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Weekend to Party … Or to hang out at home May 26-29

May 26

Even more strongly today we have Venus in Aries square to Pluto in Capricorn and they are exact. So the energy is stronger for wanting to take action to do things that are happy and fun, to spend money, or do things with people you love or do things that you love to do in a passionate way,  but the need to be responsible and keep working or to be limited is still causing stress and tension and putting up restrictions.

At the same time, the moon is conjunct Mars in Gemini. Gemini is the sign of social events, chatting with others, parties and Mars brings a strong sense of wanting to take action and the moon adds a feeling of wanting to do that. So people are feeling like they’re ready to party with this aspect.

Mercury in Taurus is sextile Neptune in Pisces and they are forming a yod to Jupiter in Libra.  Mercury is communication and what we think about and Taurus is about persistence and comfort or security.   Neptune in Pisces is Imagination, being boundless, creativity, and a little bit of being blind to something or not clear about something. It’s also connected to sensitivity, intuition, meditation, and spirituality. So there seems to be an opportunity to think about finding security and comfort through Spirituality, creativity or imagination and maybe not seeing everything that there is to see. these two planets are forming a yod, which is a triangle pointing to Jupiter in Libra,  so there may be a  need to  make an adjustment in order to be fair, harmonious to those we are in relationship with. And in order to do that, we may need to find an unusual or alternative way of using our energy.   It’s telling us to take other people into consideration in order to be fair and to get along better by making an adjustment and taking an alternative approach, possibly related to technology when we are discussing or thinking about creative, spiritual ways of finding comfort. See how that plays out in your life. 

May 27:  

The Moon is in its home sign of Cancer, which often brings out the emotions or thoughts of mother or home or family of origin.

Mars in Gemini is opposite Saturn in Sagittarius today.  A desire to take action possibly to go to a social event or to have a party could be restricted somehow because of responsibilities or a need to do work  or because it is not practical to do that today. It may still happen but there could be hindrances that come up.

Jupiter in Libra is quincunx to Mercury in Taurus exactly today.  Mercury relates to what we think about and talk about or the news media. Taurus is persistent, patient,  and could be related to the comforts of home, what we own, what we eat and drink.  So we may be thinking about what we want to cook or buy this weekend we may have to make an adjustment because of a major focus on relationship, harmony, fairness or possibly some legal or philosophical issue. Maybe wanting to drink that doesn’t go along with what we know we should be doing . maybe it would create disharmony with others we have relationships with.

May 28:   

The good news today is that Mercury in Taurus is at an exact, positive angle of opportunity to Neptune in Pisces. This is again related to what we think about and talk about related to our personal comfort and happiness and what we own, how we make money, being patient determined. And Neptune in Pisces provides an opportunity to be creative, imaginative, go outside our usual boundaries  and make it part of our reality.

A challenging aspect today is the Moon in cancer is opposite Pluto in Capricorn exactly for a brief time. So there could be a lot of emotions coming up that challenge our sense of responsibility, the work we have to do. There may be a sense of being upset at having to do all the work or feeling like everything is on our shoulders. That’s someone is bossing us around or making us do work that we don’t feel like doing, and It’s upsetting.

May 29:   

Today it’s all about Mars in Gemini. And that is to be expected on a holiday weekend. Mars is action and excitement and energy and in Gemini it is about socializing, partying, talking, and being friendly. It is bringing up opportunities to do things that are expected in our culture or Society, such as the barbecue, the parade, Memorial services. It is also bringing in an opportunity to do crazy outlandish things based on passion or excitement.  Mars will be opposite Saturn in Sagittarius exactly. Which means that there will be opposition to being responsible and working hard today. “No Limits” will be the strong desire in social situations.

But Saturn is at a highly positive angle to Uranus in Aries, so there will be some mature responsible influence over things getting unexpectedly out of hand, possibly because of things like traffic checks for drunk drivers. The authority will be doing something to maintain a positive outcome in light of. unexpected and unusual enthusiastic activity.

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we reached a planet that is 3+ billion miles away for the first time in the existence of our universe. No one has ever seen such detailed and clear pictures of Pluto and we can finally begin to study its surface and what happens or doesn’t happen there.

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