So I had three goals for Saturday at TCAF

A. Meet albinwonderland and tell her how much I admire her

B. Get a ‘Girls Don’t Read Comics’ bag from kateordie and tell her how much I admire her

C. Get Namesake Book 2 from secondlina and savvyliterate and shower them with praise and love.

The first one I accomplished like a boss without even have to walk into the building.  I managed to run into Angelina standing on the corner across the street from TCAF and immediately acted like I wasn’t a raging fangirl and succeeded in getting a couple of photos (the second one was her idea - I SWEAR!) No but for real she was awesome and adorable and so gracious - quite a few people wanted to say hi or take a picture while I was talking with her and she took the time to chat with them and even went so far as to go across the street to meet a friend of someone who was too shy to go up to her - SO SWEET!  And I’m so glad I got a chance to chat with her. ^^ 

Also got to see Deena - although very briefly as she was leaving just as I was arriving - passing like ships in the night! XD

Once inside fierywingtips and I found plus4frostresist and Laura and we all wandered around downstairs.

We discovered the lovely Agnes Garbowska and Megan Carter in their little nook by the stairs  - so great to chat with those awesome ladies again!

Once we got upstairs we found Katie and Shaggy at their table, Adriana didn’t have a table this year but she introduced me to the lovely J R Faulkner and I found Kate and snagged that awesome tote bag!

Finally I found the Hiveworks table - Isa and Megan were very busy and I was very sad to discover that Book 2 wasn’t available yet.  But Isa made me a rad Emma/Warrick sketch which I will treasure. ^^  Plus I got an awesome Wonder Woman pendant to match my outfit!  Also got to meet Cory from The End Comic - extremely talented dude!

After everything had wrapped up a whole bunch of us went for Korean BBQ  with Katie, Shaggy, Heather, Adriana, Jules and a few others whose names are escaping me atm.  After delicious Ramen I went to the bathroom and ran into Megan again who told me that their group (including Isa, Cory and Megan Carter) were eating at a table just around the corner!  So we invited them all to join us for crepes afterwards which was a great walk that included a very bizzare ad for a 'mens sex maze’ from which lots of delightful conversations were spawned.  And then delicious delicious crepes and back home.

Overall, another excellent TCAF experience!