plymouth hemi superbird


Here’s a rare bird (almost literally). This is a Plymouth Superbird conversion from a modern Dodge Challenger. It’s not just any conversion however.

This conversion was made possible by the combined efforts of Richard Petty (Petty’s Garage), Arrington Performance, and HPP (Heide Performance Products).

The conversion alone started at about $36,000. Customers would supply the car and choose either the Superbird or Daytona kit. Only 25 units were produced. Combined.

A naturally aspirated 426 Hemi was an option (that this one has). It is of course very different from the famous 426 in the original Superbird. That said, it’s still quite an engine. It was converted from the outgoing 6.1L Hemi and puts out 585HP.

This one is decked out with Richard Petty’s number and a few decals. This car is a truly magnificent build and a great homage to one of the most legendary cars in history.


VIDEO - Press Play - Man I love the fact we have these cars in New Zealand and they get driven! The @nzv8magazine magazine crew setting up this 427ci Hemi powered Plymouth Superbird, so bad ass! #Plymouth #Superbird #americanmuscle #musclecar #raked #stance #carporn #streetrod #streetmachine #hotrod #lowfastfamous

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