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This galaxy print dress is just outta this world, y’all (aww, *groan*), haha. I wore this one out to dinner on Saturday evening, but despite getting rained on and losing power in the restaurant in the middle of dinner, we still had a very time. There’s just something about having legs for days goin’ on that ensures a good time will be had by all, haha. Don’t you agree?

teland asked:

Hi, quick random question from someone you don't know from a hole in the ground -- I saw your gorgeous selfies on Heidi's blog, and I was wondering where you got those tights! It's so, so hard for me and my wide-legged lovers and friends to find nice tights that are *really* for plus-sized people, you know? Help a sister out? :D If you publish -- and I know lots of people would love to know! -- please tag my handle? <3

Hey friend! <3 I’m always happy to help with stuff like this. Most of the time all my purchases are logged in my Plus Sized Clothes tag. These particularly leggings came from Old Navy. Right now they have plus sized print leggings on sale, here. For the record, I’m a size US 18, and I usually buy the 2x. I have a pair of 1x and they fit okay, but I have pretty thick calves and ankles, and sometimes they are just too tight there. 

I also regularly get printed leggings from Modcloth, though I usually size up and get a 3X there, since their sizing is wildly unpredictable. 

If any of the rest of you know where to get tights or leggings for plus sized folks, let me know!


New velour leopard print leggings from Cool Gal Blue. One size fits all, but I am petite at 5’1 (150 CM) and they fit me perfectly and length. I wear usually a 1X/16 so it gives you an idea. So far I find them very comfortable, although sometimes you slide on chairs because of the material. I paired them with a lace cut out top from Reitmans and some vintage jewellery. My ankle boots are TAXI.

the outfit for each day of the week babes by alexis-kitten featuring leather shoes

Pink cardigan, $83 / Black top / Long sleeve top / Black top / Pink pullover / Silver t shirt / Black top, $12 / Givenchy brown pants / Barbara Bui black jogger pants / Skinny jeans, $38 / White and black striped pants / Plus size pants / Print legging / H&m pants, $23 / Giuseppe Zanotti high heel shoes / UGG Australia boots / UGG Collection leather shoes / UGG Australia silver boots, $260 / Hush Puppies combat boots / Short boots, $85 / Suede shoes / Jennifer behr headband / ASOS metal hair clip, $12 / Elastic hair tie / Pearl hair accessory / Hair styling tool