!!!! Hey y'all !!!
Here are a few pictures from a couple days ago. I went out to oyster bay, NY and got a chance to go to the planting fields where I saw a bunch of beautiful plants and thought I would shoot two looks :)

Photos by @bigfat-babe

Look 1.
white tee: h&m
white mesh tee: rainbow
jeans: old navy
shoes: old navy
clutch: michael kors
hat: the hundreds
sunglasses: quay australia

Look 2.
white button down: thrifted
jeans: old navy
shoes: nike

hey it's menswear friday, a thing i just made up

i’ve had a few readers who wear menswear write in and ask for suggestions, and someone wrote in today asking for suggestions for their husband, who is 6'2"/370lbs.  does anyone have any leads on plus size menswear that isn’t casual male XL?

i tried to do a google search but all i can find is 6,000 pictures of white guys in polo shirts.

p.s. i hate referring to clothes as ‘men’s’ and 'women’s’ but i haven’t found an elegant shorthand to convey what i mean. any ideas on that, also?
p.p.s. it’s funny that casual male XL has formalwear. i guess even the most casual male has weddings and funerals and dance competitions to go to.



Here we go!!!!!!!! So I have been dying to get to New York!!! So when I had to go shopping to style a client I used it as the perfect excuse to do just that and was finally reunited with her beauty!!! It snowed like crazy thee entire time and was sub zero temperatures but I still had the time of my life!!

In this outfit

Denim on Denim! Many shy away from it but it can work!!! My only advice is be sure the two have enough differents in color so that it doesnt look like you were trying to match them but failed! A lighter denim paired with a darker denim says this was intentional!

Skinny jeans 42- American Eagle
Levi Denim shirt xl- thrifted
Tie- Target
Jacket 48- thrifted
Timberland boots 12- Rugged Warehouse

Outer wear
Military style pea coat 2x- Macy’s
Infinity scarf hoody- thrifted
Gloves- dollar tree!!!!! for big guy fashion!
StyleCrush: Bruce Sturgell of Chubstr
Bruce Strugell, founder of Chubstr, a blogging site that helps big-bodied men of diverse backgrounds

WYV: What would your dream campaign be? While we would all love to see all brands be size inclusive, who in particular do you wish would extend their sizes?

What I ultimately want to see is more in the models we’re seeing in fashion. I want to see different body types, ethnicities, abilities. I think the industry is very, very slowly starting to come around to the fact that people want to see themselves represented in the advertising, websites, and publications that are trying to market to them. My hope is that this understanding translates into action. I would love to see a few fast fashion retailers like H&M, and Zara put a focus on extended sizes. People need affordable clothing that fits them, and that’s not easy to find.

Read Bruce’s full interview:

For years I’ve been trying to find solid tips on how to dress as a larger man and look just as trendy and fashionable in the process. I’ve found tons of helpful tips but I’ve found some that I just did not agree with. So I decided to compile my very own list of style tips for bigger guys. Check it out now over on my Youtube Channel | BRYANT DEVON |

IG - @imbryantdevon
SC - @memoriesxbryant
FB - Bryant Devon

Today, a major milestone has occurred in the plus-size community. Independent plus-size designer Chubby Cartwheels launched the Fat Beats collection: a collection of pieces targeted towards plus-size women - and men. And even more wonderful is the models featured for the collection are a wide array of fat bodies: male; female; PoC models.

The collection was partially inspired by DJ, and Chubby Guy Swag founder, zacheser and his recent #FatBeats project. The goal for #FatBeats was to attract diversity in the dance music community and to invite individuals who didn’t fit the music industry’s idea of the “#EDM Fan” mold of cis/heteronormative/thin/white males to participate in the culture. He didn’t see fat kids DJ'ing or in the crowds - and he felt there was something inherently wrong with that.

The Fat Beats line is inspired by disco and the fabulous bodies of individuals in the plus-size community who defy our culture’s ideas of the “normal” lifestyle. So whether you’re on your way to a festival or to a club or you just want to look like a David Bowie-esque space cop with amazing hair, be sure to check out the first of hopefully many body positive clothing lines for men!

For more info, visit
StyleCrush: William "Beave" Brooks of Big Guy Fly and BeBow Fashions - Wear Your Voice

Chech out this awesome feature @wearyourvoice did of me! I am so humbled yet stoked at the same time! Thank you sooooo much guys!

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xliaxtasadako  asked:

Hey, sorry to bug you, I'm sure you've posted some resources like this before but I can't for the life of me find them... do you know where I might be able to get some more masculine plus-size wear? Not necessarily menswear, but like a women's suit/jacket/vest kind of deal? Thanks as always for the help...!!

this is actually a bit of a um, sticky wicket? because there are so few companies that sell this kind of stuff in straight sizes. redress has a masculine/butch section, but right now the pickings are pretty slim. hautebutch has some stuff up to a 3X. jacamo is the ‘brother’ site to simplybe- it’s menswear vs masc of center womens’ clothing, but they have some cute stuff..

i did some digging and also found this article where a bunch of people who tend to lean more masc/androgynous shop, and there’s lots of cool looking people in it.

i tend to dress‘masculine’ myself but it’s almost all like.. straight leg jeans and ‘boyfriend t-shirts’ from old navy and wingtips because it’s what i can afford.