I recently got not just one, but two different Pikachu plushes that are over 3 feet tall! Honestly, pictures can’t even capture their size. They tower over all my other large plushes. I have many more large plush than pictured, but suffice to say none of them are as big as the giant Pika pair. The 40 inch Pokémon Center one is incredibly soft, detailed, and well-made…which is good, as it was not cheap! Totally worth it, though. The other one I got for a steal on Ebay–just couldn’t resist at the price I got it for!

I’d love to post more pictures comparing them to other things when I get a chance, haha. Please notice the Pikachu plushplush (same size as a Pokédoll) on Pokémon Center Pikachu’s head for size comparison.


Charr Backpack PlushPlush features adjustable straps, velcro closure on back, soft faux fur and fleece details, hand painted safety eyes, clay clawsFacebook==>
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This plush is the AG TOMY Super Oversized (Chou Tokudai) Pikachu! It’s a gorgeous, detailed plush, about 2 feet tall/60 cm. It’s well-made and surprisingly heavy for its size. Still has the paper tag, though the tag is rather sun-bleached. 

In the 4th picture, you can see size comparison to the 60 cm Substitute, 1/1 scale TOMY Pikachu from around the same era, as well as the Pikachu plushplush (same size as a Pokédoll). Of course, as large as this Pikachu is, he’s still dwarfed by the 40 inch Pokémon Center Pikachu and giant Play by Play Pikachu…. Then again, just about everything is dwarfed by those guys.

Anyway, just wanted to share this somewhat hard to come across Pikachu plush. I absolutely love this one–he’s really high-quality and probably one of the nicest extra large Pikachu plushes out there in my opinion!