After a few weeks of work I’ve finally completed the Moogle Wedding Set of Noctis and Luna for my one of my best friends Final Fantasy themed wedding this weekend ❤

A special thanks to @dizzymoogle for grabbing a bunch of screenshots of their wedding attire for me! I had to use some artistic liberties with some details lol

Because what’s halloween without a witch?

I’ve never sewn with minky before and now I can definitely see why almost everybody uses it haha. This was also my first time doing embroidery and making a fully removable outfit! Magica here is made with seafoam, gold, black and purple shannon minky (and assorted fabric for the clothes) and has embroidered facial features.

Finally have Mega Absol photos to share!

Mega Absol stands at 12in tall from paws to the tip of her larger horn, 9in from nose to tail tip with an 11in wingspan! Her wings are lightly wired mainly for stability, but they can be minimally posed like most of my winged amiguruni. She features all of her details as shown in the games/anime from her classic coloring, fluffy chest, angelic wings and all of her claws and leg spikes~ Oh and she can stand all on her own!

Also, can I just say that I love her outdoor photo? It reminds me of Pokemon Card Art 😍

Mega Absol is not only my first time crocheting Absol, but my first time making any Mega Evolution! I adore Absol in both her forms, so making her was an honor and I am so proud of how she turned out. If enough people are interested, I am willing to offer Mega Absol as a normal made to order option, but please keep in mind she is quite complex and detailed and her price will reflect that.

How do you like Mega Absol now that you can see all of her details? What other Mega Evolution would you like to see me attempt? Reminder that I take new amigurumi orders in early November!

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