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Week 22!
Seems like it’s been forever since I posted in here. In past few weeks we’ve had 2 ultrasounds, found out the gender (it’s a boy!) and bought a bunch of clothes. I feel a tiny overalls addiction forming…

I’m still doing prenatal Barre with brandy and Candice. Although I think they may be done after this week since they are due in a couple weeks! Being active feels great. I don’t know how other people can go through pregnancy without working out.

Nausea and vomiting is still here. It’s making it very hard to enjoy pregnancy lol. But I guess we just deal with it, one day at a time.

I’m starting to feel Spawn move around now. Not exactly kicks. But it’s real movement now and sometimes he pinches when I’m squishing him lol.

Since we found out the gender lots of the pressure has faded away from family grilling us. And guesses. And hypothesizing. Old wives tales. That stuff really bothered me. Oh man. We’re getting so close to brandy and Candice’s due dates now that we have faded into the mist a little bit. I’m okay with this! Sometimes I get super overwhelmed with all the ‘pregnancy attention’. Ugg.

Kurtis is also getting more excited by the day he mostly has been working on Spawn’s room. Hopefully the cleaning/organizing phase is complete soon so I can come in and finish the decorating!

Maybe today we can do a bunch of work in there.

Until next time….