plush toy pattern


This is Pierre. While his job is to guard the nursery from things that go bump in the night, he’s quite a gifted storyteller. His voice is very very soft though, so you’ll have to listen carefully in the stillness of the night to hear his tales of adventure. 

Made with Heidi Bears Puff the Magic Stegosaurus Pattern. I used yarns that could pass for either DK or Worsted and an E/4, 3.5mm hook to make him giant, 32 inches from muzzle to tail tip. (this was actually an accident. I didn’t realize he would be THIS huge) Little Homie picked out the colours. I’m hoping the expecting couple will enjoy him~! 

Pattern layout.
Just in case you were wondering how many pieces my plushies have, it is this doubled (or x4 for things like arms and hands, cause they have a left & right). Not including hair, because that’s another mess all on its own. 😂
And my little monster refused to move, so I went around him. 😅

I don’t have the right fabric for Ray, so I think I’ll make someone else…🤔

My galaxy bat from @beezeeart‘s Kickstarter! I don’t know if pictures can really do justice to how adorable they are in person, but I absolutely adore mine (who still doesn’t have a name… I’m gonna think of a good one, though). It’s sitting on top of my monitor now, haha. The stickers, postcards, and buttons are super cute, too!

If you haven’t seen BeeZeeArt’s other super cute and hand-made plush (including other galaxy animals if that’s your bag), you should! They’re all great.