I am finished with convention prep, and the convention went really well, I had an amazing time at Otakon! I sold a lot of what I made and there were so many sweet people there too!

But now that I am done I am now opening my Etsy  Shop

I have many things up on my Etsy, Please go check it out my Shop Home I have a few Pokemon plushies up there and I have some of my original art up there as well. Like me sea Pancakes and Waffle sharks! 

I plan to be releasing another sea breakfast food soon! so be on the look out ^w^


Just realized I never posted these pics in the wake of TF Con! First up, I finally have a complete DJD set, including Nickel (who is proportionately tiny XD) Thanks to princessscourge for Helex 💛💙 Helex is an amazing plush, he has a set of smaller arms and very cute ear nubbins. Vos made by sowiddlefur; all other DJD made by sour-goji.

OH?? And who ELSE decided to make an appearance? A certain mad doctor!! All four Tarnlets were perhaps a little too eager to make his acquaintance. After a shaky introduction the Tarnlets immediately began vying for his attention and t-cog supply. Pharma doesn’t seem too perturbed… hmmmm…

Pharma made by sowiddlefur, all Tarnlets made by sour-goji, and thanks again to princessscourge for surprising me (and the Tarnlets!) with this crazy little medic 💕


Galaxy Betta Fish available now!

Two of these are minky with normal top sewn fin details, but the middle one is cotton sateen with swirls and stars sewn into it with metallic thread. All of the fabric is custom printed from Spoonflower. I love how these turned out and I loved working on them. Since I cut them without really looking, the patterns made such a wonderful surprise.