I redesigned my little handmade Baby Finn! I now handcraft his eyes, and I’ve made the patterns much cleaner. I also sourced some really good faux-fur, so he looks spectacularly cute! He’s up in the shop, available now, and you can see more photos of him here. I am working on a video of him today :D I will be adding a few more A/T characters to the Plushimi shop in the next few days, so stayed tuned! c:


It’s the whole gang! These painstakingly hand-made, miniature plushes are now available as a set on Plushimi :) The A/T plushes are made from fleece, with accents and detailing of stiff felt. Each plush has hand-embroidered features, from BMO’s buttons to Finn’s grin! Each character is roughly proportional to the other. So cute!

You can see more photos here. And check out my shop for more cute creations. Thank you for viewing! c:

Meet Sammy the Siamese Kitty! This cute kitty is new to my shop, Plushimi. Sammy is 100% handmade, using high-quality faux fur for her tail and super-soft fleece for her body. Her eyes are handpainted with iridescent paints, and her little mouth is hand-embroidered. See photos and find out more here!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful fall – and thank you for viewing! :)


The Plushimi shop has reopened! Home of handmade fan-art plushes, art, and cute creations! Yay! c:

I am celebrating the reopening with new characters, redesigned characters, and all-new plushes. This sweet Finn and Jake plush set is just one of the redesigns. They are smoother, better made, and cuter! What do you think?

I will be posting a bit more now that I’m reopened. So – follow me for updates! I’ll have more plushes added throughout the week, as well as deals, coupons, and events in the future. Thank you for viewing :>

Hello Tumblr-verse. Some people have wondered how to get in touch with Plushimi besides through the Tumblr “ask” feature. Here are some links for the fans:

E-mail – plushimishop [at] gmail [dot] com

Twitter – @plushimi

Facebook – /plushimi

Google+ – /plushimi

And of course Etsy –

Whew! Think that’s it. Any more questions – get in touch! We love hearing from fans. So –follow, fan and favorite us. More posts to come soon :D


Handmade Chubby Charmander plush: I made a vid so you can see how his little arms move! He’s new to my etsy shop, Plushimi :D Charmander has hand-embroidered features, including his little mouth and nose. He is styled to character. His fireball tail is bright and luminescent – but his little smile shows his true nature! 

I’m going to be adding a couple more Pokemon plushes, and sketching on others, so if you have any suggestions let me know! 

New to Plushimi, it’s a miniature Ice King plush! He is 100% handmade, with hand-embroidered accents and a stiff felt crown that detaches. He even has little wizard feet! You can almost tell he’s hatching some scheme to foil Finn and Jake’s day. Check out more photos of him here, and be sure to follow me as I’ll be adding more characters this week! Thanks for the view c: