plush seats

fly by night

→ pairing: kim taehyung x main character
→ genre: goblin!au
→ count: 3,597
song inspired.

On the confidential ward the atmosphere was entirely distinctive. The breeze had a perfumed scent and the seats were plush. Every surface was dustless. The registered nurses were unhurried and they moved with a serene purposefulness from range to range on their rounds. There were vases of flowers and appealing framed pieces regarding art on the walls. In the corridor was a water dispenser and in most rooms could be heard the clamor of a television.

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Phantom of the Opera - Bruce Wayne x Reader

A/N: I didn’t do nearly as much with Two Face as I intended but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. 

Prompt: Hey! I’ve been waiting so long to request this. A phantom of the opera modern au with Bruce as Raoul, batmom as Christine, and two face as the phantom. Please and thank you. I really love your writing. ❤️

Despite being raised in a wealthy cultured household, he had never been all that fond of the opera. He just simply had other things on his mind. Tonight his mind was focused on the rumors that a ghost haunted this opera house. A murder had taken place and he was determined to get to the bottom of it. The police had written it off of a freak accident but Bruce suspected there was something sinister at play here.

He was escorted to his private box by a friendly, smiling usher. He sat down in one of the plush seats and waited for the show to start before he would slip out and begin his investigation while everyone was distracted. The curtains pulled away and that was Bruce’s cue to begin his work but before he could leave the box your beautiful familiar voice filled the theatre. He stopped in his spot turned to see that it was in fact you standing on the stage, the perfect picture of elegance.   

“Can it be?” He whispered to himself.  “Can it be [Y/N]?” You had been but a memory for him, all but forgotten in his past. You were his first friend, his first crush, his first girlfriend, his first everything. He smiled to himself thinking of the beautiful woman that you had grown into. Maybe once all this is over he could drop in backstage to say hello to an old friend.

Bruce forced himself to turn away from your enthralling performance and he traveled around the shadows performing his investigation. He found a few clues but little pointing to an actual culprit. He would need to come back when the theatre was empty to some of the areas that were just simply impossible to get to while a performance was going on.

Normally this would be the point where Bruce would go home and work on the case in the cave but he felt compelled to stay this time and listen to you sing. It had been so long since he heard your voice, he had forgotten how amazing you were. When the performance was done he snuck backstage and let himself into your dressing room.

“You were beautiful out there tonight.” He said. You back was turned to him. When you heard his voice you gasped and turned around in surprise.

“Bruce?” You asked, not quite sure if the handsome man in front of you was indeed your childhood friend.

“It’s been a while hasn’t it?” He asked with a laugh. You got up from your seat and rushed over to him to envelope him in a tight hug.

“I’ll say! Look at you! You got all handsome and dapper on me!” You said jokingly.

“Are you implying I wasn’t always handsome?” Bruce asked in mock offense.

“Well we were kids. I couldn’t always appreciate it then.” You rolled your eyes. “So what brings you here Bruce? You never really liked the opera when we were kids.”

“Tastes can change can’t they?” Bruce reasoned, avoiding giving you a real answer. He should have known you would see right through him. You were always uncannily perceptive, even as kids. “Fine. I heard rumor of a murderous phantom haunting this place and I was curious.” He answered a little more honestly when you gave him a look that said you didn’t believe him. Your face went pale at his second answer.

“The phantom?” You asked fearfully.

“Don’t tell me you believe in the Phantom of the Opera.” Bruce laughed. You were always so logical, he couldn’t believe that you so suddenly developed a belief in the paranormal.

“No of course not.” You whispered lifelessly, your gaze not meeting his. “Um, excuse me Bruce. I have to go check on something. It was great catching up with you, truly.” You said hurriedly. Before Bruce could protest you rushed out of the dressing room and ran down the hall. Sensing something was terribly wrong, Bruce ran after you calling after you.

“[Y/N]! Wait! Tell me what’s wrong. I can help, whatever it is.”

“The Phantom of the Opera is here inside my mind, Bruce.” You cried. Your eyes shone with tears which Bruce wiped from your cheeks.

“What do you mean, [Y/N]?” Bruce asked searching your eyes for the answers he was looking for. You wrenched your eyes shut and shook your head.

“He’s real Bruce. The Phantom’s real and he’s always here in my head, whispering to me.” You sobbed. Bruce wrapped his arms around you and brought you to his chest, gently rocking you back and forth.

“These voices-?” Bruce started to ask before your eyes shot open and you gave him a hard look.

“You think I’m crazy. I’m not crazy! I’ve seen him Bruce and I’ll never be able to forget that grotesque deformed face. He’s killed people Bruce. You need to leave. If he finds out that you’re here with me, he’ll -” You cried, panicking. Bruce cut you off with a firm kiss. Your lips moved desperately along with his. It had been so long since you broke up that you had both forgotten what this felt like. “He’ll kill you.” You murmured against Bruce’s lips when you separated briefly. Bruce only grunted in response before reconnecting you lips.

You’re mine. Your chains are still mine. I will get rid of this suitor and I’ll teach you once and for all who you belong to.’ The Phantom’s voice hissed in your ear. Your eyes shot open, wide eyed in fear. You pushed Bruce away and fell to the floor hugging your knees to your chest.

“What is it, [Y/N]? Please talk to me. I’m here, nothing can harm you.” Bruce encouraged, taking you hands in his.

“He’ll always be there singing songs in my head.” You whimpered.

“You said yourself he’s nothing but a man.” Bruce asked. You didn’t responded and just stared blankly in front of you. The Phantom’s voice filled your head and his threats chilled you to the core. Bruce didn’t know what he could do to help you. He didn’t even know if he could help you.

Bruce stared at you searched for some sort of answer when he noticed the earrings you were wearing. He remembered you always wore them when you were younger. They were one of the few items that belonged to your mother who died when you were just a young girl. You rarely ever took them off.

“Are those your mother’s earrings?” Bruce asked bringing his finger up to your ear to get a better look at the small pearls.

“Yes. You remembered.” You smiled softly.

“[Y/N] I need you to trust me. Take the earrings off.” Bruce said. You looked up at him with the utmost trust in your eyes. You reached up and took off the earrings, feeling naked when they were both out.

To your surprise, the voices in your head ceased when you removed the earrings. You let out a sob of relief and threw the earrings to the side. You closed the distance between you and Bruce and pulled him into a tight hug.

“Take me away from this nightmare, Bruce. All I want is freedom, a world with no more night.” You sobbed against his chest. He gently ran his fingers through your soft hair and pressed a kiss to the top of your head.

“You’re safe, he won’t find you ever again. Your fears are far behind you, [Y/N].” Bruce reassured you.

“Promise me.” You insisted.

“Anything.” Bruce responded immediately.

“Promise me you need me with you now and always. Promise you’ll stay beside me to hold me and hide me.” You continued. “That’s all I ask of you.”

“If you promise me something in return.” Bruce said gently intertwining his fingers with yours. “Say you’ll share with me one love, one lifetime. Let me lead you from your solitude. Say you need me with you, here beside you. Anywhere you go let me go too. [Y/N], that’s all I ask of you.” He said in return.

“Say you love me.” You prompted weakly, reaching your hand up to gently cradle his jaw. You wanted to hear the words that had been too long foreign to you.

“You know I do.” Bruce swore, leaning in and connecting your lips in a passionate kiss. No more wasted time, no more obstacles. You loved each other and you weren’t about to let each other go ever again.

“I’m sorry,” 
backing away
“It’s alright, i said some fucked up stuff too.”
“All true though.”
“But best left unsaid.”
Plush seats that feel heated againsts the wind outside,
all new and unfamiliar,
what happened to;
i don’t care for nice things”
and a six pack of IPA to share on the porch with my roommate.
Two or three shirts thrown in the back seat, and a pop of bright green lace. 
I spun back to conceal my glance,
I shouldn’t have seen that.
“I’m sorry, my jacket isn’t so clean.”
“It’s okay. You smell nice, like an old lady.”
“Great thanks, atleast tell me I smell like i never leave my house or something.”
“Well that too.”
reaching for the handle, 
“I’ve been trying to wear my seatbelt.”
“Not me.”
A shift in our positions, and a hug goodbye is limited by mobility.

My phone vibrates:
“I should be sorry.”

The door to the luxuriously appointed Nefarious Kitchen crashes open. Nefarious Asexual brushes her shaggy hair back from her cracked goggles. Her tattered, mud-soaked labcoat drags on the floor. She throws her duffel bag across the room, hooks a stool away from the minibar with her foot, then heaves her tiny, exhausted frame into the plush seat.


The Nefarious Henchgirlfriend glances up from her mixing bowl.

What’s the use of being a supervillain in a world full of petty, non-SCIENCE-riffic, rat-faced cheeto-dusted selfish mundane bigoted hideousness? How can my innate asexual evil possibly measure up in such a crowded field?  Will there even be a world for me to take over in a few months?

The Nefarious Henchgirlfriend turns on the mixer.


The Nefarious Henchgirlfriend switches off the mixer and begins spooning dough onto a baking pan.

 Thank you. And how can I provide you with the lifestyle you’re accustomed to without evil? All I have to recommend me to you is being a heartless inhuman criminal. It’s not like asexual people can be loved, after all–

–You know what, I AM a heartless inhuman criminal! I will always be a heartless inhuman criminal! I can’t turn my back on my true nature! I was given half an orientation for a reason! It’s my destiny to take over the world and crush it under my sensible heels! I am the maniac who emptied Fort Knox! I am the wielder of the world’s first Space Laser Girlfriend! I am the ultimate meme thief! I AM NEFARIOUS ASEXUAL!!

…..Holy shit, are those snickerdoodles?!

For You

Prof. Genji Shimada HW + Genji’s TA’s via @bridgit

The day was cold and long, the sun setting hours ago as time drifted off into the distance, lost in this place as they were surrounded by the warmth of a fire, the dark oak of floors, tables, and chairs, and the addicting aroma of coffee wafting around them, dancing through the air and tickling their noses as they swayed to the music of a gentle piano, a classic from distant times, her favorite piece and one he learned to love–one of the many he had learned to love since she walked into his life. It was her favorite place in all of Gibraltar, off to the ends of the city where homes and apartments waited, a small place that knew everyone who walked through their doors, them included. She felt at peace in this small room, in this familiar place as he watched her settle into the plush of the seat, pulling out her laptop and the stacks of papers that waited in his bag, taking a deep breath to let go of the stresses of the day, the bullshit that came with life as she closed her eyes and he fell in love with her all over again. Genji watched as he ordered an Americano, her favorite cup with a pump of vanilla and a sprinkle of sugar, the perfect drink to pick her back up and prepare her for the long night of papers and grading that they were soon to face.

He wasn’t fond of nights like these; never was, never will. He didn’t enjoy spending countless hours staring at the same stacks of papers, hand cramping after marking up a particularly bad exam, the irritation slowly setting in as some student decided to be funny and coy, humor he would otherwise enjoy if he hadn’t been sitting there for 5 hours in counting. Many times, many countless time, he was tempted to draw a large zero on the exam, some so bad that he was starting to lose hope in that particular student altogether but that was wrong. That wasn’t him. Time and time again, the only thing he could do was put it down and take a step back, recollect himself before continuing with a more refreshed state of mind as he looked over the paper again. Nights like these felt endless and sometimes, they were. Sometimes he would spend multiple nights grading papers, sometimes even an entire day just to finish before rushing off to do other things but it was different now that she was there. Things were better now that she was there.

He set the cup before her as he took a seat on the other side of the small, circular table, a cup for himself with a much more tame and sweet taste. The place was quiet, as per usual and as he watched her on the other side, typing away as she looked over papers and reports, both for his class and for her own, he couldn’t help but wonder how he got so lucky to have such a diligent and patient T.A. by his side; what he could have possibly done in his life that brought her to him. He looked at her, remembering the stack of applicants to be his T.A., remembering how he struggled to pick the perfect one, the perfect person to stick by his side as his aide and his friend. He remembered and he laughed, thanking God that it was her who sat in front of him.

Meetings, deadlines, events and club things, she basically recited his schedule for the rest of the school year and an exasperated sigh slipped his lips. She was just like Hanzo in a way, always on top of everything, always having to make sure everything went as expected, planning every move, every word before the day even started and he laughed. He laughed and she stared at him odd, cocking a brow as a pout tugged at her lips. The slight frown pulled at his heart; she was too cute, too pure for him to withstand as he looked at her with that golden smile of his, warm and kind, radiating with innocence and compassion and her heart skipped a beat, cheeks flushed as the heat fogged her circular lenses. She hated how beautiful he was, how breathtaking his smile has always been.

“Don’t be mad,” He cooed in hushed whispers, leaning forward as his legs entwined with hers, his fingers grazed her own and he could feel her eyes soften before him. “I just thought it was funny how you and Hanzo nag me yet I always get mad at him and never at you.” The soft smile on her lips made his heart race, brimming with admiration and tenderness as he pulled her gentle fingers to the side of his face, cold from the chill just outside the window as he kept her close between the warmth of his skin. A kiss pressed against the palm of her hand. “I can never be mad at you.”

The sweet call of his name from her supple and tender lips had him swooning, melting before her gaze as he let her hand slip away from his grasp, pushing back the stray strands of green hair as her eyes kissed his once, twice, three more, something she was painfully restricted from doing in a handful of situations. In the time they had been together, the countless hours she had spent in his office and among her company, he couldn’t help but feel that this was right, that at this moment, nothing else could have possibly mattered. Her smile as her cheeks puffed just beneath her eyes, the way her eyes sparkled in the warm light, the beauty of her rich, sun kissed skin he was granted the miracle to press his fingers against–everything about her was like a dream, a wonderful and most breathtaking dream and he wished to never wake up.

Here, he whispered as he slowly pulled away from her grasp, getting up from his seat to walk to hers as he shrugged off his coat, heavy and big, slowly setting it on her shoulders and brushing her hair from underneath it because he knew she didn’t like when her hair pressed against her skin so closely; he knew that it would have bothered her to no end. His gentle grazes and warm hands were like home to her, leaning against his touch as he kneeled before her seat, looking up at her with praise and admiration as he tucked the last stray strand behind her ear.

“Won’t you get cold?” Her words crawled in the small space between them as she leaned closer to him, feeling the warmth of his body against her skin as his hand laid on her thigh, a reassuring squeeze as his thumb rubbed against her skin.

“I’ll be fine so long as you’re okay,” He whispered against her lips and he was tempted for a taste, a small press of his lips against her deep, blood red lips. He loved the stain that it would leave on his skin, the mark of their love as he sacrificed himself for her, laying himself down before her feet to show the world that it was her who had his heart, that it was her who brought light into his world. “I’ll try to go through the exams quickly so than I can get you home soon,” He opted to kiss her fingers instead. “I don’t want you sleeping so late anymore.”

Her laugh was like honey and if he could, he would listen to it forever. “Okay,” She giggled against his skin, butterfly kisses pressed against the corner of his lips, her fingers trailing along the flesh of his cheeks as she kissed the other side too. He wanted to stay like this forever, in her touch, spoiled by her kisses but papers needed to be graded and pulling away from her was always the hardest thing to do as she sat wrapped up in his coat, taking in the scent of his cologne as she cuddled against it. Damn did he wish that was him.

The hours melted away, their legs caught between one another, small glances and little notes shared between them as he grabbed her a cup of hot cocoa when her coffee was gone, went out and around the corner to grab her something to eat. He did this and that, insisting that she didn’t move a muscle, that she didn’t dare get close to the door. He made sure that she was wrapped up tight and warm in his coat and later, his scarf, always with a warm cup by her side. When the nearest table to the fireplace was vacant, he insisted that they moved there and if he could, he would have carried her there but she was adamant he didn’t. Of course she was red in the face when he offered and she didn’t hesitate to say no. He wanted to give her the world, give her everything he could have possibly given her, everything he could ever get his hands on. Despite the cold that frosted his cheeks, the pain that chilled his bones and made everything hurt, all it took was a light touch of her hand, a gentle embrace in her arms to melt away his aches, spilling along his limbs as she loved him in ways she would never confess.

The last of the exams were finally dawning, the day slowly coming to a close as she yawned and he smiled. Reaching over, he took her hand, pressing his lips against her knuckles. I’ll finish the rest of them so just relax, he whispered against her skin, bowing his head before her to finish the last of the grading. His eyes burned and his head hurt but looking at her tired form a stretch away brought new life back to his lungs, vigor into his bones, determination to finish so than he could treat her to a proper meal, a very late dinner before taking her home and kissing her goodnight. He wanted to scream and yell, get up and leave these papers for another time but he stopped at the sight of her and smiled. For her, it was all worth the struggle.

“Here you are,” An unfamiliar voice greeted, the two startled from their own little world to look up at the server who smiled at them. An odd stare was set in either of their eyes as she placed a plate with two slices of chocolate cake on their table. Neither of them had ordered that and before they could ask, she gave a curt nod before scuttling away. They looked at one another confused before leaning in to see the note that was written on the napkin tucked beneath the plate.

You two are one of the cutest couple I have ever seen in my entire life! The cake is on the house, enjoy and best wishes to you both!

Her cheeks flushed red and a laugh tickled his lips, glancing at her with a coy look in his eye and she was quick to frown, nudging at his face with a light touch of her hand.

“So we make a cute couple?” The playboy in him slowly making its way to the surface as he wore that shit eating grin of his, staring at her with that look in his eye, that look that promised he was up to no good and she knew that look–she knew what was going through his mind when he watched at her and she was sure it would make even Satan blush. She hurried to find something else to keep her attention, papers, exams, but he kept pulling her back, calling out her name in soft mewls, dripping from his tongue as he reached over to curl his fingers around her own and she did everything in her power to not combust at the spot.

“I’m eating your cake.” She announced before he could say another word, refusing to let him have the time of day to finish his thoughts as she snatched her hand away from his and grabbed the plate and fork. A look of shock and horror washed over his features. He loved chocolate cake.

It didn’t take him long to come running back with his tail between his legs, pouting for cake and promising to be good. Of course she couldn’t resist, giving in the moment he whined before grinning at him with that tantalizing smile of hers. Papers were lost in the last few hours of the night, grading the last thing on their mind as the two leaned close with cake in their hands, kissing the crumbs from his lips and brushing the frosting from her hair as hushed laughs and secret whispers were shared in the small space between them, disappearing into the night, locked away in their own secret world.

The Bucket List: Item 15

We’re back!

All was quiet, all was dark, all was calm. It reaches a certain point on a long haul flight where the flight attendants retreat to their quarters, the lights are turned out and the passengers are essentially told to go to sleep. The occasional screen on the back of a head rest will be lit with random episodes of popular tv sitcoms or recent blockbuster films, but their spectator will most likely be snoozing due to the lull of the plane’s engines.

One passenger was wired however. They’d gone big for their plans to get away from Seattle and now, four hours into the flight, the decision to go to the other side of the world seemed unnecessary. Owen was lying down in the cozy booth for two, their plush first-class seats leaning fully back. He was snuggled underneath the fleece blanket that had been provided, his face barely visible but so peaceful.

Amelia was upright, antsy, looking around for any sign of life. Silence. All was quiet, all was dark, all was calm.

She walked to the toilet with no intention of using it, needing the excitement of moving. Locking the door, she looked into the mirror, analysing every inch of her face. She thought she’d see what she’d look like with pigtails. Then if she suited the highest topknot possible. Then Princess Leia buns. She thought she saw a random eyebrow hair poking out and took a good ten minutes trying to pull it. She splashed water in her face. She drew patterns on the mirror with the water. She put the toilet seat down and attempted an awkward headstand.

After thirty minutes of similarly ridiculous activity, she was officially bored. She sighed and left the thrills of her own reflection to retreat to her seat. Upon getting back, she saw that her absence had woken Owen.

“Hey,” he sleepily mumbled.

“Hi,” she smiled, kneeling down on her seat and facing the wrong way- facing him.

“How long have you been gone?”

“Not long,” she shrugged.

“What were you doing?”

“Errrrr… nothing?” she said. He looked at her suspiciously and waited for a better answer. “Errrrr…”

“Are you the only one up?” he asked, amused but moving on.

“Yeah,” she sighed. “Well there’s you as well now.”

“Hmmmmmmm, I wonder what you and I could be doing…” He pushed the side button and moved his seat upright. “On a plane…” He leaned forward and waited for her to do the same. She did. “In the dark…” He kissed her lightly, pulling away to see her smile even wider than his. “With everyone else around us asleep…”

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Dammit, why do you have to be so cute and sexy? I just want to dress each other up and like play video games with you.

Well that crosses off a couple things from my “perfect date” head-fantasy.

-get all dang fem'ed up
-get wicked maximum danked up
-get gamage
-get (platonic) snuggles/intimacy

Preferably in a partially lit room with comfortable, plush seating available, with or without a blanket-tent, and for at least 6 hours of all of the above.

SGSW XII: The Doll

12th: Write a story about your character from the perspective of an object, thing, or animal.

The doll oftentimes sat alone in the glimmering room, basking in the sunlight that would spill through tall windows and land on soft sheets of the fluffed up bed. It sat, waiting for the doors that would open eventually and let in one of the various members of the household.

The servants sometimes would enter. Their plain outfits signature of the household staff, golden colors that seemed to make them a part of the home itself. They’d bring their dusters, running colored feathers along shelves and tables. Sometimes they’d move the doll, pulling it off of the wide sheets to instead rest on a plush seat nearby. Had the doll feelings, it would feel sour about being left in such a place.

Ah, but there were the loved times. The golden haired child who often times found her way into this glimmering room. Sometimes she would be smiling brightly, giggling and bouncing. She’d grab up the doll and hug it close, seeing the comfort hidden away in it’s stuffing. Sometimes she would come into the room crying. Her cries would be stifled into sniffles and she’d bury her warm, wet cheeks into the cloth of the tiny dress the doll wore.

Had the doll been capable of feelings, it surely would feel a variety of dislikes for this glimmering palace it sat in and a want to do something more for the small child that grew only so much in front of it. Had it the ability to speak, it would say so many of the words she would would speak only in little whispers to the doll. Perhaps the doll would have tried to comfort her as well, wrap it’s small sewed arms against the elf and do all it could.

Alas, it was just a doll, incapable of anything. No thoughts, no feelings… only to sit there and silently observe when those smiles would come back. Observe as they would shift to small hidden frowns and bloody lips that she tried to hide in the sleeves of her clothes.

Observe as eventually, that child no longer came back to the glimmering room.

Had the doll known of anything that happened… had the doll had feelings….

Yet it didn’t.

Eventually, the glimmering was replaced with a dark chest. A servant shifting its position to lay in darkness for an endless eternity. The only thing the doll would see would be the spiders that would crawl through once in awhile or the dust that slowly collected upon its surface.

The time would come, though, when eventually a servant’s hands again brought the doll out. Again, it was rested on the wide bed. The doll’s blue eyes stared out across the familiar room, once more waiting, staring at the fanciful doors in wait for whoever should come through the other side.

Just as always, that child came back. Her smile was bright, a bounce in her step. Her eyes were curious and wide, looking around as if lost in a dream, but eventually falling on the doll once more.

Had the doll any ability to feel, it would have felt the warmth of familiarity and love. The wait having been finished, even after whatever span of time had gone by. It instead sat there and listened as the child babbled to it, told her of adventures and times long past now. Told her of sentiments that the doll was incapable of returning, yet absorbed nonetheless.

Had the doll the ability…

Alas, it did not.

@thesunguardmg @sparklepriest @jessipalooza @stormandozone


     Fingers crawl across the shoulder, spreading with a deliberate tautness to galvanize concentration, borrowing it of him with calculated touch. He shifts to collect his lover, tugging against the fabric of the sleeve. An arm winds against him from behind, gathering him close as he descends with him into plush seating. A man by the books of festivities as these, Crane begins to kiss over the shoulder, lips passing across familiarized scent and he relishes in it, biting down gently. 

     Parted lips contour the skin and his searching mouth finds his neck, journeying lazily to the cheek. The tips of his fingers walk against him, bending over the chin to turn his head. He’ll kiss across fangs, the tears of flesh, and savor it.

Love you.

( @plsenzo )

at the sound of the front door opening, marleigh’s azure gaze flickers towards the door. from her position sprawled out on the plush window seat, her legs dangling out the open window with the rest of her body resting upside down on the pillows, enzo’s booted feet are the first thing sees. a wide smile stretches across her lips. “hey, you’re back.” she beams, lifting a hand to wave and nearly knocking over the baby monitor resting at her side.

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ugh i just want michaels head in lap so i can scratch his back and watch his face as he sleeps cause hes probs so cute shakdbsksdf

It’s like, after a long day of promo full of interviews and a three-hour long signing, Michael just kinda claims an entire row of seats for himself and you on the two-hour van ride back to the hotel (near the venue the boys would be playing at the next night) despite the others protests. However, with a huff and a determined middle finger shot towards the boys, Michael crawls into the seats next to you, your head leaning against your arm on the armrest by the window, and just plops himself down so that his head is resting in your lap. Only moving when you coax a pillow underneath his head so his head doesn’t bump around during the ride, Michael’s out like a light within in the first five minutes of the ride. As his breaths steady out and his body relaxes into the leather plush of the seats, you lightly sling your arm around his torso because yeah, okay, you didn’t really have anywhere else to put it, but you also knew within thirty seconds of it being there that Michael would wrap himself around it, using your arm to cuddle against. Little puffs of air from his mouth would leave a little trail of goosebumps on your arm but you wouldn’t really mind because your boyfriend was snuffling adorably into the pillow and his thumb was lightly tracing back and forth calmingly against your wrist. Lightly running your fingers through his hair, you slowly found yourself nodding off into a light sleep, waking only when the boys were carted off into the hotel and Ashton nudged you in the elevator as Michael heavily hung himself on you with a cheeky smile and a retort of, “Check your twitter when you get to your room.” Sleepily, you followed Ashton’s request as Michael curled around you in a spooning position once you made it to your shared room, already asleep again, and held back a squeal as you gazed at the picture the curly-haired boy had put up on twitter of you and your boyfriend; all cuddled up, sleeping on each other, with the caption “couldn’t resist taking a picture of these two sleepy heads”


Woc Series: What a Beautiful View

Hey guys!! This is a how you first meet imagine.  I might make a part 2 if you guys want it.  Like always, comment, ask questions, and give feedback.  But most of all, Enjoy Xoxo


You had never put much thought into how you would meet the love of your life.  You believed in fate—not heavily—but enough to trust that everything happened in due time and for a reason.  However, when you thought about the love of your life he seemed so far off and untouchable, almost like a reoccurring dream; although constant, very distant all the same.

You huffed out a breath, finding it odd that you were thinking of such a matter when what you were supposed to be doing was relaxing.

You took another dainty sip of you coffee, settling deeper into the plush seat that was situated in the back corner near a window that allowed for the early morning sun to shine in. You were in a quaint coffee parlor just off your campus’s grounds.  It was an early spring day, and most students were still sleeping in, but you had been up for quite some time, studying for a Psychology test that was just a mere two weeks away.  You had found yourself in your dorm stressing over one of Freud’s Theories, prompting you to take a much needed coffee break, and as you pushed back a couple of loose curls behind your ear, you found that this was exactly what you needed.

It was nearing nine, your coffee growing cold when you first saw the stranger who would later turn your world upside down, and much sooner than you thought.

He was walking past the window, his face partially eclipsed by the morning sun, but you could hear the smooth tone of his voice as he chattered away on his phone.  And that was how your relationship really started, with a slight glance on a particularly normal Saturday morning.

You didn’t put much thought to the stranger, even when he abruptly studied the parlor’s menu outside before opening the door, causing the bell to ring from above the old, wooden door and the inviting in the warm fresh air.

You watched him from the side of your eyes as he walked over to the register to order, and smiled lightly as he struck up a conversation with the barista, hearing her tinkling giggles punctuate the air every couple of seconds.  You raised a brow, but turned back to your phone which was in the loose grip of your free hand.

Being just off the grounds of the university, you normally didn’t see too many people of his complexion around the immediate area.  Being at an hbcu, you did have some nonblack students, but it was a bit of a rarity, and you wondered lightly if he was a student here.  There was something about his long hair, and tall body that seemed familiar.

Sending a quick good morning message to your dorm mate, you drank down the rest of your coffee, scrunching your nose as it slid coldly down your throat, before standing up with a quiet yawn, deciding that this relax session did you good.

You were on your way out of the door when the stranger turned around to you, probably surprised that he wasn’t alone in the parlor, as you were studying him quietly.  He seemed frozen as he looked at you, his eyes hidden behind a pair of sunglasses, but you felt your face warm with a blush, feeling his eyes on you.  It only happened for a split second, the barista calling out to him, his drink in her hand, and just like that he turned back around, accepting the warm beverage; the moment lost.

You took in a deep breath as you walked out the parlor, the soft breeze mussing your curls about your head. You squinted up at the sky, reveling in the warmth of the sun before setting out back to campus which was truthfully just a block away.

“Excuse me!”  A sudden deep voice broke you from your steps, and with a curious expression you turned around to find the stranger jogging lightly towards you, his sunglasses now pushed up into his brown hair that was cascading down just past his shoulders.

“Yes?”  You furrowed your brows as you patted your back pockets, wondering if you accidently left something in the coffee shop.

He slowed as he got closer to you and you smiled politely as he looked you in your eyes.  You felt a blush flowering across your face as you took in his jade gaze, modestly polite but still managing to look you over.

“I, um, hi.  I’m Harry,” he murmured to you, passing over his cup to his left hand before sticking out his now free hand towards you. You looked at his outstretched hand, tanned from the spring sun, for a beat before offering yours up to him.

“Y/N.”  He smiled at your name, causing two dimples to pop from his cheeks.  He was still holding your hand in his warm one, and you smiled lightly, biting your lip as you realized he continued to stare at you.

“Pleasure to meet you,” He cleared his throat as you nodded at him.  He gently released your hand from his own and your eyes dropped to his left hand that was currently holding his cup.  The cross tattooed at the juncture of his hand caught your eye, and as your eyes roved up his arm, you found them widening at the adornment of tattoos that snaked up his arm.  You blinked quickly before meeting his gaze once more.

You shuffled on your feet, slightly confused as to why this tall, tattooed man had just stopped you. You watched as he slightly looked away, his attention on a blooming tree swaying in the light breeze, before turning back to you.

“It’s a nice view…” You gently spoke up.


“The trees blooming. There’s even more on campus,” you explained with a blush.  He nodded at you, and you studied his face, knowing that you had seen him before.

“Do you go here?”  You asked him lightly, bringing up a hand to gently push the curly tendrils out of your face.  Harry smiled at you, his dimples popping once more, and his green eyes light, his hair brushing across his cheeks when the lulling breeze blew.

“No.  But I’m looking at universities around this area..” The smooth British tilt to his words made you smile.

“Well, this a great university.  Not too big, nice and quiet..” You nodded at him.  You loved your school, and didn’t mind opening up to him about it.

He chuckled lightly at you. “Nice and quiet is exactly what I need,” he murmured to you, his eyes becoming distant as he thought over his words. You pursed your lips at him, wondering who he was.  There was a vibe about him that hinted that he was important; maybe it was the way he carried his shoulders, confident and tall; or maybe the way he was so amicable. You couldn’t pinpoint what it was exactly, but the air around him seemed to buzz.

“Would you like a short tour of the school?”  You questioned, watching as he seemed to come back to the moment.  He smiled at you before nodding.

“That would be lovely..”

You nodded at him before deciding to take him to your favorite places around campus.  The two of you already got coffee at the quaint little parlor that you adored so that was a start.  As the two of you set off to the campus you thought about where you’d take him.

The two of you started at the dining hall.  As you were walking there, you nearly forgot to warn him about the university, hoping that he wouldn’t go into a culture shock.  As you made your way through a path that cut through some blooming trees, you looked over to him to see him looking around him.

“This campus is beautiful.” You smiled at his words.  When you first toured the university yourself you fell in love with its beautiful sprawling lawns, abundance of flowers and trees, and of course the water front.

“Just so you know, this is an hbcu..” You told him earnestly, slightly upset with yourself that you didn’t tell him this first.

“Sorry?”  His confused expression and the small ‘v’ between his brows caused you to give him a shy smile.

“A historically black college and university.  It’s been around for many years now, starting when blacks couldn’t attend the same colleges and universities as whites.  So they made their own.”  You looked over to him and took in his pensive expression.

“So would I still be able to attend?”

“Of course; if you’re accepted.  We don’t discriminate,” you nodded at him, biting your lip as he slowed down.

“You wouldn’t be the only nonblack here,” you immediately told him, finding your heart weighing just heavy enough in your chest to be worried.

You watched as Harry took another sip from his cup, his eyes finding yours over the rim.  You swallowed as he continued to watch you, before breaking out of his gaze and playing with your fingers.

Harry brought his cup back down and nodded at you.

“That makes sense. And I’m glad that you’re proud to be here,” he gave you his dimpled smile that you were beginning to grow accustomed to.

“Okay,” you stammered, not expecting that response.  Before you could say anything else, Harry started up again, looking over his shoulder slightly to see if you were coming.  With a new pep in your step you caught up with him and laughed lightly as he told you a joke that he had just come up with.


“And this is my favorite place of all!” You gushed as you nearly skipped to the water front, hearing the waves lap at the levy of rocks.

“Wow…”  You looked over to see Harry’s brows raise, a look of disbelief on his face.

The sun was making glares across the waves as the gulls flew overhead.  You breathed in the salty air before walking over to a small bench, looking out across the water.

“What a view, huh?” You called over to Harry, only to find him staring at you.  A flowering blush flowered over your face as he walked over to the bench before sitting down right next to you, his knee bumping yours playfully.

“What a view,” he whispered, his eyes watching yours take in the noon sky.

Before you could stop yourself you found yourself asking the question that had been on your mind.

“Why are you starting college so late?”  He had told you earlier in one of your conversations that he was in his early twenties, and since then you couldn’t stop yourself from wondering.

Harry smiled lightly before looking down at his clasped hands, his sunglasses keeping his dark hair from falling into his face.

“I was in a band since I was sixteen, and I finally got time off.  I’m still making music but I want to further my education as well,” his voice came out low and smooth as he told you.  You nodded to what he was saying.

“Your band must have been pretty serious,” you said to him.  You had the sudden urge to rub his back soothingly.  Instead you looked away, watching the lulling movements of the water.

You heard Harry snort. “You could say that..” his voice was thick, and you felt like you were missing the punchline of some joke.  You licked at your dry lips before looking back over to him, his head hanging low, and his eyes scrutinizing one of the rings that was adorning one of his fingers.

You heard your phone beep in your back pocket, and you sat up slightly to wiggle it out of its resting place.  Harry looked over at you and smiled lightly as you checked your phone as you simultaneously pushed back curls from your face.

“Everything alright?” You looked up and nodded at him, typing out a quick response.

“Yea… just my dorm mate checking up on me.  I’ve been gone for a long time.”

At that, Harry quickly looked at his expensive watch on his arm.  He clucked his tongue at the time before sighing loudly.

“I should probably get going.  I wasn’t expecting to be here this long,” he frowned lightly.  You felt your mouth turn down as you heard his words.  You had had an amazing time with him, and suddenly you didn’t want it to end.

“Okay,” you whispered.

Harry looked over to you, before pulling his phone out of his own pocket.

“Can I, um, have your number, Y/N?”  You didn’t realize, but this moment was a critical one, tying you to your future.

“Sure.”  He handed you his glossy phone and you quickly punched in your full name alongside your number.  You gave it back to him with a soft smile, your heart nearly stopping when your hand met his.

“Thank you, Y/N.  For everything.”  He took you by surprise as he leaned down to place a kiss on your brown cheek.  Your eyes fluttered closed at the feeling, and you felt your breath catch as he pulled away.

You were too stunned to offer to walk him back to the coffee parlor, and somehow you preferred this goodbye.

As you walked back to your dorm, your head in the clouds, and your hand resting against your cheek, you heard the beep of your phone again.  Still in a daze, you checked the text message from your dorm mate.

HARRY STYLES was seen on campus!!!!  Yanno the guy from One Direction!!!!!

You blinked slowly as you read the text, everything from the past couple of hours rushing over you until you realized what just happened.  You had just spent the better part of the day with an international superstar, and he now had your number.

Your heart sputtered, and you could feel the ghost of his pink lips on your cheek.  You let out a stuttered, breathy sigh.  


And yet, little did you know, it was only the beginning.

Take Me To Paradise

**AU Olicity. Based off a Twitter Spoiler**

The convertible top had been lowered miles back as they raced across the lush green countryside on their way to paradise.

Loose strands of her hair whipped riotously in all directions as Felicity lifted her face towards the sky to soak in the warmth of the sunshine. She relaxed and settled deeper into the plush seat of the decadently expensive toy Oliver was currently driving.

She groaned with pleasure as the Porsche accelerated and Oliver shifted gears. There weren’t too many things sexier in the world than a man shifting a stick shift. She loved to watch the synchronized push and pull of his hand with the movement of his long, powerful legs. It was beautiful and all kinds of hot.

Oliver glanced over and shared a slow seductive smile. He knew precisely what he was doing to her. She had once mentioned, during some rambling spiel of hers, how stimulating manual transmissions were and well, Oliver never forgot a word she said.

She saw herself on the mirrored lenses of his sunglasses and couldn’t help smiling even bigger at the happiness she saw reflected.

Everyone was safe. Thea was alive. Roy was settling into his new town and Diggle and his family were on their way to a much needed vacation.

Oliver had finally asked her out on a second date and here they were, flying across the black top with the sun on their skin and sexy, sweaty thoughts on their minds.

She was happy. So very happy.

Deleted lines from the Avengers script #521
  • Thor: So you take the world I love as recompense for your imagined slights? No, the Earth is under *my* protection, Loki!
  • Loki: And you're doing a marvellous job with that! The humans slaughter each other in droves, while you idly fret. I mean to *rule* them, as why should I not?
  • Thor: You think yourself above them?
  • Loki;
  • Loki: Well, yes.
  • Thor: Then you miss the truth of ruling, brother. The Throne would suit you ill.
  • Loki: No, no, I'd *literally* be above everybody. So far up that they'd look like ants. Do you have any idea how high a Throne actually is? It's like a golden platform, with a seat so plush you'd swear it was silk-covered memory foam. Did you not have a go on the one in Asgard...?
  • Thor:
  • Loki:
  • Thor:
  • Loki: Oh.
  • Loki: Well, maybe next time.
  • Loki: I mean, it's not like Ragnarök's gonna happen or anything.
  • Thor: Lol

The 24 juniors and seniors in the astronomy class at Thomas Jefferson High School in Alexandria, Va., sink into plush red theater seats. They’re in a big half-circle around what looks like a giant telescope with a globe on the end. Their teacher, Lee Ann Hennig, stands at a wooden control panel which, appropriately, has enough buttons and dials to launch a rocket.

Above this whole room is a large white dome. It’s lit up right now — like daytime — but with the turn of a dial, Hennig makes the sun set. As the light fades, stars appear. Just a few at first, and then all of a sudden it’s like a night sky, way out in the country.

Each little star — thousands of them — shining through a pinhole plotted carefully on that globe in the center of the room.

“It’s like the sky meeting a movie theatre,” says 17-year-old Sahaj Sharda, a senior in Hennig’s advanced astronomy class. “When you first sit down and the lights turn off and you just look up, it seems so realistic.”

A Galaxy Far, Far Away — Right There On The Ceiling

Photo: Elissa Nadworny/NPR