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Serial Mom (1994) is one of the greatest films I’ve ever watched. Kathleen Turner is bloody brilliant (pun intended) as Beverly Sutphin, a typical suburban howsewife who doubles as the must hilarious serial killer you’ve ever seen. Watch her kill people over things like rewinding a vhs tape and criticing her children, and try not to think about what your neighbours’ do when they think no one’s looking. With killer performances by Sam Waterson, Matthew Lillard and Ricki Lake, this movie is the right choice for people who want a good laugh. 

Killia, Disgaea

Killia’s a powerful demon with a personal vendetta against Void Dark and wanders the Netherworlds to exact his revenge. He dislikes making allies, but when fighting the Lost he rescues Seraphina and is reluctantly drafted as her vassal. Killia burns calories furiously fast, and thus needs to eat often and will do so whenever the chance presents itself. He prefers rare ingredients for his meals and will go to extremely dangerous locations to obtain them.



30 exemplaires / 28 pages / noir & blanc / 2€

par Romain Gautreau

Vous venez de lire la deuxième partie des “Huitres d'eau douce”.
Cette histoire a été improvisée d'octobre 2011 à juin 2012.

“Les Huitres d'eau douce” est une trilogie composée du Plus 5, du Plus 10 et du Plus 12.

Cette trilogie a été compilée dans le DCG001, disponible là ->

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