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1) I saw your tags on that post of Lizbobs about Twist and Shout and I am so happy that clear thinking meta writers like you agree that it in no way should be as popular as it is. It makes me cringe whenever someone brings it up as if it is actually a ‘beloved’ fic. I’m sorry if this sounds hateful, and I don’t mean to bring hate on the writers who put effort into it, but at some point this fandom has gotta realise that this fic being the ‘flagship fic’ for Destiel is a really REALLY bad thing.

2) Consider this fandom: We are close to getting canon destiel. That could put this show on the map, get real media interest. There is no doubt therefore that some media will dig further into the ‘fandom phenomenon’ behind destiel. Imagine just how CRINGEWORTHY it will be for mainstream media to discover that the most popular destiel fan fic is nothing more than poorly written tragedy porn rip off of Forrest Gump with the standard ‘kill your gays with aids trope’ at the end?!?! It is actually

3) disgraceful and we should be ashamed of ourselves for trying to push this fics popularity. Imagine how, on the chance destiel DOES become canon (which in my mind is rather likely) the writers, creators and actors on this show would feel that their beautiful love story about an angel and a hunter was butchered and turned into something frankly AWFUL?

4) How would Misha feel to know that a so called majority of destiel fans actually idolise a fic where his character dies from aids thanks to his decent into drug abuse?! What the HELL fandom?! WHY is this such a popular fic? It is a disgrace to the show, a disgrace to the characters and frankly an insult to our intelligence as a fanbase looking for LGBT+ representation. We don’t need more gay tragedies. That is pretty much ALL we get in mainstream media.

5) Yes the aids crisis was a horrible tragedy, but after decades of mainstream media giving LGBT people basically NOTHING but tragic stories where there are no happy endings for us, isn’t it about time that this trope DIED? Yet here we are, a modern and at least somewhat progressive fandom, still glorifying a fic that falls under that same tired miserable category. Not to mention that the fic is terrible written and the characters are absolutely nothing like their canon counterparts.

6) Sorry, I know this is getting rather mean, but years of pent up anger about this stupid fic is bringing it out of me in your inbox. Lets all be honest here. Twist & Shout is our ‘My Immortal’. It needs to die. Just like ‘My Immortal’ did for Harry Potter, it gives all other destiel fics a bad name. Can we PLEASE stop glorifying it and admit how shitty it is already.I know this is a harsh message, and I am sure that a lot of people would be upset by me saying these things, but it’s the truth

7) and I’ve spoken to enough people in fandom who silently agree with me. Though we all live in silence for fear of offending this mysterious majority of destiel shippers who apparently adore this fic? I’m sorry, but I am convinced that if we were to do a survey of peoples actual opinions on that fic, it wouldn’t come up positive at all. Popularity grows popularity. That’s the problem here. New people search for the most popular fics on AO3, and they become more popular, and those same new

8) people then believe that T&S is the standard to live up to in destiel fandom. That is an embarrassment for all of us. I just really want the obsession to end. Its not a good thing.

Oh hi. I see you have Feelings™ about this, and since I largely agree… 

I’ll start off by linking the post you’re referring to, with my attendant tags on it, here:

as well as a few other tag rambles I’ve gone on over the years here, going all the way back to 2015. So that at least gives readers an idea of how I personally feel about it. And now on to the disclaimer section of this post:

I’ve always been, and will ALWAYS be a proponent of fanfic being a “ship and let ship” environment. I will NEVER assume to dictate what people write, read, or find enjoyment in. I will NEVER judge what “should” and “shouldn’t” be written or enjoyed by ANYONE. FULL STOP.

I am also a fierce advocate for “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” when it comes to discussing fanfic. And that will never change.

But that’s not the issue when it comes to the inexplicable fandom “popularity” of this particular fic. If you read it and loved it, that’s GREAT! I’m glad. More power to you. It’s not the fic itself I have an issue with. I just wanted to make that clear. I am not here to dissuade people from enjoying it, nor to speak ill of the story itself.

It’s the nature of the story itself, versus the nature of fanfic, versus the fandom mystique surrounding it– the fact that it has somehow become the Flagship Fic Standard for ALL destiel fic, and the fact that for some reason the fandom itself seems to push it at the actors and creators and crew members of this show over and over again.

I’ve often wondered  if some of Bob Singer’s cavalier attitude about having killed Charlie Bradbury wasn’t directly rooted in the fact that the entire production staff seems to be aware of T&S, even if they haven’t actually read it for legal reasons, but at least know that this particular fic that is apparently glorified in this fandom is founded on the Kill Your Gays trope.

Like, we constantly yell at TPTB to be better than that, and yet THIS is the story we’ve chosen as a fandom to elevate to the highest pinnacle of fanfic glory?

It’s just… depressing.

(and honestly, this fic is THE reason I refuse to read ANY fic that’s tagged “period typical homophobia.” I just… refuse to torture myself with that damn trope anymore)

But from everything I’ve read about it (and from the half a chapter I managed to struggle through myself before noping out), the only thing necessary to make this an original work of fiction would be to change the names of the characters. It’s not even a “file the serial numbers off” job. It READS like original fiction where the characters and plot share little other than the names of our beloved Dean and Cas.

And to me, that’s not why I read fanfic. If I wanted to read about entirely different people, I’d read original fiction, you know? Not struggle to identify with characters that bear little to no resemblance to the characters I actually care about.

It’s not just a problem with AU fic, because I’ve read HUNDREDS, if not THOUSANDS of AU fics that don’t seem to have this problem with keeping the characters “in character” even in entirely different situations. If they can feel like Dean and Cas in a Firefly AU, or a Regency Romance, or a Gothic Horror, or Ancient Rome, or in a fantasy AU where they’re witches or dragons or a freaking octopus, then yeah, they can remain in character in ANY AU. HECK I ADORED AN AU WHERE DEAN AND CAS WERE FREAKING CHICKENS. LITERALLY CHICKENS. And it was more in character than T&S.

I’m not going to presume to suggest the sort of fic that I believe is more representative of the best of our fandom, but having read far more than 5000 fics (I’ve got over 4k in my AO3 history, and I read fic for over a year before I got an account there to start tracking my history, PLUS all the fic I’ve read on LJ,, tumblr, etc… I mean the real number is probably closer to 10k or even MORE if you count all the little drabbles and things), I have to say that the MAJORITY of fic I’ve read has been far better at representing Dean and Cas as I know and love them.

We as a fandom don’t have to agree on what the “best fanfic” of the lot of them is, but can we at least agree to stop pushing THIS PARTICULAR FIC so forcefully and directly into the faces of the actors, writers, crew, etc.?

If we want THEM to do better by our characters, if we want our shouts of STOP KILLING OUR QUEERS to actually hit home, maybe we need to stop glorifying this particular fic to TPTB at every goddamn turn.

(and second disclaimer: In all my years in fandom, aside from anon messages praising the fic, I have spoken to exactly TWO people who admitted to enjoying this fic. Talking privately with hundreds of others, people express a far less enthusiastic opinion of it. I firmly believe that the vast majority of hits on it are from people just like me and others I’ve talked to about it, that the only reason we ever clicked on it was due to this very fandom mystique, the controversy about its popularity, and curiosity over what all the fuss was about. It’s become a self-sustaining enterprise of generating more and more hits, you know?)

Newbies to fandom and fanfic are often encouraged to go to AO3 and search the ship results by either hits or kudos to read “the best stories” first, and of course T&S is the first result either way.

But as a fic WRITER? Can I just speak for all of us when I say getting a comment that our story was “just as good as T&S” doesn’t really feel like a compliment? Most of us don’t WANT to think we’ve written an OOC Kill Your Queers tragedy porn, or to really be associated with it in any way.

Honestly, we need to stop hating ourselves this much.

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What we are looking for:

Artists! we want someone who can create a new mobile header, plus the desktop header. it can be photoshop or drawing! Here are some specifics of what we wish to see in the entries:

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Good luck to everyone who enters!

Bucky x Plus size reader fandom

I fucking LIVE for the fact that there’s like an established Bucky/Plus size reader community. So moving, so life changing😭😂 we all know that man would be a 100% into having a bbw by his side and I love it. Keep writing you’re imagines, fics, head cannons and s m u t. This shit is amazing.

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Les Mis fics for Inception peeps

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So as everyone here knows, I have yet to shut up about World Ain’t Ready, which was finished in April 2015. Some of you have had the very good sense to say, “I don’t read Les Mis, but I’ll read this like original fic and shit it’s 3a.m.” (For those of you who haven’t yet: I’ll see you in 185k.) 

For everyone going, now what, here’s what to read. 

Let’s start with the obvious: idiopathicsmile’s other two fics, In Defiance of All Geometry (51k, T) and Lovesickness (11k, T). The latter is a charming “Enjolras is bad at feelings” fic, while the former is an excellent OT3 co-op AU (disclaimer on this fic: like WAR, it’s in need of an epilogue). 

Since you’re in the Inception fandom, you might want to check out this stellar OT3 White Collar AU, Still the Same (74k, E), not to mention this assassin AU, Hit Me With Your Best Shot (10k, T). 

Everybody loves a good college AU. First, there’s the Combeferre’s-thesis-is-an-opera fic, You Dance Dreams (61k, E). Then there’s insomnia in the library, If there’s no rest for the wicked, well, then we’ll never get no sleep (10k, E). Plus someone sneaking food into Enjolras’s room in A Tupperware Full of Love (3k, G). 

And everybody needs some famous musician AUs, right? (Or maybe that’s just me). My favorites are Ten Years (16k, E) and I Don’t Want to Be Your Friend (9k, T). 

Every fandom needs accidental baby acquisition: In the End We Have Each Other (50k, E). 

Not to mention fake dating. Enjolras needs a boyfriend in Best Kept Secrets (38k, T); Grantaire needs one in the quiet truth (13k, E). 

Let’s move on to cohabitation. Before they’re dating: Years Since It’s Been Clear (10k, E). And a different AU where they’re already in a relationship: home is where you are series (5k, G). 

IDENTITY PORN TIME: We Are Who We Are (29k, T). 

A mess of short fics, mostly sweet: Plan M (10k, G); Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood (8k, not rated); Green, So Much Green (2k, M); A Lesson in Perspective (2k, G). 

Two short fics, with misunderstandings and happy endings: Crossed Wires (2k, G) between the shadow and the soul (2k, G). 

Super slow burn featuring that classic trope, what defines a date: these things take time (63k, E). 

For writers, editors, and road trip aficionados: They Write Books About This Sort of Thing (50k, E). 

A superb modern/mythology AU in which Grantaire is a selkie: The Lonely Sea and Sky (53k, E). 

And now for the grand finale, the only not-a-happy-ending fic I ever rec, the only one I’ve ever willingly read while not deliberately looking to provoke cathartic tears (although this fic did make me cry in public), I present a beautiful, imaginative fic that will break your heart, a fic in which cities are personified and Paris has been missing for centuries: Paris Burning (45k, E). 

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Mikayuu Fanfiction recommendations

There are around 184 Mikayuu ff in AO3. I read most of them so… I thought, maybe… I’d be of some help?

Ignore the order, please. These are my favorites but I can’t decide which’s better tbh  (◡‿◡✿)

I hope someone finds this useful ^^

Memento Mori

by Nayru Elric


What other people don’t know about Mikaela is that behind the facade of tranquility he wears on the outside, there’s a weakness he never let the others see, not even Yuuichirou. Even before vampires took over the world, Mikaela didn’t allow his dark past in his everyday life. When Mika comes back from Ferid’s more exhausted than usual, Yuu demands to know what’s going on.

My comment: 

Angsty but cute :’) <3 

This writter’s so good and the characters are so in-character I strongly believe it could have happened in canon.

To Be A Family

by lemishie


Glimpses of the daily lives in the Hyakuya family after the apocalypse and taken captive by the vampires.

My comment:

The hyakuya children being cuties and showing Yuu what family means <3

Mikayuu as kids <3 !

Lots and lots of fluff.

I highly recommend.

Do I Wanna Know

by Crazyloststar


Guren Ichinose runs a boy’s love cafe in Tokyo, to spite his family and because why not. Mika works there with a crew of young men.

One day, a familiar face from Mika’s past shows up for his first day of work, and nothing is the same.

College Days

by Mikayuu_Trash


Working in a bakery and living a pretty simple college life, Mikaela is doing pretty good despite not having a significant other. Well, yet anyways.

Rated M for future Mikayuu sex ;)


by CsillaDream


Mikaela is a Reaper, who is sent to the human world as punishment for skipping out on his work, but what happens when he becomes friends with the person he’s supposed to reap? How is he supposed to separate work from his personal life when death is constantly around him?

My comment:


Cute <3

Angsty in the latest chapters.

It doesn’t have as many kudos as it deserves. 

The AU is much better than it seems! You’ll actually be surprised.

Dear God

by Roriette


He begged, “You can take everything – everything, so please. Please don’t take Yuu.”
500 years; 6,000 months; 182,500 days; 4,380,000 hours.
What a terribly quiet world it is.
A world without Yuu.

Afire love

by strikedawn


After Nagoya’s failed mission, an unsteady truce is formed between Shinoa’s squad and Mikaela Hyakuya, making Yuu feel conflicted inside. On one hand, he’s got Mika back, his friends are alive, and they seem to be trying to be civil with each other, even if it’s just for his sake. On the other hand, Guren is being held captive by the vampires, Shinya has just given them a mission Yuu doesn’t like, and Mika… Yuu doesn’t really know what Mika is feeling.

Maybe not even Mikaela knows what he’s truly feeling, after all.

My comment:

Everyone’s so in-charater it’s perfect.

I wish this happened in the manga…

Saving You

by seredemia


The war’s over and the world looks forward to a brighter future ahead of them. Mika and Yuu have survived the worst, but soon find that they still have one more challenge left to overcome.

Living together.

Wait a Minute



There is a reason you don’t mess with people’s feelings.

I’m Right Here

by seredemia


Guren struggles to face the future after a recent divorce. Shinya’s desperate to run away from his past. Yuu just wants a family, whereas Mika’s absolutely terrified of his. Nothing’s as easy as it looks on the surface and all four of them have definitely got issues to face before they can even grasp a semblance of happiness in their lives.

Somehow, a chance meeting at the local supermarket puts into motion a set of events that will finally change their lives. Whether it’s for the better or for the worse is another matter entirely.

My comment:



It’s a gureshin fic but, in my case, I could barely even notice with ALL THE ANGST.

A Musical Matchmaking

by Sarah737


“Who died and placed Ferid as the moderator for the Theatre Club?”

“The real question is: why you still decided joining it?”

 Arms of the Ocean

by Camiella


Ever since his beloved family was murdered, Yuu’s dreamt of Mika being alive. Over the years their dream meetings won’t stop reoccurring with Mika growing older alongside Yuu.

Fate must love being cruel to Yuu because there’s no way his dreams are real. After all, dreams are made up in your own head and Mika is dead…right?

Driving with You

by ShearGlacier


Yuu sneaks into a car (Kimizuki’s) and drives off and Mika takes a car to see his sick sister. The two crash (literally) into each other and change their lives completely.

A Latte of Mishaps

by haisenana


Wherein Yuu is a barista at a cafe and Mika is stressing over his research paper that is due at the end of the week.

Little Red



Based on “Little Red Riding Hood” by Charles Perrault.

Fast Food of the End: Do You Want Fries With That?

Emma (KarasunoShugoshin)


Mika is a poor university student working at McKruldo’s in order to make end’s meet. He hates his job, but it was the only place that would hire a kid with a temporary address. Yuu on the other hand, has his own apartment that he lives in while attending university, but as a stipulation of getting his own place, his parents require him to work at the fast-food restaurant where his uncle is the Assistant Manager. Working at Hiiragi Fried Chicken is a drag, but Yuu figures that at least it’s better than McKruldo’s across the street.

One day, Mika’s sweeping the parking lot of McK’s in order to get away from the General Manager’s constant sexual harassment, when he sees a black-haired boy cleaning the windows at HFC, their main competitor. Their eyes meet, and…

cerulean blue

by sunflowerfaun


Our eyes met, and everything around me began to fill with colors beyond imagination.

My comment:

Cute soulmates AU.

A Dance on the Spider’s Web



If anyone ever dared to look Yuu in the face and say that life of an idol trainee must be idle, he would punch them in the face. If anyone dared to say the same thing to Mikaela, they would be needing a spot on the nearest cemetery.

Singing, dancing, and acting on a daily basis, a nine-people idol unit begins the journey towards their debut. Little do they know about the truth in the rumours surrounding their group from the days before it was even founded. Show business is ruthless to those who cannot adapt - and even worse to those who can.

My comment:

First chapter is the funniest thing ever.

if home is where the heart is

by atrophy


Like this, Yuu can almost make himself believe that it’s just the two of them – like they’re the only people left in the world.


by kanacchi


When his delinquent best friend, Yuuichirou Hyakuya, almost got himself hurt in a fight, the head of the student body, Mikaela Hyakuya, decided to abandon all of his charismatic charm to teach his friend a lesson.

little games



There’s a boy that has always attended Shinoa’s parties. His name is Mikaela, and he’s the cutest person Yuichiro has ever seen.

My comment:

Yuu is so akward and Mika’s a prince charming (◡‿◡✿)

Dream Remedy

by thatdankKoushi


When Yuu first escaped from Sanguinem and met Lieutenant Colonel Guren, he couldn’t help himself. He broke down, he became depressed and he felt drained of the all the life he used to have.

My comment:

Cute scenes between Guren and Yuu. It has more Mikayuu than expected(even though Mika’s “dead”, I mean).

Communication Is Key

by Esatea


As opposed to most stories about childhood friends being separated, they actually did stay in contact. They made sure to call each other at least once every week, and talk for as long as either of them could possibly afford to. And if a night passed without at least a dozen text messages exchanged between the two best friends, that was more of a miracle than Yuu actually cleaning his room.

I actually believe all fanfics here deserve a try. We were blessed with great writters in this fandom (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Plus, there are some stories with a lot of potential but, since they’ve barely even started, I didn’t think I should have added them.

Whenever I see a Kylie stan going with the “stop comparing Kylo’s and Finn’s trauma, they’re different. you can’t compare them” I have wanted to throw things. But you know what guys, I just realised something.

They’re right.

Now before you start flipping things hear me out okay?

We can’t compare the trauma Finn is put through to the one that Kylo supposedly is. Because while Finn’s is described in canon and we have some idea what he went through, Kylo’s is wholly imaginary. And by that I don’t mean that it takes place in a fictive universe, I mean that it was completely invented by fandom.

It’s extrapolated from exactly two lines from TFA, spoken by Han and Leia respectively - who I may point out are his parents and want to think the best of him - plus some very vague noises made by Abrams and Driver that can mean anything or nothing, and that’s it. There is nothing else to support this supposed trauma - brainwashing, abuse and what have we - that Kylo went through. Not only that, a lot of the Kylo stans extrapolations already seem to be contradicted by new items in canon.

So yeah, we really can’t compare those two traumas. One canonically happened, the other is a fandom invention.

anonymous asked:

is it just me that feels like horikoshi sometimes forgets characters from class a like hagakure or kaminari i mean i get it cos theres a lot of characters and some have to be bg characters but its really sad cos kaminari is my fave and he barely is like. there : (

To be honest I feel like he actually does a really good job with the “side” characters considering how many they are.

We may not have a lot of time with all of them ‘cause there’s just no way to do that, but we still see the kids growing! 

We know were all of them struggle, we know where they succeed, we know almost exactly when they’ve changed/grown stronger. They’re not left behind to just suddenly catch up to main characters when plot needed and I think that’s wonderful and so much more than what we usually have!~

I totally understand the feeling of wanting to see your favorites more tho’, as I can barely go 2 chapters without wondering were Bakugou and Kirishima are and heck they’re there a lot. But don’t be sad dear anon, I’m sure Horikoshi is doing his best and you’ll get to see the kids you love growing stronger and being dorks even if it’s not as much.

anonymous asked:

i recently got into merlin, do you have any merlin/merthur blogs you'd recommend i follow?

Hi!!! Welcome to the best fandom in the world!! Our show has been dead for almost five years, but we are still alive and kicking, yay :D

Okay, I just realised that I need to follow more Merlin people because this list is woefully short!

Definitely follow @brolinskeep, all Merlin, Merthur, Brolin all day long and AMAZING edits!

@clotpolesonly also still posts a lot of Merlin, so go follow Jessica, too!

@colinmorgay also has a lot of Merlin (plus a motley mix of other stuff, but Mal is an absolute sweetheart with a great blog!)

@lionheartlibrary for all your fic needs!

@whimsycatcher, @mushroomtale-fanart, and @alexandarcho are three of the many amazingly talented artists this fandom can call its own!

@notyouraveragetale, @dailyarthur, @merthurdaily and @bbcmerlindaily are a few blogs that post exclusively Merlin or Merthur related stuff!

And lastly, @merlinsfests is great to keep up to date what the fandom is up to right now, while @mxa-news collects new fics, recs, art posts for each day, so they’d be a good place to look for blogs still active in the Merlin fandom, too!

I also follow some other multi fandom blogs that post Merlin/Merthur occasionally, but not so regularly that I can recommend them for that, though I can of course recommend them for other reasons^^

That list is still too short, though, so please reblog this with more amazing Merlin and Merthur blogs for anon (and me!) to follow!!

smolstiel  asked:

if you know supernatural — grow/keep/shrink with the big three! dean, sam, and cas. if not, pick another fandom you like that has a big three! — @actualgiantsamwinchester

Oooooohh boy did you pick the best characters for this ^~^
This was more difficult than I expected bUT I have come to a conclusion!!

I’d grow Sam because, let’s be honest, puppy dog eyes that big would be the death of us all. Plus he’s already the tallest, so he’d just be… extra tall! He just seems so gentle and we definitely know he’s empathic. (Being held in those hands ;-; imma cry)

I’d shrink Dean because all that masculinity and ego (not in a bad way just to confirm I adore Dean) would be challenged when he’s that small. He really feels for people in an interesting way and I think even though he’d be scared, he’d want to make sure everyone’s cared for. On top of that he’d be so adorable as a tiny *melts*

Lastly, I’d keep Cas. (*raises hands in defense* had to chose one of each!! Believe me, I’d change all three to one or the other if that was an option) I’m gonna be completely blunt here. I want to hug him cx. If he’s too big or too smol I can’t get that full hug and I just love Cas so much! Plus he’d handle the situation between the boys really well

bettercallsel  asked:

My best friend is trying to kill me because I'm shipping Salphys. I'm hiding now bit she's chasing me *~*. What should I do and how to protect myself??? PS You're best Salphys artist in the world :3

Welp, but why should she kill ya because of shipping thing? XD  o.O;

Hey, when you watch a movie, read a comic, play a game you love the most, you’re given the freedom to do whatever you want, and you have the right to do any fan stuff you enjoy the most. We don’t live in Hitler’s ere.

I’ve had some similar incident before, it’s probably because they prefer to choose ‘canon’ (So they can become the part of group? Be easily accepted? Or for their good sake?) and think it should be “respected” but that’s overly silly. Toby Fox gave us the opportunity to expend our imagination, share lots of love and be inspired to do something productive, or pass fun-stuff to our next generation. Plus Toby Fox NEVER demanded anyone. But when comes to shipping characters like that, or accidental / crack ships, I simply don’t understand why people tend to overreact like that? lol I mean it’s not that hard to ignore or keep this for themselves but they let it slip and intoxicate this wonderful fandom without thinking in the first place, huh? Sad!

I’ve had enough people spamming me with “WITH WHO YOU SHIP?!?!?!”. Not very civilizing, yanno, right? If there’s two best ships you love the most but you’re forced to choose? Why shouldn’t we have them equal? Any argument will only make you hate the same thing and it’s not cool at all. >_<;

Forgive me if I don’t have best tips but perhaps you should try to talk with your friend that fighting over who’s being shipped is not okay. Starting a war is not okay either. When you mentioned “chasing” hopefully you’re referring to the internet and not outside. o.O; 

Last of all, it’s okay if your friend dislikes your favorite ship, but….. You know all characters, random ships and game are nothing but fiction. So, despite having the different preferences, she shouldn’t hate you in person for liking something like that. XD lol

hello dear friends!! I’ve just hit 1k and I feel so blessed and figured it was finally time to make one of these :) this is my very first follow forever so im hella sorry if i messed up rip! *special shoutout to @asexualraph for the banner!!!*

first and foremost, i’d like to thank harry shum jr for existing,,,,,

moving on, BIG BIG BIG shoutout to my #1, my very first SH friend, my wife, 1/3 of my parabatri, LAURA @alecshappiness i love you loads and thank you for making our groupchat with me bc it was the best decision ever!!

which leads me to OREO FAM! you all know who you are, plus im too lazy to tag every single one of you, BUT THANK YOU for always keeping me company and listening to every stupid thing i say!!! you guys were my first friends in this fandom and it’s amazing to see us last this long bc lbr groupchats dont usually make it!! we’ve somehow magically made it through the hiatus and here we are 6 months later :’) blessed to have you guys as my squad, love you loads. :*

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Green d: there is also the theory that the diamonds aren't fascist but more communist or like an insect hive so that gives them reason to be redeemed.

If the Diamond authority were a “hive-mind” we wouldn’t have gems defecting. A hive mind literally means that all members of the community share the exact same thoughts. Also, communism isn’t THAT much better than fascism. Plus, it’s already been established by the fandom that Bismuth was a communist and that she was “bad” so saying that the Diamonds being communists makes them redeemable is,,,, questionable at best. Long story short, the Diamonds don’t deserve to be redeemed. They are a tyranical government that rules with fear. There are only two ways a gem reacts to the Diamonds, fearfully or in awe of their power and strength. No gem has ever spoken about how “merciful” and “open-minded” the Diamonds were. But knowing how this show is going, at least 1 of the Diamonds will be redeemed, probably Blue, and that’s just sad. 



Lucky for you, I’m in the FNAF mood because of the game theorist so you get pictures of Team Natsu playing FNAF (sorry if it’s too messy). Also no one can annoy me! Don’t be afraid!

Press the keep reading for the long answer of if you should play or not. I am a terrible sissy so I put my sister’s opinion too (She also forced me to play).

Keep reading

A Convo with Gugggenheim After...That Tweet

I messaged Marc on twitter. Stated my disappointment. Asked him about it. I know some might not believe he responded but he did. I was surprised too. He was perfectly cordial. He was human.

Edited to clarify since it was asked: I follow Marc and at some point he followed me. Don’t know when that happened but I think that is how we were able to converse via Twitter.

Marc: “I have nothing but respect for our fans. But I’m tired of when some of them think they have influence over the ratings when they really don’t. Also tired of a lot of the entitled snark they send my way.”

(I get that…everyone is making demands. No one seems happy. The negative is far outweighing the positive right now even though we are trying. I told him as much and that it feels like the positive ones are targeted or feeling inadvertently targeted in that tweet.)

Marc: “That’s unfortunate.”

(I told him I agree. That statement plus confusing PR and wanting the best story for the characters is pushing the good realms of this fandom close to walking away. I told him it’s sad to see the positive side if this fandom stating this.)

Marc: “I get that. I have zero control over PR. And we’re just trying to tell the best possible stories.”

(I told him we love that they are trying to tell a good story, most of us realize he doesn’t control PR but some of the interviews are baffling…but we also know the interviews are meant to keep us hooked. The blanket statement was just upsetting to see.)

Marc: “I think the fans who claim credit for the ratings are a very small and specific group.”

(INTERESTING. That may or may not be true. I think we many have taken this wrong. He may have also been referring to LL and Lauriver fans who still claim some responsibility. If this is the case, we misinterpreted and he could have chosen his words better. I told him that may be but it sounded like supporters of the show don’t matter. I know that’s not true but it’s how the words translated for many. I loved his next response.)

Marc: “That’s unfortunate. I’ve heard anecdotally that fans were upset about casting news for some reason. Sounds like they’re in a sensitive place. But I haven’t been reading my notifications for many months now.”

(The man is only human. He’s avoided notifications because the negativity was getting to him. Side effect of that which we should remember when responding? He’s unaware of the pile of things many are attempting to deal with and figure out in relation to the show. I enlightened him… PR, casting, polarizing storylines this season and last, interviews, possible flashpoint impacts, etc.)

Marc: I just get bummed that can people can get so angry about a tv show given all that is going on in the world.

(Hence some of the snark I guess. He makes a good point. I did mention that tv can be an escape and comfort for many so when it’s unrecognizable or confusing, it pushes people’s emotions further.)

Marc: “I understand. It’s hard. I believe all shows should evolve and change. Particularly in their 5th season.”

(I agree. Told him many were so polarized with things end of s4 that s5 started somewhat polarizing for them.)

Marc: It’s a very controversial show for sure. Not always by design.

(He’s not wrong… They shoot the first few episodes without fan response. We know this… response is negative…they hear it. Maybe sometimes in the worst way. Then they work to build on that response going forward. Perhaps some of the frustration in that post came from this. Writing/filming for 5.05 was down way before this. Hearing constant negativity when you can’t do something now and it’s out of your control at this point? That would bug many of us too.)

Waiting for further response. Will post as able. I hope this gives people some insight and clarity with tonight.

Long story short…I think Marc is tired. Emotions got the best of him and the negative side of the fandom has been louder than the positive. Think about it. Lots at the end of S4 didn’t go over well. Hiatus wasn’t that great. Many aren’t thrilled with the start of s5 which I’ll remind you-they write and film without fan reaction and have to accept having no control over it though they might wish that were possible. Imagine almost 9 months of your work being scorned and though positivity is there, it is drowned out.

I love MG. I expected better and was pleasantly surprised he responded to me. While I think the statement was an error on his part, it also shows he’s human. Words get to him too. Negative can drag you down. Here’s hoping for something better.

Tagging some who I know were upset. Please feel free to tag, reblog, etc. I think it’s important for the fandom to see his thoughts considering how fragile the fandom seems right now. Thank you.

Jensen’s Panel Summary  AHBL 6 ~ Sydney

(source @/TheIrisAU)

— @/JensenAckles is here & the screams are deafening


— Who here has never been to a convention? I’m so sorry, now you’re one of us


— To keep the core crew for that long is great & try to give them an idea of what this is like, we have the best fandom in business


— We’re very fortunate to get to share & keep that communication open & enjoy making the best show I can for all of you


— Changing Channels is one of my fave eps coz it’s so out of the box, plus 200th ep coz it’s a musical


— I will sing but Dean cant sing, he’s tone deaf


— Changing Channels was our chance to poke fun at all the shows getting ratings very popular


— Nielsen ratings are archaic, if networks could see what I see they’d have different ratings


— Philanthropy we do is coz of he fans & coz we realized we had this amazing community that was ready to back us & support us


— If I was going to be a Supernatural being I wouldn’t be a demon or angel … I wouldn’t mind trying Werewolf


— I’m sick of vampires, Vampire Diaries is going to end & it’s coz Sam & Dean show up, all you see is the Impala tail lights


— There’s a running joke on set we’ve got a grenade launcher in the back of Impala, every year I ask if I get to use it


— Every year it’s a knife, we need more fights & action & I get a script that’s 9 pages of hand to hand combat, I dug my own hole


— Jensen describing his stunt double Todd’s work & lots of ouch groans from the crowd


— I would love to do more tactical stuff, that means they get to bring someone in to teach me & I selfishly want to learn


— One fan is thanking Jensen for the #AlwaysKeepFighting campaign & that it means something to so many fans


— To hear that it’s making  difference to one person is all we need to keep going

#AHBL6 #AlwaysKeepFighting

— Jared got a little tuckered out he gives all of himself emotionally & physically … wait scrap that last bit it’s a bit weird


— Keep sending him messages keep showing him love & I’ll remind him when I get home


— He’s just a big dumb emotional moose, sometimes he needs the smart squirrel to remind him


— My opinion on how the show should end doesn’t carry any weight with the writers


— The writers dig themselves a hole & spend 3 months trying to figure out how to get out (re: s10 finale)


— I’d like it to be the smoke clears & one of the brother’s is gone, it should be Dean … MY IDEA


— Dean should be transported to a beach with Crowley serving him drinks, the writers didn’t go for that


— I’d like the end of the show to leave a possibility of having a move, I don’t want to say goodbye to the crew & this character


— There’s no finality to the characters, that’s what I told Felicia Day, nobody ever really dies on this show


— Fan:  What was your favorite death?

J:  Tacos


— The worst were the hellhounds & Metatron, I hate fake blood, it’s cornstarch & it’s sticky I’d rather they cut me open


— Does it taste good? No, the mouth blood stuff the makeup dept even made isn’t that great


— One last question

J:  No, lets keep doing this, let’s order some pizza & pie

*crowd goes crazy*


— What life lessons have you learnt from SPN?

J:  As far as work goes, you get out what you put in, that’s 1 thing I try to live by


— Something I’ve learnt frm Sam & Dean “never give up” it’s this continuing desire to keep fighting & find people to fight with you


— Standing ovation for @/JensenAckles as he finishes his panel

h-owll-deactivated20140706  asked:

Hey! I recently started listening to Bastille and joining the fand and I was just searching through the Bastille tag and saw your text post. You seem like a cool person so yes hello.!

Hey! Me? A cool person? Haha that’s weird. 

By joining this fandom, you made one of the biggest mistakes (‘cause they’ll ruin your life) slesh upgrade to your life (I didn’t know what was the opposite to mistake so I asked the internet but didn’t find the right word anyway). What I meant to say is, welcome to Stormland.

As you may have alredy figured, I’m not good at explaining things understandably, so I’ll give you some useful sources for new Stormers: 

Edit:  here’s an even more complete masterpost of every song they’ve ever done ever. Over here too. 

Edit2: another guide to each member. 

You definitely didn’t ask for this but I’ll leave you with some links to properly stalk our 4 babses on the internet.

-Twitter: Dan, Kyle, Woody, Will
-Instagram: Dan (bastilledan), Kyle (kjesimmons), Woody (woodybangsthedrums), Will (williamfarquarson)

Facebook  -  Vevo  -  Youtube  -  Tumblr  -  Official Site  -  Soundcloud

*Val out*

I love the Selection fandom, but I don’t love the casual racism that goes on. Amberley is Latina. She’s from Honduragua. That’s in Central America. Amberley wouldn’t be paper-pale, and neither would Maxon–he’s mixed-race, and so are all of the Schreave kids. There’s a lot of erasure of that fact. 

Dear closeted kaylor fans,

After the greatness that was Sunday night and seeing some of you peek out from hiding I decided to write this…. I was you. I was minding my business blogging and then one day kaylor hit me and I realized how real it is. I decided this was something I wanted to blog about so I started reblogging posts but then received mean messages and lost followers. That’s when I learned about how Taylor’s fans act towards the kaylor fandom. So I went into hiding and only liked posts instead of reblogging anything kaylor related. I also sent anon questions to remain anonymous. But then one day I was tired of hiding, so I unfollowed A LOT of blogs to clean up my dash which is now, for the most part, beautifully filled with kaylor and karlie. Then I made this side blog so I can express how I truly feel about kaylor. Creating this side blog was the BEST DECISION EVER. This kaylor fandom is more of a family and sticks up for each other, which is so refreshing and totally awesome! Plus we all get to die together when we get kaylor action. I also met people that I can talk about kaylor with, which I didn’t have before. So if any of you need someone to talk to, I’m here. If you just want someone to type to in ALL CAPS about kaylor, well that’s something I do on a daily basis. All the people behind the kaylor blogs are SUPER nice and welcoming, so don’t be afraid. And if you want to stay hidden, then that’s okay. There is nothing wrong with just observing. I just wanted to let yall know that I used to be a hidden kaylor shipper, but now I’m kaylor trash and proud of it.

Why is Super Junior popular.
  • Please ignore any typos!!!!!!
  • I see a lot of people confused and mention SJ with the over hyped groups... but they can't be anymore wrong.
  • SJ is a group with one of the best vocals in all Kpop... no it's not about KRY only... But about the fact that all members can sing and hit high notes. There used to be members who can't but after 5 years trainging and 8 years in the industry they can sing really well.
  • They might be not the best dance group... but you have to admit they usually have dances which just seem simple... but when you try to learn it it's much harder. And they even make their singers dance who can't really dance.
  • There are members who are not exceptionally good at singing or dancing... So they are good at other things you don't find this many MCs, DJs, actors and musical actors in one group. Wait they are also really good at instruments and have members who play more than one perfectly.
  • There is no member who won't be good at at least 2 things. This makes them multitalented.
  • Composing and writing lyrics? Are you kidding... half of the group has God given talent. They could easily make a full album by theirselves. And no those won't be shitty songs.
  • They not only had to train more than other groups and had to suffer. They also debuted with the thought they'll be replaced soon. But guess what they still gave all in what they have and from the very first variety show they acted like idiots and they were entertaining from the very start.
  • Not gonna get into all the other hardships they had to endure at the start of their career. Which probs would have made any other group disband.
  • They had to wait 4 i mean 4 years for their succces, none of the other currently succesful SM groups had to wait that long for "the song"
  • And they STILL stayed who they are... They are still humble, dorks and lovely... they never forget where they came from.
  • Yes there are rich members... one of them is probs the riches idol ever if we only see their background. BUT most of the members came from really poor families. Not just one or two... more than that.
  • And they never forgot these... None of them are actually self centered some might seem like they are but their first thought is their family and Super Junior.
  • They are not only entertaining and talented... they have the closest bond you can ever imagine they are real family.
  • And guess what the only time Shinhwa ever compared anyone to theirselves... it was Super Junior. And i'm so proud of that. The best of best sees Super Junior just like their fans do.
  • Their fans... of course we are horrible and have idiots just like every other fandom. BUT the members always tell us when we do something wrong, they are the ones who appologize. Which makes us want to act better just for them. They also give us food all the time. They come to their shops and interract with fans.
  • My korean teacher said it's quite easy to meet with Super Junior the streets. Even though they are popular they still act like people.
  • Plus they handle their saesangs the best.
  • They are real performers if you have ever seen a Super Show you know what i'm talking about. You can not compare it to other concerts easily. They always give in EVERYTHING... but at the same time they don't stop being humans, and even if they don't want to their fans can see when they are tired or hurt. But they still dance perfectly.
  • Super Junior never tries to take advantage of their fans love.
  • But we talk about the biggest trolls ever... and they raised us to be trolls just like them.
  • Our relationship is special.
  • And you can't find it at every corner in kpop.
  • Super Junior is one of the few groups who deserve EVERY recognition they get from the very star to not the end... because that word does not exist in our vocabulary it's an AND.
So many emotions....every finale has been so hard....

I survived the first one somehow nine years ago…I didn’t even know what pain was back then…

..and the first episode of Season 2 started with way too many feels…

Season 2 ended in two parts–the first part KILLED ME. This is when the show really started to be an emotional mind-fuck roller coaster…

but before the hellatus they made it slightly better (only we had to wonder what was going to happen with Dean the whole time…)

but hey there was some closure in that one.

Season 3 was the WORST FEELS I HAD EVER FELT in a finale at that time. Dean fucking died and I had to go through hell wondering how the hell he was going to get out of Hell

oh god when that clock hit midnight…I fucking cried omg so many feels. Horrible. 

Season 4 though, it was the best season yet. The ending was sad at first, how Sam thought Dean hated him and Dean tried stopping him but I knew they were going to be ok…

Then Season 5 stated..and this was one of my favorite things too….until the finale..OMFG I have never been so emotionally scared in my life. The night it aired I was like…..WTF OMFG. I cried the whole episode (I mean at least we knew Sam was back at the end but still) that was so fucking sad.

(especially because I think I remember them not being sure if it got renewed right away…)

Season 6 actually I was more upset that a hellatus was coming than being sad. I was worried about Sam…and Cas but CAS WAS GOD!

Season 7 going into it I was like…shit they are going to do something bad, because last finale wasn’t too horrible. Yep. WHAT THE FUCK they took Dean AND Cas. Then when Dean was alone and couldn’t find Cas… 

Now last season..(seems like it just happened…) I was like shit omfg no poor Cas…then I was all omg Sam…

SO NOT READY FOR TONIGHT! I know I say this every year, and I am surprised I lived through NINE YEARS OF gut wrenching, emotionally shattering finales…what sucks the most is the FIVE MONTH HELLATUS.

I just really do NOT want something bad to happen to Dean…or Cas or Sam but I mean Dean has the most to lose right now, he has the mark..but shit Cas is running out of grace and Sam always ends up screwed too…..JUST ONE SEASON FINALE WHERE IT IS that too much to ask? (yes I know we do not live in an AU so….)

The one good thing is we have Season 10 to look forward to (can you imagine when the show ends forever oh god I will DIE) plus there are the conventions, lots of awesome videos from those. MOST OF ALL YOU GUYS…this fandom is awesome and it makes it so much easier when people feel the same and understand that this show is your life…and I promise to make all kinds of awesome things to help get us through this hellatus

Love you guys…and good luck (I will not be back on until I can download the episode tonight, because FUCKING BASEBALL is on instead. Gotta go buy some kleenex, whiskey and some maybe some Xanax…or Lithium would probably be better)