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Ever have that moment when you think you’ve got eeeeeverything set out for your first big day on the job…but y'all know there’s always that one tiny, minute detail you’re forgetting…until it’s too late?  

Like that one time I left my carryon bag of demo dildos on a connecting flight to Chicago, and had my assistant run out to buy a package of Persian cucumbers before my big plyometric pelvic floor exercises lecture for the Panhellenic council at Clemson University.

I just know that’s gonna be me tomorrow.  There’s always something.

Dear Shaun T

👊 Yes, I dig deeper. Yes, I keep digging.
👊 Your breaks seems like five seconds.
👊 I had to refill my water bottle three times.
👊 I’m sorry I had to rest from time to time.
👊 I’m sorry I said I hated you.
👊 Yes, I cried the last five minutes.
👊 I finished today’s plyometric cardio circuit.
👊 I feel stronger, but had a hard time peeling my post-workout banana.

Thank you Shaun T for creating the only workout program i have been able to stick with.


BOOYAH TODAY 😁 TODAY I GOT TRIPLE CLAP PUSH-UPS!! been trying to get them for the Longest so it’s cool to see I can do something o couldn’t do a month ago. shoulder feels slightly better day after day so I won’t rush anything. Also threw in some jumping Aztec push-ups and straight leg one arm push-ups just for fun. It’s a good Sunday morning so far 💪😂 #fitness #fitlife #video #me #training #health #push #plyometrics #calisthenics #exercise #fitspo #fitgram #plyo #crazy

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10 Of The Best Plyometric Exercises You Probably Aren’t Doing

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Medicine ball burpee forward hop