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We’ve compiled another MLP Amazon sales post, and this is our biggest one yet! We’ve found 94 items at up to 69% off! Check our blog post for all listings or take a look at some of the highlights below:

Rainbow Dash 13" Aurora Plush
From $28.99 for $18.43 (37% off)

Spike 20" Funrise Plush
From $34.99 for $19.98 (43% off)

Equestria Girls Applejack Guitar Doll
From $21.99 for $7.00 (69% off)

Funko Pocket POP 3-pack
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Funko POP Discord 6"
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MLP The Game of Life
From $39.99 for $28.99 (28% off)

Vandor Rainbow Dash Sald & Pepper Set
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Pinkie Pie Bluetooth Speaker
From $29.99 for $18.99 (37% off)

So I still have my materials and knowhow. Now that I am getting a bus pass, I can make my way to Sara Riel for their arts group every tuesday and friday. It gets me out of the house.
All I have to do is bring my own materials (they have a bag full of fabric but it’s pretty missmatched and weird, I prefer fleece. So I’ll invest in some different colors) and they let me use their sewing machine, tables and sometimes they have snacks. Not to mention friendly likeminded people.

SO! What I am offering (again) is to discuss reserving a slot with me for plushwork! I will create for you any oc of yours (I will be selective about Fanworks, please discuss with me what I will do in terms of that).
My works can be anywhere from chibi 8″ or two feet.


I will do Furries, humanoids, props.

Price estemates:

Chibi 8″ - 15+
Full size 2′ - 30+
Simple designs(and props) may be cheaper!!

To contact me send me an Ask on tumblr, or message me on Deviantart.

I can then give you my skype or email if you want.

I will confirm and arrange payment as soon as I am certain that I have transport to these meetings.

Further details:
Please give 2+ days for payment to go through, and a day for me to purchase the materials needed from up the street (they are not open on sunday).
Then I will only be able to work on cutting pattern pieces and sewing large pieces on tuesday and friday evenings. I can however work on smaller details and hand sewing at home.

I hope I can work with you in the future!


Gundham Tanaka (Dangan Ronpa) fictionkin-related self care items (with a request for an emphasis on animals rather than Gundham specifically):

Puffy animal stickers - $1.89 (seller has a lot more animal-related stickers available)

Hamster stamp - $3.50

Paw print blanket - $20

Set of 4 dog soaps - $3

Paw print pillow - $18

Stuffed hamster - $8 (I chose this hamster specifically because I believe I have this specific hamster and its paws are sewn together so you can hug your finger!)


I know you wanted things relating to animals rather than yourself, but. Sticker of yourself as a hamster. I had to include it.


So here’s the finished prototype! They’re going to be little ghostly Mushroom sprites for Samhain! I’ll be making a few in the next week or two to put up in my shop , but you can make a custom order for one if you’re interested! Just message me on here or on etsy! Also these aren’t going to be the only surprised for Samhain, so keep an eye out as they’ll start showing up randomly! Excuse my Xbox desk, I decided to trade up my workspace for today ^^ ( thesigilwitch I told you I would tag you when I got the prototype for the Samhain mushrooms up!)


Made a new Foxy and Bonnie plush. A cute version is what I will call them lol. Since the actual animatronics don’t actually have tails. I made them more animal like I suppose. (Cartoony maybe?) I brought them to the office today to show the coworkers lol. I plan to sell these two at Blurriecon and Tsubasacon. If anyone likes them I can take commissions :) I can make anyone in the group (Freddy, Chica, Mangle, toy versions) these will be the only ones ill be bringing to sell. They are made of minky fabric and they have fabric printed eyes :)