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Could you please point me to some Autistic owned stim stores? Thanks!

Sure! Please note, though, that unless otherwise specified, these stores are based in the US. For those willing to shop from neurodivergent-owned businesses (as distinct from specifically autistic) there’s a little more choice. If you’re not in the US, you’re very likely going to have to pay extra in conversion and shipping costs (which is why I don’t use ND-owned as a basis for what content goes on this blog, as cool as it is to support fellow autistic and ND creators).

If you’re an autistic crafter and you’re not on this list, it’s either because I haven’t yet heard of you, I’ve committed the terrible crime of forgetting you or I’m unsure if you’re autistic (as per the brief). Please comment; I will add your name and details!

I’m pretty sure most folks have heard of Stimtastic by now (@stimtastic), but on the off chance someone hasn’t, I’ll mention it! I don’t believe anyone has had any negative experiences with their order; the linked Tumblr is packed full of happy customers saying great things. There’s everything from fidget toys to chewables! I love my braid pendant, scented vial necklace and - while I didn’t buy it from Stimtastic because I found it here in Australia - crocheted stress balls. @werevampiwolf makes their bead rings!

@caseydickdanger on their Storenvy store Ca5ey sells handmade slimes, fidget toys, weighted plush, squishies and unique fidget jewellery.

@wiresandchains at etsy store Chain Mail Slime sells handmade slimes and very unique chainmail fidgets and fidget jewellery.

If you’re after cute crocheted plush toys, @stimwithoutshame runs etsy store Spacecraft Crafts.

If you’re after bean bags or marble mazes, @asenseofselfshop runs etsy store A Sense of Self.

@spacerobotstudio creates and sells amazing fidget jewellery, communication necklaces and pride accessories on etsy store Spacerobot Studio.

@dragonadventurescrafting sells a fabulous range of handmade plushies and bean bags on her etsy store Dragon Adventures Crafting.

@dollboy runs etsy store Weird Faeles where you can find chewellery and witchy jewellery.

@transsliime sells handmade dough and many varieties of slime on their etsy store TransSlimes!

Autistic Rabbit on etsy makes and sells weighted blankets!

Sister Cat Blankets (etsy, based in France) makes weighted lap pads, blankets and stim toy cases. (She’s one of the mods of @autistickitten but I don’t know her personal.)

@elsinore-snores runs etsy store PangeaMea (based in Greece) where you can find noise-muffling beanies and headbands.

@bartonnbishophumandisastersatlaw runs etsy store Wilde Spoons and Stims where you can buy marble mazes and dinosaur egg fidget toys.

@stevenuniversequartz runs Spoonie Studio, where they sell slimes, floam, glitter jar necklaces, putty and chewellery.

@neurodelightful runs etsy store NeuroDelightful, where you can find fidget jewellery and glitter/shaker bottle pendant necklaces and earrings. Some even glow in the dark!

@piefanart stocks handmade plushies and very cool gear/steampunk-styled fidget necklaces on etsy store PieFanart.

@papercrafthugs sells fidget bracelets and custom amigurumi from UK-based etsy store Papercraft Hugs.

Fidget Club is online retailer with a fabulous range of stim toys. They’re also one of the few autistic and ND owned stockists of Tangles!

@punkrockstimming sells a range of beaded fidget bracelets and beaded fidget toys at xyr etsy store True Trans Soul Rebel.

@fabulousfidgets stocks hot/cold bags and marble mazes on etsy store Fabulous Fidgets.

@luna-stims runs Etsy store Lunar Ocean Studio where you can find her Teeny Bean fidget bean bags.

Fuzzwumpet is an Etsy store based in Canada that sells marble mazes, monster bean bags and spoonie bag self-care kits.

@dailyspheal runs Etsy store Waggles Studio, which stocks handmade fidgets made from woven loom bands.

@yuuriandviktorkatsuki runs UK-based Etsy store Chloe G Crafts, where she currently stocks handmade bead bracelets and soft crochet bracelets, and will stock fidgety things made from split rings.

If you know more autistic-owned places to buy great toys, please let us know by commenting on this post or sending in an ask. Tumblr has stopped showing the notes in all reblogs, and we now get traffic enough that I (mod K.A.) don’t have the spoons to click on every reblog to see if there’s been an addition. We can’t miss comments, so you’ll help us a lot by commenting. Thank you!


Shonen Jump 50th anniversary plush key chains! This is set 2, with set 1 coming with the main character from each manga instead. Bought this mainly for Hiei, but it came with a lot of other cuties I like too! This set also comes with the larger of the two plush sets released, as you can see with my hand for reference. I believe the smaller ones are more similar in size to tsum tsums.

Anyway, enjoy!

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i know that its good for the kinds of stim toys you have to be varied, do you have any recommendations for toys you think all stimmers should have? i tend to have a very particular idea of what i like and i only get those kinds of things [i have almost exclusively fidget toys, honestly], but i dont want to neglect whole types of toys i might really enjoy just because i didnt think i would like it looking at it online.

I’m going to answer this in two parts, because it’s an awesome question. Today, I’m going to give a general breakdown of stim toy categories and possible toys one might choose from those categories to build a varied kit. Tomorrow, I’ll take a photo of what I consider the core essentials of my own stim toy kit and talk more in depth about why I’d recommend those toys for others, especially with regards to offering different types of stims.

A great deal of this, though, will depend on one’s personal preferences with regards scent, texture, appearance and sensation. I’d start by working out what cannot work for you. For me, strong artificial or chemical scents and flashing lights are permanently on the No Stim list as both trigger headaches and flashing lights trigger partial seizures. Tackiness is a Bad Texture (as in I just won’t touch something that’s tacky) so I steer clear from that as well. You may not know yet what your dislikes or triggers are, and that’s okay, too.

Once you know what to avoid (or know you don’t know), you can then approach categories of toys. It’s worth trying a thing or two from each category to build up a collection that allows for swapping/variation, and then going deeper into each category, or not, depending on how it clicks with you.

None of these categories contain complete listings, just a few examples. These categories also don’t include the variety of larger therapeutic items used by OTs and the like but focus on more-portable stim toys. All the different types of toys featured so far on this blog can be found on the toys tag page, grouped by type. Keep in mind that many toys belong in two or more categories as well: scented slime, for example, is both a mouldable stim and a scent stim!

Mouldable: kinetic sand, slime, floam, playdough, Thinking Putty. The issues with this category are those of texture and scent: slime and floam can be sticky or oozy; everything often has a synthetic fragrance or a chemical odour. I’ll be honest: as much as I despise Autism Speaks, Spinmaster-branded Kinetic Sand is the only kinetic sand I’ve found in Australia that has a non-chemical odour. Handmade playdoughs might be best for those scent-sensitive.

(My rec: kinetic sand. Non-sticky, non-messy, wonderful.)

Tossable: stress balls, prickle balls, bouncy balls, bean bags. These range in shape, size and firmness. Many also have plastic odours. I adore prickle balls because they give texture as well as bounce and squish.

(My rec: prickle balls, but only for people who like hard textures.)

Squishable: squishies, puffer creatures/balls, playdough, thicker slimes, balloon stress balls, grape mesh stress balls. Again, ranging in shape, size, scent and firmness. Puffer creatures often smell very strongly, but they have soft fronds great for pulling and they’re very squishable.

(My rec: squishies. Available in fast and slow rising, many with scents but some without, inexpensive if one purchases from a free-shipping listing.)

Fidgets: Tangles, chain fidgets, bead rings, bead lanyards, Klixx, snake puzzles, wooden block puzzles, fidget cubes, marble mazes. These are all basically “things you hold in your hands and manipulate”. Note that one uses some of these differently - a chain fidget is a one-hand fidget for me, but I use a Tangle Jr in both hands. I use a snake puzzle and a Tangle Jr pretty similarly, though. Fidget jewellery also fits in this category, like bead-filled tube bracelets and snake necklaces.

(My rec: Tangles first, chain fidgets second.)

Plush and/or weighted: any soft toy/plushie, weighted plush, Disney Tsum Tsums, Teeny Tys, @caseydickdanger‘s Hedgehugs, my own mop-head creatures, weighted blankets and lap pads. I look for things that usually offer multiple textures, like embroidery, fur, chenille or multiple fabrics used on the one toy. It’s pretty easy to DIY weighted versions of these things.

(My rec: Disney Tsum Tsums: they’re squishable, crunchable and portable.)

Visual: glitter balls, flashing/light up balls, flashing puffer creatures/balls, liquid motion bubblers, glitter batons, liquid paperweights, glitter jars. Most of these require some hand movements to use, but nothing as intensive as a fidget. Note that glitter balls without lights do exist but can be tough to find.

(My rec: Glitter jars. Easy to make and fun to watch.)

Scent: plushies, bean bags, slimes and doughs, Stimtastic’s scented vial necklaces. This can be as simple as a few drops of essential oil on a handkerchief, blanket, pillow or soft toy. (Just don’t scent anything you plan to chew.) I recommend pure essential oils, but for those who like non-oil fragrances and don’t have chemical sensitivities, fragrance oils can work, too.

(My rec: any of these. I can do a post about essential oils if anyone’s interested in exploring this further.)

Sound: bean bags, rattles, pop tubes, the spinning wheels on toy cars, cronch slime, fishbowl slime, cracking squishies, crocheted stress balls, toys with noisemakers or crinkle paper. A lot of things, surprisingly!

(My rec: I really like rattling bean bags. I use soup mix to make mine, because the different-sized beans and lentils make a pleasing sound.)

Touch/texture: crocheted stress balls, Hairy Tangle, Tangle Jr Fuzzy, prickle balls, prickle fidgets, swatches of fleece, fabric stress balls, wooden toys, bead rings. This is category is for anything that is primarily about touch for the sake of touching - I quite often hold my coiled Tangle Jr Fuzzy in my hands and just run over it with my fingers. It’s not even a fidget toy for me!

(My rec: Tangle Jr Fuzzy first, crocheted stress ball second.)

Chewable/oral: necklaces, pendants, bracelets, chewables, teethers. Can be made from fabric, silicone or wood. It may take some experimentation to find out what kind of chewer you are and where you prefer to chew. You may not chew at all but prefer to suck on toys or rub them over your lips, so this category may still be useful for non-chewers.

Tomorrow, I’ll post what I consider to be the essentials for my own kit and the roles they serve within it. I think, however, looking at the kinds of toys in each category and picking a couple from any category that isn’t covered by your current kit/collection is a good place to start.


In appreciation of all my followers, I have decided to do a give away of some things I picked up from my trip to Thailand! Please follow these instructions carefully! If not done correctly you will be ineligible!

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Aquarium Date w/ Dino ☆

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  • so, you two didn’t initially plan on this date
  • which is why you went with seventeen lmao
  • so basically you had come over to wish Dino a happy birthday and seventeen didn’t tell you that they were taking your boy to the aquarium
  • but Chan knew you were coming over so Chan was like, ‘guys, my girlfriend’s coming over,’
  • and they were like, ‘oh,,, SHE CAN COME WITH US,’
  • so you’re now tagging along with Dino on an aquarium date WHOOP
  • SVT were probably like do we let them go alone? or do we supervise?
  • they decided to supervise
  • which was more of everyone waddling behind you two, whilst Jeonghan and S.Coups watches intensely
  • Chan probably begged them to go
  • by them, i mean mother hannie and father coups
  • so you guys went around and it was really cute
  • I feel like Chan is one of these people that always watch the shows they have
  • so you two watched the dolphin show
  • he was so amused it was so cute omg
  • you know in one fine day, how he always went WOOAAAAAH,
  • that would be him 87%
  • the other 13% of the time he would probably nudge you and be like
  • he’s so soft
  • I also have a feeling he would volunteer if they asked for volunteers
  • so he did
  • and he fed the dolphin
  • he was super happy after that omg
  • he was like :DDDDDD afterwards
  • you also looked at the fishes and took like 50239297% photos of them
  • they were also really cute photos too
  • like one was of you being super smiley and pointing at the fishes and you could see how happy Dino made you
  • and there was a bunch of selcas you two took
  • and one was like you two smiling at the camera with the fishos in the back
  • and the next one was like the two of you looking at each other whilst smiling and it was super cute
  • you guys probably bumped into everyone except the 95 line
  • probably bc 95 line was stalking you but whatever
  • btw Jisoo thinks you and Dino are cute af
  • he’s probably like look at these little kids looking all cute, i’m a happy grape (bc HIS HAIR IS NOW FRICKIN PURPLE)
  • but when you bumped into a seventeen member they would either be like, ‘hey,’ and flash a peace sign or they would tease you two babies
  • how cute
  • okay so when you guys had finished going around an were at the gift shop
  • i betcha dino bought you a little plushy or something
  • or like you two got like matching plush fish key chains
  • tl;dr you and chan had a cute little aquarium date and heaps on the maknae’s birthday

hope you guys enjoyed this

- admin jola

Request: Unexpected Audience: KBTBB guys and their kids

NSFW Smut -
Apparently it’s been done before but someone wanted to see how I do it- so yeah-

It was just so good to see him home safe, alive, untouched save for the slight cut on his arm. Your gentle fingers had swept over the bloody gash with some alcohol and a cotton swab, a damp swab to clean the area before you smudged it with cream and bandaged it up. The next thing you knew your husband had you wrapped up in him, warm and heavy over your body as your back meets the couch cushions.
He was home now.
However many years passed since you became his wife, you knew you would always be scared when he had matters to settle, men to deal with. You stroke his back as his strokes enter you, your nails tracing tingling lines along his muscular shoulders. Soryu nuzzled his face against your neck, breathing in the comforting, soft scent of your skin.
Suddenly, you feel your husband stop. A whimper of complaint escapes you before you realize. Soryu’s ears twitch and he sits up, pulling out of you quickly, staring at the source of the noise in the hallway over the back of the couch.
You could almost see his cheeks turn bright red as his eyes widen at his daughter standing in the doorway, holding her toy baseball bat over her head, on guard as she investigated the sounds in the night. She looked like she was about to scream and smack someone in the skull for a moment, and then she recognized him.
“Daddy!” Her eyes lit up. “It’s you! You’re home safe!” Katsumi dropped the bat with a giggle and scurried towards Soryu, arms open for a hug.
“No!” Soryu yelled and she froze on the spot, confused. “No just… don’t come over. Daddy’s working out. You go to bed.” He avoided his daughter’s eyes nervously, wiping the sweat on his forehead with the back of his hand.
“Oh. Okay.” Katsumi looked a little disappointed and nodded. “Good night, daddy.” She picked up her bat, dragging it along the floor with her as she went back to her room.
You heard the door close, and looked up at your husband with a sigh of relief.
“That was too close.” Soryu grumbled as he got up, stretching out his long legs before scooping you up. “Let’s go finish in our room.”
“Finish?” You whisper weakly, still feeling worried about your daughter’s intrusion.
“Katsumi won’t be investigating any more tonight now that she knows I’m home” Soryu chuckled. You could see the lingering blush on his face as he brought his lips to yours. “We’ll go undisturbed.”

You grip the golden curls in your hands, moaning weakly as your husband thrusts between your legs, his hands caressing your body along the curve of your sides.
His lips traced over your collarbone and you felt him bite down, a sharp sting on your skin as the thrill flies down your spine. Your knee hitches on his hip, begging him down harder as Luke smirks and runs his tongue over the concave markings his teeth left.
“Always so beautiful.” He kissed your chest, eyes shut as he pressed against your breasts, feeling your racing heartbeat under the soft mound gripped tightly in his hand. Luke’s smooth voice turned ragged as he continued, and you felt him plunge deep within you with a slight twitch, hitting his climax with a spurt of seed.
His pleasant, satisfied face smiled fondly down at you, his hand stroking your damp hair away from your face as he crashes his lips upon yours. You feel him still inside you, relaxing as both of you enjoyed the other’s kiss.
You tear your lips away from your husband’s and grab the blankets to cover the two of you as you notice Aaron watching from the doorway with innocent interest. He stood there staring, clutching his plush - a giant bone labeled as a dog toy.
“Aaron! What are you doing at this time?” You gasp out as you shake stunned Luke to his senses, hoping for him to help you out of the crazy situation.
“What are you doing? I heard loud noises.” Aaron hugged his plush closer.
Luke sits up.
“It’s a very normal biological process of copulation where the man puts his mmmmmmpffffhfhhf”
You slap your hands over Luke’s mouth as he answered his son’s question without much thought. He blinked twice and glanced at you apologetically.
“We’re just discussing where we’re going for the weekend.” You blurted. “And your daddy is getting sleepy. He doesn’t know what he’s saying.”
“Sorry for waking you. Go back to bed, Aaron.” You sigh and push Luke back down on the bed. He thumps against the pillow obediently. “Daddy is going to sleep too now. Good night.”
“Good night.”
Aaron shuffled back out of the room and closed the door behind him. You groan and glare at the sheepishly smiling husband beside you.

“Otaaaaa, slower…” You whimper helplessly as your husband slams his member against a sensitive region inside you. “Going to- wake her up…”
“You’re the one jingling the handcuffs.” Ota smirked, glancing at the silver loops around your wrists, clattering as you writhe in pleasure under him.
“Sh-Shut up!”
“Tsk tsk, what a demanding little pet.” Ota whispered against your ear, his hot breath fluttering against your skin, causing another heated shudder to course through your body. “Keep it down, Koro.”
“Y…You’re not helping…”
You turn your head away and muffle your moans into the pillow. Your husband grabs your chin and yanks you back to look at him, silencing you with a hungry kiss.
“Ahhhhh… Ota…. yes…”
You breathe out mindless syllables against his lips between the contact, your entire existence a blur of hot friction and loving touches from his skilled hands.
Ota rode out his orgasm with slower thrusts, emptying into you as he gave a rasping chuckle.
You yelp in surprise at your daughter’s voice as your husband flinches too, instantly pulling out of you. There was a desperate flurry of motion in the same moment, Ota trying to cover your naked bodies.
“Ayaka! What’s the matter?” Ota demanded.
“It’s so scary!” Ayaka cried out as she hugged her brown plush dog. “I heard chains jingling! Is Uncle Mamoru going to arrest me? I don’t wanna go to jail! I only bit Tamotsu because he took my sketchbook!” Your daughter burst into tears.
“Shhhh, my little angel, you’re not going to jail.” Ota wrapped his shirt hastily around his waist and tied the sleeves into a knot at the back. He climbs out of bed and picks up his daughter, hugging her to his chest as he patted her back “That was just mommy.” You stare at him in horror as Ota glances at you out the corner of his eye and winks. “She’s posing for my drawing of a police scene, see?” He pointed at you, cuffed to the bed by the wrists, the blankets drawn up so high she couldn’t see you were naked. “Sorry that we were too loud.”
“Oh…” Ayaka sniffled.
“Daddy will tuck you back in, how’s that?” Ota kissed her cheek. “Don’t worry, mommy, daddy won’t take long. I actually don’t think my first sketch was that great. I’ll need a very detailed look at everything once I get back.”

“Mmmm, sweetheart.”
Your arms looped around his neck, holding yourself close to him as he thrust into you. Mamoru’s hands held your hips steady for his penetration, securing them on the edge of the kitchen counter. Fingers tangled in the shorter hair at the back of his neck, you tug on the locks, trying to hint at what felt good and what didn’t.
Mamoru groaned, leaning harder against you, sinking his cock deeper into your folds.
“I’m so close, babe.”
His lips dropped from your neck to your chest, your blouse unbuttoned and hanging open to expose your bra. He nibbled along the upper curve of the material and you gasp, clinging to him as your mind whirls into oblivion.
Your husband pushes his member deep inside, stilling for a moment as he hugged you tightly, muscles tensing and unclenching as he came to his release.
“Damn… that was good, sweetheart.” He grinned lazily and kissed you, his hand coming to touch your cheek tenderly. “Nice to do something different once in a while, huh?”
You blushed in the dimness and kiss him back, melting into the sweet warmth of your husband, wrapped up in the hazy glow after sex.
Mamoru pulls you off the counter and hides in your undressed form in his arms, his back to his son, suddenly grateful that he didn’t drop his pants earlier.
“The hell are you doin’, kiddo?!”
“I want water.” He mumbled, rubbing his tired eyes as he shuffled over to the jug and poured himself a glass of water, ignoring the scene before him.
“Oh.” Mamoru breathed out, chest tight and anxious as his son drank the water and put the glass back on the counter.
“I’m going back to bed.” Tamotsu declared lazily, heading off towards his room as if it was a perfectly normal day. “Good night daddy.”
“G-Good night.”
Mamoru let out a long groan of relief.
“Do you think he saw anything?” You whisper, hurriedly buttoning up your shirt.
Mamoru raised an eyebrow at you.
“He’s my son, sweetheart. Course he didn’t.” He chuckled and put an arm to your waist, pulling you against him as he planted a soft kiss to your lips. “Come on, let’s go to bed.”

His teeth nipped at your ear, whispering hot, dirty thoughts. You were propped on all fours, biting the pillow to stay quiet as he pounded you from behind, roughly grinding his member deeper and deeper. Eisuke’s smirk grew as he listened to your tiny whimpers escape through your teeth.
“You like this, don’t you?” His hand struck your rear with a teasing slap, just hard enough for a pleasurable sting. “Mother of two and still dirty as ever.”
“H-ey!” You manage to pronounce half a syllable of complaint before your husband plunges so far into you that your eyes squeeze shut at the intensity, all else forgotten and forgiven.
His palm spanks you again and you tense at the sensation, walls clenching around his cock. Eisuke grunted.
You feel another slap on your butt cheek, gasping as Eisuke rammed himself in - hard - your body coiling up so close to your climax that you tighten around his length again. He groans this time, and you could tell he was reaching his own point of pleasure.
He said nothing and continued his thrusts, burying himself within your wet, heated passage.
“EISUKE!” You moan out, louder than expected, pressing your face into the pillow as hard as you can as you feel him spurt inside you, his fluid filling you, his hips bucking continuously into you as he dragged out the friction through his orgasm.
Eisuke leaned down over you, his hands caressing your breasts as he turned you over, pulling out. Your hand slid down along the muscles of his stomach to stroke his throbbing length, and your husband met your lips in a tender kiss. The two of you indulged in a sweet haze after a storm of intercourse, oblivious to the squeal at the doorway.
“Ew ew ew ew ew!”
Suzu, your daughter and younger child, covered her eyes.
“Ah too much kissing ew ew ew!”
“Suzu!” Eisuke grabbed the blankets and pulled them over the two of you, a rare look of worry and fear in his eyes.
“You guys are so lovey-dovey!” She shook her head repeatedly, turned, and raced down the hall.
“Eisuke…” You breathe out, eye wide with horror. “She saw….”
“She’s too young to understand that much.” The calm and collected look came back to your husband’s face again, and he smiled at you. “Don’t worry about it.”
“I’ll talk to her tomorrow if it bothers you that much.” He promised. “Anyway, since you’re still grabbing on, why don’t you continue stroking me up?”
You blush even harder and quickly let go of his member, and Eisuke catches your wrist in his hand.
“Go on, _____________.” His soft smile twisted into a deeper smirk again. “Continue.”

Limbs entangled, you lose yourself with your husband, caught up in his scent, his touch, his steady and wonderful pace within your body.
“Yes, my pretty lady?”
“Ohhh….. Baba….”
His hands dance up your sides, playing over your skin, knowing exactly where you are most sensitive, drawing out the most vulnerable noises from your lips as you surrender to the tender moment.
“My sweet, beautiful wife.” He murmured, lips leaving small marks along your shoulder, across your pale chest, leaving a trail of pink that he ghosted over with his tongue. Baba’s voice, low and silky smooth, hummed over your skin, warming you from inside out along with his thrusts in your entrance.
“I love you…” He kissed your cheek. “I love you so much.”
He brought you to a slow and sweet release, your body shuddering and uncoiling around him as you gaze up at him with dazzled eyes.
He stroked your cheek, kissing it again as he continued his penetration.
The tiny voice in the doorway made both of you jump.
“Hisashi!” Baba jolted upright, pulling the blanket to cover your chest as he turned to face his son.
“What are you doing with mommy?”
“Nothing!” Baba forced a smile across his face and pulled out of you, wrapping his sweater around his waist as he went to his son. “Nothing at all.” He squat down with a slight squirm as he worked around his still hard cock.
“Oh, I thought I heard noises.” He said.
“Wow, your hearing is so amazing!” Baba patted his son’s head proudly and grinned. “You better keep it working so well! Go back to sleep, you need lots of it!”
Hisashi glanced at you, and you manage a nod and a smile.
“Listen to daddy.”
Your voice shook and you strained to keep yourself from panting, controlling your heaving chest as best as you could.
“Good night, mommy. Good night, daddy.”
Baba smiled and patted Hisashi’s head again.
“Good night, my little knight.”
As the bedroom door closed, your husband climbed back into bed with you, unraveling his sweater from his waist and throwing it across the room. Baba flashed you a flirtatious smile.
“So, my dear, thoughtful, considerate, pretty, wonderfully kind, and generous wife.”
You giggled as he rolled himself over you and gave you a light and sweet kiss.
“What do you want?”
Baba grinned.
“You know.”

Thanks for the read!
Hope you liked!

New Alpacasso?!?!?
We just found out there’s going to be a new release for Alpacasso in February!! We can’t wait. We’re super excited for the Girly Lace Ribbon collection. We’ll probably be carrying them in the BIG and Standard size. Maybe ball chain too?🌸


Wow! I t has been awhile since I’ve made anything from minky! But I absolutely adore the way wolf link came out! He is sooo cute photos really don’t do him justice.

Wolf link is hand sewn, made of minky, with clay details, thread sculpted paws,  iridescent safety eyes, and plastic safety nose. His leg cuff is removable, and several of the chain segments can be moved about. 

pyrophoricitee  asked:

MWAHAHHA IT ME AGAIN :3 A PROMPT THEN ! ok ok ... lemme think .... judy s parents come to zootopia and find out that there is merchandising of their daughter ! And maybe of her fox ?

You are back…and I’m finally here!


Bonnie remembered their neighbor Harold Thumperbee saying something about Judy being in a store the last time he returned from Zootopia.  Something about a pen, and a few cups.  Bonnie didn’t really give it much attention, as the hare tended to make thinks up.  

Not that Bonnie didn’t believe the hare hadn’t seen Judy in a store.  As her daughter lived and worked in the city.

Yet as Bonnie stood in front of a souvenir store, staring at collection of things with her Judy’s face plastered all over them, the older doe realized maybe she should have listened more closely.

There was an assortment of cups, some decorated with pictures, others with cute little drawings.  Some had quotes, others had random little sayings, and some simply just said “ZPD’s Finest”.  A collection of posters were displayed on the wall, on of the front page of the newspaper when she saved the city with Nick.  Judy and the fox smiling proudly at the camera.  Then there was little note pads, to cell phone cases and key chains.  There were even a few little plush dolls of Judy in her police uniform.

“Can I help you ma’am?”  A voice asked, startling Bonnie from her staring.

The older doe turned to find a young deer standing over her with a warm smile.  Bonnie blinked at them for a moment, her mind still not getting past the idea of her daughter as a sales item of anything.

“Oh no, I’m just looking,” Bonnie informed politely.  

“Shopping for members back home?”  The deer asked again with a nod like she understood.  “Our Officer Hopps items are very popular.  Little ones love the plush toy, and I think there is a version that talks.”

“Lovely.” Bonnie said awkwardly.  Adjusted the handle of her purse for something to do.  “I’ll keep that in mind. Thank you.”

“I’ll just be other by the counter if you need anything.”  The deer stated pleasantly before disappearing into the shop.

Leaving Bonnie to turn back to look at her daughter based products.  

The older doe didn’t know what to do, or how to feel.  Especially when she just come in to get a few little trinket toys and few small snow globes and magnets.  Not see whatever she was looking at.  This wasn’t something that like ever happened to anyone she knew.  And it’s not like many magazines had advice from parents on famous mammals.  

Bonnie sighed, about to turn and walk out with the store, just call it a day and go find Judy.  But then she saw it.

A section of products with Nick on them.

It was smaller than Judy’s, but similar items.  Bonnie just blinked.

“Hey, ma, there you are.”  Judy’s voice suddenly sounded from the entrance of the shop.  And as Bonnie turned to look over at her daughter in mild shock and horror, Judy was walking over to her like nothing was wrong.  Something caught the younger grey rabbits eye and she beams.  “Oh they have the Nick tumbler here!” She stated excitedly reaching for a cup with Nick’s head wrapped around the inner plastic.  “I’ve been looking for one of these everywhere, but can’t find them.  I have to get one to give him at Christmas.”

Bonnie just stared at her daughter in shock.


AN:  Nick and Judy get each other items of their respective mechanize as a like gag gifts cause they’ve learned to live with it.  But it totally something they didn’t sign up for, but they’re okay to roll with it.  Meanwhile Bonnie has no clue what to do.


The “I’m a lucky bitch” haul

Instax camera
Instax film

California shirt
Michigan shirt
Bomber jacket (not shown)

Alien shirt
Rainbow shirt

Gravity falls wallet
Jolteon plush

Build a bear-

Gay ring
Pokémon key chain

Hot topic-
Zelda pin

And since I know yall are gonna wanna know how I got the intax here’s the story:

So I went to meijers and I went in and these binches were just out, no tags no plastic cases no nothin. So I grab one and some film and just leave.

My advice- go to a rich white neighborhood and find a Walmart/meijers/target/your states equivalent and hope they leave these bitches out like at mine

I finished the one side with three things left.

I need to get more things to complete the other side, but it’ll probably be full of plushies because… well, those ball chain HAIKYUU!! plushes were cute as heck.

What I learned from putting this together is that I really really really hate pinning things and holy crap lobster clasps STILL suck.

And sorry for the spam. ;___;