Plus Size Fashion | He Can Tell I Ain’t Missin’ No Meals…

I’m baaaack. This tribal peekaboo dress is amazing. It was basically designed for my body. I swear. It’s was made for me. Here is a link to the YouTube version of my OOTD and a link to ALL OUTFIT DETAILS on my website -

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This dress reminds me of fine china and old engravings. I love the color and print, and it’s probably the most comfortable and easy dress I own. I can’t believe I’ve stayed away from white dresses for so long!

Dress: Asos Curve, Belt and flower: Forever21, Necklace: Thrifted, Shoes: Target

“When I’m waking up and the sun is coming through my window and the birds are singing, I feel like Cinderella. I never want to be rich or famous, I just want to be happy. Being a happy body and a happy person makes my body the perfect place. It’s chubby, too, so I don’t get cold in the winter.” - Clementine Desseaux in her episode of the What’s Underneath Project


Kimono £16 // Dress £14.99 // Leggings with lace trim £8 // Shoes £8.99  // Bag £12 // Necklace £7.99 // Bracelet With Ring Chain £4.99 // Lipstick £1

Dress £22 // Headband £5.99 // Kimono £19.99 // Bracelet £7.99 // Bag £15.99  // Shoes £19.99

Dress £22 // Jacket £30 // Necklace £10 // Boots £10 // Tights £3 // Bag £5


There used to be a time where us big girls could walk into a New Look shop in the UK and know that there would be at least one thing you could pick up from the inspire range in New Look. Us big girls didn’t have to worry about being out with mates and not finding something to try on or gush over in our size. 

Then the refurbishments came! They struck a few years back and all the inspire ranges were taken out of the stores or put online. If some stores were lucky they had a tiny corner for black work trousers and black tank tops. 

New look always says the same thing “we have limited space in our stores”. I will not accept this as an answer as every time I have been into my local store they have rails upon rails of sale clothing they can’t get rid of. I want New Look to stand up and appreciate its plus size customers and fashion bloggers that spend their hard earned cash on their products.

  I want everyone who cares about plus size fashion being available to like and reblog this post. I want to go to the NewLook PR team with this post. 

Tell me what it means to you to have physical clothing to try on.

Tell me what it means to want to go into town to shop but can’t because there is nothing in your size.  

Tell me what it would mean to get inspire back into the shops and not just online. 

Stop hiding us away, we deserve to have space in your stores! 


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