Happy Diwali everyone!! It’s been crazy here today with all the EXTREMELY LOUD NOISES but it’s finally beginning to quiet down, which is a relief. I took some photos of the lights as well, which I’ll post later!

I’m wearing an old ASOS dress, thrifted loafers, a velvet beret from the 40s, and my adorablest dachshund necklace from Eclectic Eccentricity Jewellery. They have the most wow collection of doge accessories I mean will you just look at this pupe here :’) 

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After my very grown up red dress, I felt like I really had to wear something that was very classic me, so here we are in my fevrit vintage jacket, smock dress and knee socks. Infact, I wore this jacket to work most of the week because I couldn’t bear to be parted from it, and now it has to go to the drycleaners because polyester. (If you didn’t know, polyester is the one fabric that’ll lovingly cling on to every single odoriferous molecule you expel from your body. Quite terrifying that.) 

I thought the little wildflower posy made a cute prop, I have to start thinking of more props for shoots in the future! 


The Whitepepper Smock Dress  //  Vintage 60s jacket [Similar here]  //  Vintage Monk Shoes [Similar here]  //  Old Sockdreams Knee Socks

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I have recently fallen in love with Hell Bunny! 
The full circle skirts and beautiful cotton prints.  *sigh*
A modern/retro loving plus sized gal’s dream come true.  I was reluctant to try them out because the sizing on the brand’s site runs really small (like, smaller than junior plus, small!).  As soon as I got my first Hell Bunny dress in the mail for Christmas I realized that I was about to become a massive addict (I now have three).  
My collection of colorful crinolines and petticoats went *squeeeeee*… and they lived happily ever after. 

I felt like such a Barbie, today. 


I took these photos (with a little help from my colleague Pathika) and then I more or less just jumped into the sea and spent all morning swimming. It was one of the most glorious experiences I’ve ever had. I’m too exhausted and sleepy to go into any detail about it, but I did spend about 10 years dreaming of swimming in the sea, which might explain how I feel about it. I was born to be in water. 

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *    

The coat was gifted me by Choies, and it’s lovely and snuggly and the perfect tartan coat I’ve been wanting for ages. The dress is one of my current favourites and I tend to wear it a lot - it’s still available in a couple of sizes at ASOS. The woolly socks are c/o Tabbisocks and they are quite amazing. They’re big enough to accommodate calves a few sizes larger than mine and they’re not the least bit scratchy and uncomfortable, which is amazing. I love socks like that. And finally, the glasses are the London Retro Nancy frames from AW13 that were gifted me by MyOptique last year, but I’ve only got proper lenses put in them recently because I’m a bad blogger boo hiss

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I just can’t Stop Staring (And admit it, neither can you…)

Whenever I think of retro style done right, I think of Jasmin from Vintage Vandalizm (seriously, if you don’t know her blog, you’ve got to check her out!) I love her sense of style, how on point she always is, and how she is able to weave tiny modern-day touches into the occasional outfit.

So, when I received this flawless Stop Staring dress, I started pouring over my accessories to gather the most vintage-ish items I own to incorporate into my outfit. (Spoiler alert, I apparently own a lot less vintage than I thought.) So, I put my own twist on things, with my modern-day accoutrements, and hoped for the best.

Therefor, I bring you my best “Black Widow, did-she-or-did-she-not-kill-him, I-can’t-believe-she-wore-that-to-his-funeral” look. I hope to always look this inappropriate at the funerals of all my future husbands.

Dress: Stop Staring (size 18)

Jacket: ASOS Curve (Size 16)

Heels: Liz Claiborne (Size 9)

Clutch: Express

Earrings: Forever21


Aaaand here’s styling number 2 of the skirt (out of 2 for today, but likely a gazillion more times in the future). Mega obsessed with the top too (also from Pinup Girl Clothing). Feeling 100% bombshell.