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Oh my Gosh!

I just look so pretty in these! Thank you so much @one-violet-rose for making me look so fluffy and cute. Your work is astonishing!

((OOC: Now, I’ve been wanting to get a Movie Slate plushie from my good friend Violet for the longest, and the end result is just amazing. I mean, look at her! That’s Movie Slate with her celluloid hair, and her happy demeanor, and just…It’s her! It’s her right there! Absolutely love this, thank you so much Vi, you’re the best!))


Mudkips are back in stock! And you know what that means… Mudkip gift set! This set includes a large Mudkip loaf, a waterproof sticker, and a button. It’s a little less than the other sets due to not having a matching enamel pin. I have 6 of these sets that will make it out in time for Christmas. Also! I should be getting a mix-and-match gift set up hopefully tomorrow for those who would like to mix it up a bit!

Here’s Mudkip!

⇁ as the cauldron bubbles (m)

witch!au + aphrodisiac (m) 

pairing⇁Namjoon x Reader

genre⇁smut, fluff? || witch!au, enemies to lovers

warnings⇁ dubious consent at the end? bc potion, sexy times in a classroom, cumplay, dirty talk ^^

word count⇁10.1k

what makes for a potent potion?
step one. in one room, gather two people who seemingly dislike each other 
step two. stir in a pinch of snark and four ladles of sexual tension
step three. wait until everything simmers to a boil

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May take me a bit to get this posted…I will try to have it done this evening.
Want to try to get the Sims 2 version of it done and post them at the same time (we will see)

My day has gotten away from me. I need to feed kiddo’s lunch, give them baths and do some house cleaning (Boo…chores) BUT…I will get this out ASAP! ♥ 


got some fun neat stuff in the mail today!

above is a 2007 poncho plush from around the time wild world came out, and the bottom one is a copper plush from 2001, when the gamecube version was released. im thinking about possibly reselling the poncho one, but he’s one of my original GC town villagers, so I’m a little attached


Pairing: Theo x Reader (thx for requesting love)

Warnings: angst, moderate language aka swearing, self deprecating thoughts, the reader being practically naked, lots of kissing and a steamy makeout (veering towards smut)

Summary: Y/N is having some self image issues and starts picking out her flaws. Thankfully her boyfriend, Theo, shows her how wrong she is, proving to her that she’s everything and more than perfect in his eyes and every ‘imperfection’ she speaks of is just another thing that made him fall in love with her.

Word Count: 1.1k

A/N: Friendly reminder that you’re beautiful. You hear me? You’re so damn gorgeous, you fucking go girl (or guy)! For every second you’re worried about how you look, I’m thinking about how amazing you look with that hairstyle or those cute shoes. You slay! Okay? You’re not allowed to fight me on this, because in my eyes you’re perfect. For every flaw you pick out, there are people in your life that could pick out 10 characteristics they love about you. Darling it’s all about perspective :)))) and from my angle you’re looking hot goddamn!!!



I sigh, my palms laying against the tile to hold me up steadily as hot water rushes down my back. I roll back my shoulders, trying to force the tension in my body away.

I push one last hand through my hair, turning the metal knob to stop the stream of water and pushing back the curtain.

I step out of the shower, reaching out to the nearby hanger and grabbing the plush robe and set of underwear. I wrap myself in the soft fabric and pull on the panties and bra. I gather my hair to one side, wringing out the excess water, then grabbing the towel on the other hanger to dry my hair as much as possible.

I hang the wet towel back up and tug open the wooden door, leaving the bathroom to walk the short distance to my bedroom, hoping to snuggle into my covers for a cozy night in.

I’m about to plop into bed and turn on some Netflix when I turn a bit, catching sight of myself in the full length mirror. My expression falls, seeing my worn-out features and disheveled hair.

I step closer, examining my face and every imperfection; the way my nose is slightly crooked, my lips are too thin, and how my eyebrows are uneven.

I shrug the robe off my shoulders, critiquing my figure as well. How could someone as hot as Theo be with someone as ugly as me? My breasts were way too small and so was my ass. The stretch marks and veins that normally didn’t bother me, were sticking out like a sore thumb against my pale, lifeless skin.

I bend over, the rolls of my stomach becoming prominent. I grab at the fat between my thumb and forefinger, groaning at the extra weight. I wish I looked like one of those skinny girls in the magazines, but no, I had to be given a terrible metabolism.

I spin on my heel, looking at how repulsive I was from new angles. Small tears start to trickle down my cheek on their own accord.

I hear the front door of the house unlock, footsteps sounding up the stairs quickly and before I know it, Theo’s at the doorframe, shock displayed across his face.

My eyes widen in surprise as well, looking down at my almost naked body. “I guess this is the first of many times I come over without invitation,” he says, a smirk taking over his previously shocked expression.

He starts to saunter over to me, but stops short, a frown filling his pink lips. I realize why, brushing away any leftover tears and avoiding his eyes by looking down at my feet.

Theo raises his hands, cupping my cheeks and guiding my eyes to look into his own, ignoring my obvious hesitation.

“Y/N, what’s going on?” He gently asks, his dark brows pulled together in concern.

My tongue skims over my lip, before I bite on it. Weighing if I should spill the truth or not.

“Babe, don’t even think about lying. Remember, I can hear your heartbeat.” He basically reads my mind, stopping me from considering lying about what was bothering me.

“Why are you with me?” I query, genuine interest coming from my question.

“What?” Theo asks, incredulously. “You cannot be serious right now.”

“You’re way out of my league, Theo. You’re so hot and I’m just…” I motion back to the mirror. “How can you say you love someone as ugly as me,” I reiterate, but disbelief stays plastered across his face.

He rolls his eyes at my words, but I stand my ground, wanting to hear his answer. “Love, you can’t seriously be asking me this. You’re fucking perfect.” Theo’s fingers start roaming along my shoulders then my arms then on my waist.

“Y/N, I can’t believe you think you’re any less than perfect. Every single damn ounce of you is made of perfection.” He backs up towards my bed, pulling me with him, but once we reach the edge of the bed frame he picks me up bridal-style and lays me down carefully on top of the covers.

“Theo, but I’m fat and look at my gross stretch marks,” I mutter, a grimace on my face.

“Baby, you’re not fat, whatsoever. You’re body is so beautiful. Whatever size you are, is the size for me.” Theo starts kissing the expanse of my stomach, then to my upper thighs. “And these, baby, these stretch marks are sexy as hell. Each one is like a tiger stripe, marking your journey as a human being, and that thought, fuck. I just love you so much and seeing you hating yourself, makes me so angry, because all I see in you is how damn lucky I am to be able to witness a fucking glimpse of your beauty.”

“But, don’t you think I have so many flaws? Like my boobs are way too small and my hips stick out too mu-”

“Y/N, how many times do I have to say you’re perfect?” He laughs, his lips moving to kiss the laced fabric of my bra. “These aren’t too small and I’d hate to see them any other way if I’m being honest, because I’m so used to them.” He gives them a playful squeeze, causing a light chuckle on my half.

He peppers kisses along my hip bones too, a stifled moan coming from him. “And your hips, damn, they just, fuck, they’re one of my favorite parts of you.”

“Love, I’ll spend all night kissing every inch of you if that’s what it takes for you to believe that you’re perfect. I couldn’t care less about a number on a scale or the size of your bra. All I care about is your happiness and self love, because baby, I don’t see a reason why you shouldn’t love yourself.”

Theo looks up at me with those hazel, but prominently blue eyes, his brown hair looking soft as ever. My hands delve into the strands, tugging them towards me playfully. He smirks at me, crawling up the bed until he hovers over me, my lips planting on his as my fingers tug and pull in his hair.

His hands clasp onto my waist, massaging the tender flesh, while deepening the kiss. Theo runs his tongue over my bottom lip in askance and I oblige, our tongues dancing together beautifully, fueling the kiss with more passion and love than we’ve ever had.

Our noses bump into one another’s as he pulls back a millimeter, both of us trying to even out our breaths. “Youre perfect in my eyes, baby, and that’s all that matters,” he murmurs against my lips between deep breaths.

“Thank god I have you to remind me,” I whisper, so damn grateful to the universe for bringing us together, resting my forehead on his.

“Thank god I even have you,” he replies and I just respond by pecking him on the lips again, savoring the taste of his mouth on my own.

His lips start trailing down my neck, leaving hot, wet kisses down my skin, whispering “perfection” after every single one.

Are you kidding me. Are you hecking kidding me.


Why on earth would they only make ONE final starter??? And yet another Pichu?? I swear to Christ there better be another set with my baby and Meganium. Why do you hate me Pokemon Centre??