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Sometimes, we lose ourselves by focusing on where we could be, instead of appreciating how far we’ve come. We all have different attributes and physical features that make us beautiful. I wish we would celebrate that more than making others feel less. Compliment a random stranger; Take time to make people feel loved. The world needs more kindness, not hatred.


For all the people getting bullied out there:

Hate can make people do terrible things, but your kindness has the power to change them. 


Bae, it’s not you. It’s your aesthetic~


I got cellulite in my thighs, but that’s no suprise XDD

Dress/Rainbow Shops/14.99$/Up to 3X
Jacket/Bealls Outlet/$/Up to 3X
Shoes/Converse Outlet/19.99$
Purse/Rainbow Shops/4$

there are so many things about this that I hate but if I don’t post it now it’ll just skulk in my WIP folder so HERE have some gorgeous liara modelling some plus-size outfits I found on the internet!

feat. “alternate casino heist dress” “the smart-casual shadow broker” “springtime on thessia” “blue beach babe bikini booty” “the cutest dang archaeologist ya ever met” and “that’s DOCTOR t’soni to you!”

I was gonna put my usual disclaimer on here but you know what? fuck that. if you gotta problem with liara not being skinny then you can fight me and all the people who’ve left tags on my other drawings saying how much they love chubby!liara. we’ll be waiting for you.


You’re not in competition with the girl next to you on who’s prettier, because you both are stunning. You don’t have to discourage others in order to make yourself feel better. You’re beautiful in your own way, and so is she! XD


I don’t need someone to make me feel wanted. I’m conceited enough as it is