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lmao pls dont tell me my priorities are off just because i “watched a concert” even tho i said i had to draw that night

the only reason i went was to make sure my sister went and had fun and didn’t feel out of place with my workmates. her anxiety is bad enough as it is and i wanted her to have a good time.

i sleep at 1am working on artworks and just because you don’t see me uploading much doesn’t mean i’m not doing anything :D

Readers may remember Emma Donoghue for her blockbuster novel Room, about a happy little boy growing up in horrifying conditions. Where Room was darkness pierced with light, Donoghue’s latest is pretty much all light. The Lotterys Plus One, for young readers, is about a big, boisterous, diverse family that starts with two sets of same sex couples deciding to have children. The family grows to include seven kids, and that “plus one” of the title turns out to be the addition that tips the family over the edge.

Donoghue says she got the idea for the book at a dinner party. “My hostess said to me, ‘How come there aren’t good books for middle grade that feature kids with two mothers?’ You know, ‘Write me one, Emma,’ she said. And then I thought, while I’m at it, let’s make it really big — you know, go big or go home.”

Emma Donoghue Helps Kids Deal With Dementia (And Still Has Fun) In 'The Lotterys’


You’re not in competition with the girl next to you on who’s prettier, because you both are stunning. You don’t have to discourage others in order to make yourself feel better. You’re beautiful in your own way, and so is she! XD

I went shopping!

I’ve picked up a few items since I started losing weight, but It was mostly pants, and it was mostly a necessity, because my old pants were distractingly large. I also hosted a LuLaRoe party and got a bunch of very cute skirts and dresses, and a few shirts.  But yesterday was the first time I’ve really gone shopping since I started losing weight.

I had credit card rewards and birthday rewards and coupons at Lane Bryant, and I had birthday rewards at Torrid, where all the clearance was buy 1 get TWO free!

The first thing I tried on was a pair of cropped jeans in a 20 (2-3 sizes smaller than I was wearing when I started exercising!).  They went on with no problem!  So I bought them.  And I bought another pair in black.  And I bought this shirt, which is also a size smaller than nearly everything in my closet, because I felt so great in this outfit.

My dressing room was insane, though, because I had no idea what sizes to bring in with me, so I was bringing at least two of everything I liked.  

I tried on a dress in a 20, and it was way too big, so the saleswoman brought me the 18, and it fit better, but it just wasn’t right.  So she asked if she could bring me a different dress, but when she went to get it, they were out of 18, so she brought me a 16.

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And it fit.

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You guys, I haven’t worn a 16 in anything since I was probably a sophomore in college.  That’s more than a decade ago.  I didn’t end up buying it, because I wasn’t going to pay full price for it, but damn, it felt good.  I also got a few more shirts in a smaller size, so I’m not rocking that 80s off-the-shoulder look as much anymore.

When I went into Torrid, I had no idea about the sweet clearance deals.  I just wanted to use my birthday rewards.  So I was able to get 2 workout tanks (one says Goal Digger *heart eyes*) and a lace shrug, and I only paid $17.  It was glorious.


Arc-V + Text Posts & Other Stuff (Part 7)

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And with this, the curtains close!

Well, that was certainly an unforgettable series and I’ll enjoy the memories for sure! It’s really hard to say goodbye but the fun has to continue, even if somewhere else!