plushies i made

Plushie Evolution 😊💖
2013 One of the very first plushies I ever made. (left) and 2017 Mega Fleece Samus (right).

Fleece Samus was the first plushie I ever got the idea to turn into an amiibo. I really want to do it again. I’m trying to perfect my pattern of a Varia suit Samus plushie. (Which will totally be the next doll I amiibo-ize lol) It’s good, but not quite there/accurate yet. Turns out converting metal armor to plush fabric is not an easy task.😅 but I’ll figure it out eventually lol. (no, they are not for sale)

Savani is done! Actually have been for a couple of months, but because she was at our school’s art gallery (she was school project) I couldn’t take pictures earlier. She is chubby little almost-lifesized velociraptor. Because she is my first plushie which patterns I have made all by myself, there is lots of things to fix for the next one!

some good morning Yugi sketch or whatever

So this is a video taken by @rieriebee of me gifting the plushies I made for Mashima. I mentioned to my friends over a year ago that if Mashima ever came to NYC, and I could get a chance to meet him, I would definitely make him an Ichiya plushie. :) 

 So, when I found out he was coming to comic con, I did just that in August, and I also, and of course, made him Avatar Gray and Timeskip Juvia. ^_~ As far as Ichiya goes, he’s mentioned in his panel/events so far that he really likes, and thinks he looks like Ichiya haha. That’s why I’m very happy in my choice of characters to give to him. And his reactions meant everything to me! He seemed so happy and amused!

As you can see in the video he also liked that Gruvia were “connected” (their hands are magnetized, so they can hold hands ^-^) lol! And when I mentioned he had retweeted my plushies and the Gruvia Christmas sweater, he remembered!! 

Anyway, this has been such a magical day in so many ways. I’m so happy that I finally got to meet Mashima (who was so kind and patient and lovely to everyone!), and that it all happened together with such dear friends. 😭❤️😭❤️ And I got a personalized sketch of Juvia!! I will treasure it always!! Amazingly fantastic happiness. That’s what I feel. Thanks to everyone (especially @dooshiedoosh ) who made this day possible. As I said in my other post. BEST DAY EVER.


My favorite pictures I took of my Final Pam cosplay at Anime Expo this year. I had a lot of fun and was glad to meet so many other people who love Monster Factory. I was getting stopped every 5-15 minutes for pictures. I’m still super proud of my Roachie plushie I made considering it was the first time I’d ever made a plushie before and I had to come up with the pattern all on my own.

I’m still on the hunt for pictures people took of me, so I’ll be reblogging any I see and tagging them with “Plushie’s Final Pam AX Adventures”


Sugar clouds and and octopus that spins you around.

I went to the fair with a bunch of friends today! It was a lot of fun but my head feels super weird. Oh, since I don’t have a digital drawing here are a few pictures of my plushies. 

This bb came in the mail today!! I love her to bits!

The other two came in the mail a week before the vulpix because they didn’t come from Japan ^^; (My alolan children, I’m in love ;v;)

And these are the pokes right now, a leafeon cushion is on its way though!!!