plus this is an even number so ahhhh

anonymous asked:

I love your Anders and Jay! They fill my day with the fluff and happiness I need 😊

Awww, thank you! <3 That’s the best kind of thing to hear & all I want to achieve with my art (on top of just making myself happy, which is the number one thing haha).

And a different anon(?):

Hey I think u r one of the greatest persons on this website! ❤ Your da pics make me so happy, I love that you tend to draw plus sized people (JAY IS THE CUTEST AND SOFTEST❤❤❤❤) ;u; It makes even me feel myself pretty. Keep drawing darling! ❤❤ Kiitos!

*hides under the table* ahhhh anon. ;u; YOU ARE TOO KIND TO ME but hasjkdhasjkhkdhjk thank you. <3 I… never know what to say when people tell these things to me; I can only feel humbled. ;u; It’s not something that I necessarily consciously draw a lot (even if I DO try to diversify from the body types shown in-game a little bit because the options there are really skinny and then built like a cupboard; real life looks Not ALL Like That and people come in lots of shapes), and don’t feel like I really should be praised for it. ;u; Jay just. happened to become this literally and figuratively big character in my head over the years and the one character I most consistently draw, period. :’) But in any case: kiitos. <3

Keep feeling beautiful! <3<3<3<3 You deserve to feel that way so much.