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May take me a bit to get this posted…I will try to have it done this evening.
Want to try to get the Sims 2 version of it done and post them at the same time (we will see)

My day has gotten away from me. I need to feed kiddo’s lunch, give them baths and do some house cleaning (Boo…chores) BUT…I will get this out ASAP! ♥ 


Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep set
(Top to bottom: Ventus, Vanitas, Aqua, Terra)

FINALLY FINISSSHHHEEDDD. This has been my pet project for a while now and aaahhh I’m really happy with how they turned out! Ven was by far the hardest (WHY SO MANY LAYERS, NOMURA) but he ended up my favorite of the group for that reason. <3

I’m taking orders for these guys as of now! They’re $60 each and made from yarn, thread, and felt, stuffed with polyfill, and featuring hand-painted eyes. Send me an ask if interested! I still have a few commission slots open for the holidays. :)

times square 時代廣場 + sasa shopping haul 🍫💄

Love Interview // Cillian & Andromeda

Though she had been at the Selwyn home more times than she could count since she was a child, no visit left her wrecked with more anxiety than this current one. Seated on a plush armchair, Andromeda set ramrod straight, forcing her hands to remain still atop her tea pink robes. 

She wasn’t here to visit her best friend Camilla, no she was here for a marriage interview with her 21 years old brother, Cillian.

What should I say?” Andromeda thought frantically to herself, while on the outside she maintained perfect composure. “Hey Cillian, no hard feelings, but I’ve been secretly dating a Muggle-born for a year now and I think I love him.”

She had to do this, she was born to do this, to carry on the most noble and most ancient Black blood. She had been taught this since she was a toddler, that the superior blood that filled her veins was a birthright, and she must preserve its purity.

Taking a deep breath, Andromeda willed herself to stay calm as she stared into the fireplace. Cillian was a decent enough fellow, at least it wasn’t someone like Dolohov or Muliciber. So what if they got married? That wouldn’t be the end of the world, would it?

Scrunching her eyes closed tightly to banish the sudden tears that sprang up, Andromeda knew she was lying to herself.

She was too cowardly to acknowledge it, but deep down Andromeda knew without doubt, any future that did not involve Teddy would be a desolate one.

omg im laughing at my own headcanons: 

akashi trying to make it up to mayuzumi before he graduates finally so he schedules lunches on the roof only it’s basically his servants bringing expensive food like caviar and lobster and salmon BUT IN BENTO BOXES and they set up plush blankets and pillows and there is nice, calming vivaldi from the speakers and Mayuzumi is like I’M NOT HUNGRY ANYMORE cue AKASHI BEING LIKE D: IS IT THE LOBSTER? YOU DON’T LIKE THE LOBSTER? OK ._. 


Akashi setting up book club for mayuzumi’s light novels so mayuzumi can have BUDDIES to talk about his waifus and shit and it’s embarrasing BECAUSE AKASHI IS THE CLUB PRESIDENT AND HE FORCES THE REST OF THE TEAM TO READ THEM 

Just Akashi failing at human interaction because he wants to be THE PERFECT KOUHAI FOR HIS MAYUZUMI-SAN