Sometimes, we lose ourselves by focusing on where we could be, instead of appreciating how far we’ve come. We all have different attributes and physical features that make us beautiful. I wish we would celebrate that more than making others feel less. Compliment a random stranger; Take time to make people feel loved. The world needs more kindness, not hatred.


What are your 3 favorite songs?

Mine are;
1. Buddy Holly - Weezer
2. Island in the Sun - Weezer
3. Feel Good, Inc. - Gorillaz


Come and rest your bones with me
Driving slow on Sunday morning
and I never want to leave


“How stretchy are your pants?”

The real question should be ‘How sturdy are my cankles?’ cuz it ain’t easy to strike poses wearing chunky heels in damp sand. XD


I adore this dress so much. For years, I’ve wanted to own a sushi dress but they were always either super expensive or never came in sizes available for fat girls. I call this a dream come true! 

Sushi dress: CowCow on Amazon (3x)

Denim vest: Ross (3x)

Belt: Ross (2x)

Sandals: Ross (Size 8 ½)

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Calum didn’t expect to fall in love with you. Well, not in a matter of a month. You had met him at 5sos’s Dallas concert, you being from a small town had to drive for 2 hours but to you if was worth it to meet your faves. Of course, you had a awesome time and the concert was over but you couldn’t find you’re little sister. Knowing the consequences of returning home without her would be deadly, you immediately ran around describing to random people what your sister looked liked. After you’ve been searching for 30 minutes you let out a sigh before sitting down on the damp sidewalk wishing that your sister would suddenly appear and like God had answered your prayers, someone tapped on your shoulder and you looked up to see Calum freaking Hood your sister standing right behind her. “Jaylen!” You said happily, “I’ve been looking everywhere for you!” You pulled her into a hug. “Thank you.” You blushed finally facing Calum to see him give you a smirk. “It’s no problem. She was talking to Ashton when she noticed that you weren’t with her anymore.” He rubbed his neck shyly. After he finally had the guts to ask you on a coffee date, a week later, he slowly started growing feelings for you and the boys wouldn’t let it go unnoticed either by saying sly comments like, “Are you texting your girlfriend?” or “I bet, Y/N would love to do that for you.”
Soon weeks turned into months and of course your and his feelings grew stronger and stronger for another. He couldn’t help but notice the little things that you did that he loved. Like when you drooled in your sleep, you were well rested or that if something was wrong with you, you would barely talk. He loved that you always tried to prove your point even if it turned out you wrong. To him it meant that you knew how to stand up for yourself and would defend yourself no matter what.
• • •
“Calum?” He looked up to see you rubbing your eyes with his MAINE t-shirt on. You dragged yourself where Calum was sitting, which was on the leather sofa where you could see the city night lights. “Why are you up babe?” He asked putting his bass on the coffee table then pulling you into his side. “Couldn’t sleep.” You shrugged before cuddling into his side even more. He chuckled before burying his face on your super curly hair. “I love your hair.” He mumbled making you smile, “I’m glad because I’m not getting a perm for a while.”
Soon enough, you were fast asleep in his arms and he watched as the lights from the city shined on your brown skin and how you were different from his past girlfriends. He loved how you taught him your granny’s family recipe of peach cobbler and how you forced him to come to a family reunion to meet your family out in the country.
• • •
You bit your bottom lip as you scrolled through Twitter and saw nasty comments about your skin tone and why you and Calum shouldn’t be together but there were also positive ones like fans calling you ‘mom’ and that you and your boyfriend was the cutest couple ever. Suddenly a head was weighting on your shoulders, startling you and your phone snatched out of your hands.
You turned your head because you didn’t want to see his expression. You felt sigh into your neck before he spoke, “Why do you look at the comments?”
“I know we’ve been dating for a while and I know that most of your fans have accepted us but you know how you have the good there also comes the bad and I- it hurts to know people don’t care what they say even if it’ll hurt others feelings.”
“Baby, look at me.” He turned your face to look at him, “Don’t worry about the haters because no matter what, they’ll always be around. I mean, even I have haters! Can you believe that?!” You laughed at his last comment.
You pushed him so that he was now laying down on the bed underneath you. You gently pressed your lips against his before pulling back slightly running your fingers through his dark curls.
“Definitely.” You playfully rolled your eyes, “Who could ever dislike you?”
He narrowed his eyes pulling you closer against his body. “You don’t dislike me.”
“Sometimes. But I still love you.” You smiled before pressing a quick peck to his lips. “Now let’s go to Waffle House!”
“I love you too.” He grabbed his keys and your hand.
• • •
Calum smiled down at you while you smiled up at him. Your hands were wrapped around his neck as he tried to keep his hands from wandering farther in front of both of your families.
“I can’t believe that you actually did it. We’re actually married.” You whispered resting your head on his broad shoulder.
“I can’t believe that I’m wearing a full tuxedo.” You giggled looking at your now intertwined fingers.
“Thank you for staying with me… through everything.” You stood up on your toes to give him a simple kiss.
“No problem, babe.” He bent down to whisper into your ear, For I can’t help falling in love with you.“