Sometimes you guys amaze me, look at your gorgeous faces today!?? Ahhhh

I hope you all have a wonderful day today plusss it seems like a fun day to eat
Jk or not, anyways be happy and smile
No matter what! :)

Muslimah Problems

Story time people. So one of my friends had an evening meal for her birthday and god knows why but her older brother decided to tag along. Anyway it was all cool until we were all leaving and my friend and her brother offered me a lift and I was like cool cool. All was fine and dandy until we get to my road which is a one way road so her dad parked at the top of the road and I was like acha see u guys later its been fun. And then her dad tells her brother to walk me to my house. Queue the first heart attack of my night I was like noooo its finee Ill be ok don’t worry. Bare in mind people its nearly midnight and it would look like we were out together plusss my neighbors are bengalis (like moi) plusss my dad works late and he would probably come home any second. But her brother was insisting so I had to just accept my forthcoming death. Anyway we start walking and I was literally walking on the road whilst he was walking on the pavement you know maintaing that halal distance. Anyway finaaaalllyy we get to my house and he goes do u want me to come inside to explain why we dropped u off so late (earlier on in the night the car broke down and it took an hour to get home). At this point in time I’m legitimately thinking this guy is mentally unbalanced or he’s a white guy disguised as a brown one bc clearly he has no understanding of the wrath of brown parents. Anyway I was like no ill be fine thanks for dropping me off. Allah (swt) must have dropped some extra angels to keep my nosy neighbours from seeing us and assuming things and kept my dad from coming home at that point in time bc I’m currently alive lol. So the moral of the story girlies is never be friends with girls who have brothers or any male relatives and you’ll live 👍

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Alice is that girl in Europe that is crazy enough to let me live with her in the future and who just sat through a 30-ish minute video of me being dumb. P.s. She is a precious little thing and needs protection at all cost. Plusss Dragon Age and VrisNep.

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comment - A PLUSSS BLOG!!!!!

what a shitty fucking day. 

i gotta keep this fake smile on my face until june 26 because then school and prom will be over with. I can do this…

plusss my favourite teacher broke his leg so hes out for the rest of the year which means my motivation to go to school is gone and i cant even say bye to him in person like ugh this sucks

Hi. It’s exactly 7:00 am and im here sitting beside my grandma in a hospital. She was admitted here yesterday at UST Hospital for she’s going to undergo biopsy. I haven’t had a decent sleep yet cause I have to wake up everytime the nurse comes in. It was actually my first time to accompany someone overnight here at the hospital. It was soooo hard bec my grandma’s hardheaded and she wants everything in her way. I just want to cry sometimes and scream for help… 😭 Thank God for giving me the strength to endure this. I wish my mom would come here and help me with this. Changing diapers, keeping my grandma calm, and more really make me physically and emotionally drained. Plusss the internet is really slow. It was supposed to be my outlet but unfortunately the connection was really bad. Hey, the nurse is really good looking. Thank God 🙌 hehe

Starting yesterday ive been seeing good looking doctors and nurses. There’s something in them. Very neat and fine… 😳😳 haayy. Oh wait.. Before i forget, it’s my brother’s birthday! 🎉🎉 i hope i can get home by afternoon. 🙏 I wanna take a rest… Badly 😭 from monday until now, i was not really feeling good, i mean emotionally.. 😔😔 granma’s stressing me out big time but you know, im the only one she has. And through God who gives me strength, i can endure every stress she gives me. Andd also, despite being ‘mareklamo’, i love her anyways. That’s one factor why i was and am able to endure the stress and all. I really hope to God that my grandma’s going to be really really fine. 😊

Nakaligo na ko. Fuhreshh but really tired and drained. 😔😔 I wanna go home but i cant. I wanna eat but i dont have the appetite. I just want lasagnaaaa sumbadehhhhhh plsss ⁉️⁉️⁉️

Few hours left i guess before we leave the hospital. I really wanna go home!!!!!! Grabeee. It’s taking us sooo long to discharge. Billing is so slow and i hate it. Anw, let’s go to the good news first. At 4:30pm… The good looking doctor ive been talking about came in the room and he spoke to me and to my lola. Grabe HE IS SO GWAPO!!! Look at here…caught his back!!!!!!! Grabe totoo pala yung feeling mo matutunaw ka sa tingin. Yung iniiwas mo yung tingin mo sakanya kasi you’ll reallllllyyyyy blush if you look at him. 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳 swear ive experienced sobrang kilig everytime i saw thia doctor. I even recorded his voice 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳 gossshhh

Grabe listened to his voice for 6 seconds and im like 😳😳😳☺️☺️☺️☺️😳😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😳😳😳☺️☺️😊😍😍

6 seconds kiliggg. Dang that voice so fineeeee!!!

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I have a crush on a guy one year younger then me, and even though he doesn't look young, my friends tell me it's kinda weird (I also had the tendency to go to older guys before, maybe that's why). So yeah, i don't really know how to feel about this, I mean he is funny and cute and everything but I'm afraid he will not be mature enough (ps: I'm 16 and he's 15). Plusss the situation is even weirder because his best friend is in love with me (but i'm not!!! and I made that clear) what do i do??

Oh girl you’re so young! I don’t think that’s a big problem, my first boyfriend was younger than me.. And I loved him the same way !