As a plus size girl who is still in the process of learning to love her curves i am saddened to see what @oprahmagazine allowed #bodyshaming to be printed. I am proud of my body, every curve, stretch mark and place where it jiggles and being told that i cant wear something just makes me want to wear it more. I am so proud that i am apart of such a strong community of women who rally around each other and build each other up. Sarah @styleit has been such a leader and inspiration in this community and im proud add to this badass movement. The only reason you shouldn’t wear a crop top is if you dont feel like wearing one. Skinny isn’t sexy, Plus size isn’t sexy, CONFIDENCE is sexy.
If your feeling up to it, grab your fav crop top, or your fav shirt and tie it on up and post a fierce pic to #rockthecrop and show that we wont be told what we can and can not wear.
Top: @target
Skirt: @tatyanaboutique

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Cirque Apparel Plus Size Pentagram Harness

Pentagram Harness: Cirque Apparel
Size: Plus Size
Made from elastic, I feel this harness is reasonably priced. It can be ordered custom made to your measurements and is available in silver or gold studs. I’m really happy with this purchase. It arrived really fast from the UK and it’s sewn together very well. It’s nice to see an Etsy seller taking custom size orders and using a plus size model in her photos. I will totally order from Cirque Apparel again.

Skirt: Spin Doctor
Size: 4X 
This is the Eleanor skirt by Spin Doctor Clothing. I ordered this skirt last month from Hot Topic. HT has since sold out so I have linked you to The Gothic Shop. They are the only shop I found who still had plus size in stock. I have not ordered from them before so I am sorry but I cannot provide any feedback. If anyone has ordered from the before please leave feedback in the comments below. This skirt fits the same as a Hell Bunny 4X skirt.

Bra: Lane Bryant
Size: 42G
This bra is comfy, sexy, and supportive. Lane Bryant is the only place I have found that carries bras that make my boobs happy. I have yet to have a problem with one of their bras so I stick with them.

Septum Clicker: eBay
Size: 14G/8MM
This is the first septum clicker I have purchased. It was really super hard to open, but I finally got it in. I’m not sure I will ever get it out though! It’s really tight and I might have to go have someone take it out for me. I would love some feedback on clickers so please comment below if you can help. Should they be so hard to open and close??

Lipstick: Pretty Zombie Cosmetics
Shade: 3 Witches
I’m a sucker for Pretty Zombie Cosmetics. I hope they come out with more colors soon. Love, love, love them!  

Shoes and Gloves: Value Village
Size: 10
I found my shoes at Value Village thift store, but I was able to located them online. You can find them at Fantastia Wear. They are a classic Halloween costume shoe. The gloves are standard size, long length, in stretch cotton. You should be able to pick these up at any dollar store this time of year.

Belt: FatToo Accessora
FatToo Accessora is a plus size accessories group on Facebook. You are not likely to come across this same belt, however, Asos Curve quite often carries corset belts. 

Fishnet Shirt: Walmart 
Size: 3X
I picked up this shirt 10+ years ago. It came over top of a tee that said “Rock N Roll” HA! I never throw things away because you never know when you might need them. You can find a plus size fishnet shirt on eBay for a reasonable price.

  I’m in love with this look, I feel totally sexy and beautiful. This outfit makes me want to go out to sip cherry brandy and dance to Bauhaus in a dark club. I really need to get on that!! Stina  xx

I was absolutely feelin this #psootd today! I was in a #rockthecrop mood and wanted something flirty, sassy but most importantly something comfortable and finally show off my @ftfsnaps find from @thecurvycon !!
Crop top: @charlotterusse
High waisted pants: @forever21 plus
Kimono: @ftfsnaps
Shoes: @paylessshoesource

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While you’re getting ready to be the first one to get your hands on a “Pretty For A Big Girl” crewneck, we’re making sure we’re ready to give you the best online experience for next FRIDAY OCTOBER 4TH! ONLY ONE WEEK AWAY! I’ve been told to stop teasing everyone! But what’s a gift without a little anticipation?! [model: @kyramg16/MUA: @jelissairis & @jessicabiffi/ photography: Elliot Parrot/ Accessories: @shoptgim] #PrettyForABigGirl #crewnecks #flawsofcouture #streetwear #streetstyle #OCTOBER4TH #comingsoon #psblogger #plusmodel #plussizeline #plussizeblogger #plussizefashion #fullfigured #fashionforwardplus #curvynstyle #toronto #torontosown (at

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The Ouija Board, tool of the devil, quirky family game or porthole for the non-conscious mind? 

I’m super obsessed with Ouija boards. Ever since I was a little girl spirit boards have always intrigued me. The thought of the dead being able to communicate though the board is super wickedly spooky and awesome. About a year ago I started to create Ouija jewelry just because I loved the board so much. All of the jewelry I’m wearing was created by me. You can find it at Everyday is like Halloween. I peeped this spooky skirt on Etsy a few months back and I knew I had to have it. The skirt is from a shop called Toot Sweet Skirts. The owner Linda is so rad. She creates amazing handmade vintage and novelty skirts. Items that really make you stand out in a crowd. Her skirts fit up to a size 28 waist. I do believe she also does custom so if you wanted larger I think she would be able to accommodate. I was a bit concerned about the length of the skirt, because it looked really short in the photo. As you can see it’s not short at all on me at 5'6". This skirt has a gold ribbon at the waist and had I wore it high with a shirt tucked in I would have shown it. I decided to go with a longer shirt I picked up at Eshakti. I opted to have the embroidered hearts removed when I ordered this piece. The shirt was ordered with custom measurements. That is one of the things I enjoy about Eshakti. Any of their items can be tailored to your measurements for a fee of $7. 

As you can see I’m still big time into hats and gloves. I picked both of these up on Ebay for cheap. The gloves seem to be sold out so I can’t post a link. However, there are tons and tons of inexpensive stylish gloves on ebay. I love looking around.  Lastly I would like to talk lipstick. I’m so thrilled that bold, punky and goth colors have come back. As of late I have been experimenting with liquid lipsticks, stains and tars. I have found a gnarly company called Pretty Zombie Cosmetics. For this blog I’m wearing their liquid in Black Cat. If you are into the long last matte liquid lipsticks PZC has some wicked products. Their price point is sweet at $11 a stick.

I have found the pretty zombie products sell out super fast. If you see a color you want snatch it up quick.

I just ordered myself a blue that I’m super pumped to try. Blue lips aren’t only for the walking dead.

I love putting together unique and interesting looks for my blog. If there’s a brand you’re interested in learning more about, let me know in the comments. If you know of any plus size brands that carry items you think I will dig, also feel free to drop me a note. I’m always looking for new brands to try. 




I feel like I’m starting to fit in up north 😉
I feel like a boss with some southern charm in this outfit! Details below 👇🏼
Top: @forever21 plus
Jacket: @forever21 plus
Necklace: @etoileboutique
Jeans: @forever21 plus
Socks: @torridfashion
Shoes: @target

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So many pictures of beautiful, confident #plussize women taking part in @scotiabank #carribeancarnival in #toronto, I just had to share!!! #bigsiscloset #celebratemysize #clothes #curvesarein #curvy #curvycanadian #daremagazine #effyourbeautystandards #fatshion #honormycurves #plusfashion #plusmodel #plusmodelmag #plussize #plussizeblogger #plussizefashion #plussizemodel #psblogger #psbloggers #psfashion #psmodel #skorch #skorchmag #skorchmagazine #stylehasnosize #tcfstyle #psootd

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We’re in LOVE with Blogger Babe Darshana’s Black-on-Black Beach style! She paired our Boho Lace Cardigan (style W6851) with our Interlock Embroidery Tank (style W5003) in her most recent blog post over at Picture Posey

She’s one of our NEWEST Brand Ambassadors and we think her style is INCREDIBLE! Check out what she had to say about Umgee USA & Umgee Plus in her full post!

I’m totally over doing the mirror effect, but “whateva’ whateva’ I do what I want!” Haha! So in love with this dress from ASOS, outfit details on #asoscurve #asos #curvy #psblogger #psootd #psbloggersmarvellousmay #effyourbeautystandards #plussize #plussizeblogger #plussizefashion #fatshion #ootd

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