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Many people practice jumping exercises on both legs, but most sports require power in a split stance or single leg stance (e.g. tennis, soccer, lacrosse, high jump). This is a deceptively challenging exercise to improve RFD on one leg. You want to try to extend the hips and knees fully at the top and rebound as quickly as possible. This movement will also challenge your single leg stability!

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Dear Shaun T

👊 Yes, I dig deeper. Yes, I keep digging.
👊 Your breaks seems like five seconds.
👊 I had to refill my water bottle three times.
👊 I’m sorry I had to rest from time to time.
👊 I’m sorry I said I hated you.
👊 Yes, I cried the last five minutes.
👊 I finished today’s plyometric cardio circuit.
👊 I feel stronger, but had a hard time peeling my post-workout banana.

Thank you Shaun T for creating the only workout program i have been able to stick with.

A 20-Minute Body Weight Routine Even the Busiest Woman Has Time For

Brett Hoebel has trained models (Doutzen Kroes and Karolína Kurková) and busy professionals who don’t always have hours for the gym. So he draws on his martial-arts background to create quick, high-intensity workouts that can be done anywhere, anytime.

Your trainer: Hoebel, creator of the 20-Minute Body DVD series and upcoming book, developed these capoeira-inspired moves.

Your workout: Warm up with 2 minutes of light cardio. Begin each move in its designated start position and flow through the steps, in one smooth motion, for 30 seconds. Each move is challenging, so try it slowly before you start. Rest 30 seconds between each. Do 3 sets.

Start [A]

External image

Crouched position: knees bent, back flat, hands and feet aligned in a square

Start [B]

External image

Supported sitting position: knees bent, feet on floor, hands by hips, hips and butt raised

Start [C]

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Squat position: knees over toes, back flat, hands in front of chest

Capoeira Hop

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Start in position A. Hop forward as you rise into a low squat, hands in front of chest (as shown). Reverse move to return to start. Repeat.

Works butt, thighs

Rio Swivel

External image

Start in position A. Bring right knee to chest. In one swift motion, lift left arm and pivot on left foot and right hand to flip into a supported sitting position. Extend right leg and bring left arm to chest (as shown). Lift hips to flip back over and return to start. Continue, alternating sides.

Works core, triceps, shoulders

Duck and Escape

External image

Start in position C. Step left foot across body, pivoting 90 degrees to the right, holding squat, feet parallel, chest close to thighs. In the same motion, bring right arm in front of chest as left arm reaches back (as shown). Return to start. Continue, alternating sides.

Works legs, back

Carnaval Kick

External image

Start in position B. Lift left arm and leg off floor. Flip over by leaning to the right and pivoting on right hand and foot, landing with hands parallel and left knee at chest. Extend left leg straight up with heel toward ceiling (as shown). Pull knee into chest and flip back over. Continue, alternating sides.

Works core, butt

São Paolo Sweep

External image

Start in position B. Slide hips toward heels. Bring left arm across body and place hand on floor by right hip while extending right leg parallel to floor, foot flexed (as shown). Return to start. Continue, alternating sides.

Works abs, inner thighs

Brazil Booty Lunge

External image

Start in position C. Step back with left leg into a low lunge, chest close to thigh. At the same time, place right hand on floor outside right foot and bring left hand in front of chest (as shown). Return to start. Continue, alternating sides.

Works legs, butt


You might be surprised to learn that traditional box jumps are NOT a plyometric exercise. The definition of “plyometrics” is an exercise that utilizes a pre-stretch in the muscle before an explosive effort (utilizing a reactive component). Rebound box jumps, as you would see at the CrossFit Games, WOULD be plyometrics, but single box jumps with a full reset in between repetitions are not. Hurdle jumps with a quick rebound are a perfect utilization of plyometric exercises. The goal is to keep the amortization (or transition) phase as short as possible. Other plyometric exercises that I love to use with clients include jumping squats, jumping lunges, speed skaters, or depth jumps (for advanced clients only). Plyometrics help improve rate of force development which can be advantageous for sprinters and jumpers. My advice is to keep the volume (number of reps) low with an emphasis on explosiveness.

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#LEGS! MORE PLYO! 🐎 Another advantage of incorporating Plyometric Exercise: POWER & COORDINATION. 〰

When you first begin plyometric training you will notice a feeling of loss of power, this is when the movement is uncoordinated. But as time is spent doing the exercise, the lack of coordination decreases. And thus, with improved coordination, POWER is born. With plyometric training the body learns to cope with these changes to produce efficient movements. Plyo exercises can be designed to cause confusion and chaos and so develop and improve your agility. Seen here, I got a little creative and use the Bosu Ball as a hurdle! 😉 Power & Coordination; demonstrated ✔️😎. 〰

#Plyometrics #BosuBall #Training #LEGworkout #Music: ‘3005’ by Childish Gambino 👌🎼

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10 Of The Best Plyometric Exercises You Probably Aren’t Doing

Nothing screams “celebration” quite like jumping around with excitement. And we here at The Huffington Post are literally jumping for joy in celebration of the company’s 10th birthday. We decided to throw some fitness clothes into the mix andmake a workout of it!

See all 10 here. 

Killer Cardio Workout!

This is the workout I’ll be doing later after I take care of all my errands.

Do each of the exercises below for the prescribed hold count or reps:

Set #1

  • Jump Rope x 1:00min
  • High Knees x 1:00min
  • Butt Kicks x 1:00min
  • Jumping Jacks x 1:00min
  • Burpees x 20 reps 
  • Running x 10:00mins

Set #2

  • Jump Rope x 1:00min
  • High Knees x 1:00min
  • Butt Kicks x 1:00min
  • Jumping Jacks x 1:00min
  • Push-ups x 10
  • Tricep Dips x 10
  • Running x 10:00mins

Set # 3 

  • Jump Rope x 1:00min
  • High Knees x 1:00min
  • Butt Kicks x 1:00min
  • Jumping Jacks x 1:00min
  • Burpees x 20 reps 
  • Mountain Climbers x 1:00min
  • Running x 10:00mins

This full body workout will have you sweating buckets! You can do it at home, in the gym, in a near by park (my preference) or even your neighborhood.

It’s really a killer but it will boost your endurance and make you stronger. I used to do workouts like this once a week when I first started training for my triathlons.

Give it a try.

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BOOYAH TODAY 😁 TODAY I GOT TRIPLE CLAP PUSH-UPS!! been trying to get them for the Longest so it’s cool to see I can do something o couldn’t do a month ago. shoulder feels slightly better day after day so I won’t rush anything. Also threw in some jumping Aztec push-ups and straight leg one arm push-ups just for fun. It’s a good Sunday morning so far 💪😂 #fitness #fitlife #video #me #training #health #push #plyometrics #calisthenics #exercise #fitspo #fitgram #plyo #crazy

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I see a lot of athletes with poor landing mechanics. This can lead to ankle, knee, and hip issues over time. Practice light, controlled landing patterns.

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nope-not-today  asked:

Hi, so I've noticed that most of the glute progress here is achieved through exercise and weight gain. Do you have any advice for apple body shapes (any weight we gain goes to our bellies)... thanks!

Hi hon,

Most if them did gain weight but most of it are because of muscle mass.

Since you’re apple shape you need to have a nutritious eating pattern and do a mix of cardio, strength training and core work. You need to also keep in mind that when you lose weight you’ll lose it everywhere and not in one spot since you can not spot reduce.

You can do any type of cardio you like. Interval and plyometric exercises are the best. The reason I find plyometric exercises the best is bc the focus are mostly on your legs. Plyometric exercises are exercises like shuffle, high knee runs, box jumps, split box jumps, jump lunges, jump squats, broad jumps, tuck jumps and so on. So while you’re losing weight you’re also strengthening your legs/glutes and defining them. Also cycling while your lifted from your seat and pushing with your heels and sprints are good to do.

It’s also very important to train the core to strengthen it. You can do so with exercises like the plank, plank with knee tucks, plank jacks, elevated plank, side plank, bicycle crunches, reverse crunch, leg raises, v-ups, suitcases and other core/ab exercises. Aim for 2-4 sets of 20-25 reps.

Glute/leg building wise, Heavy hip thrusts is an exercise really focused on the glutes. You can also try reverse hypers, high step-ups, single leg romanian deadlifts, bird dogs, quadruped hip extensions, bulgarian squat, hip abductor, leg press with feet high, single leg leg press, stair master, front squat, cable kickbacks, cable lateral leg raise, cable leg lifts, walking lunges, step up with knee raise, squats and deadlifts. For maximal results do about 4 sets of 10 (heavy load), for 3 days a week.

You can also perform upper body exercises to give the appearance of a slimmer look. Try to use a light/medium weight and do ¾ sets of 12-15 reps.

Wish you the best of luck !

Jump Off The Jiggle Workout!

We all probably ate just a little bit too much over the holiday weekend so it’s time undo some of that damage with this workout.

It’s all plyometrics which I love because it gets your heart rate up, revs your metabolism and burns major calories.

Do each of the following exercises for the prescribed time limit:

  • High Knees x 30 seconds
  • Box Jumps x 30 seconds
  • Butt Kicks x 30 seconds
  • Box Jumps x 30 seconds
  • Burpees x 1 minute
  • Jump Tap x 1 minute
  • Mountain Climbers x 1 minute

Rest for 1-2 minutes. Then repeat the entire circuit 2 more times.

Show that Fat Who’s BOSS!

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5 Fat-Burning Plyometric Exercises

“These high-intensity plyometric exercises will build strength and speed while providing an all-out cardio workout. The best part: There’s no running required! Follow along for the complete plyometric workout.”

Via Daily Burn


Medicine ball burpee forward hop

Lemme tell you somethin’...

When you think you’ve got eeeeeverything set out for your first big day on the job…but y'all know there’s always that one tiny, minute detail you’re forgetting…until it’s too late?  

Like that one time I left my carryon bag of demo dildos on the connecting flight to Chicago, and had my assistant run out to buy a package of Persian cucumbers before my big plyometric pelvic floor exercises lecture for the Panhellenic council at Clemson University.

I just know that’s gonna be me tomorrow.  There’s always something.

get-thick-blog  asked:

Is it true that in order to add muscle to do less reps but with more weights?what exactly are reps/sets?What happens if I do more reps w more weights?Can you link me to your workouts pls.I'm a college student so I can't go the gym since I'm on a budget. How can I get a butt w/o going to the gym? I have resistance loop bands, & the other resistance bands w handles,barbell weight set, ankle weight cuffs 5pds & 3pds. Which exercises can I do?Is it possible to get a butt w the equipment I have?

Reps = repetition. Reps are basically how many times you lifted or perform an exercise without stopping. So if I do 12 lunges without a break then the reps are 12. After those reps I take a short break and start with the second set of 12 reps. I do this until I have 4 sets done ( 4 x 12). So sets are how many times I repeat the reps.

In order to build muscle you need to tear your muscle down, feed them and give them rest. The best way for me to build muscle is hypertrophy training. If you do more reps with less weight you will mostly build endurance. Just read this article for more information

Building a butt without a gym can be done. There are a lot of exercises you can do, some exercises can be done with multiple equitment. A few exercise:
* Resistance hoop bands
Squat shuffle, kickbacks, donkey kicks, hip abductor, leg lifts, fire hydrants

* Resistance cable bands
Donkey kicks, reverse donkey kicks, kneeling leg lift, leg lift, kick backs, side leg lift, pull through, cable squat, squats, lunges, reverse lunge, forward lunge.

* Barbell
Hip thrust, kneeling squat, curtsey lunge, reverse lunge, walking lunges, good mornings, side lunge, hip bridge, bulgarian split squat, squat shuffle, dead lift, romanian dead lift, american dead lift, single leg romanian deadlift, squat with lateral leg lift, squat with kickbacks, front squat, squat jumps. You can also attach the handles of the resistance cable on the barbell for more resistance.

* Ankle weights
Donkey kicks, kneeling leg lift, glute kick backs, reverse donkey kicks, side leg lift, plank leg lifts, squat jumps, jump lunges, cross over leg lift, lunge with kickbacks.

* Body weight
Squat jumps, squat hop outs, board jumps, jumps lunges, bear crawls, sprints, fast squat shuffle and more plyometric exercises. There are more exercises but you can search google for that.

And my workouts are tagged with ‘WOD’ but I haven’t upload any of my workout logs for the longest time.

Beyoncé's Trainer Shares Star's Exact Vegan Diet, Talks Jay Z Joining Her During Workouts

source: E! by CINYA BURTON and Sara Kitnick

External image

You may recall back in December Jay Z and Beyoncé went on a vegan diet for 22 days. The singer’s shared photos of her various meat-free meals on Instagram, and the duo were spotted at several of Los Angeles’ famous vegetarian hot spots.

Well, now we’ve got even more details on the couples’ meal plan. E! News recently caught up with Bey’s personal trainer and CEO of 22 Days Nutrition, Marco Borges.

Borges says he met Jay Z about seven years ago through Pharrell Williams and has been working with the rapper and his wife since.  “She is all about health and wellness,” he shared. “She just wants to feel good.”

External image

Despite dining out quite a lot while on her vegan binge, Borges says Bey’s go-to snack was actually “the 22Days Nutrition bars. Her favorite flavors are Peanut Chocolate-Chip Nirvana, Cherry Chocolate Bliss and Pineapple Chocolate-Chip Wonder.”

And if you’re wondering what the Grammy winner’s current diet is like, Marco shares: “The transition [from vegan] was fairly easy, because [now] she’s sticking to a mostly plant-based diet with some fish here and there.”

As for her workout, yes, Mrs. Carter does put in quite a bit of work to maintain her bootylicious shape, including “body-weight squats, lunges and pliés, along with plyometric exercises and sprint intervals.”

The singer and her hubby don’t just diet together, they also hit the gym together. “They’re like every other couple, they love spending time together, they’ll work out together whenever its possible, whenever their touring schedules allow. They’ll absolutely jump in the gym together whenever they can, she’ll be running and he’ll be on a bike, or she’ll be jumping rope and he’ll be running.”

All together now: Awww!

Okay, so here’s the million dollar question: What do two Grammy-winning superstars listen to during a sweat session?

“They listen to everything. Jay really feels that music shouldn’t have genres, it’s either good or bad. They have great playlists, if they were DJ’s they’d get paid millions,” says Marco, adding Queen Bey’s hit sometimes make the mix too. “If one of her songs comes on she’ll sing along.”

We do too, Bey!

(Originally published February 14, 2014, at 4:00 p.m. PT)