UK-based department store, Debenhams, got something right…

Defying mainstream marketing strategies, Debenhams is taking yet another step toward breaking down beauty barriers. After having been one of the first stores in the United Kingdom to introduce Plus Size mannequins, they’re now promoting self-love and positive body image by utilizing models “rich in diversity” for their 2013 campaign. A size 18 swimwear model, 3 models over the age of 40, multiple amputees…  Debenhams is making an important statement;  We’re all beautiful!

So with the New Year upon us, remember to love yourself!

Are Plus Size Women More Accepted In The Black Community?

Do you think this is true?

As a plus size black women , I agree the black/latin males embraces curves more than the white male community. A few of my closest white friends are overly obsessed with being the perfect “Barbie” to keep there mates near. They mentioned to me that “larger frames” get less love. Which is so sad our males envision sexy and confident as “thin” and women try to abide by it.

Check out this video clip with the CEO of Bella Rae. Click Here 

Excerpt from article….”During FFF, Stars like Octavia Spencer, Queen Latifah and Amber Riley stepping out in style on the red carpet and owning their voluptuous figures will definitely push forward the cause. However, we can’t help but notice that there’s a distinct difference between the way those ladies are revered for their larger frames, while their white comrades (see: Adele and Melissa McCarthy) are not. Furthermore, there have been plenty of studies and musings to suggest that plus size women of color are more comfortable, accepted and celebrated in their ethnic/cultural communities.”

Check out this the full article.

Video and article courtesy of Huffington Post.

GlamCurvy T


This is interesting. You may love the Top 10 picks or question them. I was curious to find out the TOP 1o glamcurvy models in the industry today. I have to admit I was excited to find out.  However, some would question whether these models are “true” plus size. Well we all know the fashion industry can be slighted by reality. I was bothered by a few of the models that were selected. I think MIDSIZE not PLUS SIZE, but I will let you decide.