Fat Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Fallacies.


“You’ve been asking for it, here it is! The new plus line everyone was waiting to try, no one has done this before!” Fallacy, falsehood, wrong, incorrect. The companies you love to shop from lie to you. They tell you they’ll bring out a beautiful, perfect sized item of clothing for you. They ALL promise to get their shit together, that next time they won’t be releasing denim and taupe colored burlap sacks. Ha.

Why can I, a size 2-3x normally, fit in a size 1 at Torrid? Why can I fit in a 4x from there too. Why is it that from Target, the skirt above is a double XL, but if I wear an actually skirt from their plus lines, it won’t fit above my hips? Why are they lying to us and treating us like fools? Because they can. They don’t have to do anything else, they don’t have to try harder. We buy their stuff anyway. Now I -know- things are getting better, the argumentative ones will say this.

Yes, Brittany, things ARE getting better. But for who? I sure as hell can’t afford $60-80 for a skirt, and that’s what the majority of good plus size brands that are actually true to size require. Why do I have to be rich to have cute clothes? Why is it that Forever 21’s 3x is my size sometimes, and other times it can’t fit above my hips? Why the actual FUCK do I have to shop for hours to find one decent pair of pants. Who the fuck are they making clothes for? Does it even really matter?

No. Because we fat babes are so desperate for clothes we will literally pay anything for a piece of clothing that is actually cute and fits. We will pay medium prices for dirt cheap things that break and barely fit because it’s cute! And I know I’m not the only one but at least for me, my entire life has been ill-fitting jeans and large T-shirts.

Why can’t they just make things more consistent? Why is a size 16 at Torrid the same thing as a JC Penney’s 22? Why the fuck do I not know what size I actually am. Why are they all lying? Because they fucking can. Why don’t they just fix the sizes? Because they know we will keep buying it. That’s the saddest part of all.

**if you like hearing and debating about things like this, you’ll really like my upcoming YouTube channel, I just started filming today, and this was the topic**