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I feel like the next Supreme in this outfit. Halloween is every day!

Bat dress: CowCowClothing on Amazon. (3x)

Bat purse: ASOS (via Ebay)

Belt: Ross (Men’s section)

Hat: Wal-Mart

Makeup: Birthday Girl and Boy Band eyeshadow from Colourpop, Etude House BB Cream, Physician’s Formula bronzer, Wet n Wild liquid eyeliner, Wet n Wild lipstick in Cherry Bomb, Milani mascara.

Your Laugh is the most beautiful thing I've heard

Bucky x reader

He didn’t think a laugh could make him forget his inner demons until he met you. You were a lab assistant for Bruce and spent a lot of time at the tower. He can’t remember what Tony said but he can remember that first laugh, it was loud and sounded like music to his ears. Your laugh was the reason he went out more. Your laugh was the reason he was smiling more. He would do anything just to hear that laugh. The first time he talked to you he fell in love with you. You have a tendency to talk a lot and others would zone out, not him, he was interested in your experiences, your jokes your life in general. You were his reason for getting out of bed and you didn’t even know it.

You had feelings for Bucky but you didn’t let them get the way though, you were professional. But that smile, that smile made you melt. If your jokes got him to smile you would keep telling them, if your stories made him smile when he thought you weren’t looking you’d keep telling them.

When you weren’t working with Bruce you would help tony and let’s just say sometimes Tony was an asshole. You don’t hold it against him though. He doesn’t really know how to not offend anyone.

Bucky was walking through the compound he had to ask Bruce about something but when he got to the lab he stopped. “Seriously (Y/N) I don’t think you should eat those,” you were trying to pry some potato chips from his hands. “Come on Tony one chip won’t hurt,” you whine while leaning over to grab them. Tony just chuckled,“in your case it will.” You paused for a second and stepped away,“ what’s that supposed to mean,” a confused expression took over your face. Bucky had to keep from going in there and killing Tony after what he said next. Tony scoffed,“ face it you’re good at science but you’re not the most…healthy looking.” You knew exactly what he meant,“you know what, keep the chips,” you said while turning away and going back to filling out reports.

After that moment you laughed less and barely said a word to Bucky. When you were invited to dinner you passed and said you weren’t hungry. At that moment he wanted to throw Tony off the roof and watch him die. He knew why you’d said no to hanging out with people even though you loved it. You were insecure and he wanted to be there to cheer you up.

The next day he found you sitting under a tree He figured you’d be there because he knew it calmed you and made you feel at peace. You flinched when you saw his shadow but looked at him. “Mind if I join,” he asked while playing with his thumbs. You looked surprised for a moment because he never asked to be near you it was usually the other way around.“no, not at all have a seat,” you said while patting a patch of grass next to you. He slowly sat down next to you and looked at the trees from below for a second. He could see how it calmed you, it was just peaceful. After a while he looked over at you and saw a look of contentment and smiled to himself. Eventually he got to the subject,“ are you okay (Y/N)?” You looked over at him and said,“just fine, why do you ask?” You had a tone of tiredness instead of your usual response. “Because you haven’t been eating, he started.“or smiling, or laughing.” You looked at him slightly confused,“what does my laugh have to do with anything?” He let out a chuckle smiling,“because your laugh is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard. If I had to hear one sound for the rest of my life it would be your laugh or your voice. Not just your voice is beautiful, your body, your personality, and the way you have treated me like a human since the day I met you. You make me a better man (Y/N).” You were looking at him with pure awe, no one had ever said anything as meaningful as that to you in your life. And you believed it, every word. You felt that if he shared all of that you could share how you felt too. You took a deep breath,“Bucky, whenever I need someone to rant to, you’re there, whenever I need a shoulder to cry on, you’re there. And I’m there for you. You’ve seen me at my highest and lowest points. You might not think I know but I see when you smile at me out of the corner of my eye and it makes me happy. My long rants and constant jokes make someone happy, and that’s all I want. He looked at you as if he was contemplating something and finally he said,“you do more than just that,” your eyes shot up,“what.” He continued,“ ever since a saw you all I wanted to do was meet you, and when I met you I couldn’t stop thinking about you. What I’m trying to say is…,” he put his flesh hand in yours,“I’m in love with you.” “you’re not the only one”, you said moving your face closer. Your faces were inches apart now ,finally, you closed the gap. Your lips moved in sync and Bucky reached up to cup your face. When you were running out of air you pulled away. “Bucky, I don’t know where this will go, or what will happen but i know that I want to be with you,” you finally said. He smirked,“I hope we’ll be together for a long time then.” You let out your first laugh in a while,“I hope so too.”


In need of some TLC; Tacos, Loan Forgiveness, and Cheese Nips~


Peter Parker x plus size POC reader

A/N fucking Clint

Being Sam Wilson’s niece had some serious perks, you got to hangout at the Avengers tower all the time, plus play sweet pranks on everyone,except Nat obviously. Though the first time you came to the tower everyone tried to kill you now they’re like family. Then one day you were walking around the tower and some guy appeared out of nowhere, you had to admit he was kinda cute but 1. Sam would kill him if you dated 2. He’s much skinnier than you so you’re probably gonna get rejected.
“Who the fuck are you,” you asked startling him.

“I should ask the same thing,” he replied.

You said arms crossed,“ I’ve been here longer you first”

“Name’s Peter or Spider-man,” he said going for a handshake.

You took it and said,“ah, spider-boy, you stuck my uncle to the floor of an airport.”

“Hey, that’s behind us, I think,” he retorted.

You chuckled and say,“my name’s (Y/N) by the way,” you said walking away.

Unbeknownst to you, Peter was left wide eyed and starring at where you just were that when Clint popped out of the vents and gave him a heart attack he wasn’t surprised when he yelled,“I SHIP IT,” and ran off.
The next day you were eating breakfast and Peter was reading some comic and the milk was next to him so you naturally yelled,“hey spider-nerd, quit hogging the milk if you’re not gonna use it.” This caused Peter to yelp and frantically hand you the milk. The second he put it down you and Clint burst into laughter at his reaction. You finished your breakfast just as Nat and Steve walked in, the second you were out of earshot Clint started singing,“(Y/N) and Peter sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G,” causing Nat and Steve to look at Peter just as he was punching Clint.“How does that actually hurt,” he winced.
It had been a few months now and you and Peter were really close, but most of the avengers (except Sam) were acting weird. Every time you left the room you herd snickering from everyone else.
“Hey Sam,” Clint yelled.

“What” he replied.

“How would you feel if someone liked (Y/N),” Clint snickered looking at Peter.

Sam picked up on this and gave Peter a death glare and said,“ I’d say they have 10 seconds to run.” Which led you to walking down the hall and seeing Peter run past you with Sam not far behind, and Clint rolling on the floor in tears.

“Hey (Y/N),” Peter said playing with his bracelet.

“Yeah spider-nerd,” you turned and looked at him.

“Will you go out with me,” he said so quietly you almost didn’t hear.

This was the part when you looked shocked for like 10 seconds but when you snapped out of it you said,“ wow, I was not expecting that, of course,” you didn’t expect him to hug you and lift you up. Then Clint practically flew out the vent and screamed, “HE FINALLY DID IT.” Everyone ran in and started to congratulate us, and threaten to kill Peter if he broke my heart.


Perfect Date Idea; We have a picnic, consisting of Pizza Lunchables, Capri Suns, and Gushers while we reminisce about 90s cartoons. XD

Awkward moments

Steve x reader

“Hell no, there is no way I’m doing that,” you shrieked. Natasha and Wanda were trying to convince you to wear a bikini to Tony’s pool party. If it covered your stomach you might have said yes, you love pools don’t get me wrong but a bikini , no. “Come on (Y/N),” Wanda whinnied while dragging your arm into the store. “If you wear it we’ll make sure we get there first so no one sees you,” Natasha added. You knew if you said no they would pester you to no end and the rest of the team would join in. “Fine I’ll do it,” you groan while rolling your eyes. The only reason Nat and Wanda were doing this is because Steve has a crush on you and they want to watch him suffer. You however, didn’t know this little fact.

Today was the day, your swimsuit was under your baggy pants and shirt. You met with Nat and Wanda and they looked beautiful as always and you were just you. When you all got to the pool you looked at your 2 friends as they revealed their bikinis. You wanted to throw up from how nervous you were. “(Y/N), everyone will be here soon,” Nat yelled. She knew that the fear of people seeing you like this overpowered your other insecurities. You slowly took off your pants. Now came the hard part, taking off your shirt. Showing off that much of your body to the most fit people you know is wayy out of your comfort zone. You lifted your shirt and took a deep breath, “Looking good (Y/N),” Wanda whooped. You laughed and turned your head to the left, there was Steve starring directly at you. There was no where to hide so you frantically jumped into the pool. The feeling of being in water was your favorite thing because there you felt light, you felt free, like your weight wasn’t an issue. You heard another splash that threw you out of your trance and saw that Clint had cannonballed into the pool. When you resurfaced you saw everyone had arrived and you mentally screamed,“why is everyone hotter than me.” You didn’t leave the pool, compared to Wanda and Nat you looked like a whale. The day was really fun until you decided to get out of the pool to get some food. If wearing a 2 piece dry made you look like a whale this definitely would. You scurried out of the pool and dried off. When you were walking back you heard someone talking about you, “thank god (Y/N) left she looks like someone stuffed an elephant in a bikini.” You walked back to the pool, said your goodbyes and left.

Steve thought he was the first one to the pool because the others were behind him. That was not the case, he saw you take off your shirt revealing your 2 piece swimsuit. He had hard time controlling himself. But when you saw him you panicked and jumped in, and it was pretty funny. Suddenly Clint pushed past him and yelled, “cannonball,” and even soaked Tony who was the furthest away from the pool. When you got out of the pool he had thoughts so dirty they would make a sailor blush. “thank god (Y/N) left she looks like someone stuffed an elephant in a bikini.” He saw you in the doorway listening to that, you looked so upset he wasn’t surprised when you left. “What the hell man,” Wanda snapped. “Yeah that was a dick move,” Nat agreed. “Seriously why would you even say that,” he chimed in. They looked at him and scoffed, “you’re only defending her because you like her Rodgers.” He stalked over to them, they stepped back slightly and he just picked them up and tossed them into the pool with zero effort. “I’m gonna find (Y/N),” he said walking away. Everyone looked at each other. They knew what was about to happen.

You burst into your room and collapsed on the bed, after about 10 minutes you decided being covered in chlorine was unpleasant you got into the shower. That was exactly what you needed and no one could hear you cry either. When you got out in nothing but a towel you didn’t expect to see Captain America in your room. “Steve get the fuck out,” you ran back into the bathroom and hid behind the door. “Sorry,” he blushed and turned around. “Are you gonna.. you know leave,” you poked your head from around the door. “Uhhh…. right,” he rubbed the back of his neck and left.

“Hey man, you find (Y/N)?” Sam asked while sitting on a bar stool by the kitchen counter. Steve replied with,“yeah, but it was awkward.” “How awkward,” Sam was intrigued now. Steve sighed,“ like she was basically naked awkward.” Sam cringed,“that’s pretty bad.” “it gets worse,“Steve groaned,“I didn’t leave her room immediately. I just turned around, I mean, who does that.” Sam noticed you walk into the living room, (wearing clothes now) said “you apparently, have fun explaining this to (Y/N),” and walked off.

Steve turned around and froze when he saw you,“hey, sorry about earlier,” he muttered while turning red. You chuckled,“I think I should be the one apologizing,“you didn’t know why you said that and were mentally face palming yourself. Steve looked confused,“why would you do that. I caught you off guard wearing practically nothing, twice. You pointed at nothing in particular and muttered,“exactly, I don’t think you want those images in your head. I’m disgusting,“that last part was quieter than the rest. Steve looked at you stuttering,“ I don’t know the right response to this.” You cut him off,“ don’t lie Steve, I heard what they said about me. They’re right, compared to any other girl around here I’m..” It was Steve’s turn to cut you off. Instead of words he pulled you into a deep kiss. When he pulled away he finished your sentence,“ beautiful, amazing, smart, funny. Stop me when you think I’m going overboard here because I could do this all day.” You were awe struck. Steve Rodgers, THE Steve Rodgers, the man who can get any girl he wanted was confessing his feelings for you. Now you’re the one stuttering,“,” you laughed,“this is really awkward,” Steve’s face fell. You immediately got louder,“ not the I don’t like you awkward, the I like you but I don’t know how to tell you awkward.” His face lit up like a Christmas tree,“I know that kind of awkward all too well.” You laughed at that comment,“how about we continue this conversation over dinner,“now you were mentally High-fiving yourself for asking him out. He looked down at you,“how about right now,” that smug look on his face made you want to slap it off him,“I’d like that.”


4 Stages of Dealing with Haters; 

  1.  …what… did you just say to me?
  2.  Don’t worry, I’ll wait. I’ll let you finish. 
  3.  Ya done? You got all that out? I don’t know who hurt you, or why you feel the need to spread that negativity, but you need to get all of it together and nip it in the bud because I. Don’t. Have. Time. For. Your. Negativity. No one does.
  4. Now that we got that settled, wanna join me for a friendship s'more?? There’s no need to hold grudges XD