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Do you remember the last thing I said to you?

Shadow: Rules were meant to be broken!
Green: They’re made to be followed. Nothing is made to be broken.
Shadow: Uh, pinatas?
Blue: Glow-sticks.
Shadow: Karate boards.
Blue: Spagetti, when you have a small pot.
Shadow: Rules!

honestly, boys are so dumb like why would you give me a tour of your place, introduce me to your friends, give me a little gift, walk me to my car, ask me to get dinner later this week, kiss me, and then cut off all communication? 


See this morning’s Daily Bugle? Captain America #13 (1999)

This week on The Bright Sessions:

“it was a disaster, an unmitigated disaster, to borrow a phrase from my former best friend”

“he ran away, he literally ran away, like it would be funny if it wasn’t so fucking tragic

“i wasn’t expecting a parade or anything”

“people find superpowers hot, right? and what i can do is sort of a superpower!”

“he’s never mean. at least not to me”

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Is Blair Normani's personal photographer? I see him tagged in every valmani picture

I’m fairly certain he doesn’t have like an official contract with them. Blair’s a good and loyal friend of Normani. He’s taken a lot of photos of her over the years. Plus he currently lives in LA and is from Houston so him being with ValMani and taking photos right now isn’t too much of a stretch or surprise. He is a real life photographer though so this isn’t like some hobby or I want to be around famous folk sort of ordeal

idk what this is. ive been practicing drawing poses that im not used to. and who’s a better model to practice with than kuramochi wha whaaat.


who thought this was a good idea

Mission - Crowley x Reader

“We need you to get information from Crowley,” Dean said over the phone.

“I thought you said you never wanted to see me again. Plus, I’m already working another job. I’m not going to drop everything to help you, Dean.” You said through your earpiece while lining up your shot with your sniper rifle on the roof of the building across from your target.

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The Three Musketeers

@midtownsciencenerd I know you asked about this! (Which made me so happy I cried, I thought everyone had forgotten about it.) It isn’t done. But I forgot how much I had posted. So I’m just going to keep posting everything PLUS the extra I’ve written. 

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I tagged all ya’ll because you all like Tom and Haz…. Sorry if they come across OOC… I’m trying to keep them close to what I know and how I think they’d act in these situations….. 

Please leave me feedback or ideas of adventures these guys can have. I’ve got some ideas but I’m always open to more! 

Also because I just watch Moana. I’ve been listening to How Far I’ll Go and it is my new favorite song…… Sorry that was random!



                                     Chapter 1: The Meeting

It was just one of those days. I mean like freaking awkward. Not surprising being me, to be honest. I had finally made my big breakthrough performance on the tv show Suits. My character was Harvey Specter’s teenage daughter, Lyncoln Specter. I had to get a full on weave of blonde hair, I looked so strange without my afro. But it was for the show and practically every essence of my life, nowadays, was for the show.

Today I was doing a photoshoot for the show, then I’d get rushed into an interview. I was wearing my blue flowered dress with light brown heels. My hair was braided up into a flower crown with some loose strands framing my face. I had a light dusting of makeup on my cheeks. I hate makeup, truth be told. My eyeshadow was silver with black eyeliner. And boy, did I feel fabulous.

“Alright, Lexi. You’re all set to go!” My makeup artist chirped.

“Thanks Damian.” I smiled. “You did AMAZING as usual.”

“That’s only because I’ve you ask a canvas.” He winked.

Damian was my favorite. He always complimented me and cheered me on from the sidelines. He was definitely battling my best friend Maddy, for the biggest fan label. I gave Damian a big thumbs-up and walked out the the studio. It wasn’t that far from my trailer. Yeah, I got a trailer, but primarily from the amount of products they used on me.

As soon as I reached the photoshoot door, I felt like screaming. I was terrified, but I lifted my head and pushed open the door.

“Hello Alexis!” A tall blond woman called, waving at me. “I’m Amber, and I’ll be your photographer today.”

“Hey Amber, it’s nice to meet you.” I grinned, smoothing down my dress. “Let’s get this show on the road!”

I began posing as she instructed. And, oh boy, did I feel like an idiot!!!!!!! I hated pictures of myself and I already knew they’d be airbrushing the living daylights out of these photos. And Amber was no fun. I was faking a smile and was on the verge of tears because I felt so stupid. You could tell Amber was having a hard time as well, but it wasn’t her face that was going to be posted all over the World Wide Web.

Suddenly the door behind Amber was thrown open. The sunlight blinded me so I couldn’t actually see. But I could hear two OBVIOUSLY british voices. But I was too busy internally screaming about my eyes to hear what they were saying.

All of the sudden an arm was draped around my shoulder.

“Hey! Mind if we jump in?” A voice asked.

“Who in the-” I stopped when I saw who it was.


“Uh sure…..” I shrugged trying not to fangirl to hard.

“Awesome!” Tom smiled at me.

Harrison shook his head and stood beside me as well.

“Hey, it’s okay to smile, you know.” Harrison said, poking my cheek.

I rolled my eyes. “No really? You don’t say.” I crossed my arms and stared into his blue eyes.

Harrison smirked and shrugged. I turned back to the camera and smiled.

“Just relax.” Tom whispered in my ear. “Pretend it’s just us hanging out.”

“O-okay….” I stammered, internally cursing myself for not calming down.

I look over at Tom and really noticed what he was wearing. He looked like he had walked out of a wedding ceremony. Like, boy what? He still had his arm around my shoulders and I was trying not to faint. The more I acted like this was normal, the more I started to loosen up. Soon I was laughing with the two boys like I had known them for years. Amber looked a bit confused, but continued to snap photos.

“Tom we’ve got to go to your shoot now.” Harrison said, after some time. “We should let these ladies get back to their shoot.”

“Oh alright.” Tom said frowning. “Keep smiling!”

“Thanks Tom.” I smiled back.

They walked out waving.

“Gosh darn it….. They don’t even know my name.” I internally facepalmed.

A few hours later I left my shoot and began walking towards my car. I saw Harrison opening a door and walk out. Part of me wanted to yell, “HEY!” And run over, but I was in heels and I am not athletic. So, I just awkwardly kept walking.

“Hey you!” Harrison shouted.

But I couldn’t believe he was calling to me so I didn’t turn around. I just kept walking.

“Hey you in the blue dress! Wait!” He yelled, running up to me.

“Oh hey…” I said, turning. “Didn’t know you were talking to me.”

“I didn’t catch your name.” Harrison gasped.

“Oh, um, I’m Lexi.” I replied. “I’m not that cool….”

“I’ve heard of you. You’re that new up-and-coming actress that everyone is freaking out over.” Harrison grinned. “My sister thinks you’re pretty cool.”

“Oh, that - that’s cool….” I smiled back, honestly confused over where this conversation was going.

“Anyway, we, Tom and I, had a blast on your photoshoot. And you’re new to the whole celeb thing, so here are our numbers. If you ever need anything, just call, or text.” Harrison replied, handing me a small sheet of paper.

I took it, my heart practically exploding in shock. “Holy. Wow. Um, thank you so much. I didn’t expect this.”

“Don’t mention it! It’s our pleasure.” Harrison nodded casually.

“I’ll text you soon… I’ve got to go to my interview now.” I said, suddenly realizing that I still had responsibilities.

We waved goodbye and I quickly sped walked to my car. I quickly got in and apologized to my manager. We sped off to the interview, while on the drive over I entered Tom and Haz’s numbers into my phone. I wasn’t sure who to text first, so I started a group chat.

Me: “Hey Tom and Harrison. This is Lexi, the girl whose photoshoot you crashed.”

Tom: “HEY! Glad you texted!”

Haz: “Hey! You actually wrote. I got sort of worried there.”

Me: “What? Why would a girl like me reject two British guys?”

Tom: “Haha good one. I heard from Haz that you have an interview.”

Me: “Yeah… It’s not with a famous person….. It’s one of those featurette ones.”

Tom: “Still awesome! Let us know how it goes!”

Haz: “Yeah! Maybe we can hang out after!”

Me: “Awesome! Talk to you guys later!”

I put my phone in my purse and got out. The interview went fairly well, just the basic questions about my character and my costars. I had a hard time focusing somewhat because of Tom and Haz. It took more time than I thought, but she was nice and funny. Soon after the interview I texted the guys about where I should meet them. I went to a hotel in the upper part of the city. And HOLY COW! This place was fancy!

I put my phone to my ear and called Tom. “Hey, I’m here. But this place is massive and -”

“Hey don’t worry about it! I’ll be down in a minute!” Tom interrupted me.

“Okay, I’m in the Lobby and everyone is staring at me.” I replied. “Please hurry.”

“I’m in the lobby now.” Tom said. “Wait, I see you. Don’t move.”

Tom hung up and I honestly didn’t see him at all. So I stood still to appease him and I waited. I felt a hand tap my shoulder and I turned around.

“Hey they didn’t kick you out!” Tom grinned.

“Luckily.” I replied smoothly. “Thanks for inviting me!”

“Yeah come on, Haz is at the restaurant waiting for us.”

“Okay.” I nodded and followed him.

Tom and I didn’t say much but it was okay. I was too busy looking at all of the architecture of the hotel lobby to pay attention to Tom. (Don’t kill me okay, I like architecture.) It didn’t take us long to get to Harrison.

“Hey! I got a table for 3.” Harrison stated, waving at Tom and me. “The hostess almost didn’t believe me.”

“Can you blame her Haz?” Tom asked. “You aren’t pretty enough for two dates.”

“Ouch.” I muttered, trying not to laugh.

“As if you could get a date, you 12 year old.” Haz sassed back.

“Okay ladies, you’re both pretty.” I interrupted

Honestly the dinner went by in a blur and we were laughing and talking like old friends. Nothing could have changed our joy. They invited me up to their massive hotel room and I decided that no harm could come of hanging out with them, since I had no plans the next day.

I had a small bag of clothes with me, since I was going to be in a hotel that night anyway. I followed them to their room.

“Alrighty… We have two beds. But I can sleep on the couch.” Harrison said as soon as we had entered the hotel room.

“Oh I can take the couch.” I said, in a soft voice. “I do that all the time.”

“No, no, no.” Tom cut me off. “We can’t let you.”

“Okay, Brit…. I can handle this.” I replied patting his shoulder. “I don’t mind, these couches look better than my bed in my room.”

“Well before we go to bed, we can just chill out if you want.” Tom suggested.

“Sure, why not!” I said, nodding in agreement. “I heard that some new interviews will be on TV tonight.”

“Cool, my bed is the biggest and I’ve got a TV in there.” Tom commented.

We walked into Tom’s room after changing out of our fancy clothes. We chilled out on his bed, flipping through the channels. None of us could agree on what to watch. We bickered and dissed each other’s shows. Finally, I got tired of them bickering and smacked them both with a throw pillow.

“OW WHAT THE FUCK?!” Tom yelped, falling off the bed.

“LEXI!” Harrison shouted, pulling the pillow from my arms.

“STOP BEING SO LOUD!” I yelled back, trying to retrieve my weapon from Harrison.

“Oh no you don’t!” Tom snapped tackling me into the bed. “You are not allowed to have pillows!”

“Get off me Tom! I do what I want!” I shouted back, poking him in the chest and ribs. “I refuse to be held down! I AM FIRE! I AM DEATH!”

Harrison was trying to pull Tom off of me and laughing. “Tom! No! Release her!”

“THIS IS WAR!” Tom bellowed pushing Harrison off and attacking me with a pillow.

I screamed struggling to protect my face and get out from underneath Tom’s toned body. Harrison had fallen over laughing at Tom and me as we smacked each other with pillows. I managed to get my hands on a pillow and wrestle Tom. I was on top of him straddling his waist, my hair a mess. I was poised to do my final assault when someone knocked on the door.

“Shit.” Harrison said, lowering his phone.

“Were you videoing this?” I hissed.

“Shhhh! It might be the cops!” Tom whispered.

I snorted. “The cops of what? It’s only 10 o’clock in the evening.”

Tom sat up, causing me to fall backwards onto his lap. We all looked towards the door.

“So who wants to get that?” I asked in a low voice.

“If they knock again, we answer.” Harrison replied. “All of us.”

The knock never came.