plus we already know they can play young teens through 30s

Koi No Yokan

Reupload** (it wasn’t appearing in the tags :\) 

h2ovanoss with Jon as an incubus, and Evan as a human. Please enjoy :)

Words: +5k

Warnings(?): Nsfw

It’s late and Evan is exhausted. His blinks are lasting seconds, sometimes minutes, and the longer he sits at the front desk the more his body becomes relaxed and heavy. After the third bob of his head, a loud smack on the counter makes him jump awake and look around frantically for some sort of emergency.

There’s only Brian standing there with hands on his hips and an exasperated breath leaving his lips.

“What have I said about falling asleep on the job? How do you think these kids are going to feel if the first thing they see is some passed out guy? All they need is just an ounce of doubt, and they’re gone.”

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