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I just keep thinking about the bay or bae choice but like in the context of the choice the beast gives Wirt at the end of over the garden wall. Like the tornado asking to choose between chloe and Arcadia bay and Max just responding with, "that's dumb" and choosing something else that saves everyone lmao

Haha, I’ve never drawn that comparison but that’s amusing. OTGW is one of my favorite stories in general at this point, though. Thinking on all of this led to an informal essay that helps me ground myself in my own mistakes with other fics I’ve worked on, All Wounds’ planning stages, and how I’m approaching its impending ending.

This one’s a bit of a doozie.

(I will be referencing elements of the endings to Over the Garden Wall, Life is Strange, Steins;Gate, and Oxenfree, in case you’re worried about knowing things you don’t yet want to know)

OTGW and LIS are very different stories dealing with very different themes, and OTGW can get away with a blunt and brusque resolution like that because it’s a dark comedy that’s in many ways subverting or teasing a lot of melodramatic tropes. LIS often introduces tropes and then peels back a layer and asks us to look deeper, which is a whole other sort of deal.

The problem, though, is that its own finale and final climax kind of doesn’t hold up, because it hinges upon a choice that really makes no sense – and a moral-oriented choice, at that, which makes it even harder to swallow.

With Wirt and the Beast, there’s a physical character within the world to confront. To call out. To vanquish or scare off or outsmart. Greg’s disposition can be broken apart and he can be released. The entire story is about mystery and, well

OTGW makes no allusions that its story isn’t supposed to quite make sense, it embraces its mystery, and it subverts things by making ‘reality’ a hidden element until the final act.

The story makes it pretty obvious that this world isn’t supposed to make much sense, too, which leads us to not really question things when it doesn’t.

Wirt is the elder brother, he’s supposed to set an example, he’s supposed to look out for his sibling, and he fails.

And while there’s a lot of darkness to this story, it is, ultimately, a comedy, first and foremost, and most resolutions with the various antagonists are resolved with some kind of clever or amusing tactic. It doesn’t want us to take it too seriously, and it’s often making fun of tropes in dramatic fantasy stories.

What’s happening with Max, Chloe, and the tornado isn’t so physical as being lost, as confronting magical beasts. It’s abstract and unexplained, yet the story wants us to take it seriously and tries (weakly) to ‘explain’ things. This falls short because there aren’t really any concrete, established rules, and yet we’re supposed to buy into everything being Max’s fault when we don’t even know how it’s her fault. This is tricky because within the context of the narrative, it makes the player assume the position and perspective the creators wanted:

Max Caulfield is supposed to choose between the greater good, or what she desires as an individual.

The premise of that choice is great, and it’s what the entire game has been foreshadowing and leading up to. The execution is just very iffy to me because of the dodgy attempt at explanation…without explaining anything. ‘Chaos Theory’ literally does not work the way the game alludes to it. The writers know none of this makes sense, which is why in the finale they unfortunately go as bluntly as to make Chloe say:

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I was on Youtube and there is this one video called "Top 10 Worse Couples in Anime" and it has Gochi as the thumbnail (didn't watch it since I didn't want to give views). Even worse, since I watch a lot of Dragon Ball videos, I see the link to said video everywhere. Can you write why Goku x Chichi is good to cheer me up?

I haven’t watched the video on youtube yet, but I saw brief post made about it on tumblr and other gochi fans were upset about too…. :(

And sure I can do that for you anon !  💕 ^_^ ((I’m planning on making a proper tag that way other gochi fans can look at it when they feel sad. Like maybe “Gochi analysis” or “Gochi posts” ? but for now you can look at the regular gochi tag in this blog. And see why other people like this couple and why they are not bad like other people think.  ))

List of Why Goku x Chichi is a good couple! :D

((If you’re a Gochi fan and want to express why you love the couple too please tag this blog! :D @57fandom59   💕  ))

1. When they first met they instantly became buddies/friends. They just connected.  This is funny to think about because they didn’t even have a rivalry like Goku’s other friends xD The most that ever happened between goku and chichi is that she got mad for 1 second cause of the pat pat he did. 

But then you see her quickly giggle it off and instead forms a little girly crush on him. But overall, NO rivalry between them. They got along very well. xD

((Also note how on this one episode Goku offers Chichi an apple (goku only offers you his food when he really likes you as a person)  and he spends some time to hang out with her. He feels so relaxed next to her that he even falls asleep. xD ))

2. WHAT EVER CHICHI WANTS HIM TO DO HE DOES IT. Like gaaaaahhh that is so cute!!! >< You see him tell her this as a kid 

*boom they get married years later (even though he forgot his promise. BTW I wouldn’t blame him for forgetting cause it’s been years and plus goku had so much stuff happen in his life it is easy to forget. PLUS Chichi looks kind of different from when she was a kid. but regardless of him forgetting he still married her because he remembered the promise he made and that he wants to make her happy. )) 

((Also notices how when they do get married, you can see it in his face that he is happy for his decision! xD He is such a goofball I swear/// )) 

THEN as an adult he still does what makes her happy;;;; Like JC this boy is too cute to this girl.

For example, in the future Chichi tells him to get his driver’s licences. 

So he does. THEN chichi tells him to get a job. He does it. And is a provider for his family now. (he has 2 jobs actually, farmer + Security guard ). 

And when she tells him to get the groceries he gets them for her. xD

3. GOCHI HAS LOTS OF THINGS IN COMMON : Both martial artists, both can ride nimbus, both have black hair and black/brown eyes etc. 

4. They’re height difference! :’D  I know this is not a big deal but to me it’s cute because the boy was so much shorter than her

((few years later. Goku is getting there but is still shorter than chichi haha xD ))

((few more years later Goku is finally taller than her! ! xD ))

Then BAM he just gets so much taller than her that I just asdfasdfasdfasdf *explodes* 

He gets so much taller in fact that the poor momma has to go on her tippy toes just to kiss him! xD LIKE that is so friekn cute I swear


6. They’re ability to compromise and work out their differences! Like for example Goku wants to constantly train but chichi wants him to work.  LINK So they talked it out with each other and now the agreement between them is that Goku gets to go train as long as he puts some hours of work.

7. Chichi is the only character you see where Goku blushes around her or gets those cute anime beauty bubbles when he looks at her! xD LINK

7. Goku LOVES the fact that his wife can kick his butt!/her strong willed personality >:D 

9. And finally they have so much love and care the have for each other :’D They’re strong nakama bond! <333 LINK

((this actually turned out to be a long post… whoops)) I hope you enjoyed this post anon! and that I made you feel better ^o^ 

Sentence Starters -- Texts From Last Night
  • [text]: I need all the beers. I want to be holding on to the grass so I don't fall off the earth drunk.
  • [text]: Would you think less of me if I said I was eating a toaster strudel in the bath.
  • [text]: Regardless of how one feels after a break up, whiskey must be consumed.
  • [text]: Had to leave my skype meeting to vomit. I'm obviously ready for the real world.
  • [text]: Man I was just the closest I've ever been to crapping my pants.
  • [text]: I don't think I'm gonna survive today. I don't remember how to walk. I must crawl 6 blocks to my bed.
  • [text]: Never go drinking with anime club. End of story.
  • [text]: I think were only still together so we can make each other miserable
  • [text]: Can we both just take a day off just to have sex? Is that acceptable as an adult?
  • [text]: Ultimate fat girl moment: I promised him my mouth for the night if he bought me a funnel cake
  • [text]: pls come over. need ride to hospital once taquitos are ready
  • [text]: I've only hooked up with engineers this year and it may be the best future financial decision I've ever made
  • [text]: Yeah plus that night got so disgusting it's basically a repressed memory anyway
  • [text]: Somehow I became in charge of getting my mother laid? This can't be my life?
  • [text]: In my dream I had to eat so many peanut butter and Nutella sandwiches
  • [text]: I just got winded making my bed. How do you think the workout plan is going?
  • [text]: my roommate was being a bitch so I changed my Netflix password on her. 21st century slap in the face ladies and gentleman
  • [text]: You texted me the words "butt stuff" 53 times in a four hour period last night.
  • [text]: I've needed to start drinking protein shakes to keep up with her. It's like my dick just started doing crossfit.
  • [text]: She got engaged last night. I don't think you should ask her out man.
  • [text]: So what if I got a tattoo on a bus, it was sterile.
  • [text]: Do you think I can get away with quoting Work Bitch by Britney Spears in my speech?
  • [text]: My greatest accomplishment today was eating a box of Thai food the size of a toddler.
  • [text]: I'm sorry for drunkenly throwing a spoon at you and then laughing at your pain.
  • [text]: I'm pretty sure our sex is better than most foods and that says a lot too bc I really like food
  • [text]: i'll talk to you in three hours when you've stopped foaming at the mouth and your eyes have rolled back into place
Ultimate Victuuri FicRec List

bc I am utter trash and have spent the past few weeks hiding away on ao3 reading fics to fill the gap in my heart and I want to keep all my favorite links in one place. Will be updated as I find more that I like! Suggestions are always welcome!


Clarity by thylaa | 3k words | mature

- An interesting one about the immediate aftermath of The Kiss. Light touches of commentary on homophobia but it isn’t really delved into; mainly just cuteness

i know my madness by astoryaboutwar | 14k words | explicit

- Canon divergence, where Yuuri wins silver in the Sochi GPF, and Victor is a rich figure skating playboy who decides to wine and dine the newcomer Japanese skater and ends up catching an STD known as Feelings, and it’s really hot and really well written and if you haven’t read this yet who even are you

victory cheer by SportsAnimeRuinedMyLife | 3k words | teen and up

- Told from various POVs immediately following The Kiss, but still just as cutesy as anything told from Victor or Yuuri’s POV. 

When He’s Not Even Trying and One Night to Blow by qwartooty | 2k words & 3k words respectively | teen and up

- These can be read as one-shots but the first is actually a prequel to the second. When He’s Not Even Trying = Phichit being the best/worst wingman ever and Victor just worshipping everything Yuuri does; One Night to Blow = bachelor parties feat. the return of Pole-Dancer Yuuri and Victor being super into it. This fluff is so sweet it will give you cavities

Addicted (to the taste of you) by smudgesofink | 5k words | teen and up

- Super cute post-Kiss fic that features a lot MORE kissing and it’s beautiful and Chris is the best-worst wingman ever

Praise Please by surveycorpsjean | 5k words | explicit

- Praise kink, need I say more? I’m not always a huge fan of fics where Victor is super dominant, but this one is just really hot okay leave me alone

Appreciation by Merit | 4k words | explicit

- Yuuri’s exhausted after the Cup of China free skate so Victor’s gotta do all the work ¯\_(ツ)_/¯   smut with feelings. Victor is so in love I can’t even deal

From the Moon by ButterBeerBitch | 4k words | mature

- Victor finds his way into Yuuri’s bedroom/shrine and instead of it going horribly wrong like Yuuri expected, it goes better than he could have dreamed.

all for a moment by Authoress | 2k words | teen and up

- Post-Kiss…kissing. Lots of kissing, in a stairwell bc these losers can’t even wait to get back to the hotel, though it never veers into mature territory. And flirting. It’s so beautiful read it

Distance by surveycorpsjean | 5k words | explicit

- One of my favorites! Domestic married Victuuri, plus a super hot kitchen sex scene that is an absolute gift to this world.

Silliness and Stolen Shirts by smudgesofink | 2k words | teen and up

- I love this one so much! “In which Victor is weak for the Boyfriend Shirt, and Yuuri doesn’t realize he is, too.” Domestic post-ep. 12 fluff and these losers are so cute omggg

Victor Effing Nikiforov by shysweetthing | 13k words | explicit

- Canon divergence: in which Victor does not retire to coach Yuuri, but the banquet still happened and Yuuri still doesn’t remember it so he is v confused when he shows up to the World Championships and Victor effing Nikiforov is suddenly getting all affectionate. They still end up being couple goals. 

live with a man who knows you by jinlian | 3k words | teen and up

- Ahhhh. Domestic fiance life in St. Petersburg, from Victor’s completely lovestruck POV. The writing is BEAUTIFUL and the sweetness is so, so strong. It’s a quick read but it’ll give you all the warm fuzzies, just do it, seriously.

Works in Progress

solo and pair by calciseptine | 17k words | teen and up | 7/? chapters

- soulmate AU where you get an identifying mark on your body that matches your soulmate’s; Yuri realizes when he’s really young that his and his skating idol’s marks look extremely similar, but he feels like he doesn’t deserve Victor because fuck anxiety. Seriously some of the most beautiful writing ever & my absolute favorite soulmate AU. I can’t wait for the day this one is completed!

A Choreographer’s Dilemma by Mysecretfanmoments | mature | 5/? chapters

- In which Yuuri and Victor officially start dating following The Kiss, and they go through all the awkwardness and fascination and learning experiences that come with starting a new relationship. It’s the hyper-realistic domestic Victuuri fic I never knew I needed, and it is gorgeously written. It is canon compliant but as of right now all 5 chapters take place after episode 7 and before episode 8.

Winter Song by proantagonist | 62k words | explicit | 11/? chapters

- THIS IS IT. THIS IS MY FAVORITE FIC OF ALL TIME EVER and chapter 6 reduced me to TEARS it crushed me to RUBBLE but not in a bad way, these are 100% tears of joy. This is so beautiful, this is everything I never knew I needed. My skin has cleared, my crops are flourishing, my GPA has skyrocketed (maybe not but w/e). If you want lots of domestic, in-series, canon compliant, healthy and mutually supportive Victuuri in looooove then read this, for the love of my smol son Yurio, read it and understand. I’m almost glad this isn’t complete because it means that there will be more. I can’t fucking deal I s2g

Dot, Dash, Star* by shorelines | 6k words | teen and up | 4/6 chapters

- (cw: emotional abuse) Soulmate AU where you get a little floating orb of light that follows you around and allows you to communicate with your soulmate in Morse code. Feat. smol Yuuri, smol(er) Yuri, and smol Victor, Victor’s mom who is awful and abusive, Yakov being a kind cinnamon roll, and lots of sadness and angst with just enough hope to keep you reading. I’m on the edge of my seat for this one because right now it’s really sad and I don’t want my smol Victuuri to be sad; luckily it seems to be frequently updated so I’m sure it’ll be completed soon. 

Low Bars by TheCookieMonster77 | 11k words | teen and up | 3/? chapters

- Basically, the anime as told through text messages - mainly those between Yuuri and Phichit, but also featuring other characters. It’s hilarious and Phichit is a gift that we do not deserve and I want more of this so much


katsuki_fc wrote by tetsurashian | 12k words | general audiences | 7 chapters

- A favorite of mine! The story of Victuuri, from the Sochi GPF to the pair skate, but told through the social media posts of Yuuri’s fans. A quick and fun read.

Hold Me Tight by smudgesofink | 11k words | teen and up | 2 chapters

- “Alternatively titled, ‘Five Times Victor Hugs Yuuri, and the One Time He Doesn’t.’” Beautifully written Victuuri fluff that touches on some more serious topics in chapter 2 - read: homophobia in Russia. But it is handled well, and it has a happy ending!

The Fundamentals of Caring by braveten | 20k words | explicit, but the first chapter is more teen and up | 2 chapters

- Yuuri gets a fever while staying at Victor’s flat in St. Petersburg (pre-Barcelona), and so Victor and a reluctant Yurio have to take care of him. However, Yuuri is also completely delirious and loses his filter, so he starts proclaiming his love for his coach and Victor is so so happy and Yurio becomes their #1 shipper. (I was totally in Yuuri’s boat a few months ago, but I only wish I had someone like Victor to take care of meee)

Hetalia Fandom Hub March Interview: @aph-belarusia!

An award-winning writer who, let’s face it, is probably the actual APH Romania answers our questions!

Hiya! Can you quickly introduce yourself for everyone?

Hello everyone! My name is Sayu, I’m 24 years old and I’m in college studying Languages and Literatures.

I’m a fanfic writer and perhaps some of you may know me from my long and detailed historical/eerie fics featuring rare pairings.

How long have you been in the fandom and how did you get into it?

10 years I think?

I found a doodle made by Himaruya with the Axis and the Allies and I instantly got curious.

I’ve always loved history so I thought it would be a perfect chance of seeing all the world nations represented along with their history and traditions.

I knew that the anime would have its premiere in a month or so and as such, I waited impatiently for that day.

I distinctly remember watching the first episode on the day it aired on a strange Chinese website that I magically found. Raw and everything.

I could have waited for the subtitled version but no I had to watch it immediately.

Unbeknownst to me, I probably signed a contract with Himaruya on that day, promising to him my soul and complete devotion to his creation and after all these years later I’m still here.

You’ve been in the fandom a long time! What has been your proudest moment over the years?

The first moment was when I overcame my fear of showing my works to the public and it was all because of this fandom. Only four years ago I decided to share a fanfic for everyone to see and up until that moment no one had ever seen my writing.

It was a moment on which I felt extremely proud of myself, I had nothing to fear, my words had value.

The second moment was the whole Hetalia Fandom Awards hosted by this blog. 

I’m the first person to admit that I am tremendously insecure about my writing. I push myself to the limit until it reaches perfection but I never think that it is enough. And since I don’t think it is enough I assume that others will think the same.

When the awards started I was not even aware of it but @missbelgium was the first person to nominate me for writer of the year and suddenly other people started to nominate and vote for me. 

I was in awe. In all honesty I never thought I could win but I was already so happy that so many people supported me and understood my hard work and appreciated it that I felt like a winner already. 

Then I won. I cried actually. Not because of my victory but because I saw my growth as an author from four years ago until now. 

My hard work had been worth it, I managed to reach people with my words.

What is your favourite thing about Hetalia?

Probably how mutable the time plot and each character personality can be, plus how creative I can be with that premise.

As a literature student I always pay attention not only the works that I read but also to the period they were written and what characteristics can be found on the author’s writing that cause them to be so unique.

I guess I always bring that sort of mentality with me when dealing with this fandom.

It is true that the characters do have their basic traits and dynamic personalities and I’m always very careful when dealing with those, as I want to be sure that I’m not butchering their individuality but as history is always in a constant change then, in my point of view, so will the characters and their attitudes and points of view.

I always like to give them depth and not merely just stick with the basic portrayal.

As for the characters that have little to none development by Himaruya I consider them as a blank canvas on which I can start building them as I please after I make the proper researches on the countries’ history, folklore, costumes and everything.

It’s really amusing for me to portray all the different mindsets of each character and make them interact with each other.

What kind of research do you recommend for people who want to build upon Himaruya’s less-developed characters as well?

This question is very subjective, I have my methods while other people will certainly have theirs and it also depends on what the artist/writer is more interested in developing but I’m more than happy to give some tips.

The first thing I do when I want to develop a less developed is to check if there’s any entry on Kitawiki about them even if it is only basic information. That way I can avoid mischaracterizing the said character and it also serves me a guide line for their construction. 

I personally spend an enormous amount of time researching about the country’s history. I dare say that I spend more time researching than actually writing on my fic. 

That being said, Encyclopaedia Britannica has to be one of my elite websites for my researches. I find it to be way more reliable than Wikipedia and it covers several topics with an extremely detailed accuracy. I highly recommend it.

Google Scholar is also a precious help if you want to explore some topics even further. There’s plenty of thesis and books available for consulting that can be quite useful.

Finally, libraries are an excellent source of information, read and re-read those books, take notes, compare material, think in what way you can apply that knowledge on your work.

What do you enjoy most about writing?

As I’m answering this question I can think of several of reasons about why I enjoy writing but if it was on a day on which I was feeling frustrated about my work and/or with a huge author’s block I would say that I absolutely despise it.

Of course that I would be lying, I love writing it’s part of who I am but these sudden changes of feelings are precisely the reason why I adore it.

Writing, at its best, is as temperamental as its author.

I use writing a lot as a coping method, many times to ease my anxiety. On those times I usually take the opportunity to drain my worries and afflictions to the paper and the characters end up being vessels of my troubles but also my soothing balm.

It is impressive how writing 3 or 4 lines make me feel better instantly.

And in the end, if a person comes to me and says that they felt my words as if the character itself was actually saying them or that I dragged them to the middle of the scenery with my descriptions, I can’t help but smile because in the middle of my chaotic state I managed to create something beautiful.

Finally, is there anyone in the fandom you look up to?

I look up to so many people it’s impossible to name them all but there are 3 people that are essential to me in this website, without them I would have not had the courage to keep writing.

Their constant support means the world to me, so a thousand thanks to @dislittle-sparklederp, @vixenofthemist and @shes-beauty-shes-gray.

Apart from them, I have to give a shout out to those who create content for their rare ships and new artists/writers.

For your efforts and willingness to offer this fandom your creativity in order to enrich it even though sometimes your art/fic is ignored and yet you keep insisting and being passionate about it… I already look up to you all.

A big thank you to @aph-belarusia for being our interviewee! Everyone, please show this creator your love!

Boruto Episode 2: My Review

What I Liked About It:

1. Boruto and Shikadai’s Brotp

- Yup, this takes the number one spot again because the anime has deigned to bless us all with more of moments of this awesome brotp. Boruto claiming that he’s gonna ‘make his mark’ ala Hiccup Haddock style? Nope, Shikadai is ready to shut down any behavior that’ll get him into further trouble. Kids loudly whispering behind Boruto’s back? Shikadai makes sure to remind Boruto not to pay attention to that nonsense and do his own thing. Inojin blurts out that Boruto is probably riding in on his dad’s fame? “Inojin, take that back.”

Seriously though, so far Shikadai is THE big bro of the Boruto anime. Lemme just list all the other brotp moments I loved from this episode:

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anonymous asked:

Since your arranged marriage scenarios are hella cute... Endeavor plans a blind date with a marriage candidate for Shoto and when he arrives at the restaurant, his date ends up being one of his classmates. He feels awkward, they just laugh.

Oh I’m glad you liked the previous “arrnged dating” scenarios 😅 I hope this one is not a disappointment

I wrote a gender neutral s/o, since you didn’t specify a gender and yeah…I also made them more nerdy and into anime because I’m sure that if you follow this blog then you are anime trash enough XD please let me hear your thoughts if you want me to change that tho!

You saw yourself in the reflection of a shop’s window and almost fainted. You locked eyes with the reflection for a while, finding that fellow oddly familiar, before realizing that weird looking snob was no one but yourself and almost shrieking. For anyone witnessing the scene for afar, it must have been pretty funny. For you, it was terrifying.

How did you even let yourself be dragged into that outfit?? Since when did your parents had enough authority upon you to make you wear a that?? You knew there was something wrong with that pair of shoes as soon as you put them on and almost felt them change your feet’s bone structure, but now that you saw them on you, you realized it wasn’t just that making you uncomfortable. And what the hell was wrong with your hair?? Your family must have been crazy…didn’t they want you to go on a date with that guy so that you two could meet on the first place? Well, he was about to meet the wrong person! That was certainly not you! You felt so out of character you thought yourself as part of a badly written fanfiction. 

However, you had yet to discover the even more absurd plot.

As soon as you reached the restaurant’s door, at a kind of far away place you had never been before, nerves began to pull their tricks on you. Yes, that kind of nerves that make you believe that everyone is looking at you funny when they really aren’t, or that forces you lock and unlock your phone’s screen over and over again to check the time without a proper reason. You were actually kind of early even, anxiety had pushed you out of the hair salon rather soon, and now you would have to wait for like fifteen minutes all alone. Great. You decided to get inside, since you preferred to wait sitting down comfortably rather than standing in the cold, so as you checked the time one last time you got yourself through the door.

As soon as you saw the insides, you realized you and your anime customised phone were totally out of place.

Everything looked royal, no kidding. As if the moment you got inside you were immediately transported into the frickin Buckingham Palace. Were you supposed to…simply sit down? Or maybe you should ask a waitress? Please god send a sign to that lost young soul.

“[name]-san??” you turned around to the sound of your name quite startled, not seeming to find the source of the voice, until you finally looked downwards into the table right next to you. Your eyes widened “is that you??”

Sitting with crossed arms and quite a bored expression, was no one but Todoroki Shoto, one of the top students of your class at UA. You immediately paled. He looked so odd! He was wearing a black suit, smart shoes and tie. His hair was combed to the left, making white locks fall into red ones like a twirl of whipped cream on top of a smoothie, and giving you even a better sight of his scar.

“Todoroki-kun!” you shrieked, but instantly lowered your voice remembering you were still at that fancy restaurant “what are you doing here??”

He looked as perplex as you, only that somehow he didn’t seem to feel out of place…as if he were used to it.

“I kind of have a date” he scratched the back of his neck, uncomfortably.

“Oho? Who’s the lucky girl?” you winked mockingly

“It’s…hard to explain”

“Oh” as soon as you sensed the discomfort in his voice, you decided to stop pulling his leg. You weren’t that close to him, you barely talked to each other even, but rather admired one another from the distance. So you were in no place to ask further either “you look nice though”

“Thanks, you do too” you were able to see a hint of a smile on his lips, and suddenly you didn’t feel as uncomfortable anymore “do you want to sit here with me? You look kind of lost”

“Are you sure?? Won’t your date feel kind of offended if they see you with me?”

“I wouldn’t really mind that, to be honest” You arched a brow, obviously puzzled, but now that you thought about it…you really didn’t care if your date got offended either. So you decided to obey, and carefully sit down right in front of him “So…how have you been?” 

You two got engaged on a silly little talk that turned out to be extremely pleasant and warming. At school, since both of you had quite a different group of friends, you never really got to talk to him that much. Especially since he wasn’t Mr.Social Interaction to be honest, and you always thought that since he was such a talented hero and student, he wouldn’t have time nor interest at all in someone like you. Apparently, you were totally wrong.

You had lots of common interests, including music and some series, although he didn’t have much spare time he seemed to use it wisely. He told you about the heroes he admired as a kid, and how he thought his father was given “way too much unnecessary attention” since, although he was really powerful, his morality wasn’t the one of a top hero. That lead to you talking about more personal stuff, he didn’t give many details, but just confirmed everyone’s rumors about his family situation not being the best. Also, apparently his mom was in hospital for a reason…but you decided not to question too much about it. 

In a nutshell, in the most weird of circumstances you got to know each other. By the time he checked his watch, about an hour and a half had passed by since you started talking, and the waiters were beginning to look at you quite angrily since you hadn’t ordered anything but a glass of water. 

“Well, I guess I got stood up” He shrugged, looking around for another lonely someone without results “Not that I care, really, I actually had a better time than I thought I would”

“I guess I could say the same thing” You giggled.

“You had a date too?” He asked, taken aback, realizing there was something fishy about the situation.

“Yeah, well, no…kind of. My parents planed it…they arranged a marriage for me ”

Todoroki almost spills his drink.

“So this was supposed to be like…a blind date? With someone they thought convenient to be your husband?” 

“Yeah…I know my parents seem kind of old fashion and all but, is it really that weird? Because…”

“I am your date”

An awkward, confusing silence brought the first spoonful of embarrassment to the conversation.

“What?” You stuttered, taken aback.

“My date was part of an arranged marriage too, planned by my father…I actually can’t believe we hadn’t thought about it before. [name], you are my date”

“Holy cow” You covered your mouth with your both of your hands, trying to muffle the involuntary gasp trying to escape your lips. Had you seriously been so dense?? Were you seriously so caught up in the conversation that you never thought about the possibility?? “I can’t believe this” 

“Neither can I” He brushed a lock of white hair away from his solemn face “This is so weird”

“What are we going to tell our parents??” You worried, taking out your phone to check the time once again “Crap, my parents really wanted this to turn out perfectly…they’ll be so mad, I don’t know what to do!” 

“Believe me, I understand” He gave a long sigh, accepting his fate, knowing the consequences of not adapting to his father’s wants. But well, it wasn’t his fault Endeavor was an idiot, plus there was nothing he could really do to prevent his rage. He was already resigned. So he thought it would be better to drive his attention to something else, and postpone the doom for later “Your phone’s case is really cool, I like that show” He said, not only calming himself, but trying to soothe your own nerves too “I heard they were making a movie about it…” 

“Yeah…” You trailed off, kind of confused as why the sudden change of topic “It’s actually on theaters right now” 

Out of the blue his expression changed, turning brighter, his lips slightly curved upwards on a kind, peaceful smile. He didn’t care about his father’s opinion, neither about your parents, and even less about the date having been a failure. In fact, he didn’t thought about it as a failure at all. He had made a new friend, and that’s all what he really wanted to care about…not some stupid marriage he wasn’t even up to.

“Hey, I have a plan” He said, making you lift your anxious gaze from your phone and look at him with puzzled eyes, unable to imagine a plan that could possibly save you from the storm at home “Let’s ditch this damn place, forget about the marriage, and let’s go to the movies to watch that film. Deal?” 

He stood up and stretched you his hand, waiting for your response. You were, of course, pretty shocked by his words, mainly since the decision seemed so spontaneous for someone like him. But to be honest, you also weren’t in the mood to face your parents’ disappointment at home nor to think about wedding dresses…you just wanted to spend more time with your newfound friend.


And, with a smile on your face, you shook his hand and left that stupid place…ignoring the deathly glares of the waiters who seemed to be cursing you both from afar.

My Two Cents About Yandere Simulator

I don’t honestly remember when I first got into Yandere Simulator. But, what I do remember that I had fell in love with the game after seeing people do Let Play’s of it. I used to love going on YandereDev’s youtube channel and seeing updates about the game. I was hyped up about getting the game.

And then, I discovered @stop-yanderedev.

At first, I was like “oh great, some pointless hate blog”. I had seen blogs like that before and expected this blog to be run by a bunch of butt-hurt babies who have zero reasons to hate the game.

But, after going through the blog, reading all the posts and receipts, I woke the fuck up. I didn’t know how shitty the dev was and what he had done before. I also didn’t realize how shitty some of the fans were and what lengths they would go for to make “some silly sjws triggered X3″. The really cool mods over at @stop-yanderedev made me realize a lot of things about the game. And, I am so fucking glad that I found them.

I like Yandere Simulator, I really do. I think it’s an interesting concept with a lot of potential. But, the way YandereDev is going about this, I am very disappointed. I can’t believe that the fans of Yandere Simulator can come up with much more interesting concepts than the dev himself.

So, to get to the point of my little rant, let’s start talking about the things that I think can make Yandere Simulator better.

1. The Protagonist

[ Picture taken straight from the official Yandere Simulator website ]

Firstly, I do not like Yandere-chan/Ayano Aishi. She is bland and uninteresting to me. I do not know much about anime, but what I do know is that yanderes are supposed to pretend to be this cutesy, harmless person to hide the fact that they’re fucking insane. I’ll admit, I like the idea of having a yandere who is emotionless until they meet their obsession. But, I would love to see that emotionless yandere pretend to be sweet and innocent to hide the fact that they’re apathetic and cruel to those who get in the way of their obsession. Ayano would be a much better character if she pretends to feel something to trick people into thinking that she’s harmless and wouldn’t hurt a fly.

I’ll admit, I love her name. Ayano Aishi rolls off the time rather nicely. Plus, Yan-chan is a really cute nickname. Her design doesn’t look too bad, either. But her backstory and personality is just so…meh.

[ Picture taken straight from the official Yandere Simulator website ]

Same goes for Yandere-kun. From what I’ve heard, he’s sadistic and looks like another anime character. Aren’t Yandere-kun and Ayano-chan the same person? Why is Ayano apathetic and emotionless, while Yan-kun is sadistic and possessive? Why can’t he look like a male-version of Ayano? I would honestly love to see Yan-kun with a ponytail. It would be so cute! But no, we get this asshole right here.

Honestly, the protagonist is the most important character in the game. They’re the ones that will be remembered the most. If YandereDev wants his game to be the best it can be, he needs to work on Yandere-chan/kun and make them not boring.

2. Senpai

[ Picture taken straight from the official Yandere Simulator website ]

Senpai/Taro Yamada is Ayano’s obsession, not to mention the main crush of all most of the rivals. If that’s the case, then why the fuck is he so BORING? I don’t care if he’s sitting in the “main protagonist seat”, how is that boy able to get so many girls fawning over him? He looks like a generic anime boy you see time and time again. He has no character whatsoever, as far as I can tell.

Now, I love Senpai. He’s probably one of my favorite characters (alongside Oka, Kokona, Midori, Shin, and Budo). Why do I like him, even though he’s boring? I like him, as in my version of him. I have so many headcanons, so many ideas about him that it made me love him.

My version of Senpai is that he’s kind and caring. He’s an awkward dork with a love for nature and animals. He likes reading and drawing. He loves his friends and family to death. He’ll stand up for others and risk his own safety for the sake of those he cares about. Senpai is not Senpai, but Taro Yamada. In my version of him, I give reasons as to why people would fall for him in the first place. I don’t just say “Oh, people like him because he ended sitting in some specific chair”, I give a real, valid reason for it.

Senpai has so much potential. I really hope he doesn’t stay the boring character that he is now.

3. The Rivals

There are rivals here that I like and make sense. Osana I can see as a rival since she had known Taro for a very long time and I honestly love the friends-to-lovers trope to death. Amai and Oka are adorable and Asu is amazing.

Then, there are rivals that I don’t like and that don’t make sense. Why the fuck would Hanako care if her brother got a girlfriend? I get that she loves him a lot and that she wants his attention, but what the fuck? If I was her, I would embarrass the hell out of Taro and tease him about all the attention he’s getting. I wouldn’t care if he got a girlfriend, unless that girlfriend is a fucking asshole or a crazy bitch. Also, why would two, grown-ass women be interested in student like Taro? I find that unsettling that two, grown-ass women would want to fuck a teenager. And, isn’t it illegal for teachers to date students?

Plus, their names. Oh my god, their names are fucking stupid. They’re not real names you would hear in real life or in an actual anime. They’re names that fucking middle school weebs in anime club would make up.

You want meaningful names, YandereDev? Then, DO YOUR MOTHERFUCKING RESEARCH. Don’t just type some adjective into Google Translate and see what that word is in Japanese. Go find some sites that provide you with actual Japanese names and their meanings, like Behind The Name or something.

Look, here’s an example!

[ Picture taken from the Yandere Simulator Wiki ]

Look at Oka Ruto. She’s the leader of the Occult Club and a fanatic for the supernatural, right? So, she’s a pretty spooky person. What name would fit her nicely?

How about Amaya Kuroba, instead? Amaya (雨夜) means “night rain” and Kuroba (黒羽) means “black wing”. Perfect for a spooky girl like Oka! You know how I got that name? I did my FUCKING RESEARCH, that’s how!

Or, or! What about Osoro Shidesu?

[ Picture taken from the official website ]

She is the leader of the delinquents and is known to be the strongest person at Akademi High. What name could possibly suit this badass girl?

Shinobu Tsuyoshi could fit! Shinobu (忍) means “endurance” and Tsuyoshi (剛) means “strong” or “tough”. Wow, another fitting name that’s actual Japanese! The wonders of doing your research.

In short, rethink the rivals. Their names need changing and some need to be replaced. And by some, I mean Mida, Muja, and Hanako need to go.

4. Info-chan

[ Picture taken from the official site ]

Info-chan is a character I’m very interested in. I find her character intriguing. A girl who seemingly knows everything about everyone at school? Sign me the fuck up.

But, when it comes to her “currency”, she loses me. Panty shots are dumb and gross. I don’t care about it being an “anime trope”, it’s fucking stupid. Of all the things, why did it had to be panty shots?

The only thing I have to say is that her currency needs to change. Be more creative with it, because panty shots just don’t cut it. AT ALL.

5. Character Designs

Most of the characters are really pale. Like, what the fuck is up with that? Not every Japanese person is pale like a goddamn white person. Asian people can have dark or brown skin. How do I know? BECAUSE I’M A FUCKING ASIAN WHO HAS BROWN SKIN AND I’M SICK OF SEEING PEOPLE THINK ALL ASIAN ARE PALE AS SHIT. Newsflash, we aren’t. Want examples? Look at Asians from the Philippines, or from India. Hell, look at Asians who are also black. Dark/brown skinned Asians exist, folks. But also, everyone looks the same. The girls have the same body type, save for their boobs, and face. So do the boys. Would kill YandereDev to at least have some diversity with the students’ body types and faces? Probably.

Not only that, why are female high school students wearing female middle school uniforms? And why are the skirts so short? Akademi High is a prestigious private school, right? So, their uniforms should look nice and mature. Like this:

Or, it could like this:

These uniforms are far more appealing and mature than the sailor fuku. These would suit the female students of Akademi High far more than the sailor fuku.

Also, on the subject of Akademi High being a prestigious, shouldn’t it be stricter about their dress codes? As shown in the pictures above, the students’ hair is not bright, rainbow colors but natural colors. Through research (yes, again), I gathered that Japanese students are not allowed to dye their hair bright, wild colors due to their strict dress codes. So, wouldn’t make sense for Akademi High to forbid their students from dying their hair wild colors?

To put it in short, make the uniforms look like they belong in a private, Japanese high school and making characters diverse isn’t hard.

And, that’s pretty much it! Like I said, Yandere Simulator has so much potential to be a really fun game. But, if it keeps going in the direction it’s already going at, then you can bet your ass that I’m not gonna buy it.

Again, thank you @stop-yanderedev for helping me realize how shitty the game and dev actually is. You guys are really awesome and I really hope you see this post.

So yeah, thanks for reading! I’m probably going to get shit on for stating my opinion, but whatever.

I also might post my version of how I think Yandere Simulator should be like, so watch out for that!


Top 5 Underrated Anime to Watch for Halloween

Happy Halloween everybody! I know that I usually would open the askbox or do some kind of event for the holidays, especially my favorite one, but I just didn’t have time this Halloween and think that I have enough requests in the askbox to work on without adding others. So I decided to continue with this new thing I’m doing or anime analysis with a recommendation of the top 5 underrated anime I think you guys should watch this or any other Halloween. I worked hard on this so please enjoy!

5. Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro

Originally posted by benjandan

This is probably my favorite series of all time. Written by the author of Assassination Classroom, Yuusei Matsui, Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro is an occult detective fiction that tells the story of Neuro Nougami, a mystery-eating demon that, due to eating all the mysteries in demon world, comes to the Human World to find the ultimate mystery. With the help of teenager Yako Katsuragi, he founds a detective agency and the two go around solving cases around Japan. It’s not so much a straight-up horror or Halloween-themed show, which is why I have it so low on the list for how much I adore this series; it has very dark comedy and the characters definitely come across a lot of horrible things and characters as they investigate murder after murder. It’s a villain of the week type of show with a few recurring villains, especially when you go farther and read the manga, but you’ll, as messed up as it is, never get bored with the way the antagonists murder their victims. The show is highly stylized in just the way I love and the main characters Neuro and Yako have an amazingly original and fun friendship you loved to watch. The recurring protagonists are dynamic and original (one of them is a sentient braid of hair named Akane), the story arcs are fun, and it expertly plays hopscotch with the line between light-heartedness and fucked upness in an absolutely delicious way that makes it a juxtaposingly dark and fun show with the same weird, wacky, and twisted humor of Assassination Classroom, but about demons you won’t be afraid to watch at night but will definitely get you in the dark and spooky mood. I cannot recommend it enough.

4. Blood: the Last Vampire

Originally posted by shultzmanganime

The Blood Series (Plus, C, etc.) are an anime Halloween classic and the original animated film did not used to be considered underrated at all, in fact, it was a staple, and for good reason! The artwork is beautiful with a stylized realism and amazing shading work that is just stunning to see. And the animation is just as smooth, crisp and realistic to match. The story is actuall pretty compelling and scary too, and pretty straight-forward. In the year 1966, Saya is the last of the pureblood vampires and is a stone-cold badass that spends her days killing the blood-sucking, bat-demons: chiropterans. The story takes place on her mission at a high school near the Yokota Air base where she is to pose as a student and hunt down the hiddern chiropteran. It’s a straight-forward but bloody story with terrifying artwork and just amazing direction, writing, and animation in both the sub and dub that, despite its loss of relevance over the last 16 years, still holds up remarkably well. If you’re looking for something bloody, edgy, and dark that isn’t Hellsing, this is a classic place to start.

3. School Live!

Originally posted by lilium

If Japanese Horror has taught us anything, it’s that it can do a whole lot, by showing very little, and School-Live freaking nails that concept. The series follows the girls of the Megurigaoka School Living Club, specifically the super cheerful and optimistic Yuki Takeya, who experienced delusions of a regular moe-moe school life while the girls live in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. It tricks the audience by setting the show up like a traditional moe club girl anime to be fully immersed in Yuki’s delusions, but tbh, I don’t feel totally guilty spoiling that because it’s pretty easy to predict that there’s something seriously wrong with it about five minutes in and it’s one of those shows you really enjoy a lot more once the secret it out. It’s ridiculously smart in the way it portrays it’s zombies and horror, far more unnerving than The Walking Dead’s gratuitous use of shock-value gore and violence (although I do also love that show), it really just plays double-dutch with how it comforts and yet at the same time alarms you through Yuki’s expertly portrayed delusions and growth, and especially in watching the growth in both the characters and the show openings—it’ll have you on the edge of your seat the whole damn time AND give you a couple best girls to choose from. What better way to spend your Halloween?

2. Highschool of the Dead

Originally posted by zicosontheblock

Now on the opposite side of the zombie spectrum. Highschool of the Dead is a very straightforward zombie invasion story with overly-straightforward ecchi, harem themes to it—understandably so, it was written by a hentai artist after all—about a group of high schoolers trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. It’s the straight up horror of The Walking Dead and 28 Days Later. Now I’m not saying this show is underrated because it’s not well known—it’s on every horror anime list and the manga, although on hiatus, is still a top seller. I’m calling it underrated because I don’t think that people give it nearly enough credit. Yes, the fanservice is ridiculous at times as is the way all the girls are constantly falling for Takumi, but the characters are all really dynamic and interesting, including the main audience-insert character Takumi, who actually, isn’t a totally pathetic, Gary-Stu audience insert. He’s funny, strong, courageous, and handsome with some real emotional baggage, and it’s actually pretty easy to see WHY girls fall for him. Similarly, the girls all have personalities, even if they do fall along the lines of harem tropes, these are pretty strong, independent and interesting women. And don’t even get me started on Kohta. I love that chubby little gun otaku so much I can’t even fucking stand it. Overall, I just think it’s a really solid story with one of the greatest English dubs I’ve ever seen that I think people are way too quick to drop because of its fanservice and if you stopped watching after the third panty shot in the first 10 minutes, go back and power through because you’re really missing out on a great dumb, fun series.

And at number one is…

1. Blood Lad

Originally posted by michi-i

GREAT fucking show and I am shocked that not as many people are as crazy about it as I am. Blood Lad tells the story of Staz Charlie Blood a powerful vampire in the Demon World who is obsessed with humans, anime, and Japanese culture. One day, a human girl, Fuyumi Yanagi, stumbles into the Demon World, which he’s thrilled about! …until she’s eaten alive by a carnivorous plant and turned into a ghost and he then takes on the responsibility of bringing her back to life. Huge Halloween-esque fun as they go about battling werewolfs, Staz’s vampire relatives, and even Frankenstein-themed monsters—seriously, I’m shocked this isn’t on at least one Halloween list I’ve watched. Maybe that’s because even with all these horror themes and references, it’s a really fun show. It’s an action and supernatural black comedy with cute and funny romantic tensions and love triangles, ridiculously fun and likeable characters, and just a fantastically entertaining occult story. I adore this anime and while it won’t have you screaming, it’ll get you pumped for a fun Halloween in the same way the American film Hocus Pocus would. It’s ironic, satirical, and just absolutely wonderful, and is a must watch, for Halloween or otherwise.

So yeah, those are my recommendations! Let me know what animes all of YOU recommend for Halloween or otherwise and I’d be happy to post them. And remember, to celebrate this blog’s first anniversary, I’m accepting fanworks for sports and shounen anime that YOU all produce so send those in if you’ve got them! Thanks for all the support and keep on sinning!

–Admin Ryou

Shop Anime/Manga Merch in Tokyo

To the anon going to Tokyo! I’ll try to keep this as organized as possible. This will get long, so it will be under a read more. 

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My Criticism on Masashi Kishimoto's Portrayal of Female Characters in the Naruto Manga (an 8000 word rant)

(sadly, Sakura I won’t talk about your pairings because that would double the length of the essay)

This will be a very, very long analysis/critique on Kishimoto’s writing of women in the Naruto MANGA. Will include all spoilers possible and lots of anger. This is will be an essay about the range of female characters, examining them in their proper context and focusing on roles relative to male characters in 699 chapters and 15 years.

People will have varied thresholds on what is pleasing or displeasing to them so if you absolutely loved Naruto and found it to be excellent this essay do NOT intend to dispute your opinions, invalidate your praises of the series, devaluate female characters, or shame you for your preference. This essay is for the fans/ex-fans who were disenfranchised and can’t put to words their feelings

Everyone with an open mind is welcome to read this 8000 word essay and react, but warned that it is NOT positive. You are warned.


In Naruto, where society provides equal opportunities for genders, the village founders, clan leaders, ambitious world-changers, schemers, jutsu innovators, team leaders, tacticians, parents with careers, geniuses who show their arsenal, gray-area villains with sympathetic reasons, characters needing redemption from sinking so low, bloodthirsty killers and plot movers and plot twisters are men with only a footnote of one or two exemptions  in few categories. Male character arcs are closely intertwined with the outcome of the story arc and the theme of the series while female narratives are disproportionately insignificant to the main story arcs.

Male characters outnumber females by at least 3:1 yet most female characters can be put into mothers uninvolved in affairs outside their home and family, medical ninjas, love interests, combat support characters or those devoted to a male character out of romantic love.

The Naruto series not only severely lacks in quantity but barely meets the minimum of varied female roles-  even failing  to compensate by giving its few main female characters the treatment close to what important male characters get.

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Made In Japan - A Weeb Horror Story

(I apologize if my English is a bit off in some sentences, it’s not my first language. Also, real names have been changed in this story, obviously).

Most of you guys have submitted scary, cringeworthy stories to this blog about having dealt with weeaboos - but I’ve actually been to Japan with one.

So this girl, let’s call her Jenny, was an old high school classmate. She kept to herself most of the time and didn’t really have many friends. I’d only talked to her once or twice so I had no way of knowing she was a weeaboo because we weren’t friends. But when I started college I found out Jenny was in some of my classes and was a tiny bit relieved to have someone familiar there.

I’ve never been much of an anime fan myself. The few I’ve actually watched (& enjoyed) are old anime like Sailor Moon, Utena, Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Evangelion or DBZ. So I never really had much to talk about with Jenny, but when we sat next to each other on the first day of college, we still hit it off pretty well. She was pretty bubbly, funny and legitimately seemed like a nice girl. Plus she’d dropped the anime tees now, had nicer hair and wore mostly pastel outfits, which I found really cute. Things went fine and dandy for a while.

Up to this point it’s worth mentioning we befriended a pretty chill guy who also went to college with us, we’ll call him Josh. He was only a year older than us, drove this vintage car whose model he kept namedropping but I never managed to remember, and had really wacky black hair, think Goku, so Jenny and I always joked about it being “anime-styled”, and it became an inside joke. We started seeing each other more often and became an inseparable trio. We’d hang out at each other’s houses, stay up for hours skyping, played video games together until our eyes burnt and tried to hold study sessions which wound up in us not studying at all. I really loved having such cool friends and we had a lot of fun together, so when the suggestion popped out of going to Japan a couple of weeks with them, I didn’t second guess. I’d always wanted to visit Japan, and I couldn’t wait to have a great time with my new best friends.

Boy was I wrong.

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Drawing thingie

Firstly, since I’ve been asked about the character bodies and proportions, let’s start with that.

The Body

I learned drawing from watching a lot of anime, reading a lot of manga and combining that with actual human anatomy, so I got to a point where the body has become very stylized. aka, the head is always somewhat bigger than it should, along with the eyes. And after playing around, I got to what you see in every doddle I post here.

The best way to learn to draw the body, not just human, but animals as well, is to break it down in forms. As you can see above, everything is a geometric form of some sort. They usually teach you to start from cubes and such, but I self taught myself by skipping that step (ups) so idk. Also, the circles you see everywhere are the joints. They help you understand how the body moves, the wrists, shoulders, knees and everything.

The body proportions are pretty basic, actually. In the human body, the average height is equal to 7 heads (more or less) This is something EVERYONE WILL TELL YOU and it’s actually NOT exactly true! Because every person I’ve ever measured was 6 heads and a half or something. But the “perfect” way of drawing someone is to respect the 1 to 7 proportion, apparently. SO just go with that while you’re learning lmao.

You will also notice that I’ve split the body in three segments named “a” That is because those parts are equal. 

I will take this chance to encourage you to inspect your own body. The BEST way to learn about anatomy and how it works is to reference your own body. Look at your hand and draw it, inspect it. Bend your wrist in all kind of ways and see the limit. I learned to draw hands by looking at my own and filling up a sketchbook (because I find hands to be really interesting) and the same applies for the entire body. Bend over, do a split, jump around. You feel how you move and that helps so much in understanding how the body works. 

Knowing anatomy from an artist’s perspective is very important. However, it is NOT the same as knowing the kind they teach you at school. Yes, that’s also important, but what you want to learn are the bones, the joints and the muscles. As soon as you see them and how they work, you are already at least ten times better than before. 

The Head

Everything I draw is VERY stylized so…

The anatomy, funny enough, still works. Sort of. For example, your eyes are situated on the same line as the tip of your ears, and the mouth on the same line as the base of the ears. This si not true in all accounts, but mostly. Also, since the face is so personalized, I can’t give a whole lot of advice, but I think you learn more by seeing, so just stare at the faces above and try them out idk. :’D


I use, mostly, ProMarkers from Letraset to draw, because they are not expensive, they have a wide range of colors, and the color blends in nicely. I also have some special ProMarker Flex. They have a brush-like tip. The few Copic Markers I have also have brush tips. 

Markers! If you are a beginner, I do recommend you start with ProMarkers. Copics are cool and all the professionals use them, but they are very expensive. So I think you should start with something easier, just to see if you actually like using them, if nothing else. If you want to know some more things about ether kind of markers, don’t hesitate to ask me, because I’ve been using them for a while. I think I could offer some advice ^^

I actually have a chart thingie for all the BTS members so I can remember all the colors of the skin and hair, plus the shadow. It helps.

(the ProMarkers have names for each color, while the Copics have numbers)

Also, some of you asked for a step by step process of how I draw the doodles, but I thought it would be easier to actually show you how I draw them, so I made a video here

Hope you might somehow find this helpful!
If you want to ask more, please don’t hesitate :)
Thank you for your time~


So I did one of these for the spring season, and people really seemed to like it! Hopefully, this post will be just as useful :) Basically, I’ll just be giving an overview of some shows to keep your eye on this season. Give them a try, maybe! Anyways, without further ado, a few introductory notes. 

Last season was like a total collision of all my faves coming together. Therefore, I probably won’t have as much knowledge of the new anime this season, since most of them I’ve never heard of before. Also, they’re not in any particular order (though I’ll be starting with the series I know better). I’ll be counting second seasons as “new series” as per usual. 


Who doesn’t know this iconic show? With its epic, fast paced “food battles” and diverse cast of characters, Shokugeki is basically perfect. Of course, the fact that it’s unabashedly… sexual at times is just a plus. You gotta love when a show is so comfortable in its own skin. If you haven’t seen the first season, you gotta give it a watch. I promise you’ll be wildly entertained. 

Anyways, the first season was absolute gold, so this show is looking promising.

Similar to: I can think of no comparisons, but just think of it as a shounen anime with some cooking instead of fighting (though arguably, even more intense) 


Admittedly, the first season had its flaws, but I believe the Danganronpa franchise is interesting enough to pull through. Particularly, the characters. This adaption of the second game will include our favorite white haired psychopath, that girl with dyed hair you always see everywhere, and a range of other new and exciting charas. 

Since I haven’t played the second game, I can’t really speak for its plot. But I’ll give you a basic rundown of how the Danganronpa franchise is: A bunch of kids are trapped in a school where they are told to kill each other. After a death occurs, they hold a “Class Trial” to find the killer, with extremely high stakes. If they find the killer, they’ll get to live another day. If they guess wrong, they’ll die, while the killer gets away scot free. It’s an interesting premise, with lots of suspense and mystery. 

Warning- The deaths can get rather gruesome and shocking, however the blood is pink if that helps. 

Similar to: Danganronpa the Animation, Akuma no Riddle, Deadman Wonderland


They will never take the place in my heart of Muse, but this brand new group of idols looks promising. Even though they may bear some… rather striking similarities to the old cast, I think they have the potential to define themselves. That being said, nothing can really match up to that charm that Muse had. If you’re looking for a good music anime, try the first season first, then come to this one. 

Similar to: Love Live! School Idol Festival, The iDOLM@STER

91 DAYS 

The historical mystery anime of the season, and boy do I love that genre in particular. This one is practically screaming Joker Game in its tone. Probably the one I’m most hyped for, even if the plot is a bit vague. From what I can glean from its three sentence description, a man joins the mafia to get revenge for the death of his family. It sounds dark, suspenseful, and definitely a show to try out if you’re a fan of Sherlock and whatnot. 

Holy fuck do you see this?? Damn damn damn, so much hype. I feel like it won’t get as much appreciation as it deserves though. Aka the Joker Game of the season (a show which I talked about in my spring anime watchlist, which later became my fave of the season). 

Similar to: Joker Game


Gory, bloody seinen in all its glory. Definitely an adaption people have been long waiting. Probably not for most audiences. It’s gritty and dark, but if you can stomach it, it also tells quite a compelling story. Based off of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, the main character Guts is probably one of the most interesting protagonists this season. 

The manga has a wide fanbase, and it’s pretty well known throughout the anime community. 

Similar to: Hellsing Ultimate, Black Lagoon, Claymore


Mainly adding this one for the gorgeous art style. Apparently it’s based off of a video game, and no, it’s not Kingdom Hearts even though the protagonist has a striking resemblance to our fave Sora. And his name is even Sorey. Ok. But it looks to be a great fantasy watch. And I realize Ufotable has had some errs with video game adaptions in the past (coughGodEatercough) but I think this one has some real potential here. 

Just to be clear, I’m not familiar with the Tales video game series, but I might check it out after watching this show. Which is what an anime’s supposed to do of course. 

Similar to: Tales of Zestiria video games, Zetsuen no Tempest 


Seems like another show relying on characters instead of plot. Not that I’m saying it’s bad, in fact those types of shows can be quite charming. Anyways, ‘Servamp” is apparently about an ordinary boy, Mahiru, who makes a contract with a cat and somehow ends up fighting in a war. Not just any war, a vampire war? Whatever. The characters look interesting though the plot is rather lacking, so this show could be a hit or miss. 

It’s being produced by Lantis, who has pulled through with some notable works such as Mirai Nikki, Highschool DxD, and One Punch Man. For that reason I think Servamp will be a bit more unusual than what we’re expecting. 

Similar to: Kiznaiver, Bungou Stray Dogs? 


I really have no idea what this show is about. But damn, does it look cool. I originally thought it was a zombie show, but after reading several more descriptions, it begins to take more of a shounen air. Basically, a guy saves a girl, and then mysterious things start to happen to him. It may not sound interesting, but I have a feeling this show will surprise us. 

Similar to: none I can think of for now


I know what you’re thinking. From the minute I saw the protagonist, I thought “One Punch Man” (the other one also reminds me of Bakugou Katsuki, but maybe that’s just me). And you would be partially right, because yup, this anime’s an adaption of a manga by the creator of OPM. 

If you remember, One Punch Man became the iconic hit of the season, so this show has high expectations riding on it. It seems to follow a similar premise: a boy has superpowers, but keeps them in hiding and tries to find his purpose in life. Not to mention that classic eye shape. 

Similar to: One Punch Man

Other series to keep your eye on: 

- New season of Fate/Kaleid (honestly, who can remember these names anymore?) 
- New season of Gundam 
- New season of Active Raid 
- Battery
- Cheer Danshi!!

Thanks for reading! If you have any more series you think deserve to be added to this list, hit me up. I’m always up to find more shows to watch. 

Topazies, aka @verilius. 

SEASON 2?????

This episode single-handedly saved the natsume yuujinchou anime franchise lmao

I hope the boost in quality isn’t just because its the opening episode of the season… eh.. .. . maybe it’s also because the chp they covered had a lot of content + they had to add some review. so no time to make shit up lmao. on the other hand. sasada still appears in the opening and ending ha aa ha… if you’re going to keep her don’t make her so ooc at the very least… pls… 

i took too many caps because it was too good

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Genre: Fluff.

Words: 1,068.

Warnings: there is like, two swear words, because come on it’s Dan.

Summary: Dan has a cold and all he wants to do is to cuddle with Phil. Phil, on the other hand, believes it’s a great time to finally use the Pokémon tissues.

A/N: If Dan uses his Free! tissues, then probably Phil makes him use the Pokémon ones like “but Dan. it’s a Kyogre tissue. You’re not even ready for it.” and Dan accepts it anyway because he just wants to blow his nose.

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This voice was submitted anonymously. The poster requested to not be contacted if you recognize them. Thank you for your understanding.

Trigger warning for mention of molestation

I’m not a shipper— I’ve never been attracted to hero/villain relationships, I’ve never actively been immersed into a fandom until TFA, but I know all about an older man grooming you, showering you with praises and compliments until you do what he asks you to do. And before I continue, let me tell you that it’s not why I started shipping Reylo, but this is why I want you to hear my voice today.

I was five-and-half when I was sent to a boarding school. My parents’ profession required them to travel all over Europe and this was the common solution for schooling among ‘my people.’ My cousins and my older sister attended before me so it wasn’t a scary prospect to leave my home, plus I was looking forward to meeting people my age since I was a precocious child and used to socializing only with adults.

Meddling with children was an exciting yet terribly disappointing experience. Kids at this age are not very bright, they’re whiny, and they pee their pants. After a week separated from my family, I came to the conclusion that I didn’t like kids very much.

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90’s kids, have you heard the news!? CLAMP is about to publish a new Cardcaptor Sakura manga! It’s their way of celebrating its 20th anniversary. I am so very thrilled, I loved Sakura growing up - and I still do! And now we’ll get to see her in her first year of high school. This is so exciting.

And I have my own way for celebrating! Just a couple of weeks ago, I got my own Clow Cards. I fangirled a lot, and showed them to a couple of friends to fangirl and have nostalgia together. We tried to remember the chapters of the anime for each card, and we decided to watch it again together. I have wanted them for a long time, but I was really turned off by the quality of all of the ones I could find at comic-cons and stores. But I finally found some that have even exceeded my expectations. They have been created by Donald at Donald Presents, and although they are fan-made, they are much better than the official ones.

Donald has re-designed the cards to make them better. The cards are around 16x7.5 cm, and the printing quality is excellent. The cardstock is sturdy but flexible, and has a matte finish. There are 53 of them (52 from the anime plus a bonus Nothing card from the movie). But the main difference that made me want these instead of the others I’d seen has been that the art looks much better, with more depth and texture - they look like the real ones, and not like a toy like the others. Something worth collecting, indeed.

And then, we have the box. Oh my. It has also been custom redesigned and holds the cards in place, surrounded by a layer of thick foam and the very hard cardboard of the box. It features a magnetic closure, and the front cover has two levels of depth to have a better fit. Also, Donald was so kind to include a small gift - the staff of Clow in its dormant form, made a charm haha.

These Clow cards from Donald Presents have really made me nostalgic and happy, and honestly I could not think of anything to make them better (except, you know, being actually magical haha). They are perfect for any Cardcaptor Sakura lover. And if you liked the Sakura cards better, you can check them out too! Unleash your nostalgia - and your inner magical girl.

bts;; happy halloween!

❝((not a Halloween person but writing a lil’ something before i go MIA))
►2014 words // scenario, various members, happy halloween!


“You can’t look just yet!” A voice bellows from the inside and you snort, rolling your eyes, “I’m not coming in!”

“He’s so fussy about showing the perfect image for you,” Jimin muses, flicking his mouse hat and you smile, allowing him to continuously poke you with his gloved hands, “He’s always like that. He was the same last year when he dressed up as The Joker. Oh and he has the audacity to ask me why so serious,”

“I can hear you!” He yells and you hear him wince after that, possibly getting smacked from one of the makeup artists for moving too much.

“Hyung! C’mere!” Another voice calls out for Jimin and the latter gives you a squeeze on the shoulder before he ditches you to be on your own. You stand on your own by the empty corridor, everyone else excitedly heading over backstage, taking photos, messing with one another and Taehyung’s still in there.

You keep yourself occupied with your thoughts, until a soft whisper of your name has you looking up.

There he is—and boy this was worth waiting for. His eyes are perfect before and they still are now even when they’re red. He has faint stains by the corner of his lips and his hair is mused nicely. The black cape does wonders and his figure is slim in black. He extends an arm, palm up and you keen to his antics. With one swift tug, you’re in his embrace, inhaling his scent and you sigh when he nuzzles his nose by your ear, grinning, “You smell good,”

“Says the vampire,” You smile, easing your hands on his waist and he’s playful, swirling around to make you laugh and he has you pinned up against the wall in no less than five seconds. He’s making use of his muscles, hoisting you up and you gasp, unable to wrap your legs around him and it only makes him smirk, “What are you—“

“Such a pretty human,”

“T-Tae, put me dow—“

“A kiss and you shall be let down,” He presses against you, chest and all that you put your hands on his shoulders instead of raising them up in midair, “What am I going to do with you, my vampire?”

He square box smile comes to view as he puts you down on your feet, stealing a kiss or two and then he puts on his little mask again, “Love me, my human.”

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