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Anime Gifs of the Day #44: Voice Actors Week 1

Spotlight for Day 2 of Week 1 is the cool suave voice of Hiroshi Kamiya

Captain Levi from Attack on Titan

Probably the only compelling character in the series

Yuzuru Otonashi from Angel Beats!

Afterlife can be fairly odd

Mephisto Pheles from Blue Exorcist

I still know nothing about this show

Izaya Orihara from Durarara!!

The puppet master behind the curtain

Trafalgar Law from One Piece 

I like his hat

Takashi Natsume from Natsume Yujin Cho

Slice of Life meets supernatural

Disclaimer: I do not own or claim to own any of the above pictures. The credit goes to the original creators of each and thus will be considered theirs. Enjoy the gifs!

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See ya Space Corgis!


Kim Jongin - the life sized plushie who "outplushies" all the plushies

because look how the plushies

just lose their “plushiness”

whenever jongin is holding them!

result: even plushies can’t win the cuteness contest against jongin ….

(gifs not mine!)

Exo Reaction to Their Girlfriend Cuddling With a Plushie Over Them


He couldn’t understand what was so damn great about that bear. He was just as squishy and cute but yet she refused to cuddle with him. Baekhyun settled for looking at her with a pout while she cuddled with the bear, hoping she’d change her mind. 


His girlfriend stuck her tongue out at him, knowing she was bothering him by telling him that the moose plushie she had gave better cuddles than he did. Chanyeol wasn’t having none of that though; he wrapped his entire body around her and pulled her close, showing her that no one could give better cuddles than he did. 


When she refused to cuddle with him, he shrugged and then sat down on the couch next to Baekhyun. He cuddled against him, laying his head on his shoulder and resting a hand on the pillow Baekhyun held. He subtly smiled to himself, knowing he had made her jealous. 


He shrugged when his girlfriend told him she’d rather cuddle with her plush giraffe. Kai called his dog and picked it up, cuddling with it instead and giving it his love instead of her. 


When she got up to go get something to eat, he grabbed the plush and began to beat it lightly. When he heard he coming back, he quickly put it back down and looked towards her indifferently, like he didn’t care that she rejected his affection. 


He did not understand why a penguin plushie was better than he was, but he shrugged it off. He’d hug her when she wanted to be hugged by him. It wasn’t a big deal. 


“But that is a bunny plushie,” he said as he looked at her squeeze it against her torso. She didn’t answer him and he wasn’t sure how a plushie that was tiny compared to him was better to cuddle with. After a couple minutes, he laid on the bed next to her and watched her snuggle against it, deciding it was cute. 


He legitimately got pissy because he thought his girlfriend was being childish. He didn’t tell her it bothered him, but she could see he was annoyed by something.  


“Whatever,” he said as he rolled his eyes, “be a child. I don’t care.” 


He thought it was so cute to see her cuddling with the oversized bear he had bought her for her birthday. He didn’t even care that she had rejected his cuddles. She looked adorable. 


Tao thought about being sassy about it, but that wouldn’t be annoying enough. So he began to climb on her and wrap his body around her, knowing she’d cave eventually and cuddle with him. 


“That’s fine,” he told her as he blew her a kiss and smiled wryly. “When you get bored of that, I am over here.” 

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A photo from the factory! Bad news is that my corgi plushes are officially sold out! Good news is that the new generation of corgi plushes are coming soon! The left is current plush (a little beat up, though!). The right one is a prototype for one of the new colors (I will  have two new colors, including a tailed cardigan!). We just need a few more revisions.

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wonwoo smut after a long night at a party please~

Stumbling into the dark room, hands grabbing at clothes, trying to pull them off. Your lips messily collided messily, spit trailing down your chin as you gasped for air. Your head dizzy, stomach warm. It was as if you could still feel the music pulsing through you. Wonwoo’s grasp on your hips was firm, pulling you in flush against is body. Thumb digging hard into your pelvic bone. You lean into him, putting pressure onto his ragging erection. A whimper escapes Wonwoo’s mouth, he bites down on your lip. A warm pulse shoots through your stomach, you want more. In the heat of the moment you didn’t even realize you weren’t in a bedroom. “Move…now” You say between gasp, grabbing the collar of his sweater, pulling him to follow you. 

Wonwoo doesn’t miss a beat, front plush against your back, kissing down your neck. Each kiss cooled your burning skin. When you weren’t walking fast enough, Wonwoo practically growling into your skin, pulling your dress up over your head. The alcohol running through your veins made your vision blurry, and steps heavy. But with Wonwoo pushing behind you, the excitement caused you to run. Collapsing onto the bed, Wonwoo on top of you, already prying your bra off. You giggle at his obvious excitement. You sigh deeply, nipping at his collarbones as you lift his shirt over his head. Wonwoo grinds down, dropping his head in a low moan. The only thing between you, his jeans and your panties. But not for long, placing your hand on his chest, you push him down onto the bed. Putting your knees on either side of him, you kneel slightly below his crotch. Wonwoo props himself up onto his elbows, watching you with lustful eyes as you undo the buttons of his jeans and shimmy them off his long legs. You kissed your way up his legs, stopping and spending more time on his thighs. “I can’t wait any longer.” Wonwoo groans, pulling you back underneath him and grinding harshly onto your clit. He sucks on your chest, a small purple bruise blossoms underneath his mouth. “Can I?” He moans into your ear, a shiver shoots down your spin, his deep voice shaking your core. You could only mumble a yes before Wonwoo rips your panties off, along with his briefs before he’s grinding on you. The wet mess leaves you both moaning, kisses far from perfect as he presses his tip into you. As soon as he can, he pushes in deeply, an airy moan falls from his lips. Your nails dig into his lower back, pulling to get him to move. He starts with a slow pace, building up fast and faster. The sweat on your bodies make it stickier than it is, but it’s the last thing on your mind. Wonwoo bites on your ear as he thrusts harder and harder. The warm feeling in your stomach builds as you get closer and closer. He can tell you’re near, and slams deeper into you. Hitting your g-spot with accuracy. One last thrust and you were cumming hard, legs shaking, heart racing and panting. Wonwo continued to pound into you relentlessly, chasing his own orgasm. Which he reached soon after, movements stuttering to a slow grind. Releasing a deep sigh and collapsing onto you. “Fuck, Y/N.” he groans into you.


Honey stands up in an angry manner at the sound of the door opening, her face looking beat up, plush bottom lip busted open. the petite girl’s hands turns to fists in anger. 

“ How could ya leave me there ! I-I thought ya said you would protect me huh !? “ 

Her body looks weak, trembling in pain while looking up at him losing her anger now just happy he is safe. 

“ God I’m sorry — I-I should just be happy you’re okay .. “.