I’d like to think that Tikki doesn’t choose her ladybugs by age, rather by maturity and personality.

She picked Marinette because she cared for others and was willing to stand up for what’s right, even though she is young.

Imagine a middle age woman who stops a robbery and Tikki realizes she’s found her ladybug.

I want age differences in Chat and Ladybug. Chat is cared for by Ladybug, and vice versa. However, they always last longer when they’re the same age.

I want to see a ladybug who was raised with a silver spoon, and I want a Chat that had to claw his way to the top.

I want a young chat noir who destroys his entire room before he even realizes what his powers do.

I want a plus size model who goes into the industry and fights her way to being recognized, who gets more plus sized models into major fashion shows. I want a black ladybug who attends civil rights rallies.

I want Tikki to be the one who watches history and sees where our future is going. I want her to see the things that we consider heroic and find us a girl who is all of that. I want Tikki to give us not what we want but what we NEED.