plusle & minun

The Steps I Took to Make This Animation!

OH DANG! This post did WAY better than I ever though it would! So to celebrate that, I’m going to show you all the steps I took to make it!

DISCLAIMER: I’m not a professional and I have no formal training as an animator. What you’re about to see does not entirely reflect the methods used in an actual professional environment.

Step 1: Basic Shapes and Keyframes

Once I got an idea of the proportions of Plusle and Minun, I broke down their design to a few simple shapes. I then planned out the keyframes using these shapes.

Step 2: Added Legs and In-Betweens

With the keyframes on 2s, I added an extra frame to each keyframe that are on 1s. Here’s a video on animating on 1s, 2s, and 3s if you’re not sure what those mean. I then added the legs to see how the poses would look.

Normally you should have all the poses figured out as you’re keyframing, but again, not a professional here.

Step 3: Adding Details

With the motion looking good, I started adding in the details. I thought about delaying the ears a frame to make them more of a secondary action. But I was worried that it would make it a little too busy compared to the arms and tails.

Step 4: More Details

Since the faces just stayed inside the circles that make up the heads, I held off on adding the faces until everything else was done. 

One thing that I wish I had done differently though was have the facial expressions facing the center of the screen instead of away. With the expressions on the outside, I feel it takes more time for people to notice they’re making expressions to begin with.

Step 5: White Borders and Drop Shadows

With the animation itself done, I squished all the layers together and used the Ink Bottle tool in Adobe Animate to create the white border and gave it a drop shadow to help make it a little more visually interesting. I probably shouldn’t have used pitch black for the shadow however. It’s pretty harsh compared to the rest of the colors used.

Anyway, I hope the was helpful to you in some way. I know this isn’t how most animators would do this sort of thing. But hopefully it helps paint a clearer picture on the processes of animation!

Have fun animating!


Overwatch Heroes and their Pokemon: Full Series

And that’s a rap! Thank you all for being so supportive and enjoying this series. Also, thanks to all my new followers! With this series, we’ve reached 1000 followers! (which I’ll have to do something for) But I have to go on vacation tomorrow, So I just wanted to leave a quick thanks, and I hope to bring y'all more great art in the future! 

Individual Hero Posts:

{ Tracer, Soldier: 76, D.Va | Junkrat, Reinhardt, Widowmaker | Bastion, Symmetra, Lucio | Mercy, Pharah, Reaper | Zenyatta, Roadhog, McCree| Zarya, Torbjörn, Winston | Mei, Hanzo, Genji }


Finally! A much much better quality image! I’m so glad that my scanner survived a fire ;_____; anyways. Hope u all like them as much as I did! <3 and, again; GEN3 PIKAS ARE LOVE FOREVER AND ALWAYS.

Some more variations!

These babies are, as always, totally viable babies!

Every variation here is based off the Fairy Egg Group! These lil ones are based off the lower-most evolution of their lineages, so even though the Easter Bush is labeled as Roselia, it’s a Budew-Togepi variety. Baby pokemon can’t breed, though, so they’ve been labeled with their older forms.

The fun thing is the top three eggshell patterns are based on anime-canon eggs for that particular species! Cleffa eggs are pink with white stars, igglybuff eggs are that soft purple color with pink spirals, and happiny eggs are striped!

“Pikachu Clones”: What they bring to each Pokemon game (explained)


Generation 1 introduces the iconic and stable of pokemon Pikachu!

Pikachu is the main mascot of the pokemon franchise and is often seen in a lot of pokemerch!


Generation 2 of the pokemon games introduced breeding mechanic

Pichu is the baby pokemon of Pikachu. Gen 2 focused on the concept of egg hatching and breeding. Generation 2 is the only generation to introduce a new member that was not an entirely new line of species.       

Plusle and Minun     

Generation 3 introduced double battles.

Plusle and Minun and learn Helping hand which they can both benefit when in a double battle. Also to note, both pokemon do have the color scheme to Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire.


Gen 4 introduced Pachirisu as the Pika mascot of that generation. Although there isn’t much to say about pachirisu, Gen 4 did introduce Wifi battles and Wifi trading thanks to the Nintendo Wifi Connection Network. Pachirisu’s color scheme even matches this!


Generation 5 introduces a “soft-reboot” into the franchise. The colors of the games Pokemon Black & White are reflected on Emolga.


Generation 6 introduced the Fairy Type which is weak to Steel and Poison and is immune to Dragon type attacks.

Dedenne is an Electric/Fairy Type! 


Togedemaru is the geneneration 7 pika mascot of Pokemon Sun and Moon.  It might be too early to tell but since it is Pokemon’s 20th anniversary, Togegemaru’s shape might be a homage to how Pikachu was chubby back in Gen 1.