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It’s finally began to feel like winter in NY. 
The weather is getting chilly and it has given me an excuse to wear layers.
tbh, I feel like I could find any reason to wear layers. haha.

outfit deets. 
(if u care)

Shirt: H&M
Jeans: American Eagle
Faux-mono: H&M (it runs extremely large, mine is a womans “medium”)
Jacket: Banana Republic
Hat: Forever21
Shoes: Thrifted
Scarf: H&M
Sun-Glasses: Thrifted
Jewerly: H&M, Jenny Bird, Gorjana, Topshop, Kate Spade.

photos by @iamthejoj


I’d been waiting for the right occasion to wear this dress, and Matt & Kristin’s wedding seemed like the perfect opportunity! Probably one of my favorite outfits I’ve worn to a wedding, and surely the most comfortable!

Dress: @pinupgirlclothing
Belt, earrings: #thrifted
Necklace: #Kohls
Tights: Walmart
Shoes: #Softspots


Hat: Domino Dollhouse | Top: Forever 21 | Shorts: Old Navy | Tights: ASOS Curve | Shoes: Torrid

It’s been a little while. I’m a little older and a little fatter, both of which I’m happy with. This outfit comes to you from the future, because I’m wearing it tomorrow but photographed it today. Timey wimey stuff. 

These shorts have gotten a bit too tight, and honestly I wasn’t gonna replace them, but lookin’ at this outfit I can’t help but think that maybe I should. I’m kind of a sucker for jean shorts and black tights, I dunno why. What do you think?


Going to give this a try! When I decided I wanted to go to a rave(Lucky 2016) I started to google, pinterest, instagram, ask all the gods in the world, “What do plus size girls wear to raves”, “Plus size ravers”, “Big girl raving”, “Plus size rave outfit” and I found absolutely NOTHING that was helpful or in my comfort zone….. not surprising.

Why don’t you just wear a t-shirt and shorts?

Because I refuse to be basic just because my size!!!!!!!

Why don’t you just wear a bra and spandex like everyone else?

I praise my plus size girls that are comfortable with their bodies and can work and flaunt their goods!!!! but I haven’t reached that level of comfort or confidence yet!

So I teamed up with a friend of mines to make the cutest and most affordable plus size approved outfit.

Bra:Goodwill/ $2.99

Decorations for bra:Dollar tree/ $6.00

Highwaisted shorts:Target/ $15.00

Lace kimono:Charlotte Russe: $19.99

The shorts and kimono is the priciest on the list but, I didn’t mind because of the fact that I can always re wear it during the summer! We took apart our dollar tree finds and hot glued it onto the bra, the bottom white piece that is glued onto the bra is actually a scarf! I wanted something that would hide some of my tummy, and the back of my bra straps and my chicken wings!! Last minute I added the kimono because of the comfort factor! It was the best decision I made; it made me comfortable all night long, it was thin and airy so it didn’t make me hot and it was a cute add on to my outfit.

Hope someone found this helpful!!!! Just wanted to help some of my plus size girlies who were in need of some inspiration! 




Coffee with Audra outfit from Thursday!

Dress: Thrifted (hat-tip to Courtney for finding it for me!) It is kinda house-dressy without the belt, haha.

Sunglasses: Target

Hairbows: Handmade

Hello Kitty necklace: Tarina Tarantino

Ice cream bubble necklace: Dollar store

Barbie earrings: Tarina Tarantino

Sequin belt: Dollar store

Chuck Taylor shoes: Thrifted (fun fact: this pair is a mismatch, one’s a half size bigger lol)


Well, I just had to show you the back detail after my #OOTD, right?! 😁

Dress: @torridfashion (this is a 2)
Scarf: #thrifted
Ring: #FredFlare (rip)
Fleece Lined leggings: #NicoleMiller via #Mardens

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