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painting the meadow’s void.

pairing: jungkook x reader

genre: fluff fluff fluff / soulmate au

word count: 12,928

description: Engraved in your skin, the time and date that you will meet the person that fate believes is perfect for you. Seven years since the marks rose from the depths of your souls, the two of you have been waiting and now the moment is finally here. But the date of your meeting just also happens to be on Christmas and unfortunately Jungkook has absolutely no idea what to get for someone who somehow already means so much to him, yet he still knows so little about. 

request: soulmate timer au

note: this is incredibly cheesy, forgive me lol. also this is part of the seven days of christmas collaboration!

December 24th 10:52

Jungkook’s dreams are filled with starry skies. The black expanse painted with twinkling lights and a crescent moon finish. Lying on his back, the blades of grass falling between the spaces of his fingers. Everything feels so calm, a light breeze mixing with the coldness of the air around him. This is perfect, he thinks to himself. But then suddenly the gentle graze of something settles its way onto the palm of his hand and he thinks to himself — no, this is perfect.

The grip of his hand tightens around the soft and delicate skin of your wrist. He runs his thumb along the top of your knuckles as he tries to memorize the ridges of his self-conjured image of your being. It induces goosebumps along his entire body. Just from your touch alone, and in a dream no less, he is still so affected. A deep inhale enters his lungs before he turns to look at you lying next to him in the grassy meadow of his dreams. The edges of his vision are blurry and he can’t make out your face, but it doesn’t matter to him because this is perfect — you are perfect.

He wants to move closer. He wants to hold you in his arms, and he is so close to making this a reality, even if it is in his dreams, but then—

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I'm Sorry Part 3.5

Warning: lots of violence, attempted murder, attempted suicide, and much much more blood and gore.

It’s rare for me to start the A/Ns with a warning but… The whole chapter is basically just that….. Sorry….

In the middle part, the POV changes back and forth to different places. Sorry if it will be confusing.


Fresh paced around the hallways as he waits for the doctor to come out of the room. He found Fika in a very narrow alleyway, already dying. He really hopes that Fika will be safe.

“Fresh, calm down.” Paperjam hugged fresh from behind. Fresh just nodded and sighed.

A few minutes later, familiar voices called out to them.

“Fresh!” Fresh looked at the direction of the voice and saw Xahji. She has a worried look on her face, tears threatening to fall.

“X-xahji….” Fresh looked behind Xahji and noticed the worried Idle and Siren. Colonna is there as well. But for some reason….. She looks like she is faking it…. Fresh must be overthinking it.

“Where’s Fika?! Is she alright?” Idle asked worryingly.

“We don’t know yet…… ” Fresh responded.

“Poor Fika…” Colonna said with fake concern.

“Let’s just wait… For now….” Fresh said as they sat.

A few minutes later which felt like hours, the doctor finally came out.

“Doctor!” Idle rushed to the doctor and grabbed her coat.

“How is she?” Siren questioned.

“Her vocal cord is damaged. She won’t be able to apeak from now on. And she had a lot of blood loss. She would need hours or maybe days befor she wakes up. But I can assure you that she will live.” The doctor said as she removed Idle’s hands gently.

“Thank you.” Paper jam said.

“You can enter the room now but be gentle. Call me when needed.” The doc said and left them.

Idle quickly bursted into the room. He rushed to Fika’s side.

“Fika…. I’m sorry you had to suffer for this…..” Idle apologized hoping that he hears her.

“Idle, don’t blame yourself.” Colonna held his shoulders.

“But it IS my fault!” Idle’s tears started to fall.

“No it’s not.” Xahji hugged Idle.

“B-but-” Idle started only to be cut off by a kiss.

“Look, Idle. It’s not your fault. It’s no one’s fault. Let’s just make sure that Fika is ok.” Siren said. No one noticed the frown that Colonna was giving though.

“I’ll stay here to watch on Fika. Someone has to guard her, y'know.” Fresh said.

“You sure? You’ll be skipping class.” Colonna confirmed.

“I’ll be fine. One absent won’t hurt.” Fresh assured her.

“Plus, I’ll be with him the whole time.” Paperjam added.

“Ok….” Idle nodded and left the room with Siren, Xahji and Colonna.

“Now….” PaperJam pulled Fresh by the waist. “We finally have time for ourselves~” He kissed Fresh suddenly, earning a slight reaction from him.

“Mmmf~!” Fresh felt PaperJam penetrate his mouth. He pushed PJ away, blushing.

“P-paperJam… We are in a hospital….. This isn’t a place where we should do it now…..” Fresh said, embarrassed. “Plus, Fika might wake up any minute…”

“Freshy…. You’re no fun, today.” PaperJam leaned his head on the crook of Fresh’s neck.

“We just…. Can’t do it here….” Fresh looked away.

“How about tonight~?” PaperJam smirked when he saw Fresh’s blush darken.


(Me: Meanwhile, with the tailed jerk, clueless idiot, one-eyed monster and the psychopatic yandere~)
(Siren, Idle, Xahji & Colonna: Excuse us?!?!)
(Me: Ok, ok. Meanwhile, with the four friends~)

“I can’t believe this….” Xahji thought outloud.

“Fika was one of the few friends I have….” Idle sighed.

“She did nothing wrong to deserve this.” Siren growled with anger.

“Whoever could have done this?” Colonna asked to nobody in particular.

They all just sighed in unison. They were walkng back to the school since it’d only a 25-minute walk to the hospital.

“Poor Fika…” Idle murmured.

“Hey, guys. Let’s just go back and inform everyone in class.” Colonna said.

They all agreed.

“They have the right to know.” Siren told them.

“I’m gonna tell Goth to tell Palette. The captain and the nurse were close, afterall.” Xahji informed her friends.

“I’ll…. Go tell Cray….and maybe Cil….” Idle looked down at his feet, some of his tears still escaped.

“Idle….” Siren hugged his boyfriend tightly.

“I’ll go tell My bros….. And maybe the teachers, I guess….” Siren looked to the side.

“I’ll… Tell our classmates then.” Colonna kept walking ahead of her friends.

“Let’s just hope that she’ll be fine.” They all nodded until finally, they reached the school.

~time skip brought to you by cliche~

Colonna rushed to the clinic and took the poison. Good thing that she stole Fika’s keys before she stabbed her to half-death.

Her plan has officially started.

“This will work. Fika is in the hospital, Snazzy and Cil have practice, Xahji’s helping Goth in fixing the library, Swifty and Cray are preparing for the next UnderHigh News, Idle is with them… But I can call him here…” Colonna thought to herself.

“Just gotta prepare the suicide letter, the food, the poison and my trusty knife just in case.” Colonna pulled out her knife. Her favorite one to use in killing people. Yes, this wasn’t the first time.

There were multiple cases of dissapearance of students in their school. And it’s all because they either had a crush on Siren or they got too close to him.

“Oh Siren-pai, we will be together soon. I promise…” She hid the knife in her knife pocket under her skirt. That way, it won’t be too obvious.

She poured the poison in the food and decided to call Idle for an invitation for snacks.

Ring. Ring. Ring.

“Hello?” She smiled when she heard Idle.

“Hey, Idle. You busy? I was wondering if we could have a snack together today.” Colonna said innocently.

“Sure! I’ll just have to finish some things here.” Idle smiled.

“Ok! I’m willing to wait.” Waiting isn’t a problem for her, anymore. It’s all calculated. “See you on the roof top.”

“I’ll be there in 20 min i guess.” Idle chuckled and hung up the phone.

After poisoning Idle, she could just throw him off the railings down the dumpster next to the school’s incinerator. She prepared everything beforehand.

By lunch, the delinquents aren’t there, guarding. If she ever had to use her knife, she could still throw the body there and use the door on the west. That place isn’t crowded plus, it was almost time for school to end, anyways.

“Everything is flowing according to plan. And his 20 minutes has started. Its…. 5:25.” Colonna smirked and waited for the clueless Idle to go.

19:53 left.


“Ugh….. This is such a pain…..” Xahji complained as she put down a box above the three other boxes.

“Hey, Xahji. Need help?” A voice said.

“Oh. Hey, Dance. I was just about to take these to my clubroom.” Xahji said. “But they are too heavy.”

“I can help you.” Dance suggested.

“Really? It won’t bother you, would it?” Xahji asked.

“Nah. Not a single bit.” Dance smiled as he picked up the two heavier boxes.

“Ok. Thanks.” Xahji said and picked up the other two boxes.

14:41 left.


“It’s almost 10 hours…” Fresh sighed as she looked at Fika with worried eyes.

“She’ll be fine.” PaperJam said while playing in his phone.

“You always say that.” Fresh frowned and looked at PaperJam.

“Because it’s the truth.” PaperJam said.

“But she’s been asleep. For 10 hours!” Fresh shouted the last part.

“So? She will wake up soon, Fresh! Justcalm down!” He heard a game over in his phone. “Great. Now, look. I lost.”

“So what?! Fika is much more important!” Fresh shouted before he heard a groan.

He looked at Fika moving. He rushed to her side and held her hand.

“Fika? Fika can you hear me? Paperjam call the doctor!” Fresh stated in panic and relief.

“Got it.” PaperJam pushed the button and alerted the nurses that Fika is awake.

“Fika, you’re safe now. We’re here.” Fresh smiled.

“F…..fresh…?” Fike tried to talk but it hurt. She can’t speak and it hurts when she tries. But she has to warn them.

“I’m here, Fika. You’re safe.” Fresh assured her. “Don’t force yourself to talk.”

“P….lease…. S….save…. I… Idle.” Her voice was hoarse and and broken. “He’s in danger….”

“Why would he be in danger?” Paperjam asked. “Do you remember who did this?”

“C…..colo…..nna….” That was what she said, tears running down her face before the nurses bursted into the room.

Fresh gasped. “Colonna?”

“Sorry, sirs but we have to get you out of this room.” Fresh and PaperJam nodded before rushing to the school.

“We have to save Idle! Colonna could kill him!” Fresh said as they exit the hospital.

“Hop on!” Paperjam threw Fresh a helmet before starting his motorcycle. It’ll be faster than running. You can reach school in 8 minutes.

They rushed to the school’s direction as fast as they can.

12:45 left.


Idle wrote down the last details of his story and closed his new notebook. It will be such a cute twist that the girl meets her own doppleganger!

Idle smiled and hid his notebook.

“Now, to meet Colly.” Idle looked at his watch. “It’s 5:39 pm. Better head there now.” He whispered to himself.

“Hey, Swifty, Cray, I’ll be on the rooftop with Colly if you need me.” Idle shouted.

“Okie dokie!” Cray shouted back. Swifty juat gave him a thumb’s up.

“See you later!” Idle waved and headed for the rooftop.

05:27 left.


“Here we are!” Fresh shouted. The two of them parked the motor and removed their helmets to rush to the UHN office.

As they were running there, Siren stopped them.

“Siren, what the fuck! Let us go!” PaperJam demanded.

“Why are you even running? That’s against the rules!” Siren scolded.

“Please, Siren. We have to go to UHN. Idle’s in danger!” This made him shocked. He let them go.

“Where is he?” Siren said, tattoos glowing a bit.

“We don’t know yet. But he might be in their clubroom.“  Fresh said.

"Let’s go, then.” The three of them rushed to where The clubroom is located.

04:02 left.


“Ouuuuch….” Xahji complained.

“That still looks heavy. Need me to take the other one?” Dance asked, stooping for Xahji.

“No, thank you. I bothered you enough.” Xahji smiled.

“Ok.” Dance said.

“Xahji!” Snazzy shouted.

“Hey, Zee. Hey, Cil. Whatcha doin?” Xahji asked.

“Oh. Practice was over so I oughta might visit ya in the Library. But it seems that you have company.” Snazzy glared at Dance.

“Zee, he was just coincidentally there when I needed help. Geez.” Xahji smiled.

“But still. You shouldn’t trust some random guy. Especially when I don’t know them.” Snazzy said with a hint of jealousy.

“Aww, is Snazzy jealous?” Cil asked laughed.

“Wha-no!"Snazzy blushed. Xahji and Dance laughed.

"I have no plan to steal your girlfriend, Zee.” Dance chuckled.

“First of all, only Xahji can call me that. Second, don’t try me.” Snazzy said.

“Ok, ok. Calm down, boys.” Xahji said.

“Let me help you with that, mi amore.” Snazzy said with Xahji and kissed her on the forehead. He took the two boxes from Xahji .

“T-thanks…” Xahji blushes a bit.

“So, where do we take these?” Snazzy asked.

“At the clubroom.” Xahji stretched.

“Ok, then.” Snazzy smiled and walked between Xahji and Dance to the clubroom. Cil was just amused at Snazzy getting jealous.

03:14 left.


“Who are we gonna interview next?” Swifty asked.

“The basketball team, of course!” Cray grinned. “We’ll have a big ambush interview!”

“Ok. Let’s get started.” Swifty answered as the door opens.

“Hey, Swifty. Hey, Cray.” Xahji waved.

“Oh, hey Xahji! Hey, Snazzy! Cil! What a surprise! And….” Cray leaned to the side and saw Dance. “It seems like we have a visitor.”

“Oh. This is Dance. A childhood friend of mine.” Xahji introduced him.

“Hey. I’m Dance. Nice to meet you.” Hesaid as he put down the boxes.

“Nice to know you too.” Cray’s smile widened.

“Whatare these for, bro?” Swifty asked to Snazzy.

“These? Just some books.” Snazzy said.

“My bro wanted to stock these here in the clubroom. He said that they’d be useful.” Xahji said.

“There are probs 30 books in each box.” Cil wondered.

“Uh huh.” Dance agreed.

“Well, it’s great that we’re finally done with these.” Snazzy stretched. “They were quite heavy.”

“I had to agree.” Dance nodded. “It would be hard to carry all of these on your own, right J?” Dance said to Xahji.

“Stop calling me with that nickname. Blegh.” Xahji complained.

Snazzy just glared at Dance as Swifty, Cray and Cil giggled at the background.

1:27 left.


“So Fika is fine?” Siren asked as they ran.

“Yeah. She also warned us about Colonna.” Fresh answered.

“What about her?” Siren raised his eyebrow.

“She is Fika’s-” PaperJam started but was cut when they reached the clubroom.

“Guys! Bad news!” Fresh slammed the door open.

“Bro! What happened?” Cil rushed to PaperJam’s side.

“No time to explain. Where is Idle?” PaperJam demanded.

“O-on the rooftop with Colly. Why?” Cray answered.

“What?!” Fresh and Paperjam Shouted in unison.

“We gotta go. Now.” PaperJam was ready to run but was stopped by Swifty.

“We’re coming with you.” Cil said firmly.

“Ok, good. But we have to hurry.” Paperjam said.

“We will stay here. We still gotta do something.” Xahji said.

“You’re not coming with us?”

“We’ll catch up.” Snazzy assured them.

“Ok. Come on!” Swifty, Siren, Dance, Cil, PaperJam, Fresh and Cray rushed to the rooftop. There’s no time to waste.

00:45 left.



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anonymous asked:

msr prompt: fake relationship (b/c plz) but then Skinner is there (I'm thinking maybe a hs reunion & Skinner is a friend of a classmate, but 100% up 2 u)

A bit of fun for a Sunday morning 

Mulder glanced up from his computer screen as he heard Scully groan in frustration opposite him. “You ok?”

“Yeah, sorry.”

“What’s up?”

“Oh it’s nothing.”

“It doesn’t sound like nothing.”

Sighing, Scully looked up from her own computer, then sighed once again. “I just received an email from one of my school friends,” she explained.

“Has something happened?”

“Sadly not.” At Mulder’s puzzled expression she continued. “My friend…Susan…Well my sort of friend…”

“Your high school friend.”

“Yeah. She’s just reminding me that it’s our annual high school meet up next weekend. I hadn’t heard anything so I presumed it wasn’t going ahead this year, but sadly not.”

“You don’t sound thrilled at the prospect.”

“That’s because I’m not.”

“So don’t go. Tell them you’re working.”

“I told them that last year.”

“Tell them you’re on vacation.”

“I told them that the year before.”

Mulder grinned. “Why don’t you want to go Scully? Isn’t it nice to catch up with old friends?”

“It is, sometimes, but not these old friends.”

“Why not?”

“Well they’re just…you know?”

“You’re talking to a guy who lost all of his school friends the moment he started talking about alien abductions. I don’t know.”

“They’re all smug married people.”


“And I’m not.”

“And that’s a problem?”

“It is, because it makes me their project.”

“Their project?”

She sighed once again. “Our annual meetup invite always states plus one. The last time I didn’t take anyone, so they spent the whole evening trying to match me with guys. Any guy who had a pulse.”

“Sounds delightful.”

“More like soul destroying. I’m perfectly happy with my life but they make me feel as though I’m a failure in some way.”

“You’re not a failure Scully,” replied Mulder, his work now forgotten. “Don’t go.”

“I know…”


“There are one or two of them I actually like. And I do feel bad when they make the effort to invite me.”

“So take someone else.”

“Mulder, most of my friends have lives. They don’t want to come to someone else’s high school reunion, plus I don’t want them to pity me.”

He chuckled. “I don’t pity you.” He suddenly realized what he was suggesting. “Actually, I don’t have a life, which means I don’t have any plans.”

“Mulder, I couldn’t ask you to do that.”


“It’ll be boring. They’ll only talk about marriage and babies and house prices.”

“Will there be alcohol?”

She smiled. “There will be a bar.”

“Listen, if you want me to come, I will. If you bring a friend maybe they’ll go easy on you, or they might take pity on me instead and make me their new project. It’ll at least mean you get a chance to enjoy yourself. It might be fun.”

“It won’t be fun.”

“It will if I ask them to show me pictures of a teenage Dana Scully. I’m kidding, I’m kidding,” he added, as Scully glared at them. “At the very least we can put them off dinner by talking about the Flukeman.” He grinned. “Every time they discuss marriage we can talk about autopsies if you like.”

Scully shook her head. “It’s fine Mulder, I’ll make my excuses.”

“Email her back and say we’ll go. C’mon Scully, what’s the worst that could happen?”

Little did they know.



Scully looked up, recognizing the voice of the woman who’d called her. Mulder saw her grimace for a split second before she forced a polite smile and walked towards her former classmate. “Susan, hi.”

“Hi!” Mulder watched as a petite brunette woman pulled Scully into her arms for a hug. As they pulled back and appraised one another, Mulder also took the opportunity to consider the woman. She had a warm, friendly face, tight curly hair and glasses that reminded him of Skinner, he realized, chuckling to himself. She seemed friendly enough, and he wasn’t quite sure why Scully wasn’t so keen on spending time with her.

“You look great Dana.”

“Thank you,” Scully replied a little awkwardly. She’d never been comfortable accepting compliments. “So do you.”

Smiling, her classmate suddenly caught sight of Mulder. “Hi there.” Taking the hint, Scully turned to him.

“Susan, this is my partner, Fox –”

“Call me Mulder,” he interrupted, reaching out to shake Susan’s hand. “Good to meet you.”

Susan shook his hand warmly. “Your partner? Congratulations.”

“Oh –” Before either Mulder or Scully could interrupt and correct her, she’d continued. “Well it’s about time Dana! We’ve been saying for a few months now that you really needed to start thinking about settling down. It’s been years since Ethan, and honey you’re not getting any younger.”

“While Scully bit down on her lip so tightly that Mulder presumed she was about to draw blood, he raised his eyebrows in surprise. So that was why she didn’t like the woman. Taking a deep breath, Scully maintained both her polite smile and her restraint.

“Oh, Mulder isn’t my partner,” she explained calmly. Susan’s smile faded. “We just –”

“We don’t know what to call it,” Mulder said, shifting closer to Scully. “Partner sounds like we just work together, boyfriend and girlfriend is odd because we’re not kids anymore…” Glancing over at his partner, he noted her shocked – and pissed – expression. *In for a penny, in for a pound* he thought to himself, as he then took hold of her hand. “We prefer “significant other,” don’t we honeybunch?” He winked at his partner, who was thankfully too shocked to respond. However he knew from the look on her face that he’d be paying the price for this as soon as they were out of earshot.

“Oh isn’t that adorable?” Susan enthused, clearly excited that Scully had finally found someone. “Come, the rest of the girls are over there.” She pointed to a long table set up near the back of the room. “They’ll be so pleased to see you, and of course to meet Mulder. It’s been a while since Dana has introduced us to anyone. Come, sit down and tell us all how you both met.” With that she walked off. “Come!”

“I hate you,” Scully murmured, squeezing Mulder’s hand so hard he thought she’d broken it. Wincing, he followed his partner and her friend for an evening of entertainment – at least for him.


There was no doubt about it, Scully was going to kill him, Mulder thought, as he wrapped an arm around her shoulders. In response, she dug her nails into his upper thigh. Hard. Around the table sat seven other women with their husbands, girlfriends and, in the case of one couple whose babysitter cancelled at the last minute, their children. They were all listening intently to the story of how Mulder and Scully met. He recalled a similar conversation not too long ago when both he and Scully were out in California, and recalled the death glare his partner had shot him when he’d informed their neighbors that they’d met at a UFO conference. This time however, he decided to stick to the truth. “…and then Dana was assigned to work with me. It was love at first sight on my part,” he added, flashing Scully a sheepish grin. Her expression suggested she couldn’t decide whether to punch him or vomit.

Thankfully her school friends were oblivious.  A lady sitting opposite, Caroline, clapped her hands together. “That’s so adorable. Who’d have thought you could find love at the FBI.”

“Well look at Anna.” All eyes landed on a woman sat next to Scully. “She managed it.”

“You work at the FBI?” Mulder asked. The woman shook her head.

“No, but my partner does. He’s coming along shortly.”

“I bet your mom is excited for you Dana,” interrupted another woman, Laura. “I bet she can’t wait for the big day.”

“Oh we’re not getting married,” Scully replied, with an air of finality that only Mulder could detect. He willed himself not to smirk.

“Not yet anyway,” he interrupted, receiving another dig to the thigh. He was clearly having the time of his life, though he knew he’d pay the price for it as soon as he and Scully left the building. “But right now we’re happy as we are.”

Scully suddenly sat forward in her chair, picked up her glass of wine from the table and downed what was left of her drink. “Who wants another?” she asked. As her friends gave their orders, she made a mental note and then turned to Mulder. “Can you help me with the drinks…sweetheart?”

“I’ll help you Dana,” offered Anna.

“Oh no it’s fine,” she replied sweetly. “Mulder will help me.” She glared at her partner, who then nodded and got to his feet, ready to face the wrath of Scully.


“What the hell are you playing at?”

They were barely out of their seats when Scully turned on him. “What?”

“Don’t what me. You know. Significant other. Marriage. Mulder, some of those woman still speak to my mom. And Bill too.”

“Bill?” Mulder grimaced as he realized that word of their “relationship” might reach Scully’s brother. “I was helping you out.”

“Helping me? How?”

“Scully you told me those woman only ever talk about marriage and babies and can’t understand why you’re single. They pretty much turned on you the instant you walked in here…” His eyes suddenly narrowed. “Wait, you are single aren’t you? I’m not stepping on anyone’s toes?”

“Shut up Mulder.”

“I know how uncomfortable they make you feel. You said yourself that they’re like leeches sucking out your soul.”

“They are.”

“And that they’re constantly discussing your love life.”

Scully sighed. “I know.”

“I’m just helping you out, getting them off of your back for one night. At the next reunion you can just tell them we split up. Make me the bad guy.”

“I guess so.” She didn’t look too convinced. “Alright,” she conceded, once she’d given the drinks order to the barman. “But only because telling the truth now would just make me look pathetic. You get to deal with my mom when she inevitably finds out. “

“Deal. For a moment I thought you were going to make me talk to Bill.”

“Don’t tempt me. Bill would tear you apart if he thought we were dating.”


Scully saw Mulder’s eyes dart over towards their table, before refocusing on her. He smiled sweetly, while she eyed him cautiously. “What?”

She stood perfectly still as her partner reached out, tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ears. His breath caressed her skin as he leaned in to whisper. “They’re watching us,” he whispered, suddenly cupping her jaw and kissing her tenderly on the lips. It was a sweet kiss, PG-rated, but it still look Scully by surprise and left her breathless. It was a dangerous kiss, she thought to herself as Mulder pulled back and smiled once again, licking his lips subconsciously. It made her want to kiss him again.

“This is what couples do, isn’t it?” He turned o pick up the drinks in front of him when suddenly he caught sight of Anna walking towards them with a familiar figure. A familiar male figure. “Shit.”

“What?” Scully was oblivious, still paying for the order.


She froze as she suddenly heard AD Skinner’s voice ring out behind her. Mulder was sporting his best panic face as he realized by Skinner’s smug, knowing grin that he’d just witnessed their public display of affection.


Scully slowly turned, her face flushing furiously. “AD Skinner.”

“I told Dana you were coming, I didn’t realize you knew one another,” Anna explained, clearly unaware of the awkward tension that had crept into the room.

“You could say that,” Skinner replied. “I see you two are enjoying the evening.”

“Sir –”

“Anna was just telling me about the new man in your life Dana.”

Scully looked as though she wanted the ground to open up and swallow her. After she’d murdered Mulder of course.

“It’s not what it looks like sir.”

“Nonsense, I’ve heard the rumors.”

Now she definitely looked as though she was moments away from killing her partner.

“You don’t need to pretend otherwise around me, at least not now. We’re not at work this evening.” He gestured back to their table. “We’ll see you shortly.”

Skinner and Anna headed back over towards their table, leaving Mulder and Scully alone.



“I didn’t –”

“Just don’t.” She gestured once again to the barman.

“What are you doing?”

“Getting a drink.”

Mulder looked down at the glass of wine he was holding. “You’ve already got a drink.”

“I know. I need another.”

It was going to be a long night.

technicallydeliciouspeach  asked:

Hello~ Could you please do some hc on how the rfa would react to mc having a huge scar? I'm sorry if I'm being pathetic but well... I have a huge one on my chest from an operation on my heart. I'm kinda used to it now but today one person said that it's disgusting and I had no idea it would hurt me so much. I love your writing. Thank you for everything you do


I really wanted to do this request asap to make you feel better… but I was busier for the past few weeks than I expected… And we have a LOT of requests in the inbox. 

(Plus my sprained ankle from saving a dog on the road, and a virus—btw both happened the respective days my horoscope sign was ranked 12th on Oha Asa horoscope D: Oha Asa is never wrong.)

Anyway enough with that!! I didn’t write Jaehee’s because I’m not always able to imagine her reaction… Onto the very late fic—I am still very very sorry that this took so long ;^;


RFA Reacts: MC with a Huge Scar


  • We all know he’s the somewhat shy, reluctant type when it comes to doing… explicit stuff
  • So it took a while for him to find out about the scar on your chest
  • When he saw it, his eyes were WIDE with shock
  • And that made you absolutely fucking nervous.
  • Was he… disappointed that you didn’t have perfect skin? That when he touched you during intimate moments, he would have to run his hands over your scar and maybe feel.. disgusted?
  • “Are you… disappointed?” you bit your lip, trying to control the anxious feelings boiling in your chest
  • He frantically shook his head, his eyes still wide in horror at your chest.
  • “MC… who did this to you?” he choked out, tears welling up in his eyes. “Why do you have this…?”
  • Confused, you hesitantly replied, “What… do you mean? It’s from a surgery I had on my heart, a while back…”
  • Immediately, relief replaced the fear on his face. He pulled you close, breathing shakily.
  • “Oh god… I’m so glad… I was so scared that someone hurt you…”
  • You still weren’t sure how he felt about your scar. “You don’t mind? That there’s this… thing on my chest.”
  • He continued to bury his head on your shoulder. “No, MC… I would never be disappointed in you about something like this. I fell in love with you because I enjoy being with you, not because of how you look.”
  • You returned his embrace with trembling hands, holding him tightly. “…Thank you. Just. Thank you.”


  • Usually, Zen took you out on his day-offs from work
  • But for some reason, you had rejected his invitation that day without reason
  • Worried, he visited you at home, wondering if you were sick.
  • He even brought you soup.
  • You were very reluctant in opening the door to him, feeling shitty. But you’d feel guilty letting him wait outside for hours (because he WILL do that for you) and decided to let him in
  • He was like a puppy greeting their master home, jumping onto you and hugging you as soon as he saw you
  • You winced slightly as his hard abs ahemchest bumped against your scar
  • It’s not like it really hurt anymore, but it was more of an internal pain
  • You avoided his excited gaze and his grin gradually turned to a frown. “What’s wrong, MC?”
  • You sighed. “You know how I had that surgery a while back? I… someone told me it looked disgusting today.”
  • His frown deepened, eyes narrowing into a glare. Despite his very obvious anger, he maintained a cold, low voice. “Who said it.”
  • You shook your head. “It doesn’t matter who said it, more that someone actually commented about the scar in the first place…”
  • His eyes turned sad. “But you’re very beautiful in my eyes… If anyone insults how you look, I’ll always be here to feed you endless compliments about you, because I am in love with you and I want to make you feel better any way I can. MC… for every word that hurts you, I’ll give you ten times the love and care to make you smile again.”
  • You let out a small smile. His words did help a bit. You simply nodded quietly in response to his statement, and he returned a grin, pecking you on the lips.


  • One of the bodyguards had informed him about how you’d locked yourself in your room all day. Overwhelmed with a sudden concern, he left work early, not even bothering to clean up the documents on his desk. No, you were a higher priority than his business.
  • He got home in record time, urging Driver Kim to speed on a route with tolls so he could return to your side immediately.
  • In a panic, he whizzed past the bodyguards and maids at his apartment as he rushed to your room. “MC!?” He was panting.
  • Hearing his voice, you froze inside the room. Why was he home so early…?
  • You’d planned to wipe away your tears and convince yourself you were fine before he returned so that he wouldn’t have to worry about you. You didn’t like making him stress out about you. He had so many other important matters to attend to, after all.
  • But he was here.
  • And secretly, you felt happy that he cared enough to come check on you. Not that you would ever admit it out loud. It just felt good to have someone worrying sometimes.
  • “MC… please open the door, and tell me what’s wrong,” he pleaded, knocking on the door repeatedly.
  • You quietly stepped out of the room, hesitantly meeting his gaze. It was a dark storm in his panicked eyes.
  • He looked over you quickly, sighing in relief that you appeared to be fine, physically, at least.
  • His hands were trembling when they caressed yours, bringing it to his lips to smother in kisses. “I heard that you’d locked yourself in your room today. Did something happen?”
  • You slowly nodded, knowing very well that he would catch your lie. And so you told him how someone had made a hurtful comment about your scar.
  • He knew fully well that you could be sensitive about it, even though you were usually okay. So he listened quietly as you spoke, letting him comfort you with a warm hug and calming hair strokes.
  • No matter how calm he usually appears on the outside, Jumin loved you enough to make a fool of himself for even the little things. Because he loves you for who you are, for every moment you’ve shared together, and everything you’ve ever done for him.


  • He’d actually been by your side when it had happened. When someone made fun of your scar.
  • And Seven was absolutely furious, holding himself back from punching them, only because you had quietly told him not to, in a pained voice.
  • The car ride back home was silent. He was quietly fuming in anger, while you were feeling self-conscious about yourself.
  • Then suddenly, he went off the road you usually took, calmly driving on the highway elsewhere.
  • “Where are we going?” you asked, bewildered by the sudden change in route.
  • “Somewhere. Together.”
  • You stared out the window, feeling calm from the ride as the scenery whizzed by.
  • When the car finally stopped, you noticed that you had pulled up to a hot spring motel.
  • “We’re gonna be staying here for the night,” he grinned. “So you can relax!”
  • You felt touched by his actions. He wasn’t the best at comforting people verbally considering his own history… but he always knew what to do to make you feel better.
  • “But… how did you make a reservation for us so quickly?” you asked curiously.
  • “Heheh~ That’s! A! Secret!” he winked.

Tbh I wish we had more fan content focused on how Mika used to cover up how miserable he was with a happy facade and now he just…doesn’t have the strength or willpower to keep it up anymore, and /especially/ how Yuu knew he was hurting and tried to help in any way he could. Like, I know there’s a tendancy to focus on how Mika shifted from being a happy-go-lucky person to someone who’s cold and shut off, but I don’t think there’s really been as much focus on the fact that he was struggling /when/ he was positive? And there’s usually a lot of fan focus on Yuu being sad about Mika losing his smile but honestly…in canon I’m pretty sure that Yuu wouldn’t be as sad about Mika losing his positive attitude as much as he would be upset by the fact that Mika doesn’t have the energy to keep it up anymore. Mika’s personality shift isn’t really so much as a drastic change as much as it is him giving up. Before, he had to keep up appearences so his family wouldn’t get worried, but now that they’re gone, what’s the point? The only person in the world he cares about who remembers him like he used to already knew that it was all a lie anyways. He’s got no reason to keep it up. Plus, the vampirism isn’t exactly helping, either.

Idk, I just think that it’s an aspect of his character that isn’t really thought of enough

Title: Cherish Those Who Care
Character: Danny Rand
A/n: A story in which reader is insecure about her lack of toughness because she’s surrounded by badass warriors 24/7 and danny boi convinces her otherwise.

Danny knocked softly on your apartment door, looking around the empty hallway as he waited for your replay. His foot tapping on the ground to try and help relieve the minor anxiety he had built up over the last couple of days.

You hadn’t been returning his calls or answering his texts. It had been days since you stopped by his office to say hello like you always did when you found time to.

At first, Danny reasoned that you were just busy with your work. He knew you loved what you did, and sometimes you just got caught up with it all.

But then a week almost passed, and he couldn’t help but worry.

“Oh, Danny,” He was so focused on his thoughts that he didn’t realize you had already answered the door. “What are you doing here?”

Danny tugged on his tie and smiled nervously. “Hey, you’re alright.”

“Why wouldn’t I be?”

“Nothing, it’s just,” He said, trying to put together words. “You haven’t been around much lately.”

“Oh, yeah, about that.” You said, looking up at him. “Come on in.”

Danny nodded and came inside, noticing that you had already disappeared into another room. “(Y/n)?”

“Hmm? I’m in here.” Your voice came from the kitchem, when he followed you were pouring something into a mug. “In here.”


“No, chocolate milk,” You said, placing a brown bottle back into the fridge. “I don’t really like coffee.”

Danny found himself smiling fondly at you as he took a seat at one of the kitchen stools. “You know, that’s pretty cute.”

You were about to smile back when your face turned more serious and you pushed the mug away. “About that,” You said, taking a breif pause. “Am I too soft?”

“I’m sorry?”

“I just mean, I’m not really the fighting kind of person like Colleen or Claire. I’m not a very intimidating being either.”

Danny’s brows knitted together as he looked at you. “What are you talking about?”

“Nothing, it’s just, ” You said, your fingers preoccupying themselves by tracing the grain of your counter. “Maybe you should spend less time with me. There’s nothing I can offer you in terms of taking down the Hand or fulfilling your destiny. You should focus more on that.”

“You don’t want to see me anymore?” Danny asked, his voice becoming sad and quiet.

“No! It’s not that I don’t want to, I’m just trying to think of what’s best for you.” You told him, suddenly feeling very shy. “And it’s not me.”

Danny was quiet for a moment, a conflicted expression on his face before he turned to look at you.

“When I was in the monastery, the monks there taught me how to read people. Not just their body language or expression, but how to tell what kind of person they are. They said it would help me choose my enemies and my allies.”

Your brows furrowed. “Allies? Bit of a stiff word to call your friends.”

Danny laughed softly, his head slightly shaking. “The monks were pretty ‘stiff’ people, certain emotions or pleasures were considered distractions, and distractions became weaknesses.”

You nodded, you didn’t fully understand the entire thing, but then again, you really didn’t have to.

You looked up at him. “So, am I an ‘ally’ or an enemy?”

Danny smiled, his gazed locked with yours. “When I first saw you, I noticed your eyes right off.”

You felt the corner of your mouth turn upward into a smile while you gave him a curious expression. “Did you?”

He nodded. “They were gentle eyes, kind eyes,” Danny answered before looking down at his hands. “It was a bit hard to look away if I’m being honest.”

You scoffed, leaning backward into your chair. “You’re just saying that.”

“No, really,” Danny said, placing his hand on top of yours. “I was met with all sorts of bizarre looks that day, a lot of uncaring people who just ignored my presence.”

He paused, looking at you to make sure you were listening to what he was saying.

“But you,” He took your hand, his thumb softly brushed against the back of it. “You were the first person to smile at me, genuinely smile. You talked to me, and you listened to what I had to say. There wasn’t a moment where I thought you were judging me, it was just pure kindness of another person. And it meant the world to me.”

You sighed, regardless of feeling humbled by his thoughts, your insecurities were still lingering in the back of your head. “But maybe I’m too soft. Maybe if I was more ‘tough’ I’d actually be more useful to you.”

“In my opinion,” Danny said, his tone nothing but sincere. “It takes a great deal of courage to be soft and kind in a world that is so cruel.”

You felt his grip on your hand tighten for a moment. “And it’s a trait that is rare to find in people.”


He held up in his finger, letting you know that now wasn’t the time for you to argue with him. “So, if you think that you have to be more ‘tough’ to make a difference, I can assure you that you don’t. And I wouldn’t want you to be any other way, because without it, I don’t know what would’ve happened to me.”

You smiled. “I’m sure you would’ve managed without me.”

“I don’t think so,” Danny tilted his head so your eyes would remain on him. “I think I would’ve suffered a lot worse without you. Are you understanding what I’m saying?”

You nodded, having a feeling that words would have betrayed you.

Danny released your hand and opened his arms to you, still sensing your doubt. “Come here.”

You looked at him and slowly went into his arms, holding onto him tightly. “You never answered my question.”


“Am I a friend or an enemy.”

Danny lowered his head and kisses the top of yours. “You mean so much more to me than just a friend.”

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Chapter 31 (the church scene) of BLLB ends with Ronan being very angry. Why? This scene really bothers me, like I'm missing something important. He could be angry just because, but I don't think so. It's like this time, he's actually really hurt. Did the dream upset him? He almost seems ashamed (?), but I can't for the life of me figure out why. Or maybe I'm reading too much into it and he's upset because he's Ronan Lynch. What do I know? He challenges us all to learn him again :) Thanks, Kat

Dear wolfwings7,

The short answer to this is he thought he didn’t have to feel that way anymore. 

The longer answer requires spoilers. 




Is that far enough? If you’re spoiled after this, it’s your own fault. 

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Ed Sheeran sentence starters
  • "I saw a shooting star and thought of you."
  • "You were lying next to me, I looked across and fell in love."
  • "If you wanna put this on me, that’s fine, I never blamed you for anything at all."
  • "The world looks better through your eyes."
  • "It's only been one night of love and maybe that is not enough."
  • "If I fall for you, would you fall too?"
  • "It's not a homeless life for me, it's just I'm home less than I'd like to be."
  • "I haven't slept for the past week, two hours ain't enough for me."
  • "I'm drunk off last nights whisky and coke."
  • "You can stay with me forever or you could stay with me for now."
  • "Outside the day is up and calling, but I don't have to be so, please go back to sleep."
  • "Never been better since all the therapy."
  • "And you know, if I let you go, I'll still keep you safe."
  • "You are the one I fall asleep with but never wake up to."
  • "The worst things in life come free to us."
  • "I wanna be drunk when I wake up on the right side of the wrong bed."
  • "What didn't kill me, it never made me stronger at all."
  • "I know I'll never hold you like I used to."
  • "I'll be drunk again to feel a little love."
  • "I know you'll never love me like you used to."
  • "I found your hair band on my bedroom floor, the only evidence that you've been here before."
  • "I don't drink like everybody else, I do it to forget things about myself."
  • "There's no chance that we'll work it out."
  • "I said that's fine, but you're the only one that knows I lied."
  • "Everybody said we'd be together forever."
  • "Everything's great and everything's sure, but you live in your halls and I live in a tour bus."
  • "Pain is only relevant if it still hurts."
  • "If I was gonna go somewhere, I'd be there by now."
  • "I should ink my skin with your name."
  • "I should run you a hot bath and fill it up with bubbles."
  • "You should never cut your hair 'cause I love the way you flick it off your shoulder."
  • "You will never know just how beautiful you are to me."
  • "Maybe you're hoping for a fairy tale, too."
  • "This is the start of something beautiful."
  • "And it's dark in a cold December, but I've got you to keep me warm."
  • "I'm out of touch, I'm out of love."
  • "I think I love you better now."
  • "Playing a different show every night in front of a new crowd."
  • "Let me sing and do my thing and move to greener pastures."
  • "You need me, man, I don’t need you."
  • "Never be anything but a singer-songwriter, yeah."
  • "People think that I’m bound to blow up."
  • "I haven’t got a house, plus I live on a couch."
  • "They say I’m up and coming like I'm fucking in an elevator."
  • "Settle down with me, and I'll be your safety, you'll be my lady."
  • "I'm falling for your eyes, but they don't know me yet."
  • "Give me love like her, 'cause lately I've been waking up alone."
  • "All I want is the taste that your lips allow."
  • "Give me love like never before, 'cause lately I've been craving more."
  • "It's been a while but I still feel the same... maybe I should let you go."
  • "Another love that's gone to waste."
  • "If I kissed you, will your mouth read this truth?"
  • "Darling, how I miss you."
  • "You made me scream, but then I made you cry."
  • "Maybe you should learn to love her like the way you wanna be loved."
  • "I never told her that I liked the way she dances slightly out of time and pretends she knows the words to a song she's never heard."
  • "You’re not her, though I try to see you differently."
  • "I will try to find another one who suited me as well as her."
  • "We never even tried, we never even talked, we never even thought in the long run."
  • "Whenever it was painful, whenever I was away, I’d miss you."
  • "I didn't mean to break your heart."
  • "Everybody falls apart sometimes."
  • "I know you've found another one, but won't you just hold me tonight."
  • "They don't know we don't speak anymore."
  • "I will stop trying to fall in love again... it never works out anyway."
  • "But I am not anything like I was."
  • "I don't wanna lose a lover and friend in one night if that's alright."
  • "I shouldn't have fucked with your mind and your life too many times."
  • "I never meant to sleep around, I was just lonely."
  • "When I see my future, it is with you."
  • "We're not friends, nor have we ever been."
  • "If they find out, will it all go wrong?"
  • "We're not friends, we could be anything."
  • "Friends don't treat me like you do."
  • "Tell me that you turned down the man who asked for your hand 'cause you're waiting for me."
  • "I know, you're gonna be away a while, but I've got no plans at all to leave."
  • "Just promise me, you'll never leave again."
  • "Just promise me, you'll always be a friend."
  • "Everything changes, but we'll be strangers if we see this through."
  • "I've been sat with you for most of the night, ignoring everybody here."
  • "Don't you worry if I disappear."
  • "I'm not really looking for another mistake."
  • "I was never looking for a friend."
  • "Maybe you could swing by my room around ten, baby, bring a lemon and a bottle of gin."
  • "Baby, if you wanted me then you should've just said."
  • "Maybe we'll go together and just figure it out."
  • "Trust and respect is what we do this for."
  • "You didn't need to take him to bed that's all."
  • "I never saw him as a threat until you disappeared with him to have sex of course."
  • "It's not like we were both on tour, we were staying on the same fucking hotel floor."
  • "I wasn't looking for a promise or commitment, but it was never just fun and I thought you were different."
  • "This is not the way you realize what you wanted."
  • "It's a bit too much, too late if I'm honest."
  • "Getting high as two kites when we needed to breathe."
  • "I'd disappear, you'd call me selfish, I understand but I can't help it."
  • "So we can either deal with the pain and wait to get on a plane."
  • "You should go, 'cause I ain't ever coming home."
  • "I've been livin' on the road, but then again you should know."
  • "You won't ever be alone... wait for me to come home."
  • "Loving can heal, loving can mend your soul."
  • "When I'm away, I will remember how you kissed me."
  • "How'd I get so faded?"
  • "I feel the chemicals burn in my bloodstream."
  • "I've been looking for a lover, thought I'd find her in a bottle."
  • "I'll be feeling this tomorrow."
  • "You look so wonderful in your dress, I love your hair like that."
  • "We are surrounded by all of these lies and people who talk too much."
  • "You got the kind of look in your eyes as if no one knows anything but us."
  • "All that you are is all that I'll ever need."
  • "Just don’t expect me back this evening."
  • "I love him from my skin to my bones but I don’t wanna live in his home."
  • "I was raised to keep quiet."
  • "I don't wanna hate you."
  • "I kind of knew you liked the dude from private school."
  • "I knew he had his eyes on you."
  • "He's not the right guy for you."
  • "Don't hate me 'cause I write the truth."
  • "I would never lie to you but it was never fine to lose you."
  • "I'm just disgusted with the skeletons you sleep with in your closet."
  • "Fact is you're mad at me because I backtrack so casually."
  • "You're practically my family, if we married then I'll guess you'd have to be."
  • "Tragically our love just lost the will to live, but would I kill to give it one more shot? I think not."
  • "I don't love you, baby, I don't need you... I don't want you anymore."
  • "I'm not cut out for life on the road 'cause I didn't know I'd miss you this much."
  • "I guess I'm not the man that you need."
  • "Ever since you went to uni, I've been sofa surfing with a rucksack full of less cash and I guess that could get bad."
  • "When I broke the industry, that's when I broke your heart."
  • "I was supposed to chart and celebrate, but good things are over fast."
  • "I tend to turn you off and switch on my professional features, then I turn the music off and all I'm left with is to pick up my personal pieces."
  • "Success is nothing if you have no one left to share it with."
  • "I know you have a day job, but mine is 24/7."
  • "I still love you and I need you by my side if I could."
  • "The irony is if my career and music didn't exist, in 6 years, you'd probably be my wife with a kid."
  • "I'll die from a thrill, go down in history as just a wasted talent."
  • "Eventually I'll be fine, I know that it was never meant to be."
  • "These things happen for a reason and you can't change shit."
  • "Take my apology, I'm sorry for the honesty, but I had to get this off my chest."
  • "I will be loving you 'til we're 70."
  • "People fall in love in mysterious ways."
  • "I fall in love with you every single day."
  • "For four years I never had a place to stay."
  • "At 16 years old, I moved out of my home."
  • "I tattooed the lyrics onto my arm."
  • "I'll hold ya and you'll think of him."
  • "I'll never trust you again, you can just be a friend."
  • "If we should die tonight, then we should all die together."
The Sight of the Stars

(Okay! So this is my super, abysmally late Star Trek Network Gift Exchange gift for @orsonkraennic. I’m sorry this is so late! Life and school and I started one, but then didn’t like it so switched and…yeah. I tried to incorporate two of your prompts, and I hope I’m able to make you smile! Thank you for being so understanding. Anyways, Enjoy!)

“I love you.”

The first-time Jim had said those words to Leonard, he hadn’t paid much attention. “You have a concussion,” he’d informed Jim, and slipped his pen-light back into his coat pocket before going to prepare a hypo to reduce some of the swelling. “Save your confessions for the next person who gives you an orgasm.”

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anonymous asked:

Hey I'm so AMAZED with your prompts, YOU ARE AWESOME!! they are so well done and you're really creative in your writing and I LOVE that :3 But enough fangirling I was hoping you would consider making a prompt that has the [Dad]'s kids reacting to their dad and his husband, Dadsona, having a new baby(perhaps thru mpreg means?) maybe a boy for the families overrun with girls and a girl for the ones with boys. Maybe even include Amanda too? I know this is a lot but I hope you at least like it :3

Could you do an imagine where the cool-de-sac kids handle with their Dads having a new baby with Dadsona? I found river real cute and this just came to me :3 plus can you imagine Ernest or Daisy as older siblings super cute!!

Thank you so much!! This was a lot of fun to write (despite the pain in my fingers), so I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did. Dadsona here is trans and thus capable of getting pregnant.

🥃 You aren’t as close to Val as you’d like to be, but there were still issues father and daughter needed to work out between them and you can understand that. Robert’s got better, a lot better, since your talk under the tree in your backyard, thank god, because you don’t know how the ‘old’ Robert would have reacted to seeing the positive pregnancy test you presented him with. There were tears, sloppy, wet kisses and laughter. The fact Val came to visit the following weekend was a lucky coincidence, but you’d take it. You aren’t far along enough to show already, but the way Robert hovers around you, constantly keeping you in his sight, asking you a thousand questions just to make sure you really are fine, would have tipped anyone off. “I don’t deserve another child,” Robert had said, “I haven’t even made things up with Val yet. I don’t want her to be angry at our kid for getting the father she never had.” He needn’t have worried. Val seems to immediately sense something was off. You’re worried about her brows getting stuck in that position if she continued frowning. You don’t want to breach the topic before Robert is ready to tell her, but Val beats you to it. She stands up right after dinner and crosses her arms in front of her chest. The resemblance to Robert is remarkable. “Okay, you two, spill it.” “I’m pregnant,” you say. “About three weeks in.” Val stands, frozen, for a few moments. You can see Robert go tense, his knuckles white. Then Val surges forward to hug you two and buries her face in her father’s shoulder, saying “I’m so happy for you two” over and over again. There are tears, sloppy, wet kisses and laughter. He needn’t have worried.

 🍸 Chris’ immediate response to hearing the news is to look at you and ask “How? Men can’t get pregnant.” You’re surprised, as until now, you thought Joseph’s kids knew, but Joseph whispers into your ear that it wasn’t his right to tell them and you understand. After half an hour of explaining you’re trans and what exactly that means, Chris seems satisfied with your explanation. Christie and Christian, not so much. “Is it going to be a girl? I want a sister. I already have three brothers.” Christian elbowed his twin in the side. “Nuh-uh. I want a brother.” Christie glared daggers at him. You stifle a laugh behind your hand and see Joseph do the same. Crish, in his crib, blew a spit bubble, making clear he doesn’t particularly care either way, because he’s a toddler and doesn’t understand any of what you say yet. “We don’t have any way of influencing the gender of the child and it’s too early for the doctors to find out,” Joseph interrupts before the argument can evolve into a proper fight. “But you can try praying for a brother or sister, maybe He can be convinced by your arguments.” The twins, still glaring at each other, nod. Suddenly, there is a hand on your belly, and you look down to find Chris look at it in concentration. “What are you doing, champ?” Chris’ mouth twitches in what you now recognise as a smirk. “Praying it’s not twins again.” You and Joseph break into giggles as the twins whine.

☕ Mat and you planned on telling Carmensita over dinner, but neither of you counted on her perceptivity. “Y/N, why aren’t you drinking your usual coffee?” She asks you as she plops down on the couch next to you. You look at your fruit drink and then back at her. “I can’t have caffeine, sweetheart.” The response was automatic, reflexive, and your brains catches up only as Carmensita’s eyes go wide and her skin a few shades paler. “Are you sick? Oh god, that’s why you went to the doctor’s recently, isn’t it? You’re sick.” With horror you realise there are tears in her eyes. The next moment Carmensita is crying and hugging you with all her might. “Please don’t die like Mommy,” she sobs. The words break your heart. At the first commotion Pablo ran into the back and now, Mat comes hurrying over. He pries Carmensita off you and lifts her into his arms, rubbing circles on her back. “Baby girl, what’s wrong?” Carmensita sobs again. “Y/N told me he can’t have coffee anymore and I know he went to the doctor’s a few days ago! He’s sick! I don’t want to lose him too!” Mat’s eyes widen in shock. He gently puts Carmensita down on the couch again and kneels in front of her, cupping her face in his hands. “Baby girl, Y/N isn’t sick, I promise. He can’t drink coffee at the moment because he can’t have caffeine. Baby girl, Y/N is pregnant. You’re going to get a baby brother or sister soon.” Carmensita looks from her father to you. “Pregnant…?” You nod at her and smile. “Yes, dear.” She hugs you tightly again, but this time she’s laughing from joy.

🌹 The decision who of you would carry the child hadn’t been easy, but eventually, you decided it would be you, and you two asked Robert whether he would donate sperm. After the initial meltdown, he said yes. A month later, you received the news: You were pregnant. Now it’s time to tell Lucien. He’d known you were thinking about having a child and had gone to the doctor, but not that it worked at the first try. Damien is a nervous wreck as you two prepare dinner for when Lucien returns from school. “He already told you he’s happy about our decision and looking forward to a younger sibling. Why are you so worried now, dear?” He runs a hand through his hair and gives a somewhat helpless shrug. It makes you pull him closer, sneaking an arm around his waist. “Truthfully, I don’t know. Maybe that he has changed his mind.”
“I haven’t,” Lucien says, kicking the door shut behind him. “If it’s about your wish for a child.” He drops his bag and leans against the wall. You can practically guess the direction of his thoughts as you follow his eyes go from Damien’s face to yours and then down to the hand Damien has on your stomach. Lucien’s eyes light up and you think, he figured it out. “Did it work?” Lucien asks. Warmth spreads out inside of you at his tone, the pure joy you can hear in his voice. “Yes, dear,” Damien replies and you add, “I’m pregnant.” Lucien whoops and runs over to tackle-hug you both; the impact sends you three into a cuddle pile on the floor. “I’m going to be a big brother!” You laugh and cover Damien’s hand with your own.

🎣 “Dad… what are you doing?” You lift your head and peer over the book you’ve been reading while Brian got to work building a nursery from scratch. Daisy is standing in the doorframe, watching with a confused look as her father hammered nails into a wooden plank. He was vibrating with excitement, like you and Craig used to on four cups of coffee spiked with energy drinks. The fact that the news made him so happy still fills you with joy. “Building a-“ Brian trails off and shoots you a look. You gesture him to carry on; there was no reason why she shouldn’t know. Brian puts aside the hammer and walks over to his daughter, sweeping her up into a hug that left her feet dangling above the floor. “—nursery for your baby brother or sister! Y/N is pregnant! I’m going to be a father again and you’re going to be a big sister! Isn’t that great, Daisy?!” Daisy doesn’t reply. You feel a pang of worry in your chest at her expression. She doesn’t look happy at all. Brian lowers his daughter to the floor again and kneels down to look at her face. “Daisy, dear? Aren’t you happy?” Daisy starts fidgeting and wrings her hands. “I am, but…” She averts her eyes. “What if I won’t be a good big sister? I can’t teach them anything besides school stuff…” Standing up, you cross the distance and too kneel in front of her. “You’ll be a great big sister. Besides, Amanda is there, too, and together you’ll be the bestest sisters in the world.” Daisy pulls a face. “It’s best, Y/N.” You wink and pull her into your arms.

👟 “No.” “But—“ “No, absolutely not.” “But, bro—“ “Craig, I won’t let you name my child Meadow or Forrest.” Craig gives you his patented puppy eyes, complete with a pout, and you feel your resolve crumble. “How about Rain? Or Willow? Flint? Sterling?” You groan and throw up your hands. “How are you even coming up with all these names? Do you have, like, a list?” Craig’s sheepish look is all the answer you need. You turn around and walk into the living room, throwing yourself down on the couch and turning on whatever reality-TV show is currently on air. Craig trails after you and you scoot over to make space. After a few minutes of silence you lift your head and look down at River, who is playing with Arnold on a blanket. “Hey, River?” She looks up at you. “You’re going to be a big sister. How does that make you feel?” River waves Arnold around. “Sisa!” You turn to Craig. “One down, two to go. Your job.” Craig laughs. “That’s unfair, bro. You got the easy part.” You nudge him with his foot. “I’ll remind you of what you said once I’m moody and have swollen feet.”
About halfway through the second episode the front door is opened and in storm Hazel and Briar. Craig slips out from behind you and starts preparing lunch, while you play with River, trying to get her to say “Relax”. At least, you planned on playing with her, but suddenly the twins come running back and tackle you, making you fall on your back with an ‘oof’. “Is it going to be a girl or a boy?” “How long until they are born?” “Did you already pick a name?” “How about Birch?” You groan again and cover your face with your arm. You can practically feel Craig’s smug look on you.

📖 Ernest’s reaction to your pregnancy had been as expected: He cursed, he threw tantrums, he seemed to hate you even more than before. Hugo had warned you it might happen; what neither of you expected was how much he changed as your belly grew, how he seemed to come around to the prospect of a baby in the household. More than once, after coming home from work, you found him standing in the room you had converted into the nursery and rocking the crib back and forth. You never mentioned anything and left before he noticed you. Now, the day has finally come and Ernest seemed even more nervous than either you or Hugo. He keeps throwing nervous glances at you, every gasp or hiss leaving your mouth making him look even more worried. “Don’t worry, Ernest,” you tell him with a weak smile. “It’s not my first rodeo.” He scoffs, clearly embarrassed at being found out, but nods and turns to face the road again. The delivery goes without any problems and after a few hours shouting at the top of your lungs and squeezing Hugo’s hand, your beautiful daughter is lying on your chest, fast asleep. Hugo is sitting next to you, still crying, holding your daughter’s tiny hand in his much larger ones. The door opens and Ernest tentatively steps into the room. His eyes go wide when he sees his half-sister, but he doesn’t move. You wave him over and carefully pick up your child, offering it to him. You’ve never seen him handle something with so much care and reverence before. “What’s her name?” He asks; you act like you didn’t hear his voice crack. “Mary Shelley Vega-[Y/N].”

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I feel like nobody pointed this out, but I really hate the fact that Eliza kind of brushed off on Alex's pain. When she went to the balcony to talk with Kara, she said something like Alex is not a closed off person and that she's more worried about Kara? I'm not saying Kara is not hurting, but it has been 6 months, if she really want to care, it shouldve been months ago, not when her elder daughter is there, hurting cause she broke up with the person that made her be herself (1/2)

(2/2) I dont know I just feel like Eliza really cares more about Kara than Alex and it makes me feel so sad. Eliza and Alex barely even talked in the whole episode, and it just feels weird to have a mother, ask about her younger daughter’s emotions after a break up that happened 6 months ago, rather than her elder daughter that broke up with her FIANCEE yesterday. I just feel like the writers really at least couldve a scene between Alex and Eliza talking like how they did with her coming out.

Yeah, it was an odd oversight (I say as though that’s not a statement that could characterize the majority of the post-Adler show writing, even down to the writers’ inability to maintain a consistent internal timeline). On the one hand, it makes a little bit of sense with Eliza’s characterization, insofar as we’ve seen Eliza falling into the mentality before where she assumes that Alex’s strength is something intrinsic to her, rather than something she took on and developed as a kind of armor from the time she was 14-years old an alien arrived at her home, changing her life forever (thinking here of Eliza’s, ”Alex, you are the strongest of us all; your father always said that” from 1x20, or Eliza’s speech from 1x05 about how she was harder on Alex because Kara had already lost so much and she didn’t know how to do anything but accept her, while she could push her daughter to do better because she believed in her, even if she didn’t show it in the best or healthiest of ways). So in that sense, sure, maybe Eliza thinks that Alex can handle it and worries about Kara dealing with yet another loss (and, I’m operating under the assumption that Alex, in trying to maintain her newly improved relationship with her mother, tries to talk to Eliza on the phone semi-regularly and likely mentioned her frustration and worries about how Kara was, or, more accurately, wasn’t, coping with the loss of Mon-El).

All that being said:

1) The fact that Eliza said Alex isn’t closed off (which, weird…but okay, maybe we’re trusting that she noticed that change in her daughter under Maggie’s influence) should have made it more likely that Eliza would go talk to her daughter. If she still thought Alex was closed off and unwilling to talk about her feelings, maybe giving her time and space to process on her own would have made a bit more sense, but if she thinks Alex is willing to be open, she should have fucking gone to her and let her be open and break down and have her mom there for her (esp since we got the whole line about what it means to be a mom and have a child in pain)! But instead we just see her calling Alex strong and brave…again…and leaving her to deal with it on her own.

2) Given how excited Eliza was about the wedding just three episodes prior to this one…no way does she simply ignore the fact that it’s not happening anymore and act like it’s just some breakup that Alex will get over soon enough. It ignores the characterization that the writers had literally just given to her. Plus, knowing that all of this happened supposedly because Alex is dying to have children, it seems like something that someone who is, you know, herself a MOM might be able to speak to with a bit more understanding. 

But at the end of the day, it seems to come down to the post-season 2A writers’ unwillingness to consistently give Alex’s story the time and emotional depth it deserves. In the same way that we’re supposed to overlook the fact that Alex and Maggie waited until what seemed like days (at most a couple of weeks) before the wedding (wine in those decorative jugs they were drinking out of in 3x05 doesn’t keep like wine properly sealed in bottles, so it can’t have been far out from the date) to have any conversation about what they wanted their family to look like (literally the basis of pledging to spend the rest of one’s life with another person), we’re also supposed to believe that Alex and Maggie will choose to never see one another again (at least for the duration of the season), that Alex will hop right into bed with someone new in a matter of a short few episodes after losing the love of her life in a fairly amicable (if still heartbreaking) way, and that Alex doesn’t need much outside help to get over her loss, as though it didn’t just rend apart the life she envisioned with the woman who finally helped her to be herself. 

Oh, and of course making sure that we saw Eliza talking to Kara about her own breakup and how devastating it was just sets up whatever emotional foreshadowing they think we need to be properly surprised (lolz) and moved (double lolz) when Mon-El shows up with his new wife next week and the focus can go back to Kara’s grief over him, rather than the more comprehensive narrative of emotional trauma we could get that focuses on her loss of him as just the latest in a string of losses that have shaped her entire life (her planet, her home, her family, her first real friend on earth, her foster father–twice, her aunt and only remaining connections to her home planet, her boyfriend, etc.). 

I’ll end now because otherwise I’ll rant for days, but I like to think that Eliza, while certainly not perfect as a mother, has grown and come to better understand the ways she failed Alex after Kara’s arrival and Jeremiah’s “death,” and has worked to fix her relationship with her older daughter since the Thanksgiving episode in season 1, even if that development was left off screen. And I think the Eliza we’re led to believe she became would have been there for her daughter, would have sat with her and let her cry or yell or vent–whatever it was she needed–just like I think Kara wouldn’t have immediately yelled at Alex for taking one freakin night to be a “mean drunk” after losing the love of her life. But I suppose that’s left to fanfic because it’s just too much to expect the show writers to do their job when they have a self-insert character they’re so desperate to bring back and give more screen time to at the expense of their leading fucking heroine and her co-leads. 

catching up with s13

“This life - hunting, monsters - there’s no joy in it. There’s nothing but pain, horror, and death.”

So, okay. I finally got an afternoon free and forced myself to start S13. I don’t know how I feel about it. I’m happy I had to wait and I got to watch four episodes in one go, because Supernatural has this habit of improving a lot when you watch it as a true story happening somewhere and not one hour every week, but still - mixed feelings here. Although, I’m happy enough that I sort of guessed a few things and included them in my S13 fic - maybe they weren’t that hard to anticipate, but still - yay me.

(Just as a self-serving exercise, here is a list: Dean and Sam not being on the same page about Jack, Dean shooting Jack, the two of them wondering if Jack can fly in E01, Sam wanting Jack alive and hoping he can be good, Jack being a sort of mindless parrot in the beginning and mimicking Dean, Dean snapping at Sam for putting Jody in danger, Dean starting to sound like John and Sam calling him out on it, Dean and Jody alone together - and I want to hope they had some sort of Conversation, like they did in my fic, but I wouldn’t put money on it - and, finally, the word shedim, something I was using as an insult, like, two years ago and now it’s here and I really want those things to come out and do stuff ‘cause I’m evil like that.)

Otherwise, here’s what I learned so far.

1) Dean’s acceptance of himself was closely tied to Cas’ presence

We all know how hard Dean’s had to fight against the mold he’d found himself stuck into, and we basically spend our time tracking his attempts at breaking it down, so I won’t sit here and make lists or anything; however, what these episodes confirmed, for me, is how important Cas was in this process. 

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genre: drama (?) , series

word count: 1098

Prompt: “Your friend/roommate sets you up on a blind date with an ex-boyfriend that they never knew about. You two didn’t end on good terms, Will the date go on as planned? Or will you both leave? How will this scenario end?”

part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4

Just a head’s up: This is my first time (and probably my last time) writing a fanfic, so please go easy on me. Happy reading! 

Sounds of an alarm clock blaring cause you slowly open your eyes from another dreamless sleep. Like any other day, you will yourself out of bed to get ready for another day at your job. You worked as a photographer and photo editor for some lame magazine company. You’re doing what you’ve always wanted to do, it just isn’t where you thought you’d be though. You imagined yourself taking pictures of beautiful models or incredible scenery from around the world, instead of politicians and boring gray factories. “It’s going to be a long day.”

After getting ready, you attempt to leave the apartment when your roommate stops you and yells, “GUESS WHAT I DID?” “Why are you yelling? It’s eight in the morning.” “Don’t be such a sad sack, just guess!” You stood there, stuck in your best friend’s death grip on your shoulders, trying to make it look like you were thinking about whatever it is she just did. “I don’t know, you won the lottery and we don’t have to go to work anymore?” “Gee, I can always count on you to set the bar too high, but no. I didn’t win the lottery, I got you a blind date!”

Before you could really savor the thought of drop kicking her because blind dates are always a bad idea, she holds her hand up and begins telling you that she set the date up on a Saturday because you’re a workaholic, she’s met this dude before so he isn’t sketchy, and the date is at 7pm so you could sleep through most the day. “Come on, we’re ahead on rent and you need to take a load off. Plus, you need to enjoy your weekend instead of lumping around eating junk food and watching terrible movies.” Wanting to reject your roommates offer, you looked her in her eyes and saw that they were almost pleading you to agree to the date. She did do this for your sake and not wanting to make her sad for all her efforts going to waste, you reluctantly say yes but only is she double dates because you haven’t  been on a date in a while.

Days went by a lot faster than they normally did and before you knew it, it was Saturday. Even though you wanted to sleep in you were awake, staring at the ceiling. You couldn’t help but think about this blind date. Where was the date going to be? Will he have some common interests? Is he going to be super beautiful like the rest of your roommate’s friends? You haven’t thought about a date this much since, him.

You weren’t always so lifeless, but one thing is for sure, you’ve always been a workaholic. Working hard, studying even harder to get where you are now. He used to love the drive you had to be what you wanted, until it got in the way.

After three years of being together, you and your ex-boyfriend got into a heated argument about how you two never spend enough time together because YOU never seem to make the time. “It’s like you don’t care about US anymore. Every time I’m done with dance practice or when I finish up in the recording studio, you’re the first thing on my mind and I always find time for you. It’s all about you and your dreams now.” “How dare you say that I don’t care. I just don’t have the ti-” “YOU NEVER MAKE TIME THAT’S WHY!” That was the first time he’s ever yelled at you before. You were taken aback for a moment, until you walk to the door and tell him, “If you can’t just support me and all the work I’m putting in to be someone some day, the way I do for you, then you can leave.” He stared at you for what felt like forever before he started walking towards the open door. “If you close that door, I won’t come back.” You didn’t say anything to him nor could you find it in you to look him in the eyes. He just looked away and left. It took you a while before you closed the door, but when you did, all the tears you held back during the argument streamed down your face. He was really gone.

It wasn’t until you heard the toilet flush that you came back to reality and noticed you were crying. Expecting your roommate to walk in anytime soon, you wiped your face quickly and hide under the covers. As you predicted she walked in, but only to see if you wanted breakfast. You feigned a sleepy voice and told her no. Just as she closed the door you kicked the covers off and just laid there trying to think of your date tonight instead of the past.

Five o'clock came around and you and your roommate fought over the bathroom mirror, trying to get ready. Once you’ve finished flat-ironing your hair, you rummaged through your closet for clothes that didn’t make you look like a stiff. You eventually settled on a pair of ripped up skinny jeans, your roommates gray crop top, your black Nike windbreaker, and your black low-top converse. Your roommate comes in to see if you’re good to go and the two of you head out.

The two of you were going on a double date to see this fall season light show at a festival they hold in town every year. As you’re staring out the window your roommate asks if you’re nervous. “Just a little. It’s been some time since I’ve been out on a date.” “Don’t worry, it’ll be fine. This guy is super sweet and he won’t make things awkward… At least not on purpose.” You two share a laugh as she parks the car.

With your arms locked together so you don’t lose one another, the two of you make your way through the crowd looking for your dates. “There they are!” She picks up the pace, dragging you a little. Getting closer to the pair of boys you knew that they were friends with your roommate. Designer jackets, black Yeezy shirts, ripped black pants, Jordans. If they didn’t look as cool you would have guessed that they went to a funeral.

She stops you in front of them as she hugs her date from behind. Just as she’s about to introduce you to your date, he turns around and your jaw couldn’t have dropped any faster. Standing in front of you was your blind date, and ex-boyfriend. “YOU?!”

Shout out to @scenarioideas for this writing prompt. I just liked the prompt so much I had to write. Thank you so much (:  I am open to critics about this. I know it ‘s pretty short and I will definitely try to make something longer (if I keep writing). There MIGHT be a part two to this I promise. 

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im a new exo fan so if it's not too much to ask... how do the other members act around yixing? are they good to him? anymore drama? i want the true tea.........

Ok so here it is right I’ll start with Yixing’s literal Soulmate in order all the way to “Yixing…what’s a Yixing?”

Baek, alpha xingmi, full of love, smiles at zyx like he is every flower in this entire world, hypes up his solo projects, dances his choreo 2 make him laugh, encourages him to speak during interviews, love 💜

Sehun, makes insta posts leaving a seat open for zyx, practices chinese with him, seems to really really admire him, big heart, never rlly has said anything mean or vagued before so 👍

Suho, not like The Closest, but they’re good, literally flirt with each other all the time, has vagued about yixing (members not being here type stuff) but in a positive and negative way so

I don’t know, I guess I would put Chanyeol here for the sheer fact that he acknowledges Yixing a lot, spends a lot of time with him on stage & acts nice, interacts with him pretty regularly, but I think he might have some ulterior motives (i.e. his livestream during the premiere of lose control like……..i’m sure he knew the exo fans watching him would not be watching lose control…right?) also has mocked yixing’s language skills before not cool

Kai is here because I don’t think he’s met Yixing yet but he’s a good soul so I’m sure when they meet they’ll be good friends

Kyungsoo, just met Yixing last year (probably thought he was a backup dancer before), they shared a nice firm handshake, we’ll see where it goes from here

Xiumin, has said like 1 nice thing about Yixing (that he supported him a lot during exo-m) but that’s like Literally It, plus you know where his loyalty lies ((see below))

Jongdae @ Yixing prior to 2015: 😘💞💖👍👼💕👏😍💜💓

Jongdae @ Yixing now: ❌👎🚫😡🗣🙅😔☠❌👊😡

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Random but I'm still peeved about the Alex/Kara argument in 2.02. Especially the part where Alex claims to have given up a career in medicine to protect Kara. I mean, I'm not sure if that's bad writing or Alex IC blatantly ignoring reality because Alex was not gonna graduate due to academic probation plus she was in jail for at least public intoxication if not a DUI (I can't remember if she got arrested before putting the keys in the ignition or not). 1/

She wasn’t exactly ‘days away’ from graduating med school or anything. Now Alex may have taken the job with J'onn to protect Kara but I’m pretty sure J'onn made the offer to throw a lifeline to a drowning Alex not to protect Kara. But the whole protect-Kara angle really doesn’t hold water since Alex didn’t give Kara even an ounce of potentially life-saving information that she learned at the DEO. Nothing about Kryptonite or secret anti-alien agencies who could blackbag her. 2/

It feels more like Alex enjoyed the leverage of knowledge even while Kara expressed dissatisfaction with her own life. (Did she like lying to her sister? Probably not. Was there a selfish satisfaction to knowing more the Kara, to being part of something bigger? Yeah, I think there was a bit.) 3/

But outside of the influences of redK Kara would never pick apart an argument like that IC but IDK it seems like a very significant character flaw that fandom tends to ignore which is disappointing because the selfishness plays so well off Alex’s deepseated guilt and sense of duty. Alex!Discourse usually focuses on her relationship with Eliza or making her a martyr for her sister which does as much disservice to the nuance of her character as it does to write Kara only as a space puppy. 4/4

This ask made me so happy.

I just finished my S2 talk time project a few days ago and then went back and rewatched the pilot, and let me tell you it is very easy to forget just how much progress Alex and Kara have made, because wow is it jarring to see them at the start of S1 where Alex is so much worse at emotional vulnerability and amped up on passive-aggressive snark.

I really loved that scene in 2x02, which I have written about before, because it highlights all of those flaws without taking away from the fact that Alex still makes a valid point that Kara needed to hear.

Nobody is perfectly consistent in how they express themselves. Ever. People are chaotic and messy and complicated, and they find ways to rationalize bad choices to themselves. They find ways to rationalize good choices, too. They forget about the emotions that motivated a decision over time, or their relationships change and suddenly a memory is recolored into something that isn’t quite reality anymore. A person’s internal logic or truth is not always *the* truth. But none of that means they are “out of character” the second there is a mismatch. 

It just means they’re human.

And you hit the nail on the head: Alex was not telling the objective truth in 2x02, but she might well have been telling a truth she believed. Alex has spent years inventing excuses to justify her life choices and coming up with lies to tell her sister and her mother to keep them off her back. At some point the truth and the fiction are going to start blurring in her mind, at least a little. That’s just how our brains work.

Plus, we’re talking about a woman who was so confident she could beat a polygraph that she didn’t even break a sweat about having no time to prepare. The mental self-trickery that requires is insane. Alex Danvers is good at lying to others, but she’s even better at lying to herself.

So, when it comes to Kara and the complicated relationship they have as siblings? Alex can absolutely be petty, and mean, and hurttful. That doesn’t mean she loves Kara any less. It doesn’t negate all the things she does that are generous or compassionate or selfless.

What it does is make her a well-rounded character. Just like how Kara is more well-rounded  for being impulsive and self-centered and stubborn in addition to all of her good qualities.

To return to your point about that period in Alex’s life where she was struggling and J’onn pulled her out: yes, she was absolutely giving Kara a revised interpretation of events. Alex’s memories from 1x17 were not actually things she spoke out loud during that interrogation. (At least, I am 99% confident she was not sharing all of her personal failings in explicit detail, especially since long-winded rambling is not part of a polygraph.) So Kara, as far as we know, still remains in the dark about the exact depth of her sister’s issues. And Alex clearly doesn’t ever want her to find out, because that would be damaging on a wayyyyy worse level than her occasionally being an asshole when they fight.

But, within that scene from 2x02, do we know for sure that Alex is lying? We can’t see into her head, after all. Maybe she genuinely believes she would’ve clawed her way out of her funk eventually and gone into medicine if J’onn hadn’t intervened. Maybe she legitimately wanted to be a doctor even though she was a depressed, self-loathing mess and on the verge of failing out. Maybe she only said yes to the DEO because she was afraid Henshaw would blackmail her or her family, or get Kara carted off to some creepy government lab if she turned him down.

All of that, however, does not negate your point, which is that once she got to the DEO, that choice became about her. Not her family, not her sister. Just her.

For possibly the first time in her adult life.

That had to be powerfully liberating. And I agree, it probably gave Alex some immense satisfaction to know that while she might not have Kara’s superpowers, she could still be out there in the world kicking alien ass anyway. We also know she felt good about the fact that her coworkers and her boss recognized her efforts and her talents, and that she was happy to find a space where that was even possible. Those were not things she’d ever had before. And yeah, she guarded them rather selfishly.

I am iffy, however, on criticizing Alex for not telling Kara about Kryptonite and such, because it’s one of the very first things she and J’onn explain to Kara in the pilot ep. (I’m also iffy because Clark knew Kryptonite existed for way longer than Alex did, and he never told her about it either!) And I don’t think Kara would’ve needed a warning about “secret anti-alien agencies,” at least not prior to her decision to start superheroing. Given that strange men showed up at their house when she was a kid and her foster dad changed jobs almost immediately thereafter and her family was constantly afraid she’d be taken away, I have a feeling Kara was already aware of that risk, at least on some level. You’ll note that she never questions the motivation behind Alex’s “never do something like that again” in 1x01, even though Alex is extremely harsh and hurts Kara’s feelings.

tl;dr: Alex, like the rest of us, has her flaws. She has a nasty tendency toward repressing or hiding negativity at her own expense, in part because she’s afraid to disappoint her loved ones, but also because her sense of empathy runs deep and she doesn’t like seeing others suffer. She can be passive-aggressive. She loses her temper in immature, ugly ways.

None of this means she’s a bad person. She’s usually a very good person! But it also doesn’t mean that we get to handwave the ugliness away as “shitty writing” just because it presents a challenge as far as understanding her character.

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i just can't stop thinking about sam having some kind of Awakening™ after leaving the military about being genderqueer and it won't leave me alone. like sam who mismatches feminine and masculine clothes and wears makeup with a fully grown beard and kicks hydra's ass with a pair of heels (halp I'm dying ;-;)

IM SCREAMING this means so much to me like plus I also headcanon that Sam went through a similar phase in high school about bein gay and just imagine when the boyfriends find out about this…

“No, you didn’t,” Bucky said. He was seated at the couch in Sam’s living room with episode 6 of The Get Down paused on the voguing scene.

Which had led to an offhand “Hey, I have a dress almost exactly like that,” which sparked a conversation about that intense phase they’d gone through once they had their separation orders in hand.

Sam laughed and shook their head. Steve and Bucky both had these ridiculous expressions on their faces like they wanted to ask for more but didn’t know how far to push. It was sort of cute.

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those big life moments

pairing: riley matthews & lucas friar 
word count: 1,864
prompt: “day four: argument - even the best of couples have their bad days, but not all arguments are all that serious” 
written for: rucas fanfic week 2017 
summary: big, life changing moments are supposed to be remembered forever. but riley has a feeling this one might be memorable for a whole different reason. 
notes: this fic originally was a really fluffy piece, that slowly because some more emo and a lil angsty, but it still ends on a positive note, i swear. it examines how something pretty minor can evoke a lot of emotions from people. i’m not 100% pleased with the results, but what can you do. also, this fic takes place in the universe of gotor (written by maggie @friarlucas) and my own fic, sign of the times, but is in the future. enjoy! 

“Lucas, I don’t really see what the big deal is?”

Riley watched as Lucas took a deep breath, avoiding eye contact with her completely. She knew that there was going to be a conversation between them when he got home today, but she didn’t know that it was going to go down the way that it was so far.

There were multiple beats of silence between them, the only noise in the room being the hum of the refrigerator. Lucas was still refusing to meet her gaze and the longer there was a silence between them, the more and more nervous Riley became that she had thoroughly screwed up.

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Harry knew he was charming. He knew he had the ability to make someone weak in the knees and wrapped around his pinky finger in the span of five minutes, and he wasn’t one bit ashamed of that. In fact, he prided himself on his charms, and it was quite the ego booster. He also knew that his charms helped him become the center of attention in any given situation, and that was always fun. (He would never admit it, but being the center of attention was his favourite thing ever besides performing on stage, of course.) He liked to think that he had perfected the art of charming someone, and never in his life did he think it’d backfire on him. And then he met you. 

Out of all the people in the world, fate had decided to make you the person that was completely immune to Harry’s charms. Not to mention, you were just as charming as him… maybe even more charming than him. He’d noticed that people seemed to gravitate towards you and your smile that was almost as bright as the sun. He knew you weren’t doing it for the attention because you didn’t seem like that kind of person. In fact, it was safe to say you were the complete opposite of Harry. While he was loud and rambunctious, you liked to stay to yourself and keep quiet. Which was why it was all the more frustrating that whenever you were in the room, people would automatically gather around you rather than Harry! The charm came naturally to you, and even though he didn’t want to say it, it was awfully endearing. (He thought you were cute, too.) 

The few times he’d spoken to you, he thought you were hilarious and adorable, which was definitely a good combination and traits he liked in a significant other. And so, he had taken it upon himself to ask you out for lunch, to which you responded with an “Uh, I’ll think about it!”. ‘I’ll think about it’. ‘I’ll think about it??’ He’d never gotten that answer before when asking a girl out, and it left him with question marks floating around above his head. Now, he was frustrated with you because a) you were probably the most pleasant human being he had ever met, and b) he had a teensy tiny crush on you which was something he didn’t want to happen! 

“I’m surprised I made it here on time! I forgot to set my alarm last night and woke up late… In fact, I put my sweater on backward and my jeans were inside-out.” You murmured sheepishly, giggling lightly when people laughed at your little anecdote.

“I jus’ don’ get what the hype is about. It’s jus’ Y/N!” Harry muttered, taking a sip of his drink before looking over at Niall. “Why’re you lookin’ at me like tha’?”

“There’s plenty of hype! Y/N’s awesome. Y’know, t’e other day she surprised me with a box of customized guitar picks because I was complaining about how plain and boring my guitar picks were. I wasn’t even talking about it for long so I was surprised she even remembered it! Plus, she organized my schedule into this little binder, and it’s colour coded, and there are little stickers of dinosaurs that she stuck-”

“I’m aware. She made a binder for me, too. There are a bunch of banana stickers in mine.” Harry shrugged, keeping his eyes on you. “I jus… I don’t get it!” 

“You’re just bitter cos she didn’t want to go out and have lunch with you.” Niall snorted, Harry’s brows knitting together before he shot him a scowl. “What? Just because you’re Harry bloody Styles doesn’t mean everyone’s going to get down on their knees for ya.” 


“I’ve heard funnier jokes than tha’.” You hadn’t even noticed Harry had joined the little crowd that had formed around you in the midst of one of your stories, but his sudden interruption definitely caught your attention. 

“Pardon me?” Your polite nature kicked in, giving Harry a small smile. 

“I said I’ve heard funnier jokes than tha’. I’m surprised that one even got a laugh.” 

“Oh?” You nodded slowly, setting your drink down on the table. “Being a comedian isn’t my job, so I’m not too worried about it.”

“Where’d you get that joke? Off Google?”

“Just following in your footsteps!” A collective ‘ooh’ went around the crowd, Harry squinting his eyes slightly while pursing his lips. He had to admit he should’ve seen that one coming. Most of his best knock-knock jokes came from a quick Google search. 

“I… need to talk to you about my schedule.” Harry cleared his throat, the crowd taking that as a hint to immediately disperse. Harry was obviously in one of his moods and no one liked to be around him when he was a grump. 

“Mhm? I’m sorry if you can’t read my chicken scratches.” You joked, taking his binder from him and opening it up. The only issue here was the fact that Harry didn’t need to talk to you about his schedule… he just wanted an excuse to come and be near you without making it seem like he was attracted to you.

“I, uh… my schedule’s full. It’s like, too full.” He shrugged, eyes flickering to you before looking down at the pages. 

“Ah, I can’t help you with that. It’s not my fault you’re Mr. Popular!” You clicked your tongue, scanning over all the events Harry had for the week. 

“Okay, well… I don’t like the stickers. They’re too distracting!” Harry lied, racking his brain and trying to come up with something else that he thought was a problem with his binder. He actually really quite liked the stickers. He thought they were adorable. 

“No problem! I’ll just use all my stickers on Niall’s binder. It’s a shame, too. I bought a whole set of new ones just for your binder!” You sighed, reaching down and beginning to peel one off. 

“No, wait!” Harry slapped your hand away from his binder, grimacing slightly. How could he put this delicately? “I don’t like you.” Okay, that didn’t work. 

“Oof. That’s not great. Is this because I drank the rest of your juice that was sitting in the fridge? I thought it was mine, I’m really sorr-” 

“No! That’s not what I- You’re bloody infuriating, that’s all.” This definitely wasn’t the direction Harry wanted to be going in. “I- You’re too sweet, and you’re nice, you’re funny, you’re charming, you’re beautiful, and I can’t find anything wrong with you. That’s what’s frustrating about you.” Harry sighed, reaching over and fixing the sticker that was beginning to peel off the page. “And you didn’t want to go out for coffee with me so I was kind of… y’know. I promise I’m not usually this much of a dick, you jus’… you’re driving me insane. In the nicest way possible!” 

“Oh…” Your cheeks immediately began to heat up, your lips tugging up in a shy smile. At least he didn’t hate you! “How about… how about you take me out for dinner next week? You can tell me all about how amazing I am over some sushi.” You joked, reaching over to scribble the date down in his schedule. Harry blinked down at his schedule, clearly shocked that you actually wanted to go out with him after all of that. He didn’t even know how to properly react. Embrace you? Kiss you? Nope, those were both bad options. 

“What did Sushi A say to Sushi B?” He blurted out, his brain kicking into bad joke territory. It wasn’t his fault! He was panicking! See, you made him nervous as well! 

“Tell me.” 

“…Wasabi!” He grinned, looking at you expectantly. It was at this moment that Harry was 100% sure he had just blown his only chance with you. 

“Did you get that one off Google?”



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I'm aro ace too!! Bless omg!!! I love seeing other people who are aro, or ace, or both because it reminds me that there are others like me lol. That being said, can we have the RFA plus V react to an MC who is aromantic? I've seen people do ones where MC is asexual, but never aromantic and I understand that is likely due to the fact that the game is based on romancing the characters and all that, but I just want to see one where they are aro. Thank you, and I love you lots bc you're great!!!

T^T listen,,,i’ve been wanting to write/read one of these for the longest time, but I thought the same thing. Thank you for sending it to me! and bless!! you’re my friend now. I love you lots too💛

hope you like it! °\(^▿^)/° …was this a little self indulgent? ,,maybe


  • he didn’t know it, but his flirting always made mc laugh
  • at least they weren’t uncomfortable..and they always joked back with him
  • and there was a connection, even mc knew that 
  • when zen asked mc to date him, however, they got uncomfortable 
  • what were they gonna tell him?
  • “uh…zen, listen”
  • they could practically see his pout forming
  • “no, listen! i would love to date you,” the smile is back on his face
  • “but..I’m aromantic” 
  • *cue a confused af look on zen’s face* “what does that mean?”
  • it takes some explaining, lots in his case since he’s the Romance King, but he eventually understands 
  • and he’s totally okay with it!
  • he and mc become Besties. like they minus well be dating, but mc is aro so they both just laugh when they get asked that
  • this is how zen helps break the “”can’t be friends without dating” stereotype god bless
  • Protector Zen Mode when people try to flirt with mc 
  • they still call each other ‘babe’ because, well, that’s what they are to each other 
  • cuddles are also still an option


  • you know the “pre-girlfriend” business?
  • mc nervous laughs before replying with a yes
  • but then they call yoosung
  • “oh my gosh this is going to sound so mean, but yoosung i- im aromantic-”
  • yoosung is also confused 
  • but he gets it faster than zen
  • “oh! im so sorry!! did I make you uncomfortable?” 
  • “no no, but im sorry if you don’t want to talk to me anymore-” “no way! you still helped me through everything. that doesn’t change”
  • mc is still yoosung’s official taste tester dw 
  • they become gaming buddies! but mc manages his gaming 
  • they’re the best person to whoop yoosung back into shape
  • it’s like they’ve become siblings  


  • listen, jaehee would be the easiest to come out to
  • because she “just wanted to be friends anyways” sure babe
  • mc tells her and she asks questions to get more informed 
  • she’s polite and is genuinely interested! 
  • makes sure that no customers in the cafe makes mc feel uncomfortable from hitting on them
  • cheek kisses are totally still a thing, listen 
  • platonic kisses!!
  • they are,, the sweetest besties 
  • who will kick your ass in a second
  • mc is the only one who jaehee shares her dvds with
  • and they practice judo together!


  • when mc explained it to him, he thought thats what he was
  • but..he did get a crush on them, so maybe not…
  • and that’s how mc helped him learn he was demisexual
  • but he has the upmost respect for mc
  • romantic love is not important to jumin, but it would be nice to have
  • definitely asks mc if his love for elizabeth is considered weird
  • they tell him no, but that he should cool it down;;
  • the two of them end up being really good friends
  • jumin just give whoever is hitting on mc a cold glare and they are Gone
  • boyfriend or not, jumin is protective
  • probably wants mc to join the business, since there would be no danger of office relationships
  • but respects their decision either way
  • he just likes that he has someone who’s around that actually likes him. not for his money or because they think he’s attractive
  • but they like talking to him 

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • another easy one to come out to
  • but he doesn’t even ask questions, he just understands 
  • probably relates a little, or so he says
  • really he just understands the aesthetics of people
  • listens to mc rant about how they want to date people
  • “but then someone decides to have a crush on you.” “exACTLY”
  • its ok, he understands
  • pretends to be their boyfriend if someone decides to try to hit on them and they’re uncomfortable
  • platonic “i love yous” are a thing
  • they are just two memes. two best friend memes 
  • get matching bestie t-shirts 

v / jihyun

  • listen this honestly could just be a route for him if cheritz doesnt want to make it romantic
  • mc helps jihyun get over rika by showing him other types of love
  • familial love. platonic love. 
  • the love he has for the rfa and how they love him in return
  • mc tells him about aromance too and he listens carefully 
  • thank gosh he doesn’t have to worry about hurting their feelings
  • because he’s not over all the traumatic events yet
  • which mc tells him is fine! it’s a recovery process
  • but he needs to focus on this platonic love he has for the rfa
  • so he does
  • and he gets better
  • slowly, but he does get better
  • he even decides to get that surgery