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Scientists reportedly discover 'gate to hell'

By Claudine Zap, The Sideshow, April 2, 2013
It sounds like something out of a horror movie. But Italian scientists say that the “Gate to Hell” is the real deal–poisonous vapors and all.

The announcement of the finding of the ruins of Pluto’s Gate (Plutonium in Latin) at an archeology conference in Turkey last month, was recently reported by Discovery News. Francesco D'Andria, professor of classic archaeology at the University of Salento in Lecce, Italy, who has been excavating the ancient Greco-Roman World Heritage Site of Hierapolis for years, led the research team.

D'Andria told Discovery News he used ancient mythology as his guide to locate the legendary portal to the underworld. “We found the Plutonium by reconstructing the route of a thermal spring. Indeed, Pamukkale’ springs, which produce the famous white travertine terraces originate from this cave.”

Scribes like Cicero and the Greek geographer Strabo mentioned the gate to hell as located at the ancient site in Turkey, noted Discovery, but nobody had been able to find it until now.

“Pluto’s Gate” has been documented in the Princeton Encyclopedia of Classical Sites, which noted in its description of ancient Hierapolis, “Adjoining the temple on the SE is the Plutoneion, which constituted the city’s chief claim to fame. It was described by Strabo as an orifice in a ridge of the hillside, in front of which was a fenced enclosure filled with thick mist immediately fatal to any who entered.”

Strabo (64 B.C.- 24 B.C.) wrote, “This space is full of a vapor so misty and dense that one can scarcely see the ground. Any animal that passes inside meets instant death. I threw in sparrows and they immediately breathed their last and fell.”

The portal to the underworld seems just as bad for your health today. The professor said, “We could see the cave’s lethal properties during the excavation. Several birds died as they tried to get close to the warm opening, instantly killed by the carbon dioxide fumes.”

According to Discovery News, the fumes emanated from a cave below the site, which includes ionic columns with inscriptions to Pluto and Kore, gods of the underworld. Also discovered: the remains of a temple, and a pool and stairs placed above the cave. D'Andria is now working on a digital rendering of the site.


Feels aside, I’ve noticed some confusion about this. So just to be clear: this is Pluto reborn. This is not the past form of the Pluto we met at the Time Gates. This Pluto’s past self died in Crystal Tokyo, then was brought back to life by Neo Queen Serenity. And presumably, NQS sent her to the past to be reborn 19 years ago, so that she would be around to awaken today.

And if you had any doubts before about whether Neo Queen Serenity is still Usagi, that should lay them to rest.

It was Queen Serenity who stuck Pluto at the Time Gate. Who made her live out an eternity in absolute solitude. Who made sure nobody, not even Luna, would know she was there. 

It was Neo Queen Serenity who took the opportunity of Pluto’s revival to give her a life. To take her completely out of that isolated role and put her somewhere where she could have friends and family.

And she could have sent Pluto to any time and place. But she sent her here. To the time and place when Usagi and the others are forming their own friendships.

She’s a little older than they are, of course. Pluto wouldn’t be Pluto if she were not older and wiser than everybody, and so Neo Queen Serenity cannot imagine sending her to be reborn at the same time as herself (a 14-year-old Pluto? Unthinkable!). Older she is, but not by much. Not so much that she’s detached from them, as she once was. Not so much that it’s like an insurmountable gulf between them.

And so she’s Pluto, but she’s Setsuna too. She’s had 19 years to live a life of her own, that had nothing to do with magical duty. And that was Neo Queen Serenity’s gift to her.

Because someone brought up a while ago, here’s my own personal canon for the Senshi’s ranking (sans Princess Serenity) on their own planets (if you have different canon, please feel free to disagree with me)

Venus- Crown Princess and Heir. The only one of the senshi who might have seen her throne besides P.Serenity and Uranus–but it is unlikely that she would ever return to the throne given her position as Leader and General. 

Mars- Crown Princess and Heir–her inheritance of the throne was called into question due to her father being removed from the throne and Queen Serenity giving the majority of power to the Senate. If Mars wanted to, she could have returned and taken up rank as Queen, but never did so or showed interest in it.

Mercury- Countess, no official claims to the throne. She was born of one of many advisers who had taken over ruling the Kingdom after both the childless King and Queen started to ignore their duties in pursuit of knowledge. Q.Serenity picked her as guardian out of fourteen potential candidates–all of whom were also born of advisers and varying noble mantles.

Jupiter- Was the 59th child of the newly chosen King and Queen (Serenity picked them as the ruling family). In all likelihood, she probably wasn’t referred to as Princess because of how far down the linage she was–rather, she was probably a Grand Duchess. Unless something were to occur that would have removed all 58 older siblings from power, Jupiter would never have seen the throne (though it was not impossible seeing that her father had been 143rd and her mother 77th in line respectively)

Uranus- King. Received the throne at three years old after the disappearance and possible death of her parents; her maternal grandmother was acting as Regnant. Even when she became an senshi was moved to a fortress outside of Uranus, she still retained the title of King.

Neptune- Baroness. At the time of her birth, Neptune was ruled by a cluttered and abusive aristocratic government; her family was part of the court but not of relatively high rank. Again. like Mercury, Neptune was chosen and given the mantle of ‘princess’ when Q.Serenity came to pick a guardian, but she has no ruling rights otherwise.

Saturn- Has no official ranking. Saturn was ruled as a Republic prior to its self destruction; the highest rank anyone held was of ‘Knight’. If she had come into existence before the kingdom disappeared, she probably would have simply been known as ‘Saturn’, which is a holy right in and of itself.

Pluto- Has no official ranking. Besides being born of an affair between Chronos and rankless woman, Pluto at the time of her birth was a Theocracy ruled by high priests and priestesses who worshiped Chronos. Though she was never given a title before left to guard the time gates, Pluto was referred to as ‘goddess’ in the official texts.


Luna- Grand Adviser of the Moon. Would have occasionally been called Lady.

Artemis- Grand Adviser of Venus. Would have occasionally been called Lord.

Endymion- Crown Prince. Earth had several regions and therefore several different ‘ruling families’. Endymion was the second eldest of six of the collective princes and four princesses and ruled the largest and holiest region which held the name ‘The Golden Kingdom’, making him the heir to the throne by default.

Beryl- Princess. Eldest of the four princesses and six princes who reigned from the smallest of the regions, famed for its mystic abilities. Unless she married Endymion, she would have most likely only became Queen of her region and nothing else.

Jet Wolf Summarizes Act 22

As it turns out, the manga and I aren’t going to be great friends. Rather than spend the energy on a liveblog that’s increasingly negative, I’m reading each manga act (mostly) silently, and then writing up summaries at the end. I’ll be very candid, which means there’s likely criticism and snark a’plenty about the manga, either wholesale or in details. If that isn’t a thing you feel like reading, please skip this post!

The next part begins in a fresh volume of manga, but Minako’s rainbowy greeting is as pleasant as it’s going to get. It’s also the pinnacle of sense. Buckle up and assume crash position, kids, this one goes off the fucking rails FAST.

Picking up where we left off, Wiseman takes Chibi-Usa’s hand, only Mamoru Pluto senses it and loses her goddamn shit. If you, like me, ever wondered about the sound of evil, the manga finally has the answer to this burning question.


Mamoru Pluto says she has to stand guard, thus implying she ever does anything else. Meanwhile Endymion is showing off his library. “You must have every book ever written collected here!” says someone, quite possibly Takeuchi, trying to convince us that a few bookshelves that wouldn’t even house the entire body of Steven King’s work is “every book ever written”. Minako looks for the porn, and instantly confirms this is the worst book collection in history.


Endymion Who Is A Series Of Ones And Zeros And Incapable Of Physical Sensation somehow knows that the “pang in [his] chest” has to do with himself Pluto, because the story literally does not give a shit about sense, only its relentless zombie march toward page count. Mamoru assumes this means Chibi-Usa, and invites himself along. BUT NOT YOU MINAKO GOD THAT’S SO RUDE. Instead she gets to “hold down the fort”.

“What fort?! It’s a deserted palace filled with dead people and a shitty fucking library. ALSO WHY ARE YOU TELLING ME TO DO LITERALLY ANYTHING AND WHY AM I LISTENING TO YOU I AM THE GODDAMN LEADER OF THE PRINCESS’S PERSONAL GUARD.” But she shouted this at the two retreating backs, one of them holographic and yet still somehow more important than her, and stayed where she was told. “THIS IS REALLY PISSING ME OFF,” Minako literally says, finding her feet rooted to the spot for no reason other than authorial intent giving no shits about anyone who is not Mamoru.

It’s then that the cats – NOT MINAKO BUT THE CATS – find the Wikipedia page on “Death Phantom”, who I guess we’re still not supposed to know is Wiseman? Don’t answer that, I don’t actually care. According to the translation of the Wiki, Death Phantom DESTROYED Crystal Tokyo, which seems a tad concerning to me and maybe someone you’d not want to send to Planet Evil and forget about, but I’m sure you guys know what you’re doing. It also says NQS couldn’t kill him because of his “special powers”, though @maskedtranslatinganon tells me it should read  "But despite his crimes, he was still human. Thus, the queen could not bring herself to order him killed.” Given that, I feel comfortable saying Neo-Queen Serenity fucked up in a cornucopia of ways, not the least of which is IGNORING THE EVIL MURDEROUS FUCK AFTER YOU COULDN’T MAKE THE TOUGH CHOICE. The second she – as literally the only person who could – refused to deal with Wiseman permanently, she accepted responsibility for him. Brushing him under the rug and ignoring him for centuries is the opposite of that, and basically, fuck you, NQS. How many people, YOUR people, have died both then and now so your conscience could remain clean? And if this was going to be any part of this story, I’d actually be all over it. But I know damned well it won’t be, AND I’M SO IRRITATED.

While I was ranting, Pluto Endymion and Pluto Mamoru find Endymamoru Pluto unconscious. There sure is a lot of traffic to and from The Gate of Time for a place everyone is forbidden from visiting ever. Pluto should really start charging admission, maybe she could afford a plant, or a goddamn vacation. She says she knows Chibs has been transformed (?) and it’s caused a storm in space-time (??) and Mamoru knows he’ll find Chibs on the other side of the storm (???) but he needs a key (????)  for a thing which nobody knew would exist (?????) but he doesn’t stop two seconds to get it (??????) before running off and everything is very GWOOO.

Oh, remember when Usagi was in this story? Remember when she called her “best friends” by their names?


Usagi wanders for a while then eavesdrops on a conversation between Rubeus and Saffir, and then she just talks to Saffir, and things get so fucking inexplicable at this point I’m just not even going to fucking bother trying. Maybe it’s translation, maybe it’s lack of storytelling ability, maybe it’s the fact that I’ve been out of soda for three days and am dying inside. I’ll just sum it all up with this unedited panel:

Rubeus, showing the only ounce of sense in this thing, is like “This is some fucked up shit, yo, later.” Then Wiseman kills him, answering the question of why he survived this long. Just kidding, of course it doesn’t.


Mamoru wanders in the storm. Chibs finds him. She’s an adult now. Also maybe naked. Moving on quickly.

At Grand Central Time Gate, Pluto Endymion and Endymion Pluto and Minako Minako are all waiting when Usagi and MARSMERCURYJUPITER appear. Endymion runs off for some reason. WHY DOES HE NEED TO RUN HE IS A FUCKING HOLOGRAM. ALSO HOW IS HE HOLDING USAGI’S LATEST TOY


Usagi asks where Mamoru and Chibs are. Pluto says they’re lost in time together. USAGI GETS THAT LOOK ON HER FACE AND YOU KNOW WHAT SHE’S THINKING AND JESUS FUCKING WEPT USAGI

Also, I keep seeing this, and I can only assume it’s my subconscious crying out for help that will never come.

The Exception to the Rule: How a Man can Possess a Sailor Crystal

If there is one thing that has always bothered me about SM, it’s this: if only women can transform into Sailors and possess a Sailor Crystal, than how the heck can a man (aka Mamoru) obtain it? Well, I think I finally have a solution for that!

Each Sailor Crystal is a star seed that grows into a planet, and is eventually born into a girl for her to become the guardian of said planet. But what about when the planet is first formed and there is no one living on it? Most people in the SM fandom have accepted the theory that there were other races of people living on the planets during the Silver Millennium. It’s also important to note that all the planets (Earth excluded) were named after the Roman deities; deities who, with the exception of Venus, were all male.*

Now where exactly am I going with this? Well, when humanoids first came to the planets they had a hard time surviving on such barren plains, until one individual tapped into the planet’s power and gained possession of the Sailor Crystal. These individuals were known as Hermes/Mercury, Aphrodite/Venus, Ares/Mars, Zeus/Jove/Jupiter, Hades/Saturn**, Caelus/Uranus, Poseidon/Neptune, and Chronus/Pluto, and they used the power of the crystals to help their people survive, becoming gods as they became one with the planet.

Keep in mind that the gods were the first beings to come into possession of their planets crystals. My theory is that a man can only hold a Sailor Crystal’s power when it is first activated; they can harness the power to full extent, but afterwards the power must be passed on to a female so the ‘seed’ can grow and bring new life. Think of it in terms of biology: men’s bodies and reproductive cycles remain pretty much the same after puberty, whereas women’s bodies change to make and grow to make room for a potential baby. First activation of the crystals is like men and women going through puberty. After this ‘puberty’ only women have the capability to carry the ‘seed’ within them as their bodies are naturally able to change and grow. When the gods eventually passed on, the Sailor Crystals could only be reborn into their female descendants. 

So basically what I’m trying to argue is that Mamoru is the first person to activate the Golden Crystal as a Sailor Crystal. Just as there was no Sailor Moon until Usagi, I’ve seen no evidence of there ever being a ‘Sailor Earth’ until Mamoru came along. I think it’s obvious though that both the Silver Crystal and the Golden Crystal have unique properties that make them different from your average Sailor Crystal, as both crystals were in the possession and protection of two royal families whom could draw from its power without being becoming an individual Sailor Crystal. Perhaps they were simply waiting for the right person to activate them. ;)

*while it could be argued that the patriarch gods are all women in this universe and the Romans got it dead wrong, I’d like to point out that in the manga Pluto’s father is the God of Time, and if he’s still male, we have to assume that the others are male too.

**Chronus, the god/personification of time, is traditionally associated with Saturn, whereas Hades, the God of the Underworld, is associated with Pluto. Naoko changed this order by associating Chronus with Pluto and the Time Gate.

~submitted by fantasticalnonsense18 

Wow, this is a very interesting theory! Thanks for taking the time to share it! ~Silvermoon424