sorry, but you don’t get to put unpopular characters down  like this  to make your mainstream heroes shine !!     i’m not IN ANY WAY saying it should be even close to 8/10,   actually knowing this character really well i’d give it maybe a 5/10  (IF you’re already going by a 1-10 rating and not either yes or no)   —– but 1/10  ……….really?

i just wanna point out that that is plain ignorance and even the original suicide squad comic canon proves you wrong (regarding the ‘ain’t got NOTHING’):

plus ( x )

also, i find it really weird that they’ve given him a 1/10 and deadshot a 8/10. i don’t doubt deadshot couldn’t do it, but this huge difference ???

Fav Fics of the Week!

I’m gonna start this weekly fic recommendations cause my favourites masterlist is always acting up! So here you are, the following are all my favourite fics of the week! I would recommend everyone to read all of these, and be sure to check out the author's’ blogs because they are seriously amazing! (* is smut)

*Through His Eyes by lacqueluster 
- Gabriel x Plus Size!Reader: Reader has a crush on Gabriel, but is too ashamed of herself to do anything about it. Unbeknown to her, the archangel sees her in a totally different way..

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*Mind Over Matter by kittenofdoomage
- Sam x Plus Size!Reader: Reader is very self conscious of her weight, but Sam is intent on showing her how beautiful she really is.

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*Public Affection by @my-avengers-imagines
- Thor x Reader: Thor and the Reader have some “fun” while out at dinner..

Sad Farewells by @essanamjay
- Thor x Reader: Thor must go back to Asgard, leaving a heartbroken reader behind without any idea on when he will return to her.

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Thunder Buddies by @bovaria
- Steve x Reader: Steve comforts you when you become scared of a thunderstorm.

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What We Missed series by @bovaria
p.1   p.2   p.3   p.4   p.5   p.6   p.7   p.8
- Bucky x Reader: You wake up after a night of drinking not remembering a single thing. It’s a complete surprise when you look at your phone and discover that you took more than a few pictures with a complete, albeit cute, stranger.

All Talk by @im-an-octopus
- Bucky x Reader

anonymous asked:

Okay I was reading your FAQ and I noticed you write for Marvel and I was just curious... do you include X-Men under Marvel? Some Marvel imagine writers do not so I just wanted to clarify. Thank you so much for all u do!!!

Hello, darling!! I do include the X-Men under Marvel, because even though the movies aren’t directly under Marvel production, they still have the Marvel company logo that pops up at the beginning of them. Plus, the X-Men are still Marvel property, even if they don’t have the movie rights. I also have done some X-Men character imagines before. <3 xx

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Through His Eyes

Pairing: Gabriel/Plus Size Reader

Rating: Explicit

Word Count: 11,392

Tags: Body Image Issues, Self Esteem Issues, Plus Size Reader, Overweight Reader, Anxiety, Angst Fluff, Smut, Oral- giving and receiving

Summary: “I love talking to you. I love seeing you smile. And yes, you’re beautiful, on the inside and out. But I swear on the gates of Heaven,” he holds his hand over his chest like he’s making an oath, “you are absolutely, astoundingly gorgeous and that’s the least interesting thing about you.” 

His face is honest and open, you know this isn’t him being over the top, no Trickster grandiose words. This is true, it’s how he feels, and you believe him. You try to open your mouth to speak but there’s nothing there, so you close it.

Fic Link: HERE

Author’s Note: This was a tough one guys. When I originally had the idea for this I was so excited. Yes, I know there are other Gabe/Plus Size Reader fics out there, and they’re great, don’t get me wrong. But I wanted to take a shot at it. So I asked for input, what are your insecurities about your own body? I know mine but I needed more than that. So many people responded, and a huge thank you to all that did. I appreciate it so much and I want to hug you all.

Some of that was hard to read, I won’t lie. And when I started writing and putting this thing down it opened up and emotional shit storm I didn’t know I had inside me. Seriously, there were moments I had to get up and walk away, try to calm down, because I was crying so hard. It hurt, and parts of this were not fun for me, but I think once I was done with it I felt a little bit of healing somehow. Am I over my body image issues? Was I cured of my insecurities and fears? No. Hell no. But somehow writing this was kind of a journey (I know, I sound like a walking cliché), and I feel better now that I’ve reached the end of it.

To any ladies out there reading this and seeing yourself in it: I hope I did it justice. I hope you enjoy reading it. I hope you know that your weight, your body, does not define you. What you weigh is not the deciding factor on someone loving you, or on you loving yourself. Trust me, I’ve been up and down the scale. I know that from experience. If someone makes you feel like you aren’t worthy of love because of your body, FUCK THEM.

As always, a huge shout out to @waterkiss37. She was my shoulder to cry on in this and I appreciate her more than she knows. Thank you for being there. <3