I wore Anna out today with my family and did a small shoot with my mom. These were just the photos on my phone, I need to edit the others and then they’ll be up!
I meant to do them yesterday to celebrate the first day of Spring, but my mom had to work so I couldn’t. It’s a day late but happy Spring!!!

  • Fat person/POC:I really want to cosplay this skinny/character of another race but I'm nervous because I'm not the same weight/race.
  • Skinny/white person:I really want to cosplay this chubby/POC character but I'm nervous because I'm not the same weight/race.
  • Tumblr:Um excuse me? You're skinny/white look at all your fucking options. Why the fuck are you only choosing POC and fat characters. Don't try to take this away from us. There are SO many white and skinny characters. Cosplay them. Leave the fat and POC ones alone. You're privileged scum.
  • /I'm sorry I DONT want to start fights and yes I am a plus sized cosplayer but I had to say this. We have such a double standard with cosplayers here. Cosplay who you want! Weight and race doesn't matter, whether you're a POC, skinny, fat, or white!/

My cosplay from my first (July 2011) to my latest (May 2014)

I’m still very new to cosplay. I’ve only been doing it for 3 years but I’m very proud of the costumes I’ve created in that time. Each time I try to push myself to try something new: a new style, a new technique, something a bit out of my comfort zone.

I’m always very conscious of my weight when I cosplay, I’m a plus sized cosplayer and some people don’t really like that but hey, if someone sees me and thinks “well if she can cosplay then so can I” then I’m happy. Cosplaying has increased my confidence infinitely and I’m greatful to the friends I have that are my constant cosplaying companions and the friends I have made through the hobby.

Here’s to future costumes and hopefully future improvement!

Wonder Woman! Size US16/18

I had to have so much confidence wearing this, and while it was hard to act like I was the shit, I didn’t receive any negative comments?

Although, I do remember someone talking to their friend about how they’d seen a better ww cosplayer. But there will always be people who do things better than you so I didn’t let it get me down.

I did make this outfit (minus the leotard and wig) and even hand-painted the stars on the skirt!

Please! If you’re thinking about cosplaying a character and are worried about being judged or ridiculed, ignore those fuckers and carry on. You can wear whatever the hell you want.

Mable Pines Cosplay Tutorial/ Tips for ALL SIZES

as requested by flowerchild-and-vintagegoth

Mabel Pines of Gravity Falls

For Mable, doing her standard design would be very quick, simple and cute! Its also very inexpensive making it perfect for those fans doing cosplay on a budget. 

As with all cosplay, this can be done by either the Alteration method (buying base pieces such as a whole skirt or shirt and altering it with additional materials) or the Scratch/ Sewing method (creating/ sewing all the pieces yourself). As for the purpose of this tutorial, we will be exploring the Alteration method as it is most simple-leveled, time & cost-efficient.

Now when it comes to cosplay, I like to be as accurate as possible. Down to the itty-bitty, teeny-weensie details. That’s the wow factor in all of my cosplays. Its what really turns heads and makes other fan’s light up in appreciation and adoration the work, time and careful eye you put into looking like, or more fondly, BEING this beloved character!

 A little work can go a very long way! Its important to keep that in mind when creating our cosplay; ie- not just slapping together in advance a few days before the con, or rushing through it because we don’t have patience. Cosplay is love, its a baby that needs a careful hand. Take your time, be neat, use references, and be patient.

let’s get started! ONWARDS AOSHIMA!

1. Mable’s Sweater 

During the entirety of the series Gravity Falls, Mable is seen with as many as 30 different sweater designs; all being very bright, varied, colorful and to each its own quirky style.  Her standard design is her Shooting Star/ Rainbow sweater. I will in the near-future be offering a few different tutorials on some of the more well known variations such as her famed Glow-Star sweater. 

Lets start off with an easy base. 

For any of these sweaters, you can find a quality turtleneck in virtually almost any color, size and shape of turtleneck online for cheap. The trick is finding the right style, material and of course price. A simple sweater search on google shopping will provide you with hundreds of pages worth of options from various shops with the option of showing products priced from lowest to highest.


on average, these simple turtlenecks can run anywhere between 5$ - 16$ (some with free shipping!) are typically delivered quickly and will not set you back very much. This is a great price considering the average from-scratch cosplay no matter what it is, will run you a minimum of about 50$ for all materials and accessories.    Also, keep open-minded about options such as Ebay or thrift stores like Goodwill or Savers. These places you will be surprised what you find and can get quality pieces of your cosplay DIRT CHEAP (5$ or less) and usually carry all sizes and shades!

Design/ Patch

On Mable’s pilot/ general outfit design is a Shooting star with a simplified rainbow following its’s tail. 

Now with all our cosplay we have some options here. Some that we can even take huge creative liberty with.  By that I mean you can either choose to stick with simple, life-sized and accurate; or go with something with a more personal and animated touch. 

I personally like the big animated Cartoonish looking cosplays. Simply put: Bigger is better. Making the design on the sweater bigger makes it stand out, almost comedically. Paired with the right look/make-up style, circle/color contacts, etc it really brings the character dramatically to life.

Get creative! You can paint it directly onto your sweater with Acrylic paints (which are cheap at 50¢ - 99¢ ea. and permanent; available in many colors, easily found at Walmart or art stores like Hobby Lobby etc.) or  Puffy Fabric Paints, also cheap and easy to find, a little more time consuming to work with however. 

  • Start by placing a piece of cardboard or thick paper inside of the sweater behind where you are going to paint. This is going to prevent the paint from soaking through to the other side. as well as smoothing out the area you are going to be painting on. Remember, these paints are PERMANENT.
  • Now begin drawing or stenciling the design on the front with either a thin marker or a darkly colored pencil. 
  • Once you have it drawn out, begin your painting one color at a time. Start with the darkest colors first, painting from the outer lines to inner ones. 
  • Paint in sections and allow each color to dry partially BEFORE MOVING ONTO THE NEXT ONE. This is a crucial tip as to prevent colors from mixing and smudging. Don't forget to clean you brushes often and do not mix too much water with your paints.
  • Once your painting is finished, place your freshly painted sweater on a flat surface out of the way of pets, parents, younger siblings roommates or any other freak force of nature cannot muck up your work. Allow it to dry for 4-6 hours before trying it on of removing the cardboard panel from inside.
  • At This time, once the paint is dry you can go back over with more layers of paint to depthen and brighten your design. repeat drying step as needed.

Patches & Transfer Decals

If painting isn’t really your thing, you have a shaky hand or are short on time - you may be more appealed to the more simple option of using an Iron-on patch. These easily-transferable patches can be efficiently ironed-on to your sweater base with ease saving you both time and frustration. There is nothing wrong with choosing this option and in many cases may be the neatest option at your disposal.

source: 8BitSpock - etsy

Some specialty shops both online and locally such as Etsy, CafePress  and Signature Patches make custom embroidered patches or Iron-on decals that are quick, accurate and easy to use. The only downside is typically Embroidered patches usually run pretty pricey. The average price for a median-sized patch like the one above is on average around 20$ and happen to be smaller (t-shirt sized) than what you would want for this cosplay.

Iron-on transfer decals which have no texture and are typically 2D and flat are considerably cheaper around 10$ - 15$

2. Hair/ Wig

Mable has very long, slightly curly/ poofy & wavy Brown Hair.

If you have naturally long, poofy-wavy brown locks, then Awesome! You really don’t have to do much for this step - just a little extra styling and products, and you’ll be good. :) 

If you don’t have the same hair color, length, texture or style as little miss Mable, then you like many other cosplayers will opt for a Wig. Synthetic cosplay and fashion wigs tend to have more volume and shape than just natural looks. This in my opinion works best with the cartoon-ish look.

you will want to choose one with a comb-over bang style, long with waves. These wigs, because of their natural style tend to be highly affordable running between 15$ - 22$. 

If you have a lighter complexion, you will want to get a lighter brown color such as this:  


If you have a deeper/ darker complexion, look for a slightly deeper brown. As a biracial cosplayer of color myself, I find this technique works better for my skin-tone giving a more natural look and not clashing with my make-up or the rest my cosplay. Something like this:

Source: Rose

As always, use a wig cap as well as a good hair pinning technique for space and comfort when wearing a cosplay wig. (good youtube tutorial hereDO NOT TIE HAIR UP TOO TIGHTLY IT CAN CAUSE HEADACHES + DAMAGE AND THIN YOUR FOLLICLES AND ROOTS WITH EXTENDED WEAR. I cannot stress this enough.

3. Skirt

(see step 1.)

Mable tends to wear school-length skirts in warmer colors such as violet, purple, red, scarlet, yellow and fuschia. Pastel colors as well.

As said previously for step 1, you can find simple and comfortable fold-over/ pull-up skirts in various vibrant colors are available inexpensively in many sizes online on sites such as Ebay or google shopping. 

you should easily be able to fin these in petite and Plus+ sizes.

As mentioned before as well, don’t forget to check local thrift shops for a good deal as well for their selection of skirts. You may be surprised at what you find!

4. Accessories & Footwear


Mabel always wears a hair/ headband matching the color of her sweater. you can achieve that girlish look she has by using a larger vibrant-colored headband or Yoga-band. These are dirt-cheap and SUPER easy to find on sites like Etsy and eBay. :)  

Source: voguequeens2011 on eBay

Bedazzeling & Glitter

A Personal tip from me that adds a stylish creative touch particularly to this cosplay is to get creative with the jewels and glitter!!! make your cosplay pop! and stand out from all the others with a shimmery finish.  Here are some tips! 

  • Super glue some large yellow/gold plastic, glass or metallic Rhinestones to the inside of your star!! Its a cute and playful finish that will turn heads and camera lenses!
  • fill in the star with a thin layer of super glue or vinyl glue. lightly fill the area with gold glitter; making sure the entire glued area is completely covered. Once settled, turn the are gently upside down and shake to remove extras.

Foot wear

I highly suggest sticking with comfortable flats or dolly-shoes for this cosplay. Next to sandals, Flats are one of the most common and affordable types of footwear available. They run the gambit at about 8$ -15$ a pair and can be found any time of year in most department & shoe stores in all sizes.

Remember: you are most likely going to be walking around this convention for HOURS at a time. Even a small heel can quickly become cruel and unusual torture wandering the long halls and panel rooms at a convention space. Stick with simple and comfortable. Trust me, your paws will thank you later.



Lilac socks are a little harder to find than you would think. based on searching around, I feel as if it might be easier and a lot cheaper just to buy comfortable white socks and dye them lilac yourself with Rite Dye (easily found at art, fabric stores for cheap 99¢ - 2$; also regular department stored like Walmart or Target)  You can also get away with using a slightly darker pair of purple socks. :) So if you can’t find the right shade that you want, don’t worry too much! you can easily find these online for cheap in places such as  &


Now comes the fun part! Now never have I EVER met a Mable Pines cosplayer with braces. NEVER. Depending on how accurate or comfortable you want to be with this cosplay, I do not think anyone is going to take too much notice to this detail if you choose not to do incorporate it. 

But if I were to cosplay Mable, I would think about theatrical/ costume braces.


Don’t Let the name fool you.  Billy Bob teeth are actually a fairly popular Go-To for many cosplayers around the world. Known for the variety of dentally customizeable selections such as vampire fangs, canines, missing teeth, buck teeth and of course, rotting teeth.

They work with a process of emptying a packet of pitting plastic white beads (included) into a cup of very hot water, once fitting plastic turns clear you remove them with spoon. These will be filled into the teeth mold and you will bite into it, molding to the custom shape of your own teeth. 

Once on, these are actually quite comfortable, though they do affect your speech a bit. (Just like real braces, wow!) Also they are very difficult to eat with. (also like real braces!).

My Verdict is unless doing a photoshoot, skip the braces, as eating and speaking are kind of important, particularly at a convention.

5. Make-up

With this make-up, we want to keep it simple, but youthful. But we also want that dramatic cartoonish-look as well. That means the main thing we are going to be focusing on is eyes & cheeks. 

Go ahead and do your basic make-up routine with cleansing, moisturizer, primer and base.


using this basic doll-eye tutorial from the talented JackyChip on Deviantart, we are going to make a few changes to achieve that big playful cartoon-like look.

we do this by contouring with warm and cool colors and one of the most important touches - White eyeliner as a base. This is what makes they eyes look so large and animated.

I personally use Rimmel London White Eyeliner Pencil for this, on ALL my cosplays. The color is bright, rich, fade-proof and and solid; it lasts for hours and that is important when you are running around to different panels and photo-shoots of sorts. you wont have time to worry about constantly making runs to the bathroom to re-apply next to 7 other cosplayers.

Mabel also has very predominant lashes. To achieve this look, I would suggest a pair of thin falsies/ false eyelashes for just the top lid.

remember, in the show Mabel isn’t specified to have any specific eye-color, so feel free to go au-natural with your own. But if you do decide to wear color contacts or circle lenses, put them in BEFORE doing make-up


to complete this look we are going to do some heavier oval-shape blush on the upper cheekbones, partially the apples of your cheeks.

This technique is called “doll-Blush” and can be done one of 2 ways depending on your choice. If you would like a less cartoon look, concentrate on sweeping blush in a crescent motion on the cheekbones rather than round.

Alas, You’ve finally reached the end of this tutorial! 

Hopefully it helps your dream Mabel Cosplay come to life! if you have any additional questions or would like to know where to find some of the above materials mentioned, don’t hesitate to leave me an ask or an Anon and I will help you out!

Also feel free to make request for other Cosplay tutorials! :)

Happy falling!

-WitchParfait <3 

Haven’t submitted here in a while, but I just finished this costume and I thought I’d share it! I’ve been doing crazy amounts of cosplay work since my She-Ra costume last year, but I’m especially proud of this Sivir costume. I’m not one for being overly exposed, and despite being covered head to toe in this costume, it still felt risque to me. Nonetheless  I went out and rocked it, and I fell like a million bucks about it. 

Cosplayer: Lolo’s Wardrobe (Me)

Costume: Sivir (Snowstorm Skin)

Series: League of Legends

Photo by: Max Shot First

More details will be on my page


In my search for plus-sized cosplay ideas, I found… well… almost NO plus sized female characters in video games, comics, or cartoons where them being fat wasn’t the absolute focal point of their characters. I also found a whole slew of fat shaming on the forums I visited, and it made me feel sick to my stomach.

Not everyone is the “ideal” body shape, and I’m pretty sure we need more role-models who are Loud, Round, and Proud. Some characters who represent more varied body types.

Just my two cents.

Here’s my Queen Elinor cosplay from SacAnime Summer 2013. This cosplay was a roller coaster of emotions. My dear dear best friend Mari ( made the dress for me. I made the crown and the belt, which both tried their hardest to completely fall apart the day I wore them. Word of caution, 110+ degree weather and hot glue don’t really work well together. The heat outside softened the glue too much. 

Best part of the day (and probably my life) was when we were having lunch a few blocks from the con and a little girl got excited to meet us, and really shy. And before she left she came up to me and was like “Don’t eat the cake, Queen Elinor! And watch out for Mor’du!”

Cosplayer: (ms-mischief-maker on DA)


Dear Cosplayers,

Don’t ever feel like you’re not good enough for a cosplay. Don’t ever let people tell you that you shouldn’t cosplay something because you ‘don’t look right’ for it.

Take a second and think: Where do we get the word 'cosplay’?

It’s a combination of the words 'costume’ and 'play’. What do you do when you play? You have fun. We don’t call what we do 'coscompete’. We’re not competing (unless you’ve deliberately entered yourself in a costume contest. that’s a different story). It’s not called cosjudge, so don’t judge people based on their costume. Run around, have fun.


There are too many people who are afraid to cosplay what they want, or even to cosplay in general, because of what people say. If you’ve ever made someone feel bad because they weren’t your definition of 'good’ then you’re a douchebag. It takes so much courage to get in costume and to go out in public. Isn’t it silly to shame people for having courage? It’s a prized quality in most people. Cosplayers should be praised.

What I’m trying to say is that I am so proud of anyone who wears a costume. So the next time you cosplay remember this: you are doing this to have fun, not to please other people. Be yourself, wear whatever you like.

You are cosPLAYING. nothing more, nothing less.

And you are AMAZING for it!

With cosplay becoming so mainstream, it’s so easy to find people who want to make rules about who and what can be cosplayed.  Thing is, cosplay is about expression. It’s about sharing your love of something - either your love of sewing and crafting, your love of a character or your love of a series. It doesn’t matter what your gender, color, size or orientation is, it’s all about celebrating the things you enjoy.

It’s sad to see a hobby based in mutual interests of something be turned into something so negative. While I realize everyone’s aesthetic is different, there really is no need to be so horrible to each other. Rather than bash something you don’t like, why not promote something you love?

Truly happy people don’t need to tear someone else down to build themselves up.

This was taken back in December at Ikkicon.  I was dressed as Ellie from Borderlands 2. At  the time, I ran the size gamut between 18 and 24.  My sister (Lilith in the pictures) and I were so excited to meet a group of other Borderlands cosplayers and to be invited to shoot with their group. I have to say, this has to be my favourite cosplay I’ve made because of how easy it is to wear.

This shot was pre-group, from Lavelle Photography

The group shots (which are tons of fun) were through Vodka Photos, the set can be found here, here, here, and here.

This is my cosplay of the TARDIS from Doctor Who. The top three pictures are from a small local convention, and the bottom three are from a Halloween party. The costume is ever-evolving as I come up with new ideas and accessories. The corset was purchased and modified, the skirts and hat made from scratch, the Police Box wrap painted by hand with a stencil I made. 

Bonus fat cosplay in the group picture of me with some ladyfriends as Pikachu and a femme droog from Clockwork Orange. :) 

Love this blog!