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I attempted to take Scizors photos outside, but I didn’t like how any of them turned out aside from the one where he’s being held for size reference. But, I’ll definitely try again when the weather permits.

I did get all of his indoor photos taken, showing all of his details, size and the different ways he can be posed with his arms 😄 He is 11in tall from bottom to his head, 14in including his head spikes.

I don’t think I missed a single detail of this Pokemon, and I’m very, very happy with how he’s turned out! I can only imagine how cool he’ll look next to Scyther once he arrives to his owner 💕

You can find more of my work and commission your own at!


This has been in the works for a long long time, and I am so excited to release them. Firstly, thank you so much @sul–sul for the original suggestion and for testing them out and building the hype :p

Option 1: Deco only: All 20 meshes appear under one thumbnail, $30 each under sculptures or simply search “Tsum”. Each mesh appears as a different swatch, to save cluttering the catalog. You are welcome. Each one has 2 slots to allow for stacking, start at the bottom left corner. It is easiest to stack them on the ground first and then move the first one to lift the whole stack. They do not have a footprint so that they can be placed easier. Of course you don’t need to stack them, and your sims can still play with them.

Option 2: Mysims Trophy Overrides: All the same meshes as above, you can find them by digging up time capsules and you complete the collection as normal. All the original prices as their overrided originals, and each character has a little description. The box itself even has a new mesh to look like the premium box from the game c: Again, stackable, but your sims cannot play with them. Oh and they have the emotional aura still.

Important info
- Yes, you can have both files in your game. No, buying the deco version does not complete the collection.
- No, they are not recolourable. Well I mean you can try but the way it’s set up so all meshes parent one single mesh… it’s tricky and I can’t help you out with that, sorry.
- Don’t edit the meshes, but I will take suggestions as I am in the process of making a second set!
- Don’t claim as your own or re-upload. Give credit where credit is due.
- Please enjoy and let me know if there are problems <3

Update post here

OK, I might have gone a little bit overboard on this next villager, but I really wanted to try making a true patchwork villager and I had to pull out all the stops. I did create an elephant named Patch a while back who hinted at the style that I was going for but I thought that I could kick it up a notch. And so it was that Scraps the stitched-together pastiche of a puppy was created! 

This guy is the end result of the work of several days (I can’t even begin to estimate how much time he took to complete in total). I used an assortment of different fabric patterns to create him, many of which were actual in-game clothing textures which was quite a challenge in and of itself. At first he was only going to be one solid color with a few sewn-on patches here and there but it didn’t quite fulfill the vision that I had for this character. It’s really hard to capture all the details in screenshots, but here a few additional shots of his model to give you a better look at him from different angles:

Sorry for the picture-heavy post! I just wanted to make sure that the little intricacies weren’t lost, especially since so much work went into him. I hope that you guys dig him as much as I do.


Great Sabrecat plush from Dragon Quest 8

This big guy is about 2 foot long NOT including the tail! Made of fleece, felt and fiberfill with hand-painted spots and tail stripes.

I really enjoy making characters from old games and shows that never got merchandise made of them. It feels like you are breathing life back into a forgotten design and its even better when you know it will be a special gift for someone’s loved one <3


The Stitches kitty has come to life! (But I used a new color palette, gave his eyes a more button-y look and named him Motley.) Sure, it’s not the most original of my creations, and he might not make quite the same impact as my patchwork puppy Scraps, but he’s a little cutie all the same. I’ve actually been having a lot of fun recoloring this model and playing with different fabric patterns using this design as a base, so I’m sure I’ll be posting some new variations on this cat plush very soon.


In need of help!

I always hate to ask others for money, but at least this time I can give back in return by making adorable plushies. My husband and I are getting behind on our bills and also are not able to really afford food, due to him being in a car accident back in August and other issues that keep piling up. To get back on track we need to get $500 or more to help pay our current bills.

So I am having a 20% off sale in my shop until December 10th. If you spend $30 or more you can get 20% off. Also if you spend $45 or more you will get a free Moosh Shape fidget in colors of your choosing.

Use the code “THANKYOU2016” to get 20% of of purchases $30 or more until December 10th.

Anything will help us and I will be very grateful. We have in stock items ranging in price from $2 to $45. We also have a wide range of custom made plush as well to choose from. 

Again thank you to any of you that are able to help us out!

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