Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir, also known as Miraculous Ladybug (or even just LadyBug or Miraculous) is a French-Japanese-Korean CGI action/comedy animated series.

Set in modern-day Paris, the series focuses on high school students Marinette Dupain-Cheng and (her secret crush) Adrien Agreste. When evil comes, Marinette transforms into Ladybug and Adrien becomes Cat Noir (Chat Noir in the original). The two work together to protect Paris from the mysterious Hawk Moth (Le Papillon), who wants and tries to steal their powers by using creatures called Akuma to influence and transform people into supervillains. But Marinette is unaware that Adrien is the one behind Cat Noir’s mask, just like Adrien doesn’t know that his adored Ladybug is, in fact, Marinette.

Anyway, with the changes in the animation and the series in general plus the differences in the lyrics of the theme song depending on the language, I decided to compile a list of the main videos of the series! I thought someone could use it too.

P.S.: There are other languages in which the opening is avaible too (see this multilanguage compilation [x] ) and you can easily find other videos with fan-made subtitles as well! ;) 

P.P.S: Please do correct me if I got anything wrong!


[ X ] First Trailer
[ X ] Promotional Transformation Sequence


[ X ] English
[ X ] French
[ X ] Korean


Trailers featuring scenes from the actual show + full theme song “It’s Ladybug”. (wiki lyrics page [x])

[ X ] ||| Legendas PT-BR (x)
[ X ] / [ X ] Alternative Theme Song ||| Legendas PT-BR (x)
          [ x ] Bonus: Disney Channel UK Sing Along (different video)
[ X ] Laura Marano version (VideoClip + Trailer)

[ X ] ||| English subtitles (fan-made video) (x) | Legendas PT-BR (x)

[ X ] ||| Español (x
[ X ] Fiestar (VideoClip + Trailer) ||| English Subtitles (x) | Legendas PT-BR (x)


Features the same theme song as the opening (the French credits are quick and feature a black background)

[ X ] English (no vocals)
[ X ] Korean


These videos are from the original concept of the show, when the series was still going to be in 2D animation/anime style. The leaked preview was a private video used by producers to try to convince other developers to make the show. Animation, lore, plot and characters have changed/adapted since then, but we still have the videos.

[ X ] Ladybug PV ||| English Subtitles (x) | Legendas PT-BR (x)

(wiki lyrics page [x] | P.S.: According to the creator of the series there is no real lyrics to this song, as it was just “a test song, with English-like gibberish” [x])

[ X ] 2D Trailer (shorter video; same footage, different song)

(wiki lyrics page [x])

(P.S.: It has been confirmed however, that a 2D OAV is in production, but it will be based on the current show, not the one seen in the previous videos [x] )


LadyBug Making-of-like video (shown at Las Vegas Licensing Expo in 2014), featuring art/animations from the 2d version until the current show, with he producers talking about the concept and production of the show (some things have not been seen in the show and it is currently unknown if they will appear later in it)

[ X ] ||| Legendas PT-BR (x)


Animated storyboards of the opening and the first (French) episode of the show. The opening video contains images of concepts now discarded/changed in the actual show (and what could be counted as spoilers, depending on your tolerance for info presented before it happens on the show :P) 

[ X ] Original Opening 
[ X ] Episode 1 - StormyWeather


I honestly don’t understand how people can hate the minions so much…. I see so many hate posts about them these days and I just don’t get it!! They are fucking adorable!! And their antics are hilarious.

And you’d think this site would be going crazy over them because THEY’RE ALL GAY!!! Heelllooooo!! PLUS they cross dress and it’s totally accepted and positive!! Does Tumblr not realize how progressive they are??

Really anyone who dislikes them has clearly never seen Despicable Me one or two…. They’re just following the crowd. 

The Electrifying Neighbour *Steve Rogers x Darcy Lewis*

Summary: Steve gets a new neighbour, only he doesn’t know that she’s hired to watch over him or the fact, she’s Darcy Lewis;  she’s here to help him get aquainted with the world again, with her ‘Darcy’s Awesome Recommendation List’.
Admins Note: Blame Mikie, the adorable angel that I have had the pleasure of knowing since joining Tumblr, who always hardcore ships these two and gave me the greatest idea for somethign ever. - Ro

Gif of Darcy and Coulson done by me, please, ask before using. Plus the Darcy and Steve one

“Miss Lewis, pleasure to see you could make it.” Agent Coulson smiled delightfully at the young intern for Jane Foster.

“Yeah, well, apparently I am a people pleaser today” the brunette shrugged delicately, “that and your people shoved me in the back of the car.”

“I’d apologise but I told them to get you here at all costs,” Darcy rolled her eyes from behind the frames of her glasses “you are probably wondering why I called you here today?”  

“Ya’know, I am not too bothered by it, I can live without knowing why I am here” her voice dripping with sarcasm, “of course I am wondering why I am here, so, enlighten me.”

“Miss Lewis-“

“Darcy, you make me sound old.” Darcy requested, resting her chin in her left hand and watching Phil walk slightly towards her.

“Darcy, I and SHIELD would like to personally acquire your services with a difficult matter.” He tells her in a very hard voice.

“Whatever Jane told you, I never worked as a lady of the night,” She tried to joke but received a deadpan look “okay, sorry, tough crowd up in here.” She sighed lightly.

“We’d like you to monitor one of our top agents, become his friend, help him…adjust and get caught up to speed with our times,” Phil placed a file on the table, Darcy slides the document to her and opens it, “of course, we’ll be paying for the living arrangements plus any inconvenience on travelling to and from work.”

“Wait.” Darcy holds a hand up, picking up the small photo that was paper clipped to the papers, she chuckled slightly “you want me to babysit Captain America? You want me to nanny a ninety-year-old national icon?”

Its silent for a beat or two, “technically, yes, we do. Are you interested?”

Darcy frowned, they were being completely serious with her, and this wasn’t some joke or prank. She looked back down at the file, studying it for a moment, well it couldn’t be too bad; she’d finally have her own place away from sharing or bunking at Jane’s some nights.

“Don’t you have agents to do this?” She asked raising her eyebrows as she looked at Phil, he chuckled once and nodded.

“Rogers is always one step ahead, he knew we had sent someone to watch over him, and now you are wondering why wouldn’t he know now?” he chuckled once more, “well, you are a somewhat an average human, you won’t have to lie or fool him into being your friend.”

“I am not the type person that should be friends with this guy,” Darcy muttered “but… I guess, I mean, not like I am busy making friends anywhere else anyway.” She shrugged, setting the file down, ignoring the ‘somewhat average human’ comment.

“Thank you, well, send someone to help you pack up your current belongings tomorrow.” Phil glances at his watch, “Rogers should be arriving back from his latest mission tonight.” He mutters to himself, twirling a finger to the other agents in the room.

In a matter of seconds Darcy was hoisted up from her seat, she grumbled about being able to use her own legs but that didn’t seem to matter to them, at all.

“I want my iPod back, Phil.” She called as she swept away, she wasn’t getting that iPod back ever again.


“Well, thank you, idiots” Darcy stood outside the apartment complex, boxes stacked beside her and she watched the SHIELD agents drive off, not even helping her with the belongings she had decided to bring along with her.

Turning holding her new apartment key, she sighed and lifted a box, yep this was shitty. It looked like a nice kind of area that she could leave her other boxes for a few minutes, she walked to the elevator and pressed the button multiple times.

“Oh, the elevator doesn’t work, ma’am” a voice startling Darcy from behind, she huffed in response, of course, the bloody elevator wouldn’t work. Instead, she stood staring at the metal doors for a few seconds, sighing with a heavy heart.

Oh great, Steve Fucking Rogers, stood in the doorway watching her like she was some alien; she might as well be. She smiled a thank you, turning towards where the dreaded staircase was sitting; already she knew this would be torture.

He wasn’t too bad on the eyes, tall frame, taller than she expected him to be; not quite Thor’s height but close. She suspected his current get-up was for him to go out in public without being noticed, glasses and baseball cap, not very creative.

“Moving in?” he asked, what a stupid question, what a ridiculous question to ask.

“Duh, ” she mentally smacked herself, “sorry, yeah, I am new to the building. I guess my luck the elevator had to be broken.” Steve nodded and chuckled lightly.

“Nah, they’ve been broken since I moved in,” He shrugged, pointing behind him “would you like a hand with the others?” he asked, she half expected that question, guy from the Forties, practically lives and breathes being chivalrous. Plus the hero complex, women in need trust him to ask to help her.

“That would be great, thank you, I’m apartment 6C” his eyes narrowed slightly for a few seconds, she simply smiled, he really was very suspicious; well, he should be the last neighbour was hired to watch him, now she is but she is far from being an agent or… a normal neighbour.

He grabbed a box, Darcy was only on the second set when he wandered up behind her, she glanced down at him as she walked up the other set; two boxes, what a fucking show off, well, actually that’s good fewer trips. Smart move, Mr America.

“So, how did you find out about this place being for rent?” he asked not even breaking a sweat, super serum has some great side effects, or so it seems.

“I actually didn’t, I was told I should live here by a friend,” not exactly a lie, bending the truth, Phil wasn’t her friend but he did tell her to move in here “I had to get out from living with a roommate I hated, plus sleeping on my friend’s couch was becoming… achy.”

He hummed in response, “nicest place I’ve found so far, honestly, the dumps I’ve viewed. I haven’t even seen the apartment myself but the area is nice, so my friend tells me.” Shrugging, breathing slightly heavily, how many more stairs?

Once reaching the top, she propped the box she was carrying under her arm and pushed the key into the door, pushing the door open with her hip she stepped inside; eyes widening, this place was huge, too big for just her. She may need to get a dog to keep herself company.

“I’ll get the others, easier that way.” Before she could respond he was already out of her door, both boxes stacked beside her one, it was already furnished for her but she didn’t exactly like that yellow couch but too lazy to go get another one; it will have to do.

She opened the box that she had carried, Steve walked back in a few times and dropped the last box down, glancing at the contents of the currently opened box and frowned…

“Uh, yeah, that’s a Taser” Darcy muttered, glancing at Steve who had raised eyebrows, “it’s for my protection, I’m not exactly living in the safest place on Earth, plus I work late and walking; people are weird, don’t judge me.” He raised his hands in defence, laughing at her explanation.

“No, I get it, trust me” she nodded once, “have you ever had to use it?” he asked making light conversation.

“A couple of times, a few have been for pleasure” that earns a weird stare, she doesn’t say anything more than that, laughing loudly at his weirded out expression “kidding, sometimes people are idiots and I like to tell them that by using this.” She grabs the Taser, aiming at him and he noticeably tenses.

“Don’t worry, I won’t use it on you” she waves it lightly and places it on the couch arm, he nods once and smiles, edging to the door “unless you are an annoying neighbour.” She tells him seriously.

“Well, I’ll keep myself in check” he laughed walking out the door and to the one at the end, Darcy waves slightly “if you need anything 6C, then don’t hesitate to ask.” Darcy smiles genuinely and nods.

“I’ll keep that in mind, Cap” he frowns but sighs to himself “yeah, I am no idiot. Plus the disguise doesn’t really work.” He chuckled and opens his own door, both waving and going into their respected homes.

Well, first impression and meeting out of the way, and she somehow avoided giving her own name, like he’d know who she is anyway. Now she had to think of a way to become his friend, easier said than done.That’s why she is here, to be his friend and help him adjust, how the hell is she meant to befriend a superhero?

Next Part ->

(Hopefully, this is what Mikie expected, and that I gave Darcy some justice. Kinda weird to write since I rp as Steve, plus there’s a Darcy, so I veered into making Darcy very much like Max from Two Broke Girls. Let me know what you think. - Rosalee)

Stiles & Malia. Lydia & Jordan.

Okay, so it has come to my attention that many, many people ship Stiles with Lydia, but am I the only person who thinks they’re better as friends? 

I’m sorry, I just don’t think they’d be good as a couple - they have too much of a strong friendship! Plus, I love Lydia with Jordan Parrish! 

Like c’mon look at this adorable kiss:

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And this: 

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Am I the only one who thinks they’re freaking adorable together? 

And these two just kill me:

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And ummmm, look at the way she looks at him: 

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Am I seriously the only one who loves Stiles with Malia, and Lydia with Parrish?

Yup, just me? Okay then. 

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Honestly, I ship you with Seb so hard. you're both such sweet people who make everyone you come in contact with feel loved, and I feel like you two could make each other so happy. Plus you're freaking gorgeous and you two would make an adorable couple in the instagram aesthetic sense. <3

Oh my goodness. I audibly gasped while reading this. This is so so sweet thank you so much for saying all of this! I just…wow idek where to start just thank you. It makes me so happy that you think I make people feel loved. 💕

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all i want is a writing career and for seb to love me lol