Video Tutorial: How to Shave Fake Fur

         This is a video demonstrating some of my knowledge on the topic of shaving fake fur. This demonstration is the technique I use for shaving any kind of fake fur on any kind of fake fur-related project, such as a stuffed animal/plush (shown in this video) or a fursuit or costume mask. Many projects really need that final touch-up that shaving provides!


  • Shaver with Guards
  • Shaver oil
  • Small cleaning brush
  • Project to shave
  • Comb

Shaving makes a BIG difference if you are using a long-pile fake fur!
On this mask, just about everything on the face except the whites of the ears and the cheeks!


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I want all the bats ;o; Seriously, those pastels and albino, I’m dying of cuteness.

Also I need to make a 5x size jumbo batty :D

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Qin Xiong has a cold and Xuezhang (senior) just wants to take care of him. 

Characters from ‘Their Story’ by Tan Jiu