Dismembering Limbs Plush Zombie

Sharpen your survival skills for the apocalypse by practicing your moves on the dismembering limbs plush zombie. This quirky zombie can’t seem to catch a break – apart from being infected, he also has to deal with having his Velcro limbs constantly torn off.


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Alpacasso Sales Post

White Kindergarten Kid - $23
Pink Girly Kid - $25
Blue Girly Kid - $30
Pink Girly Adult - $22

The grey is not for sale!

All prices are in USD and I’m in Canada so shipping to the US and within Canada should be around $8-12 (need to weigh them at the post office to get a definite price). All alpacas are authentic and originally from TOM. The kids have tags but they’re cut off and the adult has her tags still attached.

Please contact me on tumblr or email at zerelin@gmail.com. Signal boosts are appreciated!


Galaxy Betta Fish available now!

Two of these are minky with normal top sewn fin details, but the middle one is cotton sateen with swirls and stars sewn into it with metallic thread. All of the fabric is custom printed from Spoonflower. I love how these turned out and I loved working on them. Since I cut them without really looking, the patterns made such a wonderful surprise.