably repeat the Tuesday full body routine, it will be worth it!

Obviously you should be repeating the facial shaving routine on Friday as well if you have dysphoria about it; I allocate every Tuesday and Friday as “me time” to go out with friends and have fun!! 💁🏻

Saturday - I work a 12 hr. shift so I shave my face in the morning and that’s it; I catch up on sleep Saturday night. If you have a Saturday night event, switch your Friday contingencies to Saturday and repeat the Tuesday full body on Saturday (instead of Friday or vice-versa) if you are wearing a revealing outfit or planning on being intimate with your partner!!

Sunday - I work a 24 hr. shift again and wear long pants and a shirt that only reveals arms - I will shave my arms again if I need to, as well as my face.

Monday - I really just try to keep Monday as a stay inside and complete tasks day to completely let go of everything and give my body a day to rest and recover before I shave my full body again on Tuesday. EXCELLENT Monday activities that I find fulfilling and that take up most of my Monday recovery - 10-15 minute plyometric workouts, napping, Netflix, reading, practicing my Japanese, CrunchyRoll, tabletop games with your closest friends willing to come to you, PS4 and trolling the internet … Tumblr, household chores, cooking, paying bills, doing homework or studying, or whatever else it is that you personally enjoy yourself!! 💋💅🏻✌🏻

I hope this helps! Have fun my trans-warriors!! 💜🦄🌸

Dear Shaun T

👊 Yes, I dig deeper. Yes, I keep digging.
👊 Your breaks seems like five seconds.
👊 I had to refill my water bottle three times.
👊 I’m sorry I had to rest from time to time.
👊 I’m sorry I said I hated you.
👊 Yes, I cried the last five minutes.
👊 I finished today’s plyometric cardio circuit.
👊 I feel stronger, but had a hard time peeling my post-workout banana.

Thank you Shaun T for creating the only workout program i have been able to stick with.


You have to be able to jump over (or onto) obstacles that life throws at you.
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Have a slammin’ #saturday y'all. #moodaf 💪🏻💪🏻👊🏻

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Jump Off The Jiggle Workout!

We all probably ate just a little bit too much over the holiday weekend so it’s time undo some of that damage with this workout.

It’s all plyometrics which I love because it gets your heart rate up, revs your metabolism and burns major calories.

Do each of the following exercises for the prescribed time limit:

  • High Knees x 30 seconds
  • Box Jumps x 30 seconds
  • Butt Kicks x 30 seconds
  • Box Jumps x 30 seconds
  • Burpees x 1 minute
  • Jump Tap x 1 minute
  • Mountain Climbers x 1 minute

Rest for 1-2 minutes. Then repeat the entire circuit 2 more times.

Show that Fat Who’s BOSS!

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A 20-Minute Body Weight Routine Even the Busiest Woman Has Time For

Brett Hoebel has trained models (Doutzen Kroes and Karolína Kurková) and busy professionals who don’t always have hours for the gym. So he draws on his martial-arts background to create quick, high-intensity workouts that can be done anywhere, anytime.

Your trainer: Hoebel, creator of the 20-Minute Body DVD series and upcoming book, developed these capoeira-inspired moves.

Your workout: Warm up with 2 minutes of light cardio. Begin each move in its designated start position and flow through the steps, in one smooth motion, for 30 seconds. Each move is challenging, so try it slowly before you start. Rest 30 seconds between each. Do 3 sets.

Start [A]

External image

Crouched position: knees bent, back flat, hands and feet aligned in a square

Start [B]

External image

Supported sitting position: knees bent, feet on floor, hands by hips, hips and butt raised

Start [C]

External image

Squat position: knees over toes, back flat, hands in front of chest

Capoeira Hop

External image

Start in position A. Hop forward as you rise into a low squat, hands in front of chest (as shown). Reverse move to return to start. Repeat.

Works butt, thighs

Rio Swivel

External image

Start in position A. Bring right knee to chest. In one swift motion, lift left arm and pivot on left foot and right hand to flip into a supported sitting position. Extend right leg and bring left arm to chest (as shown). Lift hips to flip back over and return to start. Continue, alternating sides.

Works core, triceps, shoulders

Duck and Escape

External image

Start in position C. Step left foot across body, pivoting 90 degrees to the right, holding squat, feet parallel, chest close to thighs. In the same motion, bring right arm in front of chest as left arm reaches back (as shown). Return to start. Continue, alternating sides.

Works legs, back

Carnaval Kick

External image

Start in position B. Lift left arm and leg off floor. Flip over by leaning to the right and pivoting on right hand and foot, landing with hands parallel and left knee at chest. Extend left leg straight up with heel toward ceiling (as shown). Pull knee into chest and flip back over. Continue, alternating sides.

Works core, butt

São Paolo Sweep

External image

Start in position B. Slide hips toward heels. Bring left arm across body and place hand on floor by right hip while extending right leg parallel to floor, foot flexed (as shown). Return to start. Continue, alternating sides.

Works abs, inner thighs

Brazil Booty Lunge

External image

Start in position C. Step back with left leg into a low lunge, chest close to thigh. At the same time, place right hand on floor outside right foot and bring left hand in front of chest (as shown). Return to start. Continue, alternating sides.

Works legs, butt


Before And After 

Day TWO of p90x!! Today was the day of the dreaded plyometric workout… and we now know why its the mother of all p90x workouts. I’m sweating my butt off! I’m just glad its over with and I can drink my chocolate milk 😋🍫


10 Of The Best Plyometric Exercises You Probably Aren’t Doing

Nothing screams “celebration” quite like jumping around with excitement. And we here at The Huffington Post are literally jumping for joy in celebration of the company’s 10th birthday. We decided to throw some fitness clothes into the mix andmake a workout of it!

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A great plyometric workout that burns major calories and fat through compound moves and all over body exercises. No equipment needed. Tone up your abs, core, butt, legs, arms, shoulders, and more. Watch it here: