My 2017 Plush Kickstarter for Creepy Kawaii is now LIVE! You can check it out and read all the fun stories at . Cerin’s plush goal is $7,500 to fully fund the project, and Vincent the Skeleton unlocks at $10,000! I also have two more plush I hope to put into production (Yurei-Neko and Cerin’s Pouncing Post), but I can’t do with alone. To anyone reading this I hope you will consider backing my plush campaign, shares/reblogs are also appreciated! Thank you SO SO SO MUCH! <3

*deep breath* Ok… Let’s do this.


This is art, right? Sure I posted him on my main blog but, like, I needed to post SOMETHIN on here. U know, keep this blog alive n all that.

So he’s around 5'11-6ft tall, has a wire armature and a really crude … whatever the thing that has the strings is called I don’t remember orz. I’ll eventually have more wire coming from his arms and legs to make them a bit more poseable but for now he just kinda hangs around…menacingly.

I’d consider him an improvement over my first puppet (this new one actually has hands this time!) and I’m real proud of him. Can’t wait to pose him in a bunch of silly ways and use him to scare people ٩( ᐛ )و


Trico Plush!!

I’ve only been able to watch play-throughs The Last Guardian, but I love it so much, so of course my first project of the new year was to design and sew the adorable Trico.

He is made with my original sewing pattern, out of quality faux fur, minky and wool felt fabrics. I hand dyed some of the fabrics to get the right shade and the eye markings are dyed as well. My Trico is about the size of a house cat and filled with soft polyfil stuffing to be squishy and hug-able. 

You can even order your own Trico plush at my Etsy Shop


This is what I’ve been working on the last few days - Bramble the reindeer calf! She measures about 20" long and has jointed limbs. She can’t stand, but her legs do move.

Based on one of my favorite creatures, caribou / reindeer. Bramble was one of the reindeer in the Jan Brett book The Wild Christmas Reindeer, which was very loved in my home growing up!

Bramble will be available to adopt in the shop tomorrow at 12 EST 🌲❄