pluto is gone

The Astrologist

This is my first one shot I’m publishing on tumblr so I’m really sorry if it’s complete trash. I am taking prompts, so feel free to send in asks.

Basis: Riley falls asleep at Topangas while they’re studying.

Pairing: Riarkle

Word count: 1k

Rating: PG or Teen, depends how you look at it

TW: death (but it’s like UP the movie kind of death or the end of Hamilton kind of death so no worries).

The astrologist

** **

They were all sitting in the round booth at Topangas finishing their homework. Riley was leaning on Farkle reading a book. Riley began to feel drowsy, she hadn’t slept very well in the past two days. She began to curl up a bit to Farkle’s arm, slowly falling asleep.

“Looks like someone didn’t get enough sleep last night” Lucas said gesturing toward Riley.

“She was telling me that she’s been having trouble sleeping” Maya said smiling sadly at Riley. Farkle looked up at Maya then back down at Riley.

“I hope she’s alright” Zay said before returning back to his homework, as did everyone else, except Farkle who watched Riley carefully.

The battle of Rileytown 1781

In Rileytown it was always history, but history filled with unicorns and lots of rainbows. Today was not a bright sunny day. It was gloomy, the air was filled with glittering rain.

The unicorns and zebras were fighting for independence against the horses. Riley the princess of all was devastated by the War.

Her only comfort was the astrologist, who talked to her about the stars up above. The way he talked about science and all the constellations like it was the only thing he lived for, it made her happy to see someone be so passionate about these things. It was the only thing that kept her happy these days. She knew she was slowly starting to fall in love.

“You think she’ll wake up soon?” Farkle asked the group.

“No clue she must be exhausted. I mean she’s been sleeping for two hours” Smackle said.

She had been vowed to a prince far off in flannel-land, to maybe exchange a alliance. She forced herself to fall in love with the prince. Told herself that they were meant to be. Told herself it would be good for everyone. It was her duty.

The astrologist was heartbroken when he heard the news. He forced himself to move on. He tried finding another, but could never. the princess would never get out of his head or leave his heart…For he loved her with all his heart, he could never have her.

The battles raged on. Ichor of the fallen left in the streets. The pain it caused the queendom, the Princess couldn’t stop the fighting. She wished it would stop. That peace would reign, but it never did. She would cry for the fallen, yell at the enemy, but she could only be strong for so long.

The princess would still visit the astrologist in times of need. He would tell her about all the planets and stars in the sky not to far away. Her favorite was Pluto, She loved Pluto. He told her about how everyone always forgot about this place mistaking it for something else.

Forgotten and mistaken, but still there.

Riley was still asleep. She had been for the past 4 hours. At one point Farkle checked her pulse to make sure she was still alive.

“She must be super deep in dream land” Maya suggested

“Rileytown is making its waves in her brain” Farkle said looking down at her longingly.

The prince of flannel-land had found out about they’re affair and challenged the astrologist to a duel. The princess had begged him not to go through with it, telling him it wasn’t what he thought it was, but the prince wouldn’t be persuaded. The princess tried to wish away all weapons, but nothing would work.

Fate had bested them.

The astrologist and the prince met on a hill at dawn, guns drawn. The Astrologist tried to negotiate a peace, but the prince wouldn’t listen. Before the duel commenced the princess whispered to the her scientist, “you will come to me after the war won’t you darling?”

To which he responded, “always" The princess went to the sidelines and began to count down, “1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8-“ 

"Poomb!” Shots rang out. “WAIT!” The princess yelled out.

The astrologist fell to the ground, gun already aiming for the sky. The princess ran to the astrologist, she held him in her arms. He was barely alive. The prince had shot him right between the ribs.

She watched him intently as he let out, “I love you, always and forever, Pluto” his last breath was let out longingly. His eyes closed signaling the princess that he was gone. Wails coursed through her. She screamed and screamed. For her astrologist was gone. Pluto will always be there to remind herself of her fallen love. Always there to remind her that she could never love the way she loved him. She could never move on from this. She could never forget the blood stains on her dress or on the ground around her.

She cried into the night holding his limp body. Her hands covered in his blood. She held her head up high looking into the night sky, “You’re with the stars now, Mars…”

Riley began making sounds in her sleep. It almost sounded like crying. Everyone at the table looked at her. Her face had tears running down it.

“She must be having a nightmare,wake her up” Maya suggested urgently. Farkle obeyed and shook her as whispered “riles, wake up” her eyes fluttered open, tears still flowing down her face.

“You’re dead, how are still here?!” She cried pointing at Farkle. Farkle looked stunned.

“It was a dream, riles” Farkle said trying to calm her. Riley turned to Lucas with an angry tear stained face,

“You killed him. You killed my scientist?!” She yelled slightly. Lucas was taken aback. Farkle pulled Riley closer to him “you killed my Mars” she whispered under her breath.

“Riley look at me” Farkle said. Riley snapped out of her rampage. She turned to him, lifting up her hand and put it on his jawline. “Riley it was just a dream” Farkle whispered.

“You died in a duel with Lucas because he found out I was in love with you” her face was blank tears still streamed down her face. “I’m in love with you” Riley confessed which left Farkle stunned. She turned to Lucas who was still stunned “if you ever try to hurt my scientist, flannel prince, I will hurt you.” Riley said growling a bit at the end. Lucas nodded slightly terrified. Every one just stared at the scene before them. Farkle looked down into Riley’s eyes.

“You dream about me?” Farkle asked.

“Always, my scientist” she smiled sweetly as she placed her hand on his jaw staring deeply into his eyes. “Always”


Peace is Boring! A Sailor Moon Mini-Comic (Page 2/15)

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I’m a little late on this one but a new MINNIE cartoon has aired! “Dog Gone Biscuits” is one of my new favorites of season 2. The talented Eddie Trigueros storyboarded and directed this one. I got to draw the “My lil” scene. More soon!
Odd Orbits Deepen Pluto's Mystery
The little-known underdog of the solar system continues to surprise---especially when it comes to the weird configuration of its five motley moons.

NEW HORIZONS IS practically knocking on Pluto’s door. The spacecraft is less than six weeks away from its razor-close flyby of the dwarf planet. In anticipation, Pluto research has gone into overdrive, as astronomers and planetary scientists rack up questions to ask of the coming data. Fortunately, the little-known underdog of the solar system continues to surprise—especially when it comes to the weird configuration of its five motley moons.

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 2005-My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas!!! 

 2015- We’re so hungry. Pluto is gone and our mothers haven’t fed us in 10 years. Send help, please. Give us Pluto back.