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A/N: I generally keep my fics gender neutral so this assumes that you guys are adopting. But I did think Tyler having a baby girl would be really really cute so that’s my own personal bias.
Word Count: 500
Title: Bundle of Joy

You’d never felt so nervous in your whole life, and you weren’t even the one giving birth. You and Tyler bounced around the waiting room, glancing every few seconds to the doorway, to the nurses station and to your phones. Tyler paced back and forth as you sat in the chair, tapping your foot. Any moment now.

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💕Zoo dates with Haechannie

For Anouk, my fav ❤
❤Hyuck probably planned this for like 2 months
❤Mainly bcz he’s a dork
❤But its all really sunny and bright
❤He starts complaining halfway through about how hot it is
❤And ur just like, Hyuck stfu I’m looking at cute animals
//but no animal is as cute as him :)//
❤So guess what loser ran out of money halfway through?
❤Hyuck spent all his money on animal plushies for you–
❤You end up wasting your money to buy him ice cream
❤But he literally looks like a super happy four year old when he eats it who would turn that down??
❤"Ik that bunny is cute and all but have you seen me??“
//“Don’t you mean have you seen Doyoung”//
❤Hyuck probably ends up annoying some animals
❤He’ll most likely have screamed something at them
❤"I’LL KILL YOU IF YOU STEAL MY GIRLFRIEND!! oh wait you’re too cute to kill~~“
❤Wants to act tough, but is probably scared out of his mind
❤"Hyuck I want to feed the seals”
❤"No, stop. What if they eat you?!“
❤Probably ends up getting kicked out of the zoo for screaming like a little girl when you try to feed them
❤"Hyuck we didn’t even get to see the penguins because of you!!“
❤"I got plushies of a penguin.. That works right??”

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Only You

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Pastel pink and shimmery gold garland covered nearly every surface of your apartment as you rushed around the small space to finish decorating. The cake had been bought and placed in the fridge to be cut after presents, food and drinks covered the kitchen counter and your small dining table, and the presents you and Hana had gotten for Dylan sat in the corner you’d designated for gifts. You’d taken precautionary pain medication (an apartment full of screaming five year olds? You’d need it eventually) and had thrown on something that you didn’t mind getting dirty but still made it look like you were trying.

Now all you needed was to finish getting Dylan ready and the entertaining could begin.

If you were being honest with yourself, you hated hosting birthday parties. The only reason you’d obliged to hosting a party was because your daughter had finally made friends and had begged you to let her invite them over for her birthday. And anything your daughter asked for (within reason), you made sure to try your hardest to give it to her.

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5SOS’ Little Sister || Ashton Irwin

not really a dating one of the boys, but rather a cute and fluffy brotherly love from these 4 dorks xx

I M A G I N E 

“Fuck!” You exclaim quietly to yourself as a jolt of pain practically punched your lower stomach. Grabbing your phone, you text your older brother, Ashton, in hopes that he can help you get a few things to put your pain at ease. “Please respond quickly, Ash…” you mumble as you stare at the bright screen. 

You were suffering that time of the month again, too awful to even call it by its true name. The boys constantly joked around and called it “Time Who Can’t Be Said.” But they knew the awful pains you suffered and sympathized with you. Usually, they were always reachable but today they were out at a show in the hometown. 

Your phone suddenly rings and vibrates, having you weakly pick it up to see who texted. 

OlderBrubber: shit, it’s that time? 

OlderBrubber: we’ll be right there, just give us a sec xx

You sighed in little relief as you put down the phone and sprawled onto the floor. The pain seemed unbearable, as it was constantly giving you random spurts of awful pain. You wailed, knowing that as loud as you could be, nobody was going to hear. You were home alone, praying so badly to have someone to care for you, just for a few hours. 

Half an hour later, your phone was playing your ringtone, apparently receiving a call. You struggled to reach your phone from the floor, grabbing it and picking up. 

“Hello?” You croaked, having your other hand wrap around you stomach. 

“Open the door, baby sister,” Ashton said sweetly. Standing up, you trot out of your room and go to the front door. Slightly bent with bad posture, you open the door to see your four favorite lanky boys stood at the doorway. 

“Bless your souls,” you say quietly as you wrap your stomach tighter from the sudden pain that came. Ashton frowned at you as you grimace in pain. He quickly scooped you into his arms as he began to take you to your room. 

“C’mon lads, let’s take care of Y/N,” Ashton starts as they boys follow with bags in their hands. You smile weakly at the boys, who seem to be glowing happily at you. They were shiny with sweat, meaning they were still hype from the show. Making it to your room, Ashton gently placed you on your king-sized bed as you sighed. 

“I got us like, pints of ice cream and cookies,” Michael begins, raising one of the bags in the air. “The other has brownies and hair dye.” 

“Why the heck would I need hair dye?” You asked, giggling through your pain. 

“In case you wanna dye your mood on your hair,” Michael said simply, making you disgusted as the boys chuckle. 

“My gosh, Michael, gross!” You say as you swat Michael away. He laughs as he places the bags at the feet of your bed. 

“I mean, unless you want to use your bl–” Michael starts but you immediately interrupt him. 

“No!” You scold him, continuously causing him to laugh as he began to take out the ice cream. “What’d you boys bring?” 

“Well, while the boys went into the store to buy their stuff,” Luke started, stepping closer to you. “There was this like, machine with super cute and small penguin plushies. It was like, 50 cents a go so I played and got about 20 of these little fellas.” With that, Luke pours out 20 small penguins on your body, making you giggle. 

“Dude, you did not spent like, 10 bucks on this,” you laugh in disbelief. Luke flushed, making you laugh even harder. That little penguin boy was crazy, but you loved his consideration and adorable obsession with penguins. “Thanks, Lukey, this means a lot to me.” You say with a smile as you pick up the one with a guitar. 

“Oh, I claim that one,” Luke says before taking the plushie away from you shyly. You giggle and shake your head as he stuffs it away in his back pocket. 

“Hey Luke, maybe we can dye all these penguins instead,” Michael comments as Ashton leaves the room for a moment. Luke shoved his shoulder, shaking his head seriously. Penguins were no joke with this boy. 

“Guess it’s CalPals time to shine,” Calum said as he brought up his two bags on the bed. “I got you things you could actually use, such as Midol, water, lotion, some soothing candles, toaster stroodles, tea–”

“Calum, did you just say toaster stroodles?” You interrupt, giggling at what the Australian bought. 

“Oh, yeah,” Calum said simply. “Why?” You giggled at him for a moment, shrugging it off. 

“Nothing, really,” you say, watching as he gives you a cheeky smile. Calum sure was cute, especially when he felt as though he got you the most useful things for you. But all these boys got you things you needed/desired, making you feel loved. “Thanks you guys, these means the world to me.”

“No problem, Y/N,” Luke says as he takes his pint of ice cream and yours. He hands you yours while asking Michael to get spoons from the kitchen. As Michael left, Luke sat next to you on your right, taking off his shoes to rest his legs on the bed as well. “You’re like our little sister, too, you know. We love you, Y/N, and care about you just as much as Ashton.” 

“Yeah, ya dork,” Calum said as he ruffled your hair a bit. He grabs his pint, the cramp pills, and a bottle of water from the bag. He takes out a few pills and opens the water for you. “Drink these– the woman at the pharmacy said you’d feel better.” 

“These are the expensive kind,” you say with a bit of awe. “How’d you get them so easily? They’re usually out of stock.” You pop the pills in your mouth and down it with water.

“Let’s just say the pharmacist is a hug fan of bassists,” Calum says cockily, having you and Luke join him in laughter. Calum does the same as Luke but decides to cuddle you from your left. Michael comes back and notices all three of you on the bed. He sighs angrily before passing the spoons around. 

“Man, fuck you guys!” Michael says with a fake pout. “Already took the good seats!” Michael sasses as he takes his pint and finds himself next to Luke (A/N: I’m telling you, I’m Muke af you guys). Michael pops open his pints and begins to eat, having Luke start to steal from him. “Mine!” Michael exclaims as he moves his ice cream away. 

“Greedy!” Luke says as he sticks his tongue out at him. You still felt the pains but with these boys around, you couldn’t help but laugh and smile and have a good time. They always brought life wherever they want, completely oblivious to their lovely, uncanny ability to do so. 

Suddenly, your older brother came back, having himself freeze at your doorway. Ashton frowns angrily at the doorway, staring at you and the boys already comfortable and settles in their spots. Ashton held a series of movies and a large quilt.

“Are you guys serious?” Ashton says in fake anger. “I leave and come back to you guys already eating your ice cream while cuddling with my sister in the large bed. Shoes off and everything!” Ashton grumbles as he places Finding Nemo in the DVD player and turning on the TV. He takes off his shoes before joining you guys on the bed, going next to Calum (A/N: Also Cashton af). “In my house, too!” Ashton exclaims quietly as Michael passes him a spoon and his pint of ice cream. 

“Who’s got the remote?” You asked softly, having Luke sit up to uncover the remote.

“I was sat on it,” Luke says shyly, blushing a bit before offering it to you. You rolled your eyes and took it, playing the movie as you guys all snuggled up close. Ashton pulls on the quilt on everyone as you all ate your ice cream and mumbled jokes during the movie. 

“Thanks you guys,” you whisper, leaning your head on Luke’s shoulder, then Calum’s. “You guys are the best brothers a girl can have. Blood or not.” The boys say ‘aw’ in sync before squeezing you in their pushy embrace. 

found that motivation to write again, heeeeeey xx