My request box is now closed. Thank you guys for the requests you’ve submitted! I’ll write them and post them ASAP. Here’s what’s coming up. Let me know if you want to be tagged in anything :) I’ll number them to make it easier.

1) Chuck x Plus-Size Reader (smut)

2) Crowley x Reader (fluff)

3) Lucifer x Reader (smut)

4) Sub!Crowley x Dom!Reader (smut)

5) Rob Benedict x Reader (fluff)

6) Chuck x Reader (smut)

7) Professor!Chuck x Student!Reader (smut)

8) Richard Speight Jr. x Reader (smut)

9) Dean Winchester x Reader (fluff)

10) Chuck x Reader (short series/smut)

11) Rob Benedict x Reader (smut)


how suho reacted when suzy lost her balance (ft. tao who was matching his height with suho)