abbeyofrp does her second follow forever

Hey guys so this is my second follow forever for me reaching 400 412 follows. So I just wanted to do something special for all the people who have been there for me and been amazing the whole way through. Sorry if I’ve forgotten you, just shoot me a message as I’m feeling real tired & ill right now stupid colds. Enjoy!

the main bitches

sofiarph - wow wow wow what would i do without u. sofia is the cutest friend i could ask for and she’s always there for me!! i’m so excited to start up the roleplay with you and jayme and hopefully our friendship will go to infinity & beyond!!

cocoofrps - you’re awesome because you’re teaching me how to code which i respect a lot (especially since I can’t do it for shit ahaha). you’re funny to talk to, a cool pal and like you put me on your hit list like a day after we first talked so how can i resist that??

jadelynrph - you’re an awesome friend & an awesome co-admin for all the times we tried!! you make me laugh and we get along like cookies & cream idk i love it when i see a message from you in my inbox & i hope we can talk more for years to come!!

nellietalks - we haven’t spoke in a while but your still a pretty cool gal especially since ur moving to the uk and anyone who does that is immediately on my “kool kids” list ;) stay cool bb

sellylovesrp - you’re a fab person to speak to & i’m one of your fave followers which means a lot and warms my heart. around your busy schedule, you find time to talk to me and i like that about you!! so thanks for that & stay cool!

people who make the dash pretty/everyone else ^-^

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