Cute Stomachs and Squishy Cheeks

words : 433

based on this propmt : Phan prompt where dans insecure about his weight because phils always effortlessly skinny and phil comforts him about it (thanks anon!!)

t/w : body hate, self hate, comparison to other people, swearing (a little bit)

genre : fluff x200 (also a bit of angst at the start bc dan u kno)

a/n : first drabble based on a prompt??? nice 10/10 would recommend (also please send me more prompts bc im thirsty for phan)


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3:53 AM

word count : 382

description : He took another sip of his cold, bitter coffee. He could hear the faint hum of cars passing by on the road, of people’s shoes clacking against the pavement, of his own breathing. He had a strange relationship with nights like these. He wanted them to end as soon as possible - to let him sleep and gain some rest, but also loved how relaxed yet alert he was feeling. His eyes darted to the time, something he hated looking at on nights like these. ‘3:53 AM.’

t/w : none ig

genre : calm ???? idk

a/n : this is pretty much my first phanfiction on tumblr like ive written a few on wattpad but those don’t count ig and its a really short drabble but it describes how i feel right now, and i felt like writing so,,, yeah we’ll see what feedback this gets (please send some) and maybe i’ll write more in the future who knows


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